(dramatic suspenseful sounds) (clock ticking) – Right now, I'm back from my PO Box and I have another dark
web mystery box over here. I haven't gotten a footage like this in a really long time where I come in from my front door, but I'm gonna shut my door. This dark web mystery box over here, it's a really fricking heavy mystery box, pretty small mystery box, but it's heavy never-the-less. I'm going to do what I always do when I get a dark web package, I'm going to place the
package on my table, show you guys the size of the box, stickers that say attention on it.

That's the top of the box. Blurring out my PO box
label for obvious reasons. There's a do not crush sign on the top, but without any further hesitation, ladies and gentlemen subscribe to the channel, if you haven't done so already. Put on the notification bell and you'll be notified
whenever I upload these videos. Smash the like button if you
already like what's going on or smash the like button
later on in the video when you see something
that you actually like. Without any further hesitation, ladies and gentlemen, let's go ahead and get this video started.

But anyways, we have our handy-dandy
Swiss army knife over here, a beautiful champagne Swiss army knife. I think this is the 2019 one, but anyways, we've got our nice
gloves on, latex gloves. We have our mystery box here. I have the GoPro on my head that should be capturing this entire cut. All right ladies and gentlemen
let's go ahead and check what's inside the dark web mystery box.

(gently chiming bells) So this is what the inside
of the box looks like. Using a nice little steady cam right now to show you. Birthday candles on the flap. A lollipop. Oh, Oh, it looks like we have
a set of coordinates here. It looks like this is upside down. I'm going to have a copy
of the coordinates up on the screen for you guys, but it says 37.40025 78.420620. So I still have my label on the box.

I'm going to go ahead and get rid of that. Anyways, we have the
label taken off the box. Now we're going to go ahead and get this dark web mystery box started. When I do these boxes, do I just work with the flaps first? To be honest, the flaps always bother me. It just always in the way,
like the camera, you know, it's just always covering my face. So I'm actually going to cut to a scene where the flaps are taken off. So just give me a sec. All right.

So we have the flaps
taken off of the package and there's a lot of pink bubble
wrap on the top of the box. I guess these are the first
things that we're going to take out of the box. Oh, and there's something else here. It's heavy. Oh, oh wow. Okay. Now these are the first three items that I pulled out of the All right, now these are
the first three items that I pulled out of the dark web mystery box.

It looks like is a pair
of pliers, Snap-on smile. and a little silver container over here. So I don't know, but we got
the flaps taken off the box. Give you guys a nice little
closeup of coordinates again. And here's the lollipop
that appeared on the flop of the mystery box. This one was blank. This one had birthday candles,
two pink ones, a yellow one, and a blue birthday candle.

Do not crush on the back. I'm going to take these and
put these to my left side. Everything that goes to my left side is
going to go to actually, I'm going to keep
everything to my left side. Everything that goes to my
right, as you guys know, goes in the trash. So the first thing we're going
to review is Snap-on smile. (quiet, mysterious music plays) Eeeeww. Oh my God.
All right. So we have a Snap-on smile. It appears is some
teeth looking thing now. Oh my God. That's nasty. Thank goodness for me wearing gloves. But I don't appreciate the fact that this is the first item that appeared from the dark web mystery box. Not clear ones, but like hollow plastic, the hollow plastic ones. And then within there's some air.

Oh my God. They're a little ill.
They're a little wet. Oh my God.
Oh, okay. I don't know what these are, but you guys can let me
know in the comment section. I'm assuming, I'm assuming that these are some sort
of filling for teeth. I have no idea what I'm going to do. This is definitely going in the trash. First item of the mystery
box goes to the right. Very rare occurrence. I can't even see what's inside. Oh, so inside the little
silver thing we have, if you guys know what this stuff is, just tell me in the comment section. You know, I'm sure. Okay, that's very sticky. I'm sure if you guys have
watched these videos, you know, I don't recognize many
stuff from mystery boxes. Oh, what the hell? So inside this Ziploc bag
looks like there's rocks. Something else in there. Now, a silver taped up container
with rocky material inside. I'm going to deem it illicit. I don't know what the heck it is, but if you guys know what it is, let me know in the comments section.

I'll open this actually. I'm going to open it. I don't have anything on my table, but give me a sec. I'm going to take everything out of here. Oh, oh wow. Wow, we have blades, my God. So there's a couple, the first thing that caught my eye are these two razorblades. There's two razorblades here. Three metal prongs, oh four of them. Oh wow, okay. And we have plastic tubes. No idea, but actually I'll give you
guys a little close up. These four things over here. Two blades, oh three blades. My God, Yeah, there's only, there's
three blades inside here. And there's also these plastic tubings. Oh boy. Okay, so this looks like
some sort of utensil, like some doctor utensil or something. Oh, something's on my glove already. Oh my God.

Something's on my glove. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Now don't try anything you see at home. I'm picking this up so
I can show you guys. Never pick up blades. If you ever ordered a mystery box, don't ever order a mystery box. Don't do something this stupid. I'm going to test the sharpness of this. Okay, don't ever do this but Oh my God. Yeah, that's sharp. Oh boy. I'm gonna take all the contents of this and just spill it out. The GoPro in my head should do justice, but I really want this
camera to capture everything. So let's take a look at what's inside. I think glass, okay. More of that. Oh my God. Ew, those are wet. Ew, okay, okay, okay. I hate wet things from dark web mystery. I like wet things. I like wet things, but I don't like wet things
inside dark web mystery boxes. Ew, oh my God. Can you see that? Oh my God.

It just dripped. It just dripped. Ew, ew, I'm going to puke. Eh, what is this? It smells like smoke. It smells like cigarettes. Ew, ew. This is disgusting. I'm gonna squeeze it. I'm gonna squeeze it. If you're eating anything I'm so sorry. Ew, oh my God. I'm going to burn these gloves. We've got a clear piece of glass here. Interesting. We've got clear tubing in the mystery box. You can clearly see through it, Blue ones, we got long ones, short ones. I don't know. And now we have the pair
of the pair of pliers now. Oh boy. Around the pair of pliers, it said, I don't know. Which is the right way? Oh, okay, That's the right way. It says attention here. And this is the same exact sticker, well, it's not a sticker, but this same wrapping over
here was the same exact wrapping around the dark web mystery box. But this was wrapped around a yellow pair of
pliers, Workpro pliers. Now, now I don't know if Workpro
is a good pair of pliers, but it, oh yeah.

