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Now your metamask wallet can In all these different assets Single wallet So the mindset is changing These are all treated, I think Transformation is a beautiful thing Acid labeling is true Important technology in space Become an interesting challenge Daring to marry the new world Because the world of Dmitry's assets is driven Batch processing The tokenized world is real-time [music] In cryptocurrency, we all like to talk about Traditional techniques used traditionally organization We are destroying but there is a Several old companies In their pace of innovation and Technology maturity Fight against and surpass the most advanced resistance solution Know the advanced technology of nitin gower The leader of blockchain and digital assets In ibm Who is building the irons Infrastructure of the future Blockchain and finance nitin is happy to be with you Today we thank Boris I'm really happy to be here, I'm really happy Contact you again Welcome everyone to Starbucks Interview the video series we brought industry Rock stars discuss the future Encryption tokenization Overall, we are your capital market The unprecedented Bruce Piccolo and Rose Co-founder of Starbucks Chameleon please Don't forget to subscribe to this Channel and open notifications So you don’t miss other wonderful things Our interviews with people from the following countries/regions Stock exchange from a law firm Regulatory authorities Provide you with an advantage Know the technology and when Industry is developing Now let's go to interview itself nitin, please tell us your personal and Your activity No, no, that's great, Boris Thanks again You own me so much, my name is Nidin Gall I am the Chief Financial Officer Science and digital assets I also established a blockchain laboratory, IBM's Digital Asset Lab This is for financial services Service industry And the various industries we serve Embark on a blockchain journey It is possible from a corporate point of view So i have always been fine Since 2012, now Long journey, but very exciting one of them course Nice to hear you say You help the company transition What is the main thing about the blockchain Challenges faced by enterprises When actually entering the blockchain There are some Technical and business challenges and Let me give an example, So the technical challenge is We build the business system Process management system or The financial industry is in So when we do things like transfer Between multiple countries Multiple banks This is really a batch relay In these transactions, this is why It takes time There are some regulatory factors It and Transition from batch relay system Really for me Do you know that the real near real-time system is change The background system has changed Adapt and This requires a lot of Investment is in Human technology and time can Making a change is not easy The reason for the change is because the world is moving This is quite a lot Invest in Existing infrastructure So the question becomes how do we Coexist with the existing world Scattered is Is slow in any situation and has Its cost and cost challenges intermediary And how we coexist with reality Near real-time system The cheaper the better, we Must be a bit Figure out how we navigate Take advantage of new models technology And keep up with investment They are old This is a problem we face Technical debt The investment they made and how Will we allocate new investment for new investment technology And use it for the second thing Is a business challenge As you know, most blockchain networks are Driven by a consortium On their network, so how do you create A model that not only allows you Queue, but your competitors keep going The internet Can trade with you now You have a competitive privacy issue The challenge you want to ensure I'm trading i'm not Leak more information about me Client because I want to move Assets i'm trying Transactions with other entities For me, the biggest problem is Technical issues are figuring out how Are you putting the entire ecosystem The internet Essentially a market It's also a highly competitive market In many cases, for participants Who is on the web So I will assume if this To generate a high level of empathy, we can Deep into these as you wish Two challenges Yes, the discussion will be fun Taking it a step further, here are some In fact, we often SME level What's going on or regulatory Level, but we rarely hear Insights about what happened In the large companies behind them The office reminds me of us Interview One of our previous interviews was Douglas Borthwick from Inax said That reason Why do exchanges like coinbase or inx Change the New York Stock Exchange or London is okay Especially what is technical adaptability what you referred to When you have so much investment That will take you time To the new infrastructure Is now your competitor Is native to the blockchain Will get involved, in fact over-competition Existing old company in the same space No, no, absolutely, I think, um, I want this New revolution, that’s why if you watch The valuation of