I switched to a £99 Smartphone – here’s what I found out.

today I've done the unthinkable nokia has challenged me to switch from the 1200 euro Galaxy S 10 5 G to the 99 euro Nokia 2.2 I'm a little worried about it about whether the batteries gonna pull through and whether the camera is gonna take good enough photos especially in low light later on anyways today we're gonna be heading to a zoo with a very specific goal in mind and so whilst waiting for a car I did notice some compromises compared to my s10 it's got a polycarbonate finish as opposed to glass and obviously the quality of the display is not there it still feels sturdy and on the bright side the dimensions of the phone are actually a refreshing change it's just kind of nice to have a phone you can put in your pocket and forget about okay off we go and whilst the video quality on this phone is pretty much bang on what you'd expect for a hundred euros I think the photo quality is really gonna impress you so that's exactly what I did on the way I spent about 20 minutes just taking photos of various different scenes I had a quick play with the dedicated Google assistant button and because earlier I downloaded some of my most used applications I'd overstreet into a Lightroom to have a quick edit of those photos which turned this photo for example into this photo or as another example this shot into this okay so just arrived it to I cross zoo and they've supposedly just opened up a brand new state-of-the-art tiger enclosure so I thought golf for today is to get a really good shot of the Tigers with this budget fern so firstly I met up with Joe who if you don't already know is the first member of the Misti who's the boss team and together we set out to figure where exactly we're at with this device how can a fern be so cheap and what are the noticeable compromises worth noting here is that there isn't a fingerprint scanner on the phone but you do get faced unlocking but I've just stopped using the pattern anyways animals and the first guys we bumped into were the meerkats these adorable rodent-like creatures this is what the DSLR captured this is what the phone captured with a little bit of an edit that has tried to bring out the warmer hues in the image we used a bit of Google Maps and bumped into this nice little Hut and on the subject of software I got the distinct impression that yes this is a firm it compromises but at the same time instead of brushing over them it does feel like Nokia's tried to make sure that they don't problems a for example the phone is powered by a mainstream grade chipset but the combination of stock and blow where free Android means it doesn't feel slow the phone lacks storage starting at 16 gigs but again Nokia compensates you get microSD card support as well as unlimited high-quality storage on google photos and speaking of photos it was time to properly test this camera and so the next thing we came to see was penguins specifically the Humboldt penguins I'm using the HDR mode for all these photos and you could probably tell for a 99 euro phone this is not something to be complained about at all I use the assistant to find out a little bit more and it wasn't long before we were at the next enclosure zebras and in true 21st century fashion we were also out there testing the display of the phone which by the way is a 19 to 9 HD plus IPS panel or in other words it's good enough it's not some super high-res AMOLED dream but the resolution is high enough that nothing looks pixelated and low enough to keep the cost down as well as the battery powering through so we sat down for a bit of food and another thing sprang to mind you'll notice that the app drawer here is pretty much empty this is the entire list of apps including ones I've downloaded myself and the cherry on top is that because it's on the Android one program you'll guaranteed not just an early Android queue upgrade but an android r12 completely out of the blue we realized the window of this cafe looks straight on to the Snow Leopard enclosure and the thing came right up close to her so it was a bit of a rush to get this shot but especially with a bit of editing I quite like how it turned out anyways you spend the next 30 minutes trying to find that tigers we didn't end up being a successful mission we ended up with giant tortoises not quite as exciting but I did not expect how big these things were so I lowered the nokia 2.2 in took a bit of a blind shot so I was surprised that first time this is what came out if you look at the sky in particular there are no spots of overexposure at all so as you probably know pretty much no smartphone under 300 euros has an ultra-wide camera but this thing does have panorama mode and so using the ultra wide giraffe enclosure as a testing ground I was just trying to see how much this can compensate so with a panorama you take a shot and then just slowly pan the device around you do get a fairly significant distortion effect but still massive field-of-view we finally found the state-of-the-art tiger enclosure and because this was just past midday this was probably when the light was harshest and so is good to see that the display was visible in all conditions I got to say this part of the day was a massive disappointment I was getting super excited about this close-up shot of a tiger I was gonna get but I did not expect just how large this enclosure was which of course is great for the animals but just means that you can't really get close enough to take a photo of one unless you get really lucky it isn't quite compensate but I did find a really neatly designed Lego equivalent and so I took the best photo I could of this and then this is my edited version anyways slightly gutted we start heading back and even though I didn't get the original tiger photo I plan to there was a lot of stuff to go through and a lot of great shots that we did get speaking of which I spent half the journey back editing them the shots you've just seen got back and pretty much the first thing I did was try to catch up on a few of the emails using this phone and to be honest after turning down the super high default vibration strength no problems at all it was fine to type on it was fine to view everything on I didn't really miss having a much larger screen here and then because there are a lot of cool videos coming I put the phone down for a couple of hours and started editing some of them lots of cutting chopping trimming all that good stuff and there was also a voiceover to do and so here's me doing that filmed on the phone that's just propped on my laptop right now it's decent 1080p footage anyways back to the phone and you might know this thing has a raised awake feature it was still a little bit too light outside to try any kind of nighttime photo shooting and so I decided to see how games would work actually flawlessly to be honest as long as it's not too complex a title okay fast forward a couple more hours and we're at 9:30 p.m.

it's time to some low-light shooting so I clipped on an adapter that allows it to be mounted onto my tripods just to give it that extra bit of stability and from here and there are three photos I took and you can see when I actually snap it the phone cycles through a few different exposures it takes multiple shots and then meshes them together it works in a pretty similar way to how the night mode does on most phones but this one just does it automatically and you can probably tell that because the phone is capturing quite a lot of light information from shots are different exposures you can draw some of that out with a bit of editing anyways we got 27 percent battery left after 4 hours and 12 minutes of screen time what a day [Music] you.

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