If a pair of pliers takes forever to open, then it's a shitty pair of pliers. Now, anytime you come across a pair of working pliers in a
dark web mystery box, or like anywhere in general, if they work, they're good. I mean, you can buy a pair of pliers, but if you get them for free, and they work like this, that's a charm. That's a dub. So I'm taking this, definitely putting this to my left. This is disgusting. And this is even nastier,
but yeah, that's all with the first layer of
the dark mystery box.

We're going to take all of these things. Ah, we have blades here, so I'm going to take the blades and just put them to the side and make sure I have no more blades. No more blades. I don't know where the
third one is to be honest. I have no idea where the third blade is, and that just bummed me out. But I'll find it. Don't worry. I will find it. I'm going to take all of these items and put them into the trash, or just to the right side. Ew, ew, ew, it's so
fricking wet, my gloves. Ew, oh my God. Yeah, this is already
after the first layer of dark web mystery box. I'm not excited. Now the next thing that
we're going to pull out of the dark web box, well, there's another box
within the dark web box.

Got to love those. Usually I like knowing once
I opened the first layer, We have Okay, that smells like the green stuff. Oh my God. This looks so futuristic. What the heck? Oh, it's lip balm. It smells like weed. Oh my God. I'm going to take this and just chuck this to the trash. Don't need that. We have, okay. The next thing, wow, it's a unicorn. – Oh, it's the top half of
the unicorn in a blanket. I don't know what unicorns means, but there's a lot of stuff
in dark web mystery boxes that appear to be unicorns. I got unicorn toys one time. I mean, this is a unicorn stuffed toy, but like, it's interesting. Also what came with it was this thing, oh maybe this is like
the bottom half of it. I was thinking this is
like probably a stand for the unicorn, but it's having trouble standing.

Okay. Oh yeah, look I told you, It's probably just a
stand for the unicorn. That's nice. Got a nice little unicorn here. Little, I think this is probably nice. Probably to just like keep it
on the side of a child's bed. Probably, definitely a
little hard to keep up, but we've got a little
purple pinkish unicorn with a Mohawk on the back. (unicorn rattles) I don't know if just like a rattling toy. It doesn't feel like
there's much aside here.

The thing that's rattling,
it probably is a capsule. To be honest so I'm going to open it. I'm going to open it, because I'm not trying
to keep this in my house, and if Stormy, for example, gets a hold of it, rips apart the toy like
every single Husky does, gets a hold of a capsule inside here, a potential capsule or a pill or whatever. So I'm going to see what the hell this is. Definitely, I don't know how the hell this made it inside Canada. Oh, nothing else inside here. Doesn't feel like there's anything else, but I'll just break through this. Okay, so this is unopenable. Do I, do I, should I? I'm so sorry. I'm getting crapped on in
the comment section right, aren't I? I thought that was going to work.

It's just plastic, but what if there's capsules inside? Okay, yeah. I'm getting crapped on. Don't try this at home. I just put it in my mouth
for a really bad reason. I'm terribly sorry. I'm actually so sorry. Don't try any of this at home, but that's all with this thing. This is going to go in the trash, and we had this thing. This was also the stand. What the hell's the point of this? Oh, it has, oh, it has
a plug on the bottom. Okay, so oh wow. I broke it. So maybe you were supposed to, Oh shoot. What the heck? What do you plug it into? So we have a plug on the bottom, so this is a power, this is heavy. Okay, I get it. Probably if you power it on, to like one of those stabilizer things, where it like stays put, if you turn it on, maybe, maybe.

I don't know. How do you turn it on? To be honest, I have no idea. I have no idea what
this would do for this. Maybe stabilize it, but
sometimes it does stay put. (he sniffs) Smells like crap. So that's all with that stuff. We have more stuff inside
the dark web mystery box. Let's go ahead and pull up the next item. This box is really in the way right now. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to take out this other box. I don't like not knowing
what I'm about to pull out, to be honest. I know it's a mystery box and it's all supposed to remain a mystery, but I'm not trying to lose a finger. Going to take out this box.

Nice, nice, nice. Something fell out. Something pink fell
out of the mystery box. That's cool, we'll put that back in. Wow, that's pretty fricking heavy too. So we're going to take
this smaller mystery box and put it to the side. Obviously stick around
until later on in the video if you guys want to
see what's inside here. Don't forget that, because obviously we have
more stuff here right now that we have to go through. But don't forget about this one. I see COVID-19. We have two of them. Switch health COVID-19 at
home specimen collection.

Oh no. Get this away from me. Oh my God. One of them has a sticker on it. Oh, what did it say? Not T O M P, not tomp? Oh, that's the backside. What the hell? Oh, there's numbers on it. What the hell? What if this is a collection
kit with the actual fricking? Oh, that's bad. Oh, that's really bad. I'm actually super shocked. You can take a look. This one has circular tape around it. You can see the tape, just kind of reflecting
off the edge of the box, but this one has, this one has like duct tape, not duct tape. What's it called? Just regular clear tape. Scotch tape. I don't know. This one looks like it's
been opened already. I'm going to take this one that
looks like it's kind of new and just. Oh my God, what am I doing? Oh my God, what am I doing? Oh my God, what am I doing? Purlator express.

Oh, this is cool. This is going to come clutch. Activate your kit. Ship your kit. This is an at-home specimen kit. This is really important. Oh my gosh. I am absolutely frightened right now. I don't want to open up this big Made in China. Made in China, bruh. Do you think that's a good idea right now? To have something that's
a COVID-19 specimen kit saying made in China? I mean.

So inside this box that says
COVID-19 specimen collection, at home specimen collection, there is a bunch of papers,
little documentation. Oh my God. There's a fricking label
here to send in your DNA or something. Oh, this is like, you know,
the little circular tape that's on here. We have more of the circular tape. That's interesting. That's interesting. We have more stickers. This is alcohol, 70% alcohol. You remember when finding hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes was impossible. Anyways, I'm terrified
to open up this bag.