coinbase is so high Because the future potential is Brighter They are not just about a billion Make or 1.8 billion of them into one 25 cent coin This is the last number Report, but this is the future of the future They are going But at the same time, coinbase also has a problem Attract existing customer base corporate investor There is another report Speaking of this, it's about 7,000 Uh financial institutions use Coinbase custody and exchange platform Therefore, coinbase must also deal with Same problem because they want Attract customer base Living in this traditional world Have a These have cross pollination Where you start to see Partnership, you start to see uh new Acquire a company engaged in this business New world I think this is an amazing thing because It promotes innovation, promotes investment And promoted the adoption of new technologies So it won't be Separated line Many cross-pollinations between I think new and old So probably what we see More violation Establish between different companies This is what the blockchain needs more Cooperation between competitors now this is Business, I will say we see in the next In the past few decades, when a competitor Need cooperation and coexistence, even There are many companies in our industry Who is To some extent, competitors Partners because we need to develop this Industry Together And raise awareness and share opinion Absolutely no, that's not We will continue to see I am doing some analysis About 114 companies People engaged in cryptocurrency custody business today Has happened in the past eight years 114 companies in a few months provide Institutional Guardianship and Brokerage solutions Well, except for our big names I think I heard it regularly A fantastic Story, and it all involves Past year So innovation is really moving Hurry i think This is actually a huge number Saw something similar to us Organization industry If not, there are actually dozens of Hundreds of companies Claim to provide organization Services and platforms This is good because it makes us Thinking When we attend the board meeting What do we have to do to be Different, maybe we need to provide a Turnkey solution Maybe we need to focus on specific industry Maybe we need to do some stubborn challenges Integration That will increase Tokens, so we have a lot of such tokens Back and forth dialogue Find a way to enter with us Differentiation On the other hand, it’s interesting that We don't talk to customers often it's here They compare us with other companies Industry has huge potential Even if you have something Dozens of competitors are not you Seize the market share of other companies In the same industry But you have expanded the industry comprehensive Yes, another absolute industry expansion you are right Does have an extension Industry enters the institutional realm In the end I think this year is Tipping point Institutional investors enter Have Equal to retail investors, so The whole reddit campaign Check around perception and stimuli Come on Ordinary people can start Put their toes into cryptocurrency We start from Institutional investors in the past 18 years Months i think It’s also great because it produces Realize The rise is because of the system More stringent requirements From maintenance and supervision Compliance perspective I mean, it’s not a bad thing Often comply with labeling regulations But compliance is really for Protect me and you Caused by fraud and wrongdoing They still happen But imagine if you don’t follow the rules It will be rampant right So i think it's important The difference made here Now we actually saw it during the ico Fanaticism what happens when you don't comply with That’s it, compliance is important Because this is to protect ordinary people People like me and you Well but yes, it has to pay the price of maintenance Those things and systems are coming Go in Accelerate compliance Yes because sometimes Because sometimes I'm sorry boys Investors don't understand Where do they invest and why ico Boom display 99 Project is fraud, this is Hard to distinguish A good project between a bet, that’s why Stipulate Must be absolutely in the market I cannot agree more, many of them Get rid of it too I mean this is a decent character The correct number is 99 I think there are only two or a few The three were set as role models, but did not become role models a lot of Do you know they got rid of I think Although one of the biggest promises Blockchain is we can put this comply with On the chain and automate it because The real problem is That and why compliance is called The problem is because it is expensive Because you need to spend money Lawyers, maybe hundreds Thousands of dollars Create an entry for startups Hinder and stifle innovation create Compliance infrastructure Was built Convenience is a good thing Get capital The company gets the opportunity to innovate Work in a strictly regulated environment Whether the industry is absolute The compliance cost is always quoted as One of the most expensive parts Market and many people problem If we transfer cryptocurrency to Corporate space and