I Mined BITCOIN On My Gaming PC For 1 Week!

here's what i got so many years ago when i was fresh out of high school i had the opportunity to buy some bitcoin my friend came to me with this idea that we would each buy 500 worth of bitcoin which at the time was only like eight dollars a coin that would have given us 4 000 coins a piece but i was just starting my first real job and i had my first apartment and all these new bills and i just didn't have 500 to be thrown at bitcoin so i passed so of course i'm kicking myself now because i would have been sitting on 80 80 million 80 million dollars of 80 million dollars but live and learn here i am i'm still alive i'm still kicking i don't really have the means to be throwing money at bitcoin right now but i have a computer and i saw that my friend financial wolf actually mined a bunch of bitcoin on his computer from 2004 but i got a nice new computer that i built about two years ago [Music] so i might be able to pull in some decent coin here i'm gonna give this a try i'm gonna download honeyminer and i'm going to mine with this computer for seven days bitcoin it's the future some some people say um i don't know there's really no way to tell but um if you want to mine some bitcoin you're not going to need any of this you're not going to need it all all you're going to need is computer and you're going to have to download honeyminer it's not in the ground i was ill informed on that you don't you don't need any of this stuff so i went on a honeyminers website and clicked the download button right there and when it happens honeyminer is downloading but nothing's happening i gotta figure this out i'll hit you back when i get something all right so it's like 9 30 at night right now and i had to actually abandon my task of trying to download honeyminer to go out and shovel because we just got the snowstorm of the freaking century oh this is i finally got it to work i literally tricked it into downloading because every time i press that download button it would say nothing it would just say it's downloading and then nothing would happen i literally just went up into the bar here and typed in honeyminer.com download and then boom it just started downloading so i guess that was what had to be done the whole time but anyway here i am mining some sweetcoin the cool part is as soon as i downloaded the application it gave me a thousand of these what you call it yeah a thousand what you call it baby so i guess that's how it works you get these shadow shins or shadows satoshi's i don't know what to call those but um got 23 cents so far so that's cool and here we are just mine it away i'm on level two i need four xp until level three i don't know what that means but um we got we got seven full days of this so i'm sure i'll learn a lot i'll give you an update tomorrow um on where i'm at and i'll do some research and find out what the hell i'm talking about before then so good night so it's been 24 hours since i started mining bitcoin on my pc here we're about to check it out so i want to update you on a couple things one i learned how to say that word and it is pronounced satoshi's i think and the second thing that i learned is that a satoshi is one 100 millionth of a bitcoin so i would need a hundred million of these things to get one bitcoin so that ain't gonna happen but it has been 24 hours so i'm going to look at how i'm doing here and see how much money we've gotten so far all right so after 24 hours it looks like we've gotten an entire dollar rock on dude that's pretty sweet i've gotten myself all the way up to level 14 and i guess at the next level i get a bonus of 37 additional satoshi's so that is pretty cool so yeah it looks like i'm getting about a dollar a day but i can't just calculate that and say i made seven dollars in the week because you get like bonuses every time you level up so that might end up adding up to a lot more we'll have to see though i'm just gonna keep working this thing like a dog see what happens the pc doesn't seem to be making any weird sounds yet i've got really good fans in there so they don't really make a lot of sound it's the be quiet brand i'm not sponsored they're just really really good fans i highly recommend them i will see you guys tomorrow with another update yo good morning so it has been exactly 12 hours since the last update it is now going for 10 o'clock in the morning and i am up to a dollar fifty so it does look like i'm getting about a dollar every 24 hours there we are and it looks like for my next level up i'm gonna get a bonus of 54 satoshi's i guess the real question is how much electricity am i using up by keeping this running all day probably more than what i'm getting but i want to do some research and find out for sure i'll hit you back tonight when i get some more details all right it has officially been 48 hours of mining bitcoin i'm actually editing videos on my laptop right now um so i got to switch this over to my desktop to see what that's doing oh okay so we're not quite at two dollars and it has been over 48 hours so looks like i'm mining less today than i was yesterday maybe my computer's getting tired or something but i don't know i'm gonna go to bed all right here we are at the end of day three i've been running my computer for 24 hours three days straight that's 72 hours of straight gpu labor but here's the deal i'm getting kind of t o'd because my damn computer gave me a dollar the first day and a dollar the second day and here we are at the end of day three and this mfer has nothing to show for it besides 36 cents look at this come on you're slacking what are you doing where's my money dude you owe me big you've been sitting here eating off my power for like years now and this is all you got to show for it you got 24 hours to shape up do better than this freaking [Music] embarrassing [Music] [Applause] where's the bitcoin i don't know oh you're uh you're a girl yeah people assume that i'm a guy because you know i'm a gaming piece a gaming pc yeah yeah yeah huh all right so like where's the bitcoin listen dude i don't know but i can't do anything here you gotta plug me in or else i'm useless she makes a good point okay well you gotta do better than this hey i'm doing the best i can it's not my fault you built a crappy pc all right all right that's enough from you okay let's plug you back in all right here we are 96 hours into it and my computer has not followed through i have not even hit three dollars yet so day one got a dollar day two got a dollar day three and four i don't know what the hell is going on 2.89 this is absolutely ridiculous and i have no idea what's happening but i actually did some research as to how much power i'm using versus how much money i'm actually getting out of this to see if this is actually cost effective so i found a cool website called outer vision it allows you to put the specs in of your computer like you can put every piece of hardware that you have in your computer into this website and then you can like set how often you're using it so i put my specs in and i put it in for 24 hours a day like always running so it's estimating that running my computer at this rate is adding an additional 630 a year to my electric bill so that's 52.50 a month and about 13 12 a week so the only way that this is going to be making money and not spending money is if i can get 13 and 13 cents worth of bitcoin every week and then i'm breaking even so i'm not even making money at that point so right now since we're four days in and i'm only looking at 1.89 it's not looking good so i'm not sure why my computer slowed down so much in the last two days i don't know if honeyminer's just a freaking scam probably but i don't know i don't want to assume i want to find out what the week looks like it ain't looking good 630 that's high right like that's really high i know i'm i'm mining i'm cpu mining and gpu mining so like i'm working this thing like a dog but like 630 dollars i think that's high oh well i mean yeah you got to spend money to make money right all right it is officially day seven of this bitcoin mining challenge i've been putting myself through here it is 10 53 december 24th christmas eve so please drop a like on this video because i'm working those holiday hours and it really helps me out a lot so right off the bat i'm gonna say i'm no expert in bitcoin whatsoever i don't think that this is necessarily worth it unless you have like some super computer or like lots of computers and uh let me show you i've earned five dollars and sixteen cents over the course of seven days of mining bitcoin with honeyminer so going back to the research that i did the other day it's costing me thirteen dollars and twelve cents a week to run this computer during this time so this five dollars and sixteen cents hasn't actually gotten me anywhere in fact i have lost seven dollars in 96 cents because it's costing me more to run my computer than i'm actually getting from honeyminer so if you're looking into joining the crypto game i would not recommend this method unless your electric bill is like included in your rent or if you're like living with your parents and you don't really care for them too much then like yeah sure you know like just like take the electricity but if you're paying for the bill stay away from this so if you want to like totally ignore me and do this anyway or if you're in one of those situations that i mentioned where you can like mooch off someone else's electricity to get this you're gonna need a crypto wallet i use coinbase go into the description i'm gonna leave my affiliate link for coinbase down there where you can sign up if you buy or sell a hundred dollars for the crypto you'll get free ten dollars and i will also get a free ten dollars and that's it that's all i got

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