If BITCOIN Can’t Break $60k!? Will I Dump My CRYPTO!?

RING the alarms. Something out of 
the ordinary is coming for BTC.   Do you smell it!? Well Chico 
Does…what is it that stinks??   Well find out in about 10 mins or less. 
Because it’s time for Chico Crypto! So BTC Closing above 50k…an 
over 50 thousand dollar asset.   Since March 6th, 26 days straight, the 
king crypto has held above this level. Bullish to say the least and the prices 
of the past, seem like centuries ago….do   you even remember 20k break? Well I sure 
as heck do…it wasn’t a century ago,   it was only a short 3 months ago…I 
did the epic live stream haircut,   cutting off my locks which had been growing 
throughout the low of the 2018 bear market. That is in the rear-view mirror for most, 
but I’ve already been planning ahead,   beginning to grow my hair out for the next bear,   and having the old hair made into a wig, just 
in case the bear comes before this hair is long. Damn Chico, why you gotta be so bearish!?  Well I’m bringing this up, because 
even though we are hodling above 50k… BTC is having a rough time breaking the 60k level, 
even with the best news possible.

Since when we   first cracked 50k, mid February, BTC has tried 
to break 60k 3 times. First bullish runup, the   21st of February…it did Crack it March 13th, but 
immediately fell the next day……and now here. So what was the news? Well to get BTC to 
officially crack 50k and runup towards 60k…was   the BIG Tesla buy. 1.5 billion, TechCrunch covered 
it the day it was announced.. February 8th. And February was kind to BTC after that. Business 
Insider covered the events…February 11th,   Mastercard announces their 
plans, so does BNY Mellon.  February 12th JayZ and Jack 
Dorsey announce BTC plans,   and andrew yang makes a new york mayor 
call to turn the city into a BTC Hub.   That was just some of the news, so of 
course BTC would make a break for 60k…. What was the news on the second try? 
Mid March? Well here is where things   get a tad bit interesting to me. There 
was no good news, Perse…but BAD news. March 12th, probably the worst news for how 
the markets operate behind the scenes came out.   Binance was being investigated and probed 
by the CFTC.

Insiders knew about this probe   before it has leaked to the public, and pulling 
out the charts, 1 week before the public knew,   BTC ran from under 50k to over 60k. BAD News 
Binance was the reason for the only 60k break.  It couldn’t do it, tried to for the week after, 
but the BAD news settled in…So once again,   it was ELON musk here to save the day. March 24th,   he announces that Tesla is now accepting 
BTC as payment and running their own nodes. And now since that!? March 29th Visa and USDC…
March 30th Paypal launches   crypto checkout services
Yesterday the 31st Goldman   Sachs is close to offering bitcoin and other 
digital assets to its wealth management clients Yet BTC didn’t want to crack 60k yesterday. 
Is this an April Fools joke by the whales?   Are they fooling around with the 
price before the NEXT LEG UP!? Well today is going to be really interesting 
April Fools, because weird stuff is everywhere.   The tubbies yesterday went all laser 
eyed! Tweeting mysteriously about BTC…

Even the king white person's 
burrito, Chipotle is doing something.   Besides being April Fools day 
today, it is national Burrito Day,   and Chipotle is giving away free burritos, 
and a chance at a piece of 100k in Bitcoin. It’s called Burritos or Bitcoin, 
and you guess a 6 digit code,   and Ten of thousands of codes will unlock 
free burritos. Three will unlock $25,000   in Bitcoin. And 50 will unlock $500 in 
Bitcoin. Players will have 10 tries to   guess the code. Let me know if you win a 
burrito or some bitcoin in the comments. And then, we can’t leave out Ethereum on April 
Fools. Member a couple weeks ago..the miner show   of force planner for today? StopEIP1559….Red Panda 
Mining announcing it and the day on twitter?? Well it isn’t happening. Red Panda 
announced they were dropping out,   due to a new EIP being proposed which appeased 
the miners. And looking at pool watch, no   51 percent show of force from any pool, including 
ethermine where it was supposed to happen. April Fools Ethereum, love the miners. But, 
let me tell you something. There is still   bullish news regarding Ethereum and mining. 
AMD, advanced Micro Devices…annouced some   news in stark contrast to their competitor 

For their new graphics cards,   they would not be putting limiters on 
cryptocurrency mining, like Nvidia was. But what the product manager of AMD said, leads 
me to believe they have something up their sleeves   regarding BTC mining. Nish Neelalojanan said this 
“We will not be blocking any workload, not just   mining for that matter. That said, there are a 
couple of things. First of all, RDNA was designed   from the ground up for gaming, and RDNA 2 doubles 
up on this. And what I mean by this is, Infinity   Cache and a smaller bus width were carefully 
chosen to hit a very specific gaming hit rate” He’s saying the current graphic cards and their 
chips were purpose built for gaming not mining.   Nish continued “However, mining specifically 
enjoys, or scales with, higher bandwidth and bus   width, so there are going to be limitations 
from an architectural level for mining itself” Do you get it? Nish, the product 
manager, understands crypto mining.   AMD understands crypto mining.

getting ready to launch a purpose built GPU   for cryptocurrency mining to calm down 
the war between gamers and miners? Well, they are probably going to have too. 
As their competitor, Nvidia…did the same.   In Mid February, Nvida announced their CMP line,   dedicated for cryptocurrency mining. Even showing 
Ethereum hash rates on the website for them. PCgamer was the one who leaked the speculation 
news earlier in the month with their article   “AMD's Apple-exclusive GPU could be 
repurposed for cryptocurrency mining” Ethereum mining is at top of mind 
for the BIG graphic card makers.   Can you say one last bullish push from them?? But, this Proof of Work chain, Ethereum 
& it’s high Gas Fees is killing,   there is no doubt about that.

And Today, I 
want to finish the episode off with Layer 2!   What is being done to stop the high fees! Well, some things are being done and being 
deployed ASAP, and yesterday was good news   for scaling solutions all around. AAVE 
announced they were deploying their first   wave of scaling solutions with Polygon!!
Good news for them! But I’m still weary   because of their Binance connections. 
Regarding the scaling solution I like,   xDai…they had solid news too yesterday. First 
MyCrypto announced that they were moving their   Memberships on their platform, the the xdai chain.
(Link #19 MyCrypto Moves to xdai for memberships) But it was a 1-2 punch for xdai. Orchid, the 
VPN service announced they were moving some   of their services to the xdai chain. 
Now why is this highly interesting,   Orchid choosing xdai?? Well over a 
year now, a surprise Coinbase addition   happened.

Orchid…no one had even heard 
of the crypto, but Coinbase added it… And then, going to Orchid’s website, they 
list Coinbase as a partner to this day.   So a Coinbase, listed….and even New York Approved 
cryptocurrency is using xdai?? Why aren’t they   using some of the other scaling solutions 
Coinbase is connected to? Like Optimisim??   Remember coinbase announced they would be 
supporting their Layer 2?? Or shoot even   the Coinbase Pro listed Polygon….which 
AAVE is using who is also on Coinbase??? Why the breakaway?….because fundamentals! xDai 
works, and it works the best for scaling right   now.

Other solutions have the money 
to offer to choose their solution,   but xdai has the fundamentals. That’s why 
you see big names like Fiskantes tweeting   about solutions using it. Like the Perp 
Protocol, who's staking just went live! Remember to stick to the basics…  Stick to the fundamentals and don't be 
fooled. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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