you are doing Everything we did before What are the advantages of cryptocurrency that I still have Think there are many advantages Especially from Shorten processing time transaction The open market is huge Can still be Compliance mode [music] Inducing trust and elimination Middleman still Can be done in a compliant manner, so Has many advantages, yes It adds a little cost, but that cost is Is there a protection system We have seen it for a while Disappointed In the enterprise blockchain, because things Did not move As fast as many people expected Many people call blockchain the solution Even no problem So now in 2021 The demand for blockchain again Applications other than encryption are Blockchain native space So what you mentioned is really interesting That’s true, I think I’ve seen it The Internet has brought the same revolution Internet is open Then you will tell the customer to see you Can move and transfer files faster They will say okay, how about this Will affect my business Okay, we deleted all the information Broker, but it took nearly 20 years correct Uh, to reach the point we have Now Amazon, we have Baidu and many countries around the world the company As early as you do business one day The rise of Iran, you fall So I think this is an evolutionary cycle I think You start to see a huge investment Financial services of every major bank Already invested Hosting solution or payment solution That’s an enterprise use case, so I think in many circumstances, Experiment is the first Stage is the investment from The business is out of date, Build pilots and build networks with No immediate impact The impact of Because they are still in the experimental stage Business has shrunk Their investment because they want Mature technology Now it's you Start to see The market cryptocurrency market is Evaluate in trillions Of course, it has market depth, but Also have Attract investment from the crypt From financial services And neighboring industries Required investment So we started to see the rise of businesses Blockchain In 2021, and looking to the future Back to talking How do I learn from what I have learned Past failures and application Existing model, and there is a huge focus on So if you look at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, what we do Hyperledger fabrics these are The public network we are trying Fence Around, so we can provide you Enterprise services enter this blockchain Public blockchain network utility Therefore, think of it as a network Internet, You can create a new phone and then create Private cloud, you can create all These things provide Corporate services we are beginning to see Move now Access to many public networks Emerge, this is an exciting moment I think the company finally has Well, the solution in the second layer solution A kind When creating these models, I Think only Uh, you know if that doubles make sense So like Zlatan, you mentioned us Basically see So-called Some kind of financial internet you have a lot Blockchain networks related to each other Other but we also have i think Interoperability issues Especially if not everyone is using Hyperledger For their blockchain solution More complex Absolutely, and interoperability is At the business level and On the technical level, so on the technical level The interoperability you are starting to see now Items such as cosmos and dots, and When a link and all these guys Try to By providing a Denomination assets This is a bridge asset between the two What is network or packaging you see You know the Bitcoin and the network of packages These are examples of industries Trying to do Bridging the technological gap, but you Must also be viewed in d5 space When you have d5 it is Lego Block and d5 itself are big Bring different sports Asset class, but financial Traditional financial services Is a bit isolated or Swim lanes of asset classes that do not need to be mixed These two asset classes are due to Regulation and due to Compliance requirements and How the company operates The business unit operates the following businesses Business operations Everything is changing now because d5 is in your wallet You may be in debt Stable coins you can pay You may have tools for Bitcoin Could have been Uh, you know there is mortgage debt Put everything in one wallet I mean it doesn't exist traditionally If you check your bank account People have 401ks, they have mutual funds They are now separate accounts Your Metamask wallet may have all These different assets are in a single wallet So the mindset is changing These are all treated, I think This transition is a beautiful thing because it is It is changing the way we do things what do you mean Interoperability is not only technical problem Here you can build technical bridges And not This is not a rocket science, it is possible What else Organization of financial institutions and How do they perceive Because it's very interesting Yes yes, because this is When I keep a specific asset class So the mortgage is Different asset classes or International Mortgage Backed Securities Or securities just talk They are all managed