I’m Buying Ethereum Over BITCOIN This DIP!! Why!??

If you have watched my channel for any amount
of time, you have more than likely heard me say the statement “The more things change,
the more they stay the same”. This is true across the globe, and throughout
human history & let me tell you crypto is no different. This cycle is so much different than the last
one, yet it’s sooo freaking similar. So the question is are you ready to change
or stay the same? Because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Well just like cycles before, especially the
last one, entering year 4 after the peak crash, the markets start turning bullish. Beginning in January… Bitcoin, gets moving, and the bullishness
only accelerates as the year goes on…but this Cycle, compared with the last one, we
are wayyyyy more bullish! Wayyy earlier… As you can see from both cycles, 2014 peak
in December to March 2017…the BTC price only just crossed the old peak of 1200. With this cycle, from the 2017 peak in December
to today, the BTC price has tripled from that peak. From 20k to over 60 thousand dollars! So the King crypto asset is firing on all
cylinders in March again, but this time we are over 3x the peak price.

Could this be because of all the new institutional
involvement that wasn’t there back in the last cycle? Regarding assets, including altcoins…like
in the beginning of 2017, an altseason started to kick off…this cycle, right as the clock
passed 2020 into 2021, Bitcoin dominance has been sliding. In both cycle the Altcoins start moving at
the beginning of the year and only crack further into BTC dominance as the year goes on… But this cycle…besides just altcoins, we
have another third dominant crypto asset class.

Which have the hype as of today…that is
Non Fungible Tokens. NFTs. Last cycle, DeFi was barely around with DAI,
and NFTs were in a similar boat. Ground work being laid for them to shine this
cycle, right along DeFi based altcoins Ok, Ok…but now it’s time to get a little
deeper into this concept of: “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. 2017 was a wild year with many major events. The year Began with China FUD, they were cracking
down on capital outflow & bitcoin miners How about this year? Well late December 2020 and into early January
2021 China started cracking down on shadow banking networks, getting them under control. Taking out fraudulent bank accounts.

Taking crypto exchange founders into custody. In early January even a top Huobi executive. Then…. What happened just 2 weeks ago? We got the Mining FUD! Cointelegraph reported China’s inner Mongolia
region was shutting down crypto mining farms by April of this year. And then…last thursday, the Binance, Huobi,
and OKEX weibo accounts were taken down in China…. Early this year…again the China FUD is stronk! But now back to the events, the next BIG one
came in August of 2017. That is when Bitcoin forked into two different
currencies: Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash…. Is BTC forken again this year in 2021? A miner war, which will fork the currency…into
Bitcoin Satoshi’s Cash? Well remember…the more things change, the
more they stay the same! 2017 It was grandaddy BTC experiencing the
miner last stand. Powerful entities, minersw & whales came together
to try and take over the blockchain. Craig Wright, his bud Calvin and Roger Ver…a
toast of glasses to take on Bitcoin. Roger Ver with Bitmain’s Jihan Wu. The three entities on stage together and even
John Mcaffee getting in on the Bitcoin Cash action.

This time around, it’s Ethereum….I touched
on this Saturday, showing what EIP1559 is, the coming show of Miner force in early April
& even the mining pools who just might show some force April 1st. And what Did I say at the very end of that
video?? Let’s just replay it…there will be at
least one proof of work split from Ethereum, pre or post ETH 2. Now some of you, just from the words fight,
battle, split, war…may think this is all bad, but if things “stay the same” it
won’t be for Ethereum holders. Why? Well stick a fork in it! This is the Way!! The way of the Etherean… Yes, things are going to be very rocky for
Ethereum…the miners are planning to fight. They have clearly stated that & just like
Bitcoin had whales attacking it in 2017, claiming their chain was better (a la Ver’s Bcash
& Wright’s eventual SV). Etherueum today, has many competitors gearing
up for a fight. Binance, Cardano, Tron, EOS, Tezos and the
list goes on & on… But, But, But….the attack and takeover attempt
was thwarted in 2017, Bitcoin survived and is dominating, while Cash and SV just keep
falling further down the charts.

Ethereum will weather it’s own attack…that
is pretty much clear to me, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be that FORK. And guess what? If it forks from the ethereum proof of work
chain we all know, love & use today?? For holding Ether: You will get the fork 1
to 1!! It was covered extensively back then, the
first bitcoin fork with Cash…even by bigger outlet like the Verge. August 1st 2017, the day of the fork, they
posted this blog “Bitcoin has split in two, so you can have double the cryptocurrency”…blog’s
posting about how to get your “free” bitcoin cash coins. Holding one bitcoin entitled you to one bitcoin
cash. August it forked, from then to December 2017,
4 months, Bcash rallied from 700 all the way up to 4 grand!! Large bitcoin holders made out like bandits,
millions of dollars for some, medium holders did too & even smaller holders got a great
pay day due to the fork. I was one of those smaller ones… So, the BIG question is this…Will the Ethereum
proof of work FORK be similar? Will Ethereum holders make out like bandits,
per the Bitcoin holders in 2017?? Well, if you haven’t noticed, Ethereans
made out pretty well late in 2017 and already into 2021.

AIRDROPs? TRUE ethereans those who dove into the world
of DeFi have been rewarded for using the protocols. Uniswap as just one example, ring a bell?? Where these DeFi protocols airdrops the change,
the thing that isn’t similar?? Or do we have a significant Miner fork to
not look forward too? Look forward too? Depending on how you look at things??? Well there are 2 possible scenarios in my
opinion. #1. The fork already happened. Even before Bitcoin’s fork in 2017. Yeah, if you didn’t know, July 20th 2016,
Ethereum had a community war due to the DAO hack & ethereum forked into 2 chains. Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. Each going on their separate proof of works
paths up to today. And there is a chance, Ethereum Classic stays
proof of work, and the current ethereum miners just switch to that since it's ready to go
fork, the coin has value and is in a solid position to host their mining machines & algorithms. This is highly possible… Yet the Ethereum Classic community is shattered,
broken. You still have Charles Hoskinson poking around
the community, trying to get his proposals passed, causing chaos.

And there’s even talks of an actual fork
of ethereum classic…due to community disagreements. Let me tell you right now, if the classic
community isn’t strong, and has a solid plan for a narrative to pull the miners in. This will not be the FORK! Scenario #2. It will be a new FORK off of the Ethereum
chain. Either pre EIP 1559 or Pre Proof of Stake
switch. And it’s even possible there are two, one
for each event occurrence!! EIP 1559, is slated to roll into the London
Ethereum upgrade projected to happen in July.

Could we get the Ethereum Cash fork then? Will Ethermine, Spark pool & the other 1559
haters try and fork Ethereum? This is highly possible too.. Now, I don’t want to get too far ahead of
myself, out to pure proof of stake switch. Which is predicted to happen by the end of
2021 or into 2022. But if the 1559 fork attempt doesn’t succeed,
or even if it doesn’t happen, there will most definitely be another try. Why? Well the miners need a place to go…. And just like bitcoin went to bitcoin cash
and then there was SV , ethereum to ethereum cash, will need it’s own VV, Vitalik’s

Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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