Oh my God. The bag's already open. Oh my God. The bag is already open. – [Prerecorded Sound] No, no, no, no. – Okay, the good news is
I opened up this one here and this one doesn't look
like it's been tampered with. This one, on the other hand, has like a peeled off sticker on the back. It has different tape on it. It has a sticker on it. I don't trust this one
with a 50 foot pole. To be honest, what if there's
more stuff inside there? I don't know.

To be honest, I'm going to open it. Do I have? Yeah, I'm going to put a face mask. All right. So I am recording on
video and, to be honest, I want my mouth to be
covered the entire time. Oh, it's just another. Oh, so we have another
specimen collection. Oh my God. Oh, this one's. Oh, oh, there's liquid inside this one. Oh my God, oh my God. This one has a liquid inside it. Oh, okay. Oh my God. The bags open, oh my God, the bag is open. Okay, oh my God. I'm going to take this and oh my God. This is What the hell? There's more stuff inside here. So we have the same pamphlets,
manual instruction at home. This is the instruction
you have to activate. Okay, I don't care what the instruction. I'm not using them. What are these? Oh ladies and gentlemen, we have syringes here. We have syringes. They are three milliliter
syringes inside the, Oh my God, they're needles.

Oh my God. What the? Okay, take a look at this closeup. Never ever put a needle this close to you. It's just, I had to use
my hand as background, otherwise this happens. Wow we have needles here from the dark web mystery box. That's absolutely frightening. We have one, two, three. We have three of them. I don't what this is implying. Is it like a blood collection needle? This is good for blood collection. I don't know. That's two. And this is number three. They're all the same. None of them have anything inside. Oh my God. Oh my, look how freaking
close that was to my hand. Oh my God, I'm shaking. Okay, now that's absolutely frightening. I'm going to take this needle and just put them all to my right side. Don't play with needles like that. I just threw them. Don't throw them like that. Let's tidy up a little bit. Nice to have a nice and clean table. And we also have, oh, wow we have the blades.

The Exacto, the Exacto knife. That's what they call it. Exacto knife. I think that's what it's called. I'm pretty sure it's
called an Exacto knife. I'm calling it an Exacto knife. These things slap. You can literally like carve out shapes and just, from anything, even fricking concrete. Well, yeah, we have a
nice little triangle here, and yeah, I'm going to take this and just stick it to the side over here. Now we don't have that much stuff left in the bigger version of
the dark web mystery box. But once we're done with this version, we can actually cut inside this.

It says something on the top. It says, "Don't." To be honest, I'm not going to cap. I can't read that, but
that says don't open box. Okay. I mean, it's a mystery box. I'm going to open the box. I'm just shaking right now. I'm kind of scared. Yeah, nothing else on the sides. The bottom, no, no, no. Nothing else on the bottom. But yeah, stick around for
that part of the mystery box. And I'm just going to go
ahead and finish up this one. Should I just dump everything out? How much more stuff do we have? You know what? I'll get up everything one by one. Why not? So the next thing we're going
to pull out is a slingshot. That's nice. We've got the Bart Simpson here. – [Bart] Ay, caramba! – That's pretty cool. But yeah, we just got a slingshot from the dark web mystery box. And, to be honest, pretty good one. Oh my God. I don't know how I even trust myself.

I've seen a lot of YouTube videos of people using like slingshots. I don't know. I fall under YouTube rabbit holes, and speaking of YouTube rabbit holes, why am I still wearing the mask? I actually explored the
entire internet rabbit hole. It's a really, really interesting video. I hope that didn't mess up my beard, but I Explored Every
Single Internet rabbit Hole is a video that I posted
where I literally go under the dirt layer of the internet, go to the stone layer of the internet, go down to the iron, to the gold.

Basically I get down to the
darkest parts of the internet. If you guys haven't seen that video yet, it just popped up on the
top right of the screen. Or you can go ahead and find
the link in the description. It's a really, really good video. A lot of people are
actually giving like really positive feedback on it. I'm getting a lot of people
saying that they would really want to see content like
this more on my channel. If you guys want to check it out, I Explored Every Rabbit Hole. What was the point I was trying to make? I fall under a lot of
rabbit holes on YouTube. And like, especially in general, like just falling under weird conspiracies and weird theories myself. And to be honest, I just watched a lot of slingshot videos. I don't know how the hell I ended up watching slingshot videos. We all've been there when we're just on
YouTube and a video plays and we don't know how the
heck we ended up at this part of YouTube.

Maybe I should take the slingshot
and slingshot this thing, the little rattling thing, and open it. That actually, that's a horrible idea
because everything inside might just splatter everywhere. So I'm no, I'm actually going to
smash it with a hammer. But anyways, I'm going to take this slingshot and put this to my left side. Nevertheless, it's really interesting. The next item that we're going to pull out of the mystery box, we are going to pull out the Chum Bucket.

Plankton's please. We have Plankton's restaurant
here, the Chum Bucket. Oh wow. To be honest. I know a lot of like older
people watch my videos. Some people are like 18, 20, 40 year olds. I literally have people
between 18 to 40 on my channel. And I know like a lot of
people don't watch SpongeBob, but like yo, SpongeBob was a banger show. We literally have the Chum
Bucket from SpongeBob. Even the hand, the hand is
up there and everything. Oh, that's sick. That's cool. We've got the Chum Bucket
from the dark web mystery box. Not going to spend too much time on that. Now we're going to spill out everything and let's see what's inside the rest of the bigger
layer of the mystery box. So we have, Oh, wow we have these hiking clips. I mean, I call them hiking clips because I went hiking one time in my life. And there was a lot of these clips. These are huge. These are enormous. I recognize them because of the, these are like hiking clips. I don't know exactly what they're calling. Let me know in the comment section if you guys know exactly
what these are called.

By the way, I actually
forgot to reiterate. And I'm sure a lot of
people appreciate that I'm not talking about it a lot, but anything you see in this
video that's not illicit, you can go ahead and tell me
in the comment section like, "Hey Crypto, I want these big clippers, these hiking clips or whatever." Or you want this thing or you want this or to be on, anything that's not illicit. If it's something that's not a drug, if it's something that's not bad, you can go ahead and ask
me the comment section.

You have to provide some sort
of constructive criticism. Say like, "Crypto, I
liked your video because," or "Crypto, I don't like
your video because." Like be very, very specific about what you like about these videos and what you don't like
about these videos. It always improves on the channel. But these hiker clips here, we're going to take these. I definitely, definitely
usable, definitely usable. Putting these to my left. We have a plastic bag inside here.

