If Bitcoin Can Reach $1,000,000 in this SuperCycle Then Ethereum Can Reach ??? | Here is the Answer!

hey what's up guys i believe ethereum 
is a leverage plates a bitcoin   in this video we'll take a quick look at 
the bitcoin market then i will explain   how ethereum is likely to perform in a bitcoins 
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what are you waiting for sign up today   first let's take a quick look at the bitcoin 
market because bitcoin just reached its big   milestone but this is surpassed fifty thousand 
dollars per coin finally the moment has come   this is a huge deal fifty thousand dollars 
and only in the second month of the year   wow this is nuts current bitcoin market cap is 
at 950 billion dollars another big milestone for   the market cap is one trillion dollars this 
will happen with btc price will reach 53 000   per coin bitcoin strong momentum is still intact 
but you may wonder if bitcoin is at 50 000   which is relatively high price comparing to 
this recent history so who the hell is buying   bitcoin in these astronomical prices well this 
guy is microstrategy announced today that they   are raising 900 million dollars to buy bitcoin 
in exchange for convertible nodes this is what   microstrategy announced today let's take a look 
microstrategy said today that the convertible that   offering announced the previous session in which 
the proceeds will be used to buy bitcoin that   has been increased by 50 to 900 million dollars 
the zero percent convertible senior notes will   mature february 15 2027.

This business software 
company and bitcoin buyer said that the note   will convert into cash shares of microstrategy 
common stocks or combination of both so basically   microstrategy raised millions to buy bitcoin and 0 
interest rate wow this deal couldn't be any better   in late 2020 microstrategy raised i believe 600 
million dollars at 75 basis points but now it's   zero percent well done michael saylor heads off to 
you all right let's move on to ethereum as of the   time of this video ethereum is trading at around 
one thousand eight hundred twenty dollars per   coin for the past seven days bitcoin outperformed 
ethereum but if you take a look at the longer time   frame ethereum actually outperformed bitcoin 
ethereum has a nice strong upper trend which   is likely to take ethereum over two thousand 
dollars per coin that is big milestone for   ethereum bitcoin just made its big move next big 
move might be for ethereum and other old coins   ethereum 2.0 fundamentals continues to progress 
as there is more and more demand after eth   let's take a moment and look at this chart these 
black bars represent total ethereum minus revenue   these yellow squares on top of those black bars 
represent total ethereum 2.0 validators income and   of course the blue line is ethereum price so since 
the beacon chain became live ethereum revenue was   not that great and therefore we did not have that 
many validators however as revenue started picking   up it attracted more and more validators now the 
total revenue is over 50 million dollars and of   course validators income increased respectively 
as of today there are more than 91 000 active   validators supporting ethereum 2.0 network the 
total number of eths take is near 3 million   that's going to be close to 5.5 billion dollars of 
total eth beans take to support and guard ethereum   2.0 network as you probably know that you need 32 
eth to become ethereum 2.0 validator i know it's   not that easy to become validator as you need 
ethereum 2 launch pad to run the mainnet client   but just recently coinbase announced that soon 
they will support staking on ethereum 2.0 and you   will be able to receive 7.5 apr on their state 
ethereum depending on ethereum network variable   rate of returns this could be a good opportunity 
for anyone who trying to become ethereum 2.0   validator if you don't want to go through the 
hassle of setting up your own mainnet client   in my previous video titled this time is different 
get ready for the massive bitcoin super cycle   many people still wondering how would ethereum 
perform if indeed we were in a super cycle   well let's try to figure it out this super 
cycle narrative first came from the then health   he believes that we currently in a different bull 
market than we were back after 2012 and after 2016   bitcoin having both of those cycles were 
predominantly fueled by the retail investors   cyberpunks and libertarians and it was completely 
overlooked by aka smart money back then market was   relatively small and gains were spectacular after 
first bitcoin having bitcoin increase by 100x and   after second bitcoin having bitcoin increased by 
33x in this current time as bitcoin market became   more and more mature we need much larger capital 
inflow to see higher rate of returns then help   believes the coronavirus was the main catalyst 
for the bitcoin super cycle when corona came by   early last year federal reserve started printing 
trillions and policy makers distributed the money   to businesses and people so that point was the 
biggest bitcoin marketing campaign that fueled   lots of capital flow into bitcoin addition 
to that now we have bigger players with real   money large financial institutions corporations 
such as square paypal microstrategy and tesla   the list continues to increase overall dan 
health believes all this capital inflow will   take bitcoin up to 1 million dollars per coin 
in this cycle if that happens what would happen   to ethereum price that's a good question a view 
ethereum as a level trade to bitcoin if bitcoin   drops ethereum will drop even lower if bitcoin 
increases ethereum will increase even higher let's   take year over year performance for example if 
bitcoin year-over-year increased by four hundred   percent going from ten thousand dollars to the 
current price of fifty thousand dollars ethereum   on the other hand increased from two hundred forty 
dollars a coin all the way to the current price of   one thousand eight hundred twenty dollars per coin 
and that's going to be slightly less than eight   hundred percent increase so if in this super 
cycle bitcoin might reach one million dollars   which means it's 20x from the current price then 
it is reasonable to assume that ethereum can make   40x from the current price if ethereum increases 
by 40x from this current price of 1820 dollars   that would put a single coin at 72 000 per 
coin this is insane now let's take a look at   this most recent video where mark cuban explains 
why ethereum is better storage value than bitcoin   to me you know sovereign governments 
holding gold is ridiculous right   yet here in the united states we have fort knox 
holding all our gold like it means something right   it means absolutely nothing other than the fact 
that as long as it's in fort knox and they don't   sell it the price of gold doesn't go down right 
