ICAP Token & Crypto Funds & The Market w/ Invictus Capital

Hello Matt! Thanks for coming back to my channel How are you doing? Hello Emre, I'm fine, you? Thank you for hosting me Very pleasant to talk to you It's been a long time since our last meeting How have you been since then? How are you personally, how is Invictus? I can say that both fronts are pretty good Crypto markets also keeps you pretty busy Things never stop and everything is a year Seems like it's going 10 times faster than before Quite excited in general I'm also fine personally Yeah everything is developing pretty fast We were expecting this to happen but I too I was not expecting this interest in the crypto market Your funds as the crypto market grows should also be in good shape, your funds and What are the situations related to their performance? Our funds are fine, our oldest fund is Crypto20 (C20) It was released in 2017 and in the last year saw its peak, increased almost 800% All of our 7 funds are on average Increased 230%.

Crazy for traditional finance This is a growth, but our funds normal because most of them are crypto-based Yes, I'm a fan of Invictus funds too You can enter crypto without any intermediate jobs You also have a new project on the way Invictus Capital's own token Can you tell us a little bit about ICAP? ICAP is actually a community reward system To investors who secure their funds A token ICAP awarded as a reward.

It strengthens our ties with the ecosystem Good for Invictus because our funds allows us to predict the flow of money They also get a share of the profit ICAP is given every 30 minutes quite an interesting model It actually works like a Bnb As the value of Invictus increases, its price increases expected naturally In essence, we share a common ground with our ecosystem. actually, and everyone with ICAPi There is another additional benefit in this way Exchanges to their own tokens Is there a similar system? Like the reward program etc. In fact, the exchange token and the reward program something like a mix Its purpose is to stake funds to users provide an additional return in return Free in addition to what you did as an investor Bring a supplement is actually with ICAP.

Invictus of the people in our ecosystem it also makes them suggest more often Tier-based goals and fee sharing I mean, as Invictus grows its ICAP value also increases, when we manage more assets its value is increasing more etc. a positive cycle that nourishes itself actually Works as well as different reward systems Sounds pretty interesting but how exactly it works so tokenized Does it work similar to your funds or Will it be charged in the market? we will see ICAP in various exchanges etc? ICAP itself is a token just like funds fully priced in secondary markets Main trade location at Uniswap In other words, as an investor, or the funds you receive By staking for periods such as 3-6 months or by purchasing ICAP directly from Uniswap you can own.

ICAP's main profit tool or value item As Invictus, all of our funds and spend 10% of our fees for ICAP At the beginning of the year when you look at Uniswap how much is it worth since it came out you can see he won Got it now, it's got a layered system at the same time, it can turn into liquid, ie cash Yes, additionally in a BTC-like manner ICAP's distribution amount decreases over time Like halving BTC every few years it is also in a disinflationary structure Distributed ICAP decreases by 2.5% every week up to 1000 every week, then fixed Good, so believing in Invictus Capital as an investor or Uniswaptan ICAP I can get or go to your platform and to fund performance when I get your funds In addition, as ICAP gains value I get an award from there too Exactly Sounds so good One more thing, an airdrop liquidity We created a mining program Someone with ICAP can use it in Uniswapta can store it as a liquidity provider 10 thousand dollars for those who do this There's a profit pool going to Uniswap To summarize, the process has 3 stages.

Either you invest directly in our funds, e.g. C10 followed by direct crypto You have access to the market and fund tokens fund to earn ICAP. You can stake or directly Uniswaptan You can get ICAP then if you want it Save in Uniswap and airdrop programs you can win a prize (an additional 10 thousand per month) So there is fund performance, for hiding it ICAP is for winning and for liquidity There is an airdrop to win People's interest in the Invictus ecosystem a general incentive to increase You thought everything pretty well I will definitely invest in ICAP because I have been following you for a long time you are very successful and active in the market specific to funds The last you did about the crypto market I also read the research actually It was widely covered in the Turkish media.

you even had your report in newspapers, etc. You mentioned me too, thank you very much He was very proud too 🙂 Speaking of the report, about the markets we can talk because i wonder your opinion it's about the overall performance of the markets. Do you think it's a fix like 2018 are we going or will it be a calm transition This is the most current issue among my friends currently, some are institutional investors and not as before due to regulations Then the veterans of the last bull era some of the crypto market, including me doubtful about his performance What do you think? This is my personal opinion but crypto markets I don't see a calm transition soon for you, it has not been like that historically. It either goes up crazy or down crazy It has always progressed like that before My opinion is that the investment period is important in this regard If you are considering a 3-month investment There is not much to do at that point but If you are considering an investment of 5-10 years -as I said before- Crypto won't come and go So it will still be obvious in the long run there will be an increase Corporate as you mentioned investors entering in different ways very interesting and very good news actually because that didn't exist in the previous bull era Previously, in 2017, for example, people He was very excited for his funds Or for big banks to talk about BTC but there was no action from them This time, companies are investing serious money and doing research on crypto assets for, this is for crypto in the long run I think very positive Still, it's important to be cautious nobody knows what will happen especially the market is very volatile in the short term It is necessary to act knowingly Glad we are on the same page because people ask my followers What is your target for that coin, when will it arrive? So if I knew this why content let me deal with producing anyway, I also can not predict.

Volatility will be a while longer, it's sure It looks like there will be a little improvement like May it comes to me because all markets are predicts, it always was like that in the past Crypto is also on the rise Institutional investors also want to withdraw a little. He can decide because I don't know he agrees are you me- big companies like Tesla When you invest, when you buy BTC announcing it everywhere, Elon tweeted etc. They don't talk when they're pulled out but that It is possible to see, this is a little bit for me It is a subject to think about but I don't know if it will happen Absolutely I agree If you spit up a mustache if you spit down a beard The total market volume of crypto is actually very small, very open to growing This is a good thing for him as well. Volume 10 times It can go up to 100 times, this is possible The disadvantage is that the market volume is small price changes and Can't take a lot of moves a very volatile market for assets that's why For example, if Tesla sells 50% of his BTC this creates market play or scaring people away It is important to keep this in mind but I still volume of assets is small in the long run, because it is I think it is a very good decision Yeah, that was a very good turn off I don't want to hold you anymore Let's keep the conversation short and to the point Thanks for joining me on my channel I'll be adding all the necessary links The report we mentioned and the ICAP link below Is there anything else you would like to add? I guess no, if you have an interest in crypto our advice is very useful eg There are index funds for crypto exposure C10 and C20 this is actually To choose any coin you have to think no need to follow the market due to the fund structure and a long-term investment If you have such an interest, you should check our site.

or suggest you join our community Super I would love to talk again soon I wish you a good day Super, thanks for hosting us Good bye Bye.

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