by different people Departments because they are different Report their requirements Different legal requirements Uh, we have fewer problems Speaking of real estate assets, but you have more Reporting requirements From company actions and purchases and Sell ​​to you Your stock, but you didn’t buy it, Sell ​​a house every day Yes, so the transaction volume is higher So how do i take care of it So every large financial company There are many departments because they have Maintain certain structured transactions with Transition volume and supervision That is Doesn't exist in the crypto world Everything is a wallet everything is a wallet Token, so token is a token as a token Now drive it to the way that suits it enterprise Is a challenge, but I think it's also an opportunity You mentioned before Internet and evolution There are really not many people understanding How the internet works, but they are using the internet every day This is a blockchain thing you know You know i wrote a paper This topic is between drawing analogies Blockchain and Internet development So back to the internet there Is a company that provides services More efficient file transfer or more Effectively compress these are Unicorns, but they don’t exist today Because you know The industry is now mature Only internet company Who is a unicorn World of business service Services to connect various wires or Various connections on the Internet Connect suppliers and sellers, and Shipper and They are going all out Together as a platform, so the platform thinking Something that leads to co-creation That would Also a unicorn in the blockchain Today we are focusing on the world One And d5 is still the most basic For me, back to the level of the past With TCP and With various agreements Facilitate trade Possible, but we haven't seen Where's the unicorn I think this still has a long way to go Next generation Physical or cryptocurrency bank To form And provide you with unique services, such as Everything I want top store Go to a crypto bank for one-stop shopping For everything I think it will be a unicorn That would be more Yes this is why we are building in the store Box one Digital asset ecosystem, including Asset Technician Cryptocurrency Exchange nfts and so on, so once you stop buying customer Don't spend a lot of time communicating With different entities Together with developers and marketing teams Lawyers, so we put it together, Serve customers About blockchain solutions One of the problems What we are facing is about how select What is the right blockchain public or private What are your thoughts on this You really believe Public blockchains such as Ethereum will Adopted Well, it’s from a large organization Good question, so There are about 800 chain stores A kind We know we have about twelve Popular chain Therefore, Ethereum and Bitcoin certainly need cake You have various agreements There are about 15 items in hyperledger fabrics Trying to solve some problems, then you There are algorithms and eos, Then turn it around and bsc, you have it These ones You know the minority of Binance Chain Chain is The way i look at this is i don't know Want to Choose blockchain because it is popular Just like Ethereum is very popular, but Business is expensive Now there are coins, so it’s very popular Ethereum Uh caused a problem Public utilities Refused because it is so expensive Do business there Yes this is a problem Even for Ethereum itself Its value is high In space, but I actually watched This is what I want to achieve from it Business issues, for example I am launching Token What is the purpose, what am i Trying to achieve and According to these design standards I will choose a chain, such as nfts Is another one you know month In the crypto space, but this is a Important evolution because It will truly democratize Make crypto retail Maybe not many people will understand d5 Or Ethereum, but people like basketball People like baseball people like sports They want something They remember they like That’s the retail mentality, but you might Know nothing about encryption You can log in to the website and buy Something that belongs to you And you enjoy it, it is possessed Encrypted at the end of the day So this is an important exercise, but I Want to figure out what design it is Because if i Provide services that I have to pay 500 Just make a transaction, Shift your top spot My favorite athlete enters my wallet Then it’s expensive for consumers, and then I Can't resort to All classes of society, but I want to go Maybe Made four dollars like a baseball card 3 dollars 5 dollars 10 dollars 100 yuan attracts retail, so I Can't do this Cost as expensive as Ethereum Yes That’s mainly the most recent, so I will choose A chain This allows me to give this information because in End users end users don’t care If you don't care when to go to atm Which technology they are using The internet You just need your money uh you don't need Care when going So the agreement war will eventually settle down Because there will be better Interoperability, asset flow between And there will be an entity at layer 3 E.g.