um now imagine and and i could could see this that   as countries get into digital coins that um 
and they want and they think that bitcoin   um has perceived value it doesn't even have to 
have a real value just perceived store of value   that enough people in this country believe in 
i could see um sovereign government selling   that gold or at least half of it you know 
and and owning some percentage in bitcoin   some percentage in ethereum and you know whatever 
they do with usdc or tethering something right i   don't i don't know specifically what would happen 
but i could see that happening because a lot of   this is just trust you know what do you trust 
who do you trust how do you trust it you know   bitcoiners and and rightfully so trust you know 
algorithmic scarcity if the government goes to   digital um in the way that it should absolutely 
and you know maybe you know the genesis of that   is that um every kid that's born just like 
you're required to get a social security number   you open up a digital bank account the equivalent 
of a wallet where people can you know so like when   we have a stimulus like now you could do direct 
deposit digitally as opposed to having to send   too many people a check you know so you get the 
extension there maybe based off of that they go   out there and sell some of that gold and buy some 
of that and buy bitcoin or other crypto assets   yeah that'd be amazing to see um and i agree it's 
like a more logical uh step or more more expected   um so you do see at least if not the currency 
aspect to it the the digital gold aspect to it   like the store of value assets absolutely because 
it's you know i've always said for years and   years and years long before bitcoin that gold's a 
religion and it's what people want to pay for it   you know and then gold stars will say oh there's 
intrinsic value there's the manufacturing usage   well that's minimal right and then there's jewelry 
well jewelry you know why do we pick gold over   silver because historically people thought gold's 
more valuable than silver there's no intrinsic   value more to gold than there is to silver we just 
value it that way and you know it's the same way   narrative sell did narrative sell value narrative 
sell store value so yeah i believe in the store   value story and i i believe now that you're 
seeing more companies dive in and use it as   that store of value that gives it authenticity um 
and so yeah i think it's going to continue to be   you know i still think there's questions 
whether there are other crypto assets that   that might um also become significant stores of 
value so we'll see what happens there the friction   to being your own personal banker by having 
your own bank account that you control   um in your wallet and being able to use 
able to use d5 to give yourself a quick loan   at a small percentage right while hoping your 
asset increases in value um that's a big deal now   there's still risk obviously they could go down in 
value significantly and so you know how you hedge   that i think there'll be ways to hedge you know if 
you put in 500 we'll never let it drop under 300   but here's you know here's the limit on what 
you can borrow and that type of stuff you know   you'll see variances in the collateralization the 
over collateralization but um you know it's still   there's still a lot of even with all that hassle 
once you get your arms around it it's less hassle   than going to deal with the bank yeah as more 
people realize that then you start seeing that   rush and so that's when that's why i got involved 
that's why i think ethereum is going up and up and   up and up because that's the easiest way to yield 
farm bitcoin is not an easy way to yield farm   for for most people right you've got to do your 
swaps and da da da da um but ethereum is easy   and you know and that's become the currency 
for all your swaps and or most swaps right   and it's become the currency for a lot of you 
know smart contracts and so people are seeing   that and as more people are coming in i think 
that's why you know i've owned a lot of ethereum   since they started doing smart contracts for you 
know three years whatever it's been um maybe i got   my i don't know all the dates because but anyways 
um but yeah so you know i think ethereum right now   has an advantage over bitcoin um in term in terms 
of regular people um not not as a store value and   transactional because as more people get into nfts 
all they're going to know is ethereum and they're   all going to have to buy ethereum in order to 
do it right well okay so you you think ether has   an advantage over bitcoin as a store of value 
right now for new people coming in yes because   here's my logic and i know everybody's going to 
pitch me right so if i decide i like digital art   how do i buy digital art with ether yeah 
and if there's thousands of people a day   2 000 people a day coming in relative to the 
size of the number of people doing this right   that's impactful because every now and then one 
of them is going to be a whale and they're going   to buy a thousand ether right and because they 
want to go out there and be able to buy that big   artwork and then on top of that you're gonna start 
to see music and and um entertainment videos um in   movies for that matter posted on openc or wearable 
or wherever right um because that's a better way   to sell it and what are they going to see and what 
are they going to have to do if they want to do   their own store they're going to have to spend 
their five or six hundred dollars in ethereum   right you know half of a half an east just to 
be able to play the game there's nothing in this   ecosystem that says you have to buy bitcoin first 
in order to transact or do something within defy   or within any of the digital goods marketplace 
right well i'm not too sure if i agreed with   mark cuba's argument that ethereum is better store 
value than bitcoin just because ethereum is more   transactional let's go back to his example about 
nfts if someone wants digital art first they have   to buy ethereum to get that digital art it's like 
saying i need us dollars to buy a house the thing   that i want is not us dollars but a house the 
same with this argument the rails in the end will   receive digital art and not ethereum if it's more 
transactional it does not mean it's more valuable   we already know that from us dollars us dollars is 
the most transactional currency in the world does   that mean is the most valuable not at all i do 
not view ethereum as currency i view ethereum as   a derivative market where investors can leverage 
their positions build cool applications conduct   smart contracts and eventually merge or take over 
legacy finance and that market is worth a lot   let me know what do you guys think about ethereum 
reaching 72 000 per coin in this super cycle leave   your thoughts in the comment section below smash 
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