These are the last of the items. One, two, three, four, five Five items left. This item over here. Oh, there's writing on it. Oh wow. A lot of numbers on it. It looks like a fricking onion link. Take a look at all of the
letters on the screen. YRPS, I'm not going to
say all the letters. You guys have eyes. You can see it, but
whatever is inside here, it says 40 milligrams at the end. Maybe a drug. I don't know, but we're
going to see what's inside. It is a pink. This looks like a fricking sex toy. Oh my God. This looks like something
people use down there, like prickly in something. I don't know. I don't even know what it
is or isn't one anymore, to be honest, but it smells odd. I can smell it from. Here has like a hint of
mint and 99% of crap. Like it's really nasty. Putting this back. It's a little damp too on the top. That's nasty. We're going to take this
and put it to the side.

The right side. I don't know what it is. If anybody recognizes this item, then just let me know
in the comments section. I have no idea. I'm at a loss. The next thing that we have here, it says VeDO or VeDO, VeDO. And it has plus signs and minus signs. Jesus Christ. (box rattling) What is that? Oh my God. I thought this was for the freaking, I thought this was for the unicorn. (vibrator rattles) What's up with people sending me all of these vibrators from the dark web? This thing literally goes in directions. This is directional. Please don't fall on me. Please don't fall on me. Okay, we're good. Oh wow. This thing literally
has a mind of its own. Oh my goodness. That's interesting. That's interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, go ahead and smash the like button.

We get stuff like this in
dark web mystery boxes. Unfortunately far too often. A lot of people are asking
Crypto, do you use this stuff? Are you fricking sick? That's big. That's freaking big. What the heck? This would kill somebody. Okay, how do you shut this thing off? But anyways, I'm going
to take these two items, and then we're just going to take these, and stick them to my right side. Definitely not keepable, not keepable, you fricking sickos. The next thing that we have over here is, this is a, has the same exact wrapping tape, whatever the heck you want to call it that says attention on it. Or maybe this is caution. No caution doesn't have it. Oh it does, caution does have a T. I have no idea what this is. Oh, oh wow. Oh, it's a hard drive. Oh crap. Ladies and gentlemen, we
have a dark web hard drive. The infamous dark web hard drive. Now, elephant in the room. There's actually an elephant in the room.

I have gotten a lot of storage devices out of the dark web mystery boxes. And lately, like after I have a storage device. I tell you guys, "Hey stick around until
the end of the video. Or we wait til a part two, and I'll release what's
on the storage device." Or I'll tell you guys what's
on the storage device, if it's nothing worth it. I'm not going to lie, I have been pretty bad with that. But I'm going to tell you now, like literally, all the times I've checked
the storage devices, there was USBs, SD cards. There was nothing really on it, or there was something
really, really illicit that I couldn't put on YouTube. But I promise, you stick around until
the end of the video, I'll have a little message for you if I have time.

If I don't have time, there will definitely be a part two, if there's anything really weird on here. If there's not anything weird on here, on my community tab on YouTube, I'll let you guys know if
there's anything on here or not. Like, you know, I'll tell you guys. Hold me to it. I definitely will check what's on here. Haven't been that good at it. And I will do it now. So I'm gonna take this. I'm not gonna put it to my left. I'm not gonna put it to my right. I'm going to put it in
front of the camera. So enjoy. Can't forget it. What do we have left? We have a couple more items
left inside the mystery box.

I don't know exactly what
these are, to be honest. I don't like the material
they're made out of because questionable, questionable. It looks like it's made out
of the same material as this, but I'm going to put the
benefit of the doubt, trust my benefit of the doubt, and say, it's not. So I don't know what it is. If you guys know what this is, let me know in the comment
section down below.

And then we have a pink thing here. This pink thing probably goes with, where is it, where is it, where is it? So this pink thing here probably goes with this pink thing here, because you can see like that one has like brussels over here,
like little brushes. I don't know. But like it has like
weird brushes on the top. This one here has weird brushes. To be honest, I probably, these are both illicit toys. Yeah, now it makes a lot more sense. So these are probably go along together. One way to find out if this is a toy, how the hell do you turn this on? Now, ladies and gentlemen, if you guys know how to turn this on, just tell me down in the comment section, and I'll attach it to the part two, or I'll put it on my community tab, because I have absolutely no
idea how to turn this thing on.

Why am I putting it so close to me? I'm literally forgetting
the fact that like, I'm containing these items as illicit. I'm just gonna put both of
them inside this bag here, because they look like they both together. They're both pink and they
both have little brushes on it and they both have the
same material of the brush. So I'm going to just take
it and put it to the side. I don't know why I was touching it so much and playing with it so much. That's my bad, my bad. That looks really
freaking gross and creepy. My bad. I totally just forgot. And we have one more thing that was inside the bigger
layer of the mystery box. And it was this black thing. To be honest, this probably goes with the slingshot. I'm assuming, because you can see like probably you put something inside
here and then you just (slingshot snaps) Okay, that one hurt. That really hurt. Oh my God. That's literally gonna redden the hell up. My goodness. To be honest, this slingshot here, like you can see this one, you can have a grip and
it flies through here.

This is like some David and Goliath shit. This is like, you know what David used to kill Goliath. I have no idea, but if you (slingshot snaps) Ow. Man, why do I do that again? If you guys know what this is, just let me know in the
comment section down below. And maybe we'll get down to
solving this mystery here. If this goes with that, that's pretty freaking sick. I'm going to like, you know, you can put like rocks in here. Imagine putting like a
big ass stone in here, and just going like, (whip cracks) Thank goodness, that was, that was a hard whip. Thank goodness that didn't touch me. I'm going to take these both, put these both together, and put this to my left. That's all with the bigger
layer of the mystery box.

We're going to go ahead and move on to this one here, and I'm pretty excited, because not going to lie, I've been bugged not knowing what's inside this part
of the mystery box. And now we're about to find out . The tape is really, really,
really set weird on here. Take off the flaps like we did last time. This is a heavy one, by the way. This is heavy. This is actually like decently heavy. I'd say half of the weight of
the original box, you know? So, but anyways, I'm going to go ahead
and take off the labels. So let's just cut to that. All right. Now, as I was cutting off the flaps of the inner mystery box, I noticed that there was a
bunch of toys inside here.