Agreement This will provide a lot of interoperable Play a role at the corporate level This is where I think I get Exciting but i am not To be a minimalist, then choose one Or another one to me I read some consensus agreements potential Future inflation Currency pressure I see security technology Under the quilt, let me see how many Uh, global footprint This You know the mining and hashing functions So I look at these technical areas Say which one I choose, because I too Want to choose one Blockchain with longevity Have life Ethereum will definitely do this Yes it is It's been a long time Time and many similar algorithms Provide good structure because they have Opened six stores Plus years, but if someone comes tomorrow And give me a good chance that they might Well protected, but i don't know They proved themselves So i look at these things Design standards let me start project For example, yes, because for many users For example or company Decentralization is very important, For example, currently we see a lot of Encryption enthusiast Enthusiasts and crypto anarchists Believe in decentralization They are prepared to pay higher fees But it feels like they are in action Decentralization Decentralized topic on Tokenization, so what do you think Generally speaking, the future of digital assets What are the main use cases? What level of adoption they will reach So for me the asset organization is Actually the foundation five or six years ago I put this in my Research agenda on the big picture Asset tokenization is a real Important technologies in this field and It sounds simple, but Is not Um, i explained this right um Tokenization occurs naturally With most work certificates and proofs Amount of shares These are local tokens Tokens that provide utility Pay to play, just like you go Theme park where you will get tokens Write uh write what you know right Well, so you need those tokens and Ethereum Bitcoin is the perfect example These are tokens, but you also have the concept of Create tokens for tangible assets or Tokenization Deep materialized assets, so when I Say material assets This is your stocks and bonds Securities you obtained from Wall Street Remember, this right must have a chain So if you want to mark the house This connection must automate the car When you sell a car, the token must Move with the car Therefore, when you treat it as a physical asset, Physical or Digital token, you must make sure that you Have the right technology Reflect the movement of the asset and Not just a simple number Means So this is the first point that is difficult So we use Do you know that we use business processes Said method You need a lot of extra signatures And you need the owner the previous owner is new Sign here by owner Only if you can move Assets, and then you will have IoT technology And supply chain Moving containers and moving things Value, and then you can use the Internet of Things Put them in the blockchain and that's it But this is a complicated topic You look to dementia Go to dementia Do you know where that is On Wall Street and Investment Bank Industry itself Then I thought it became uh Marry an interesting challenge New World’s Board of Directors, because The world of non-psychological assets is Batch-driven and tokenized The world is real-time So when you move the real-time token And you still rely on the system maintain Record of ownership by Boris Acid and Boris turn into a rose This is happening in real time Otherwise it should be real-time There is an information gap between the two Two are challenges Asset tokenization system needs solve Does that make sense Makes sense At least for public securities, but I Would say that even the best hope Tokenize as Cooperation with the private market and Private securities You mentioned it well before currently Currently in the past ten years The blockchain community has always focused on Build solutions for engineers Build infrastructure Blockchain, I believe, We started to do what we did specifically Given Large-scale commercialization of solutions Will be used Through a common business or a common user, and A person And you mentioned that nfts is so A retail solution, that is Definitely another me Believe in tokenized securities Is another thing, it should be Universal retail solutions and access because Currently you only have 0.4 Companies around the world are made public Trade on any stock exchange world This means that at 99.6% the company Unable to invest This is a problem because these are The company we face every day This means that these companies are limited to There is a chance for their capital to grow This is when the capital is provided The biggest return is not 8% Every year, but maybe 100% Per year In the early or mid-growth State-owned enterprises On the one hand, it is Opportunities for this type of business Build a community and help us I go to participate every day street I shopped in a coffee shop or I bought some Clothing etc.

I interact with participating companies The token is part of my life Become These businesses and their parts The community becomes part of the narrative And the world They are building, so I believe in tokenization Securities on the one hand An important way to increase traffic capital Business and unlocking the private market It’s also a retail product in a sense A connection is established between them Business and community service Uh, I can’t stamp the message, you You really quoted some Impressive statistics Why is it important so there is a job This is happening The so-called global digital finance gdf, you should investigate, eh Of course you should participate This is an open community Like-minded people go together Bridging the gap between private equity Because private equity is largely Illiquid market Not exposed to everyone This is not true democratization So there are platforms like oneera with Vitalo trying to get that space The way to manage limit tables like Boris Boris A kind For example, the storage block wants to increase You can't accept that business with funds Direct access to this type of market Remain private and attractive What is the investment community Angel investment angels in history The world republics on the list have tried Do it Exposed to it but this still Limited to Accredited investor, which means Not everyone makes 300,000 Participate in private for one year Equity space, how do you request A farmer in Uganda may take a 100% risk U.S.

