Ich fahre den neuen Audi RS E-Tron GT

Hello everyone. You can already see it behind me: there's the Audi e Tron. It’s the RS eTron GT – This is the range-topping model in the Audi eTron GT. This vehicle is available in 2 variants:
The RS eTron GT and the eTron GT Quattro. Long names… This colour is called Tactic Green and is kind of
Carmouflage Army-like – it's hard to describe. It definitely looks very chic. I'll show you the car a little more in detail. GT stands for Gran Turismo and Audi is
positioning this car as a sporty travelling car. Of course, I'll check whether that's true right away. Size-wise, this vehicle can be compared to the A7.
Although this vehicle is slightly lower than the A7. It is very interesting that the RS model does not differ visually from the non-RS model.

From the exterior, both models look the same at first. You can really only tell the difference by the RS emblem. So how does the RS model differ from the
normal model? In performance, of course! I'll speak in PS numbers for now, because I think most people can relate to that. The non-RS model has 475 hp. And the RS eTron GT has 598 hp – that's almost 600 hp. Since we no longer have an engine that needs to be cooled,
the "radiator grille" is correspondingly smaller. The whole thing is visually based on the previous Audi models with this honeycomb look
, which is only slightly visible here. They look almost as if they have been embossed. You can see it well from the side. It has a slight 3D effect. Looks quite chic – of course there are also different design packages. For example, with this black front here: You can
also get all of this in black (if you want). Or also in the colour of the car. The
AUDI emblems are also available in black. …or also in chrome colours. In any case, a
lot can be done here with design packages.

The wheels measure up to 21 inches and here
again there is something special. And that is: These Aero Blades here. If you look closely, it no
longer looks like a typical wheel that you know. This surface looks almost completely covered by these aero blades. These ensure that the vehicle is simply much more aerodynamic. Allegedly, the wheels alone provide up
to 12 km more range due to the design. The rear end is also impressive. Very chic design in my opinion. Of course, this fairly large diffuser also makes the car more aerodynamic. With an electric car like this, the centre of gravity is
generally very far down because that's where the batteries are. In addition, the eTron GT has a carbon roof, which
makes the whole thing even lighter on the top. This also increases the centre of gravity downwards. This makes the car even sportier on the road. So you can see some other colour variations – here in this beautiful Kemora Grey metallic. I like this colour pretty much – my followers know why. Next to me, they are currently cleaning.

Here you can see the colour suzuka Grey. You should be
familiar with this colour from Audi. It looks almost white. I think this car suits any colour. Some vehicles don't match every colour, but this car's
futuristic design makes it look good in any colour. Let´s check out the interior. Remote key not recognised…I have it in my pocket. This is what the key looks like – while I'm at it. The interior is very typical of Audi, very clean, very linear. As with previous Audi models, the RS model again
features this honeycomb stitching on the seats. By the way, the car is completely leather-free. All the fabrics that you see here are made of synthetic material. Of course, almost everything here is digital. Digital speedo… Here again a large display. You would probably have expected the eTron GT to have
a display down here as well, like other Audi models.

That is not the case here and I think that's great! There are normal buttons again
and I think that's fantastic. At least when it comes to the air conditioning. Modern and futuristic is all nice and pretty, but
many of you have commented under my Audi videos… …why everything is now only equipped with a touch function, etc. I also agree with you in a certain way. I think a few buttons are still acceptable in a vehicle.

We have a display here where you can set everything. The air conditioning, heated seats, Drive Select and
ESC can all still be controlled via physical buttons. Fortunately! I quickly jumped into another eTron GT to show you the interior. I’ve never seen something like this before. This interior consists entirely of recycled materials. This decorative wood design is already known from vehicles… …but this one looks really super modern,
like a piece of designer furniture. Fabric seats also look very chic
. I'm not a fan of fabric seats, but I think this one looks really modern. There is also Alcantara here. There are
many different fabrics mixed together. All in all, it looks very chic and harmonious. This is what it sounds like when you start the eTron GT. You don't hear anything. You can only recognise it by the fact that it says "ready". Then I know that the car is running and I can drive off. For this I would only have to move the selector switch to position D.