So that's really interesting. Nevertheless, I mean, I'm a grown man. I'm 25 years old, but there was
nothing inside of the flaps. Nothing at all inside them, except this said like
don't open or something. I have no idea. Now we have a lot of stuff inside this dark web mystery
box to get this started. Well to get the smaller box started. I don't know if this is
going to be a part two video, to be honest, but I have no idea. So I hate how there's like lots of stuff just like brimming out of the mystery box. Oh my God, We have the Krusty Krab. Oh my God. These are all SpongeBob toys. Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Oh my God. Oh my God. Mrs. Puff, Mrs. Puff. There's a video on YouTube right now, oh my God, what's the creator's name? Alex Something. This guy over here, Alex, Alex Bale. Alex Bale uploaded a Mrs.
Puff theory on YouTube. You see the title.

You see the thumbnail and you're thinking, "Mrs. Puff theory?" The Mrs. Puff theory is the scariest thing I have ever seen in SpongeBob by far. I'm not even kidding. By far the world's
greatest SpongeBob theory up until this point. And he said he has even
better ones coming, man. Oh my God. The Mrs. Puff theory, go check
out the Mrs. Puff theory. It's one of the craziest theories that ever occurred in SpongeBob. Go comment on the video and say, "Crypto NWO sent me here." Come back to my video or whatever.

Come back to my channel whenever, and tell me how much you liked that video. You're going to love it. It's really fricking creepy. If I remember to, I'll put the link in the description, and I'll also have it pop up on the top right of the screen, if I remember to. Shout out to Alex Bale. I hope it's Alex Bale. Hope I'm not forgetting, but that guy's videos man, wow.

Mrs. Puff's Boating School, I can't even look at
this the same anymore. Holy crap. This is a dark theory. The Mrs. Puff theory on SpongeBob is a really fricking dark theory, and to be a hundred percent real, I can't look at this the same, my God. While we'll take a look inside. Oh wow. Literally the inside of
Mrs. Puff's classroom. That's really, really We have the Krusty Krab, the inside of the Krusty Krab. Oh my God. The inside, literally, we've got the Krusty Krab. And as I'm looking at it, and it is the freaking inside
of the Krusty Krab, bro. Like, that's Squidward, Squidward is right there. The tables. Oh my God. That's crazy.

What's this? It's an anchor. Got a little blue anchor here. There's lots of toys in this mystery box. Obviously, like I said, I'm
a 25 year old grown man. I like SpongeBob. I'm a big fan of SpongeBob. I'm not that happy that there's
toys in the mystery box. I'm really happy about
the Mrs.

Puff reference. Now that was a great plug into the video. That was great. Whoever sent me this
mystery box, that's a dub. Anyways, the next thing that we have here, it looks like a, oh, it looks like a collar, and you know, damn right, this is probably a bedroom collar. However, it doesn't look
like your average, typical, oh. Maybe I got it the other way. There you go. This is easy to escape. I don't know what these are. I don't know what these represent. I don't know if they're
supposed to go like this. I dunno if they're
supposed to go like this. I dunno if these are supposed
to hook into each other like some sort of how to magic trick, but not going to lie. I got no clue what this is. If you guys know what it is, let me know in the comments
section down below. Give you guys another close-up. I'm not sure if it was focusing the entire time.

Huh? I have absolutely no idea. Just let me know in the comments section. If you guys know what this is, because your boy's at a complete loss. Looks like a freaking belt
for a doll or something. I don't know. I'll put it to the side. We have a Canada map. Oh my God, a Canada map. How? What? Okay, so, so
let me get this straight. I mean, obviously I'm born in 96. There's people that are born after me. People born before me. Before Google maps and before Apple maps, before we had that, you guys had to use big, huge maps, right? You're telling me that the
entire country of Canada is on this map? The whole map of Canada, like roads? Like if you wanted to make
a right on the street? What if they made a new road? Like, what, the maps don't update. You have to fricking print out
a whole new series of maps.

I mean, thank God for where we came from. But like, honestly, if you're an older viewer watching this video comment below like you using a map and
actually being successful. or like a failure. Let's say you don't
know how to read a map, tell me if you don't want to read a map. Was there a time in any of your lives where you actually had
to rely on a paper map? Let me know because I'm not gonna lie. I never, never. Nope, call me a millennial. I've never had to rely on a paper map. My parents have. I know they told me a story.

But anyways, so we have a paper map here. Inside the paper map, I was opening it and we have
another fricking syringe, a needle inside here. I'm going to open that one too and see if it's any different. Oh, we got another one inside there. A map of Canada. Why is there Chinese letters though? That's my question. Oh my God. The whole, oh wow. The maps in Chinese. Chinese or Japanese. I don't know if this is Chinese
or Japanese, to be honest. I actually like, I know there's a lot of similarities between the symbols, the letters that appear
in Chinese or Japanese. Please don't attack me for not knowing the difference
between Chinese and Japanese. But I'm assuming this is Chinese. This is a Chinese translation. United States right here. What, what is a map of Canada? Oh wow. The map of Canada is on the other side. For my American viewers, I am nowhere here. I'm actually, Ottawa, Windsor, right here. I'm actually right over there on the map.

To be honest, I don't see any mark, X marks the spots on the map. To be honest, I'll take a nice, a
very, very nice picture of the entire thing. I'm going to put it up on the screen. Take a look at it. If you guys see any X marks the spot, I probably did during editing. But if I didn't, just take a look at it. Wherever the X marks the
spot is in the Canada map, just let me know down below
in the comment section.

Because like I said, I'm at a complete loss right now. I'm so sorry. I know there's a lot to look
through in this fricking map. But like, like I said, a lot of people want to solve
the mystery that appears in the dark web mystery box. So if you have spare time on your hands, just slowly review the footage and see if there is an
X anywhere on the map, because this is fricking big.

