I Just Invested $200k in 2 Projects (Top SECRET Amazon Crypto Plan)

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make sure to hit that subscribe button. Guys, I'm coming to you live today from the Jeep, from the Rubicon 392 8-cylinder Jeep Wrangler, trying to make it happen at the last travel team– or the last all-star tournament of the weekend.

Probably going to be playing
for the championship today. Pretty exciting stuff for my son and his dad who may or may not be
trying to live his dreams vicariously through my better athletic son than I ever was. But today, I want to talk to you guys just briefly. We're going to have a quick video today. I've got to go. Game's about to start
here in about 20 minutes. But I want to talk to you guys about Amazon.

There's a lot of news going on around Amazon and some things that you may only
hear exclusively on this channel. I believe that you– I don't think anybody else has talked about this yet. I'm going to give you two coins, two coins to load up on. I bought $100,000 each of these two coins yesterday. I'm going to tell you why. I'm going to tell you why I think it's important
and the rumors that I'm hearing and then of course what we know
to be true from Amazon. We'll also talk just briefly about Bitcoin, the price action for it, where it can be going in the short term. But here's the news, guys. The news is– you may have heard this
on Altcoin Daily channel, I know we talked about it briefly on Friday
on Around the Blockchain, I said it would be bigger for Bitcoin right now, at this moment, if Amazon bought Bitcoin to add
to their corporate treasury than if they started accepting crypto.

Now, why are people talking
about Amazon accepting crypto? Well, this is simple. This is because there was a job posting
where Amazon was looking for a crypto expert to look into all areas of crypto,
ways blockchain can be used, how does it accept payments, the whole nine yards. We've seen this in the past from other companies
that have asked for these kinds of employees. We've even seen the government ask
for blockchain employees, within the IRS, within the SEC and some other organizations. So everyone is taking this to mean that Amazon
definitively is going to be accepting crypto. Now, the recent CEO who took over– because I believe Jeff Bezos
stepped down as CEO technically. He's probably still on the board or whatever.
He probably still controls it all. He's a lizard person as you guys know. But the fact is that the new CEO that
they've hired is very crypto-friendly.

He's made a lot of positive statements in the past. This could– Jeff Bezos on the other hand had said a lot of
negative things about crypto and Bitcoin in the past, so it seems like this transition of power from CEO
to the new CEO could be what is spurring on this. Jeff Bezos maybe want to move away. I mean, look, he made his billions in cash. Why would he really care about crypto at this point? Crypto and Bitcoin are really for someone
that want to change their life financially. We see a lot of the bigger players in the financial
cartel coming in sweeping up Bitcoin. This is to keep control. But Bitcoin is a thing that's greatest appreciating value–
or greatest appreciating asset in the history of mankind. If you actually try to quantify the gains of Bitcoin from the beginning when it was mined
by Satoshi Nakamoto to today, you'll get almost an infinity symbol.

Like, that's how astronomical
these gains are for Bitcoin. So, there are people who want to change their lives. Now, this new CEO that has taken over,
we don't exactly know his stance on this, but we do know they are now exploring crypto and why you're– and what they can do with it internally at Amazon. So this something that is coming. I would expect this rollout to really
come sometime next year. But I've been told, I've been given a rumor.
Now, I can't verify the truth of this. The rumor is that Amazon will be
accepting crypto in Quarter 3. Now, if you think about what really
kicked off this bull run, the real pumpage of this bull run, you've got to go back to September of last year, in October of last year, when it was announced that PayPal was
going to be allowing their customers to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

That actually is what really kicked us off.
It got us over $10,000 for good. Now, if you look at Amazon right now and what this could potentially do to the price
if they accept it in Quarter 3– now, I've been given this on a rumor. This is not one of my sources
who I've been able to verify stuff with. So, at this point, I can only tell you this is a rumor. They're accepting on Quarter 3. This guy claims to know someone
that works at Amazon very high up, and this where this information is coming from. So accepting in Quarter 3. The other news I've been given–
and I've got to give you a word of caution. I don't usually do this with my sources, but since
this is what I believe to be a rumor at this point, you know, it's got to be verified more by me,
but I'm going to tell you what I was told. What I was told is there are two coins
that Amazon is going to be working with. One of them makes a lot of sense.

And the other one also makes a lot of sense
based on what we know about this project. The first coin is AMP. Now, this is Flexa Network. We did a review on them. Several weeks ago, the price was pumping.
It was absolutely going through the moon. Maybe this Amazon news could
have something to do with it. The Flexa Network and AMP,
maybe what they're going to be using to accept digital payments
in the future on Amazon.

So that's one coin. We've talked about how AMP adoption has
been, you know, parabolic over this year. And, you know, if you want to check out that video,
you can go to our channel and search AMP, A-M-P, and you can find what we said about that. The second coin, this would be the smart contract platform that
Amazon could be looking to use in the future, is Algorand. So, yesterday, I actually bought $100,000
each of AMP and of Algorand. Now, we had bought $50,000
worth of AMP a couple months ago.

We still have that. We added to our holdings. As far as Algorand goes, Algorand got swept up in my altcoin capitulation
over to stablecoins a couple months ago, so I was actually holding zero Algorand. Algorand does have really great
staking benefits on Coinbase, so I went ahead and add $100,000.
We're staking there. Hopefully, we'll be able to, you know,
get some returns on that investment. So these are the two coins that I'm hearing. AMP and Algorand. Make sure to load up on those two. Look, not financial advice. I'm just telling you what I did. I took it– I took this rumor seriously enough to say I don't want to FOMO. I'd rather get in
on the frontside than on the backside. So that's what I did. Next time we do a portfolio video,
you'll be able to see, which I don't know when that'll be. I would like things to get going positive again, which it feels like they are now.

Now, if you've been watching the price
of Bitcoin over the weekend, we've been going between about $34K,
about $33.9K and about $34.5K. We've been in that range. Now, people are saying that we could have
a short squeeze coming on Bitcoin. What is a short squeeze? Well, this is where too many people are shorting, and they get squeezed out by price pumps that
basically, you know, keep the market balance. This is what was going on with AMC,
with GameStop, the whole nine yards. Short squeezing the hedge funds. So with these, this is more short squeezing
the general amount of leverage trading shorts that are going on out there. Now, we just talked about, I believe it was on Friday,
on the channel on our live stream, about how shorts have taken back over. The vast majority of trades right now are in shorts.

Now, this is something you see
with sports gambling. Okay? With sports gambling, the smart money is not usually doing what
the dumb money is doing. Okay? Whenever you see bets coming in
heavily on one side of a bet, it's a good sign to you that
the smart money is on the other side. They know something you don't. So with Bitcoin right now, when you see the majority of people wanting to short, that's a positive thing for the price because that means they're probably about
to get the rug pulled out from underneath them. Probably a lot of people expecting big gains
this weekend, and they did not materialize. So this could be sending the price of Bitcoin
up over $40,000 in the next week.

If you listen to what we've been saying
on this channel for a long time, we've been telling you that, you know, the price of Bitcoin this year,
probably going up to around $100,000, leg 2 of this bull run coming. We told you in mid-July. The 20th is when we saw the low.
That definitely fits within that range. So I'm feeling very positive about everything. I'm hoping we don't have one last pullback. But I want to know from you guys,
what do you think about this Amazon news? Drop that down below in the comments. And I also want to know from you guys, where do you think Bitcoin is going this month? Or in the next 30 days, let's just say. Drop that down below as well. Alright, guys. That's all we got. I need to go watch some baseball. Love you. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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