Dollar Save money every year and take advantage of growing up In small and medium enterprises Is a high-growth industry risky But you can still risk 20 Or 50 yuan and 100 yuan You opened up a bigger market 7 billion people Instead of just a few million rich So rich and keep getting rich because These investment pathways Opportunities and access to these Capital formation options include Mature market from the capital market view But most people There should be no in that space At least some That piece of cake or the piece that grew up I think there is nothing better for me Go to that space like you mentioned Boris Is very attractive, I think we as a The community should do our best So what exactly is that platform Information is complete What the Internet does for information Everyone has the same information Also has its error message Caused the whole problem But we want to see a platform Do the same for Opportunities for financial services or Things we value Not just money and investment, but also future Truth, information and things Therefore, everything we cherish or I cherish I cherish the truth I value trust, I trust Boris, let us For example, say on social media I will not consume bad information Because the blockchain prevents you Incentive economics hinders you From consuming the information For example, you are funny Mentioned djf Actually we only recently joined Organization also participates In the digitalization of the private market And very interesting This is a non-U.S.

Issue The country may actually be superior Because, for example, in the European Union, you can Match up Well, it depends on the country Even eight million No need to go through complexity Procedures for registering products And retail investors Can participate in a small amount Actually I want to know if you are right What does this organization need Occurs on a large scale Create access Just technical infrastructure Or a legislative change And what is this necessary Change Let regulators allow small investors Participate and take risks Their money, very good question, so One of two things is you buy you see a lot Projects that are happening now Help organize And you don’t have to be a technical expert Genius to do that There is a business there Yesterday's Ethereum Alliance Dialogue Where did you find Many of these items This makes you and I feel Some platforms are on the high seas and They established the variables of the market Let you Scan your artwork and make it fit example Still very very basic and basic Level to me One of two things is to make it simple Like you go shopping Amazon should be like Build a market I provide the place where you want to buy the token It, and established a trust mechanism Go in Someone needs to verify the verification as First of all Sense the asset in the system The second thing is law enforcement This is the place i've been Considered for more than six years I think you can still Endpoint level, so if I'm at United States Suppose you happen to be Philippines The Philippines should rule and control Who can buy and sell Because it’s part of the sovereign and you Can never go beyond that stage Well, but the infrastructure needs to be moved Assets from the United States, and Is there a blockchain in the Philippines Today is Ethereum Bitcoin This is a global trading system, you Just use wallet So the question becomes Forced asset flow Become the end, which means if I Transfer of assets from the U.S.

The Philippines should have a system The verification time is I allow Philippines Isn't this person a terrorist? These must accompany things This is the regulatory part of it, and I And some verification must be done verification Before you send the asset Assets into your wallet Some entities may do Initial verification confirmation Ensure that a certain amount of trust is established The system does not have to be entity This might be a smart contract Demarcated gated structure Certain asset classes The whole thing means if you Think this is a real asset class Because for example, it’s harmful to society You can Country, for example, if you are Selling pork futures in Islam The country you know bans pork, Yes it is Think it’s incorrect, so you can Restriction or division The asset class Just because it doesn't meet This Ethical concerns, so you need system Built-in, it's important Important on a social level Very important at the governance level But the blockchain will be a big Connected global infrastructure Countries Well, this is also a very important part This is what i'm thinking view Think of social networks, but there is a Ok Mobile visibility and transparency thing We only need content similar to regulations At least above finances Included blockchain solutions Different account requirements Country and identity related So big The missing link is actually an identity Infrastructure so you don’t have to By kyc aml Every transaction is completed by uh Accurate ledger Storage this is severely lacking, I will Say Yes i agree, that's why i think If we focus on anything in this era, Take off Digital identity and numbers There are two techniques for verification that Should be a focus because I Think in many cases That is a country The state issues a driver’s license, and passport Should be able to publish it, and Become a natural kyc object On these networks, so you have solved National Freemasonry It looks like I am issuing the ID issued by Status, I can verify confirmation As the issuance mechanism um and then The country can have its own smart people Contract for all incoming assets Ways that can be filtered out They can, they can, they don’t have to Have a huge governance infrastructure They can simply launch smart contracts And according to Government changes, etc.