To be, I don't know if I'm looking for a red X. I don't know if I'm looking for a circle. I dunno if I'm looking for a triangle. I don't know if it's, like I said, red, black, green, blue. And I'm going to take this. I'm going to put this to
of my left side over here. Definitely going to keep it. Going in the keep pile. We have needles from the dark web box. Never fun. Like I said, I'm going to just say,
don't try this at home. Viewer discretion is advised, all of the disclaimers necessary. Oh my God. That mini panic attack when, my goodness. Thank God. There was a, oh, so this one doesn't have a needle. I just took off the cap. I think the needle is lodged in there. I'm not going to. You know what, I'm going
to try to take it out. I'll do it. Why not? Oh my God. Okay, so there was a needle
that was lodged inside the cap. I'm going to put that back into here. Oh boy.

That's one. That's a second. I'm using one hand on a camera. One hand on the needle. Oh my God. Be careful, be careful, be careful. There was two of them inside here. I'm going to take these extra
needles and just put them to Oh my God. That's terrifying. It's literally just standing up. I'm going to put them
to the side over here. They're all going to go in the trash. I don't know what the heck that is. I'm not going to waste
too much time on it. But now we're going to go ahead and, Oh my God. There's more SpongeBob stuff inside here. Okay, just take out all
the fricking yellow things. Oh, there's more yellow, more yellow. What is this? Plankton! We have Plankton. What an evil little bastard. To be honest, I think
Plankton is the good guy. You know, if you've
seen Friend versus Foe. I know way too much SpongeBob references. I'm sorry. I'm not a nerd.

For the people that don't know, SpongeBob is actually in adult show too. It's an adult show. There's a lot of adult references. Take a look at this adult
reference that just popped up. – What do you want on your sandwich? – Karate. – What did you say? – Uh, mustard. Is that enough? – Maybe just one, or two, or ten. – Ten! Yes, ten, because
we're really hungry! (hand slapping) – Whew. Making sandwiches sure is fun. Right Sandy? – You're mincemeat. – In your dreams. (Sandy and SpongeBob fighting) (dreamy Hawaiian music plays) – Do you think Mr. Krabs ever does karate? – That, that, that's – That you what you wanted – That's rude freaky, you know like an earliest season, but anyways.

Oh well, Sandy, speaking of Sandy, this is Sandy's tree dome. Oh, that's a really crappy representation. I'm assuming this is Sandy's tree dome, because there's a fricking tree inside there in the dead center. It looks like Lego pieces. Oh yeah. They get stuck together. It's interesting. We're missing so much. Oh my God. We were literally building
fricking Bikini Bottom in my house. Oh my God. If you guys want any of
these SpongeBob items, let me know in the comment section. Just obviously provide your
constructive criticism. This time would be appreciated. You know, SpongeBob is
definitely a favorite. I don't want these laying around my house. I don't want this laying around my house. I'm sorry. I don't. But, where's, oh this
is Mrs. Puff's school. Where's the chum bucket? A few moments later. We've got Plankton in front of
his crib and his restaurant. He lives inside his restaurant. Say what you want, but I'm happy. Now there's still more stuff to review in the dark web mystery box.

I'm actually hoping there's more SpongeBob toys inside there, because we're missing
fricking SpongeBob's house, Patrick's house, Woodward's house, fricking Mrs. Puff's boating school, and we don't even have Squidward's house. My goodness, but anyways, I'm going to take the
residents of Bikini Bottom, the completed ones at least, and just put them to the side over here. That's nice. So we don't have SpongeBob's house yet, which is fair, which is fair. Literally, I'm just going to take out all of the Bikini Bottom characters. I'm wasting way too much time. We have Mrs. Puff, oh my God. I am terrified of Mrs. Puff. I am absolutely terrified of you. Stay away from me. She's terrifying. We have all the houses in Bikini Bottom, except for Patrick's house. Like that's actually
bumming me the hell out. I'm not going to lie. The person who sent us the
mystery box gave us a Mermaid Man from SpongeBob, Gary. We don't even have Patrick. Mrs. Puff too. Oh my goodness. Oh wow. She's terrifying. I'm not sure if there's
anything for Mermaid Man yet, but that's Gary in front
of SpongeBob's house.

That's Plankton. That's Sandy, Squidward. That's dope. SpongeBob and the terrifying Mrs. Puff. Oh my freaking goodness. The next item that we're going to pull out of the dark mystery box is – OW! – Oh my God, there's needles. Oh, there's needles fricking
sticking out of this thing. (mysterious string music plays) That fricking hurt. So there's needles on this thing. I'm assuming that this is some sort of, ah, some sort of voo doo doll. What is this? Bro, there's hair. There's hair absolutely everywhere. Oh, oh my God. I don't know if that's fluff. I don't know if that's caught. I don't know if that's hair, but it's everywhere. Oh, that's fricking weird. We literally have a handmade voo doo doll, a homemade voo doo doll here.

Ow, ow. I just poked myself again. Okay, I'm going to grab it by the head, take a look. Wow, we have some on the cheek, the arms the fricking heart, all over the body. Sorry, Madam lifting your dress. I just have to see. Oh yeah. You have needles on your foot too. Oh my God. That's fricking weird. That's terrifying. Voodoo dolls honestly
scare the crap out of me. Like how could somebody
have so much hatred for someone? Like some people steal hair, like DNA. Like some people will, for example, will get spit, and like put the spit on a cloth. Some people will take
hair of their victim, and put the hair on a
cloth and make a doll. And some crazy people
would actually put needles inside this doll, hoping that whatever they pierce and whatever they damage within the doll will actually happen to the person that they hate. Now that's absolutely terrifying, but I can imagine voo doo dolls being used for some good things. Like, to be honest, I can't think of anything good. If you guys can think of a
good thing a voo doo doll would be used for, just let me know in the comments section.

Wow, that's absolutely terrifying. That's absolutely weird. But anyways, I'm going to take this and just chuck this to my right. I don't want some sort of voo doo doll. I don't want somebody's hate spirit just littered in this house. That's absolutely nasty. It's absolutely frightening. It's sickening. And you, you have to think about it. Like how could somebody
have that much hatred? But these are all of the
stuff that we have left inside the dark web mystery box.