It's very reflective right now. Now it makes a very gentle noise. It now gives me the signal that it is ready to drive. The eTron GT also makes sound. Of course, not the sound you are used to from a car, but an electronic sound. This is what it sounds like. You can hear a very soft humming sound from inside.
You can also hear this humming from the outside. So that pedestrians notice the vehicle when you drive along. I'm curious to hear how it sounds on the road. When driving, it is supposed to sound even sportier. I'd say I'll fasten my seat belt. And then: Off we go! While clicking through the functions, I found the following feature: You can adjust the height of the Head Up Display. I have never had this option in any vehicle before. Depending on the sitting position, it has always been the
case that the picture was sometimes slightly cut off. Here you can adjust that which is super.

These are the different cockpit designs that can be
set. At the moment it is the eTron Sport design. I’ll change it to sport – let’s see how that one looks like. I can also configure the display here and decide what should be shown where. But this is nothing new, because it is already possible in many cars. I am sitting in a fully electric gran turismo. Of course, it has electric all-wheel drive. The top speed of the RS model is 250 km/h. The non-RS model has a top speed of 245 km/h.

The electric vehicles have such enormous acceleration
that combustion vehicles can no longer keep up. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. Of course I will now try it upon the autobahn. That's just electric cars. You are pushed right into the seat. It's crazy how fast you can get up to 200 km/h. But I really still have to get used to this silent driving.

It still makes a humming noise, and if you set it to dynamic, it's a bit louder. But it is still very quiet and therefore takes some time to get used to. You expect a loud sound. The driving experience is really cool! The car is optionally available with rear-axle steering. Then it has a rear differential lock. Audi states a range of approx. 480 km. It would have to be tested. Unfortunately, I don't
have the car long enough today to drive it empty. It would be worth testing. Unfortunately, I don't have
the car long enough today to run it completely empty. What I find fascinating is that you can charge the car to 100
km more range within 5 minutes using the quick-charge function.

That's a good way to go. Because that is the number one topic of debate
on the subject of electric vehicles: range. Long charging times…Standing somewhere to charge
the car for 40 minutes…nobody wants to do that. I will now test the charging function anyway. Because I am very interested in that. Especially the stuff about the 5-minute quick charge for 100 km more range. Then let's start looking for a suitable charging station.

I have to get used to say that instead of gas station. Hey Audi Where is the nearest fast-charging station? You can now enter additional search terms or select a line number. Oh, look. That's great. I can have the next
fast-charging stations displayed here by voice control. It's super easy and innovative. World premiere for me: My first time at the charging station. I've driven a lot of electric vehicles, but I've never had
to charge them because they're always charged at the events.

I’ll just try. This is the charging card. Please execute the payment in the app first. Okay, so first we connect the plug. Then we take this huge unhandy piece here. There is also another flap. Now it shows me that it is locked. Now I hold the card like this. Payment accepted successfully. Now it’s time to wait. I am curious about the result after 5 minutes. I was late. I missed the time. Now we are at 8 minutes. Let’s check what the display shows. It says: 8 minutes. It also says how many KW it has charged in this time. Let’s stop. Unplug. I have to unlock it for this. Now it’s unlocked. This needs to be solved even better. The plugs are very large and heavy. Let’s check our the range. It shows: We are now at a range of 326 km. So that's about right with the 100 km because when we stopped we were at around 230-235 km.

The time went by super fast even though we charged for 8 minutes instead of 5. I think that's really great for a 100 km range. In my opinion, it is no longer a
problem to get from a to b in one day. How could it be any different, the performance of the car really impressed me. Powerful acceleration. Also, when I drove away, you would
have thought it was filmed in fast motion, but it was not. From 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds…These are
numbers that you need to get used to in your head. The vehicle is very aerodynamically
designed. Of course, also to save energy. And, of course, to be faster as a result. The air intakes even adjust while driving. They can open and close. There are flaps in here. And it has a retractable rear spoiler that raises and lowers while driving. This provides more downforce. Now, let's be honest. How much does an etron GT actually cost? And how much does the RS etron GT cost? The normal etron GT quattro starts at a price of just under 100,000 €.

I think it was €99,800 so let's even it up and say €100,000. And the RS etron GT as it stands behind me starts at a price of 138,000€. Then there is the additional equipment to be charged extra,
so there is always room for spending more money. The car also has an air suspension system that adjusts
according to the conditions resp. the driving mode. What do you guys think of the Audi RS etron GT? How do you like the look? How do you like the facts and figures? What do you think of electric vehicles in
general? Write everything in the comments.

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