I think it will be a good model We follow Just like today's financial system The loophole is back, like I am Citizens of both countries If there is, it is possible Banned in a country that I can still own that Go to another country and then Visit from that country Well, this still happens today, I mean I You know i haven't used it So I can open an account India, I can open America Depends on the jurisdiction I have It's not illegal, it gave me Can choose to do this, but as an American Current course With fatca and all other rules ii Can't participate in certain Encryption products, this is my thing Must limit Yes because you are restricted Back to about Decentralized Finance Application Well, does ibm want to venture into Wild space The premise of the equipment solution is About the equipment Mathematics and in-depth techniques, it seems The space IBM can provide Dominate, this is a big problem, so We are us In a sense, I am part of the team investigating Application Uh, what can we do? See technology from your perspective know Do payment analysis and fraud These huge analyses Use generic um gns General neural network to find out End image What is a wallet, you know what it is The risk of phishing On your wallet, for example metamask is still Last minute question If my browser is compromised, then my In some cases, the metamask is compromised And how do i Avoid these challenges so that we can be you Absolutely correct, I think there are many of The technology behind the scenes our Complete legacy with encryption technology Homomorphic encryption and blockchain And scalability technology We aspire to be the leader Players in space are from Infrastructure perspective You can also design new instruments So we have At least my team has a 3i strategy First of all, I am the infrastructure This is the hosting solution and the cloud, What we did on the production node Uh easily available offer Scalability technology Encryption technology, then The next glance is Instrumentation means how are you Establish a stable asset organization Coin or central bank crystal currency Vision Securities The third eye is insight It’s important for market data, but Is also an important part of what you need This is all artificial intelligence and machine learning Application domain Things about financial crime Analyze or conduct business analysis Terms of active assets So you need a bunch of things Do analysis, today, if you look During password tracking and chain analysis Oval These are provided Public network, but Most businesses need more From Make a commercial decision to buy, and Sold but also decided Risks and valuations that are not available today Does not exist in this space So you are absolutely right, we yearn for Play in that space Like any decent rebel company, you are To issue ibm coins This is a good question, you know What we do internally is like Many banks like me know b and y have to As a way of ibm within the enterprise As a culture, we are an amazing company Thanks for this The rewards and blue dots we give Each other, so if you are helping me I don't have to go to the manager Give you a thank you with the points of the master And blue dot and value can go market Used to be a blue coin Tianhe We move so you know we won't Issue public coins because we are not here Uh we have no motivation Economics we know in that field But within the company, we have many Ongoing experiment Before issuing uh, you know the internal token We can trade with each other Thank each other, so each of us has Small pool and small purse And as a manager or employee I can reward each other without leaving Through the created management chain Cooperative culture So i can give me 50 points 50 points are worth 25 You can go shopping at the market Buy one for yourself at 50 o'clock T-shirt Or blender or use them to collect them For a while, you can buy one by yourself travel Uh, if you get enough points, then We already have my idea We are not calling people who sound like men excellent In terms of encouraging cooperation Sounds cool nitin thank you for your wonderful Thank you for your insights and The energy you bring to us Well, it’s nice to talk to you bookworm Boris and Rose, well, thank you very much.

Invite me, i love it dialogue I hope everything goes well for you and the stock box Pushing the agenda and moving forward Promote the industry forward Thank you, thank you, thank you very much Please don't to all our viewers Forgot to like this video, if that is Exciting to share with you Anyone you think is possible Like it too, enjoy and don't forget Subscribe to the channel to view others Our wonderful interview Please stay tuned and watch the next episode

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