If You Own Just 0.28 Bitcoin You’re Statistically Guaranteed To Be In The Richest 1% Of The World!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin 
daily my name is aaron they say that if you own   just .28 bitcoin you're statistically 
guaranteed to be in the richest 1   of the global population in bitcoin terms now 
today 0.28 bitcoin equals just above 3 000   now who are they how can we say this with such 
certainty a statistical guarantee and why does   this apply to bitcoin let's talk about that 
now before we get into an article that i like   to share every so often it's called bitcoin 
obsolete all other money i want to read you   a part titled all roads converge on bitcoin the 
great constant is finite scarcity before we get   into this talking about what makes bitcoin 
special and why this is actually accurate   let me help illustrate this by talking about 
a d5 altcoin that recently went to actually   thirty thousand dollars it's called wi-fi it's 
urine finance it's not decentralized it's not   immutable it's not permissionless like bitcoin 
but it is scarce as hell so why you wouldn't   say yfi is a store of value because you know who 
knows where it'll be in a year let alone 10 years   it changes often it can be changed bitcoin is 
something different but it does have that scarcity   and to even go further with this let's take 
a look at what parker lewis says in bitcoin   obsoletes all other money bitcoin is becoming 
the scarcest form of money that has ever existed   finite scarcity is a property that no other 
form of money has ever or will ever achieve and   demand for bitcoin is fundamentally driven by that 
scarcity however scarcity is a two-sided equation   a fixed supply may be the primary draw but demand 
is a critical and often overlooked aspect of that   scarcity demand is what actually makes scarcity a 
utility as a constant in exchange bitcoin becomes   more and more scarce as a two-way function of 
increasing demand and a completely inelastic   terminal supply bitcoin supply is inelastic it 
is fixed it is capped and its network effect is   so big and it's been around for so long nothing 
can ever change that at this point unlike a token   like yfi which is new and can be changed not the 
same thing to continue bitcoin becomes more and   more scarce as a two-way function of increasing 
demand in a completely inelastic terminal supply   the scarcity of its fixed supply creates demand 
but increasing demand then creates greater   scarcity if this sounds circular it's because 
it is if there were 21 million bitcoin but only   i valued it then there would be nothing scarce 
or useful about bitcoin but if myself and 100   million people valued bitcoin by the way 
about 100 million people value bitcoin today   21 million starts to become more scarce and if the 
network continues to grow maybe to 1 billion 21   million would become extremely scarce and bitcoin 
would represent a greater utility as a constant   let's talk about that this is a projection of 
supply versus demand regarding bitcoin adoption   versus bitcoin in circulation now this is us today 
there are 18.6 million bitcoin in circulation   and this is the estimated adoption for 2020.

in 10 years from now by 2030 we know for a fact   there's only going to be 20.6 million bitcoin in 
circulation yet adoption will exponentially grow   i'm sure you don't think one billion people are 
going to buy bitcoin at some point well let's talk   about the average bitcoin that a user can actually 
buy i don't know if you know this but as of 2020   the average holding i'm talking about the 
average is just 0.2 bitcoin per person by 2030   it's going to be 0.02 for the average holding 
and it's because of that metric right there   why we can statistically guarantee that if you own 
0.28 bitcoin you're going to be in the richest 1   of the world in terms of bitcoin now i've said 
this before i think that bitcoin has decades   of upside ahead of it not just years decades i 
think it's a decade-long experiment and it's hard   to imagine that now because bitcoin's only been 
around one decade but it's going to get easier   just like 1995 half the people didn't think the 
internet would be a part of their lives forever   cut to 10 years later 2005 everybody 
believed bitcoin would be around   let's go further no more than 5 to 10 million 
people will ever even own a full bitcoin   between whales and hodlers and nations and 
institutions there won't be many left to go around   factor in the lost coins factor in the fact that 
a lot of people already own more than one bitcoin   there's even less whole coiners will be rare 
indeed so in the future if you own 0.28 bitcoin   you know nobody knows the future but you could be 
considered statistically the richest 1 percent of   the world now imagine in the future if you're a 
whole coiner by the way people are realizing the   implications of getting a piece of the bitcoin pie 
you know all one must do to realize this because   everything is on a blockchain that can be checked 
at any time all you need to do is follow the   money the number of wallets holding one thousand 
bitcoin or more has reached a new all-time high   this recent uptick shows the demand is there this 
is exactly what i would expect to see if bitcoin   has a future and by the way i was saying that 
since down here since down here since down here   and we've been talking about bitcoin for almost 
three years now we've been talking about bitcoin   was here when it was here when it was here when it 
was here and the fact is bitcoin is sitting right   under some of the last remaining resistance 
is this white line right here we already broke   above some resistance but once we can break 
above and retest the last remaining resistance   i see no reason why it's not logical to think that 
we're going to see something similar to what we've   seen in every other bull run this is just the last 
bull run where once bitcoin breaks all-time highs   that's when stuff really ramps up and if you would 
have accumulated any time at this point even right   after bitcoin broke all-time highs it never went 
that low again so are you a bitcoin bull like me   do you think your bitcoin and cryptocurrency 
is going to be worth a lot of money someday   treat it as such guys make sure you're storing 
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both of these out with the ledger nano x you can   only store like three or four cryptocurrency 
wallets on it at once so you're gonna have to   keep switching out the wallets if you have more 
than one coin or get some more wallets if you're   only holding bitcoin or bitcoin and ethereum maybe 
this is perfect for you if you're holding a lot of   other coins and you want this to be connected to 
your phone but still safe maybe the ledger nano x   is for you you can seek out this tweet check it 
out for yourself or i'm going to leave it as a   pinned comment as well i recommend either of these 
channel announcement my friends we will be hosting   alex saunders of nuggets news for an interview 
this week topics include but are not limited to   bitcoin ethereum defy and specifically because 
he has a whole team of researchers and he uh you   know does this for a living he's going to share 
with us how he researches projects specifically   looking for not fast growth but a little more 
slower growth 100x coins that's we're going to   be talking to him about also decentralized gaming 
and decentralized webs if you have a question for   him comment below i'm already seeing some good 
questions what's your recent thoughts on rdn   please guys got in again some weeks ago through 
alex fire i'd like to hear his current thoughts   on the future of blockchain gaming yeah alex has 
just started talking about that more recently   you know we're talking about you know i really i 
want to pick his brain on you know ethereum i i   i'm familiar with the bitcoin maximalist view 
of ethereum i'm familiar with the flaws that   people say ethereum has you know i want him to 
continue educating on you know what is the the   the use case of ethereum do you see ethereum doing 
well in this cycle and many cycles what are your   thoughts on define the current bubble with tons 
of stuff to talk to about it's not going to be   live streamed we're going to record it but it will 
be released sometime this coming week let's get to   some recent news ethereum classic has suffered its 
third 51 attack this month this one reorganized   over 7 000 blocks nearly double the severity of 
the first two attacks and the reason this happens   is because ethereum classic is proof of work and 
if you don't have miners mining proof of work if   the hash rate isn't going up like bitcoins 
continually goes up it's at all-time highs   if if you're not bitcoin and your hash rate is 
low then you are susceptible to the blockchain   being changed and you know a 51 attack and this 
happens to ethereum classic all the time it's just   it's interesting we're gonna see every proof 
of work coin suffer from this at some point   unless their hash rate continues to grow up 
go up correct all right that is it for me   my friends my name is aaron at altcoin 
daily see you tomorrow let's [ __ ] go

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