I Was WRONG About Bitcoin (TRUTH About My BTC Price Prediction)

welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on the channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button uh usually this is a sunday drive video where i drive to church and tell you guys what's going on in the world of crypto but this morning we got uh some martin's martin's biscuits i tell you what uh i went a little early got the family some uh some stuff so uh we're out here it's it's raining a little bit so i'm gonna try not to slip and slide i'm getting new rims and tires on my on my demon the the slicks on here you guys know i got my trucks in the shop right now the the slicks on here just too slick i feel like i'm constantly going to drive off the road speaking of driving off the road let's talk so uh george from cryptos r us made a video last night uh detailing why he thinks i'm wrong about my predictions for bitcoin in the fall uh i had a tweet on twitter of all places it's unbelievable that i can tweet on twitter and uh i tweeted what i think is gonna happen for this market and this is what i've been saying for two years now this is not new information i've been saying i believe by the middle of october this thing will be over um you know i said end of september looking like that's you know maybe that timeline's too short at this point i always said give or take a week so you know maybe this goes into the middle of october uh benjamin cowan responded on that uh on that tweet you know how can you possibly say this we're not even back to all-time highs blah blah blah blah blah i think what i would like to do is i would like to invite george and benjamin cowan hey we can have a uh a three-way a three-way debate of course um about uh their thoughts on bitcoin because i think i don't know they may fall in line i don't know if they fall in line exactly but maybe we can bring them on to the show one day this week and we can uh talk about it and break it down but let's let's talk about why i believe bitcoin is topping out very soon and i don't think i the move to the upside is going to be fast and quick this is based on something called the golden bitcoin bull ratio you can look this up i've talked about this for two years in every bull run in history 51 or a 49 percent excuse me of the bull run has been in between the bottom of the market and the having event 51 has been from the having to the top of the market when you do that calculation because we knew in the bottom of the market was in december of 2018 we knew when the having was in may of 2020 when you apply that 49 51 ratio maybe it's i can't remember which way it goes but that's not important uh when you apply that ratio okay you come up with a date at the end of september so this has been in the works for years at this point now are we possibly seeing something different because of the manipulation in the middle of this bull run it certainly is possible now now look i'm no dummy time's running out at this point time is running out for me to be correct okay but you have to understand the difference between what i've been saying about september 28th i think of the tweet said september 27th but it was actually september 28th what i've been saying about that date for two years versus what i've been telling you about bitcoin in the fall for the remainder of this bull run uh in may i came across late may i came across some information um you guys know we talked about a lot on the channel i told you guys that the price of bitcoin would be moving up in the middle of july it was based on that information and what happened the price of bitcoin went up in the middle of july bottom down on july 20th uh made its ascent it climbed ten thousand dollars in just a few days after that and then all of a sudden everybody was bullish again the caveat to that prediction was [Music] in the fall the fed was going to move us towards deflation and that was going to end the run now i took that to mean that that was going to end the uh the bitcoin bull run but or the entire bull run but maybe that's just the end of the run for bitcoin maybe all coins go a little bit longer than that that was not given to me with a date my date has strictly been based off the same prediction i've been making for two years and you know i'm not a flip-flopper so i go with what information i believe is good until new information presents itself to where i'm clearly wrong i still think we could move up uh i think we could move up by the middle of october i think we could be at a hundred thousand dollars but whether it's in october or november the fact is in the fall this thing is going to end now wind is falling this is a very important question because when you think of the fall what do you think of you probably think september october november well technically that's that is true uh some sometime in the early early uh 20s either the 21st or the 23rd or the 22nd or the 24th or the 20th i can't remember how the how the uh the seasons rotate because it's kind of weird but the point is sometime in between september 20th and the 24th fall starts doesn't it until december like so either the 20th or the 22nd or the 23rd somewhere rather right before christmas is actually when the fall ends i see no way that this bull run extends into next year benjamin cowen's got a much longer timeline i don't know exactly what george's timeline is but whether or not this happens in the beginning of october or november or in the first week of december this is happening i cannot see any way this extends now now look these guys are all making predictions based upon charts the same thing i do the same thing i did when i came up with a with uh when i really got behind that golden bitcoin bowl ratio it was a chart somebody created the look to be very correct to me and uh it made perfect sense and i could it already looked like we were following along that same timeline so i did the same thing i was going off of a chart off of a theory if you will when i came up with that date now since then a lot of things have corroborated that date so that's why i definitely you know believe uh i believed in that for years now but the point is is that when you look at the charts the benjamin cowan is looking at or george is looking at or any other person out there that that is basing uh you know a late thinning cycle or you know whatever you want to call it at this point the fact is is that they're not taking into consideration a black swan event and uh the move to deflation is certainly a black swan event i could go over many many things that we've already seen that are indicating uh you know that this is happening uh including look at the irs right now we have the irs just uh president biden is now putting in an executive order basically or maybe it's being molded into the infrastructure bill i can't remember exactly what it is at this point but where every single bank out there has to turn over any information on an account that's over 600 dollars why are they doing that because the irs is about to start going after cash hot and heavy because deflation is coming cash is once again going to be king over the long term you're still going to be better off being in bitcoin over the long term no question about it but over the next few years there's going to certainly be a strong argument as the dollar will strengthen again and deflation will kick in so you got to take all that into consideration that is what their charts do not show so we're just simply looking uh from a charts and data analysis then what they're saying makes total sense but what is coming in the fall is going to flip this uh i think it was fidelity i can't remember exactly who it was but some uh article was just out you know explaining how as long as there's not a gigantic shift in the news media narrative about the economy bitcoin's going to continue to go up but that's the caveat there is a change coming and the people that are listening to me are going to be far better off courses and financial advice but they're going to be far better off than those that are not listening or living in a fantasy world right now so we'll see what happens uh i'd love to invite those two guys to come on the show we do a three-way debate maybe we do uh you know different uh you know maybe it's two different videos not really sure we'll see what they say i'll try to work that out this week and uh you know i want you guys to have the most well-rounded perspective i want you guys to have the most well-rounded perspective on uh you know every possible scenario not just what i'm telling you because i've gleaned a lot from those two guys uh over the years and uh you know a lot of other people out there in crypto as well so all right take it with a great salt that's all i got be blessed [Music]

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