It smells really fricking weird in here. It smells like a mixture of like cannabis. It smells like a mixture
of like actual rotten crap. That usually gets me going at the end of the dark web mystery boxes. And I'm not excited for that. But anyways, the next item that we're going to pull out of the dark web history box, we're going to go ahead and take out, Bro, that was the
definition of a clown car. Look at the size comparison. My freaking goodness. Wow, whoa. There's a camera on it. Oh, well that's what makes
it so freaking heavy. Like 75% done, this small box too. It smells really nasty in there. So let me just take off this camera. We have a camera. Sorry, sorry, sir. Do you have a camera here? I've never learned how
to use cameras like this, these, like, I don't know what these are called. This one doesn't have the (Crypto mimics manual film advance) and the flash comes up. That's all I know how to do. If it doesn't have that, then I don't know how to
use the freaking camera.

To be honest, I don't even know how, how
do you, how do you check the, how do you check the, where's the USB port on this thing? Like how do you check the
files on the computer? That's my big question. Oh, oh. There's batteries inside here. The batteries, oh wow. The batteries are fricking
corrosive right now. Take a look at the battery. Wow, that's an old ass battery. So this is an old camera. Definitely, clearly an old camera. If it doesn't even have the
fricking USB port on here. How do you check the footage on here? Let me know in the comments section. If somebody knows how to
check the footage on here. Yeah, you can see through the viewfinder. Tell me how to check the footage on here. I'll add it to the part two. If people start telling me.

If you don't see it in this
video, then just tell me in the comment section, and I'll add it into the part two, if I come across the comment If no one knows how to do it, then Jesus, like we have to fix this world. So we also have this gentleman here, and I'm going to name this gentlemen, El Fuego, because he's
wearing an el fuego jumpsuit. You know, it doesn't feel
like there's anything inside. It's definitely glass or
porcelain or something. This is a male porcelain doll. I have never seen a male porcelain doll. I feel like I've seen
a boy porcelain doll. Though, not like a man. This is like a man, right? This is, oh my God.

But yeah, just let me know
what the comments section. If you guys want this. I mean like I personally don't want it. I think it's really freaking creepy, but if you do want it, then just, you know, let me know in the comment section. Adopt El Fuego today. To be honest, I'm just hoping for more SpongeBob toys from the dark web mystery box.

And we, matching sized containers, different colors. We have, oh that smells nasty. Okay, saving this for last. I'm ending the video
with this, definitely. That smells so bad. Oh my God. Okay, let's take
everything out of the box. Take every, Oh, we have another SpongeBob toy. So that's all inside the box. Okay, this thing smells
really fricking bad. Whatever's inside this pink. Oh my God. It's squishy. Whatever's inside this pick bubble wrap, I'm going to, I don't want to open this, man. It's been so fricking long since I yakked in a dark web box, I've been so strong. Okay, we have, wow. We have another lollipop here. People, okay, so, got a lollipop here, with a pink back. To be honest, I've never seen, to be real, I've never seen
these lollipops before. I don't know what flavor this is, but you can tell me the
comments section down below what flavor this is. Or I can find out for myself.

(intense music grows) No, I'm not going lie, last time they just
burned my fricking mouth. That's it. All it did, it just give me like a nasty burn. A fork and a spoon. So we have a fork and a spoon here that we just took out of the, yeah, my God, it's so nasty. Get that away from me, man. A fork and a spoon here and they're small ones. Tiny, what was the point of this? Like what's, what's up with the big edges.

Like what's up with this? Why is there so much white here? Take that and put it to the side. What we have here is, what does this say? A police security. What the? Anybody from the Windsor
police watching this? Come take this from me, please. If you guys want this, I don't want it. I definitely don't want it. It's a police security, a police security stamp. I have no idea what the heck this is. We've got two. Okay, okay, okay. So we have a spoon and
a fork reviewed that. Got a lot of pieces that look like, a couple of pieces, three pieces that look like they fell out of the SpongeBob collection, which by the way, we had the new SpongeBob
with the jellyfish net. There is that lollipop that I saw earlier. It's an orange lollipop. And I want to show you guys
what the cover looks like.

We have this, oh, that's real glass. That's not plastic. What the heck is this? It says scratch. What the? Scratch, what the heck? How the hell did he do that? (fingernail scratching) Oh my God. Oh my God. It's a freaking baby bottle. Okay, okay. I'm just going to scratch this. T I eight seven two three B. That was inside a baby bottle. Oh, wow. Okay, let me just take this and put my gloves back on, because oh my God. I don't know which way was the right way. Ah, all right. So I have new gloves, cleaner gloves here, and that terrified me. I didn't want to put those ones on because when you take off gloves, sometimes they go inside out. And I don't know if that
one went inside out. So maybe I can put on
the gloves the wrong way. That would have been horrible. But the next thing that we pulled out, what was it? It was this thing, this thing. And this was the next thing.

Oh, well it looks like a spray bottle. What does it say on it? It says cannabis extract up to 150 sprays per bottle. I've seen this before
150 sprays per bottle. Where the heck have I seen that? I want, I want you guys to take
a look at this over here. This is the little bottle
that I just pulled out.

150 sprays per bottle. Oh my God. So if I tried to, oh my God, yeah, there you go. I got the spray. Oh wow. Now I'm going to show
you guys this right here. Oh my God. Is it like one of those like aerosol, (bottle squirts) that looks like urine, bro. Oh my God. I don't know how much that is. So we have 150 sprays per bottle. Oh, (Crypto sniffs) Oh, Oh, that's toxic. Oh, that's toxic. Oh, that's tox That's not weed, that's not kush. That's really fricking toxic. Oh, that smells really strong. It went straight to my fricking brain. That hurt, wow. I'm going to go take this
and throw this in the trash.

I don't. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay, don't need that. We don't need this. Take that and throw it in the trash. We have this thing here. Oh my God. How do you close it? Take it and throw it in the trash. We don't need that. We had the police security. We have this thing here. Not, not, oh my God. It's another fricking butt plug. Oh my God. This is nasty. Why is this one so dirty? Okay, I'm only going to
show you guys this one for like a couple seconds, but why is this one so fricking dirty? Ew, ew, ew, oh, that's disgusting.

Oh my God. That's nasty. You got a couple more stuff inside the dark web mystery box. We had these containers over here. Oh, a light died on me. That's not good. Okay, so one of my main lights died and this one is actually like 20% left. So I'm going to actually just
start going through this. And it looks like that
we have cannabis here. I took off the lid off here and we have a lift to peel, the classic lift to peel. So we have, oh my God. No, tell me that this is true. We have two of them over here.

Oh wow. This can be a trick. It doesn't even matter if
they're sealed like this. Think about it. Think about this is the
same person that just added a scratch off onto, how the heck can somebody
print off a scratch off? There's no printers that I can imagine. I don't know about any printers that actually print
off the scratch labels. I think of companies doing that, lottery tickets, you know. I don't think of, oh, wow, that danks, that fricking danks. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is, even if this is sealed, never consume this stuff out
of a dark web mystery box.

Don't consume it. Oh, YouTube doesn't like
when I show this stuff, not going to cap, like YouTube hates when I
show anything that appears in a dark web mystery box, that's actually cannabis related. So I'm going to show a
couple of seconds of it. Oh my God, that smells so bad. Look at this, this one is like filled to the brim, and this one is just, oh wow. I'm going to give you
guys a little closeup. I'm going to spill both of
them into separate sections. And I'm going to show you
guys a little close up, only a couple seconds. Cause YouTube really, really
doesn't like when I show it, this is all going in the trash. Don't trust it if it appears from a dark web mystery box. That's a stupid idea. But anyways, that's how it looks like, enjoy it, enjoy it. Enjoy the looks of it.

It smells really freaking strong. And that is all that you get with this, oh my God. That's all that you It's going to go in the trash later on it. But I'm going to put it
to the side over here so I can actually get some closer footage for you guys later on. That footage that you just sort of viewed, I'm sorry, I can't show too much of it but that stuff smells
really fricking toxic. Like this smells really, really toxic, almost poisonous. All right now, before you continue on, I just wanted to tell you something, that's right. I actually rolled two up and I'm going to light it. And if you guys want to see me light this, then go ahead on my Patreon.

Definitely can't put this on YouTube. So go ahead and check
it out on my Patreon. It's going to be leaked down
below in the description. I know what a lot of you are going to say. And I explain everything
in the Patreon video. So we have one more thing inside the dark web mystery box. This and this thing over here. We also have the hard drive. I have been recording for, I've been recording for
far too long right now, and I'm not going to review
this hard drive in the video. So I'm going to take this hard drive, make a part two, and if there's nothing
worth it on the hard drive, I'll tell you guys in
my community section, like go to my profile, or my YouTube channel, and click my community section. I'll tell you guys in a couple of days, if there's anything on here, like once I have time to review it. If there is something on here, expect a video from me, probably 48 to 72 hours after this video has been uploaded. So two to three days after this video you're watching has been uploaded.

But we had this police thing here. I still don't know what the
heck this is to be honest, but like, hey cops, it says police security on it. And if you guys want this, you guys take it. I don't want, I definitely don't want it. It's an illicit item. I have no idea. It's like, it has like a pen mark over here. It has three, looks like a light to be honest. Oh my God, that's, Oh my God, this thing over here is like terrifyingly bright.

Take a look at this exposure. This is normal camera exposure. Everything is properly exposed. Now take a look at this. This camera can't even
capture the exposure of this flashlight. That's a bright flashlight. This would be great for like randonauting. It lights up the whole entire background. This is a pen flashlight, a police security. I don't want it if it says police on it. Cops, if you're watching this, Windsor police, take this from me. I definitely don't want it. I'm gonna put it to, I gotta put it to the left side. And now the next thing
and the final thing that we have in the dark web mystery box, I'm assuming it looks like
we reviewed everything.

These are all the stuff going
to get thrown in the garbage. And this is all the stuff that I'm going to be keeping with me. And if you guys want any of these things, but any of the SpongeBob toys, or even this Al Feugo person, if you guys want any of these things, just let me know in the comment section. But this smells really fricking terrible. I know I'm almost done with the video, so I'm pretty excited, but not excited to smell this. Oh my God. It smells so bad, it smells
so bad, it smells so bad. Oh, okay, okay. Oh, that's terrible. Oh, that's terrible. Okay, I'm so freaking scared right now. It's squishy, ew, it's squishy. Oh my God I can't take it out. Okay, I have to use two hands. Oh my God. What is that? Oh my God. (Crypto coughing) There's nasty. Oh, well I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this.

Oh my God. Ladies and gentlemen, if you guys know what this is, oh my God. There's something in there. (string music plays) I can't do this. I can't fucking do this. If you guys know what this is, just let me know in the
comment section down below. Oh my God. What? Oh, that's not blood. That's not, What kind of fricking body fluid is that? That smells nasty. That smells like it's
been inside somebody. Oh my God. Oh my God. I can't smell that. I can't smell. (Crypto coughing) I can't smell that.

Oh my God. That's nasty. It's fricking nasty. Sorry for all the cuts. Sorry for all the cuts. I'm so sorry. It's so nasty. I just keep going to my sink. Oh, this is so gross. If you guys know what this is, just let me know in the
comment section down below, because I'm not going to lie. It's like red and white. It smells so freaking bad. It smells like fish. It smells like bodies. It smells like, It's the nastiest smell I've smelt in a dark web mystery box by far up until this point. I don't even know what
the title of this video to be honest.

This is nasty. This is fricking nasty. This is by far the nastiest
smell I've ever seen in the dark web mystery box. I'm not going to even show
you guys too much of it. That's why you probably see
me holding the camera more than you see the, you see the footage. Every time I look at it, I just gag. Oh my God, (Crypto coughs and gags) what (Crypto spits) What the hell is this? I'm going to go ahead and take this and throw this to the trash. Oh, oh my God. That's nasty. That's nasty. That's disgusting. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is all with the dark web mystery box. We have this hard drive that
we have to review for part two. Go ahead and put on the notification bell, wait for the thumbnail to come up, the video is going to be
called dark web hard drives.

I open dark web hard drives, something to do with dark web hard drives. Put the like button on this video if you actually enjoyed this video, anything up until this point, like, look what I put myself
through in this video, man. My stomach really hurts right now. I actually have stomach ulcers because of all the fricking yakking. And I'm not going to lie, a like button would really reciprocate. So smash the like button if you enjoyed the video. If you didn't enjoy the video, go ahead and put the
dislike button down too.

That's absolutely fair. But ladies and gentlemen, that's all for this dark web mystery box. Thank you guys so much if you've made it this far into the video. I will see in the future and remember to stay off the dark web..

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