I Just Hit $2.5 Million Dollars With Dogecoin – Next Up.. $10 Million

all right guys this is insane we have literally just hit an all-time high just like a few minutes ago so we went all the way to two million look at this on we went all the way to two million five hundred and fifty thousand dollars at 8 33 p.m los angeles time this is insane like i would have never thought that this would happen this quickly so yeah we just kind of ran all the way up went crazy and then hit that's that's nuts so live 126 000 dollars in the last hour uh 736 thousand dollars in a single day um all time two million three hundred thousand dollars all-time return that's insane here's my doge and we went all the way up to look at that six point five cents that's insane that's nuts guys um my position you already know what it is 2.4 million currently 0.047 average cost and my total return is 2 million 244 thousand dollars yeah um just a quick update like share subscribe and hit the notification bell and um yeah i mean i just had to do this video really quickly just so you guys can see this because it's insane but i will have more videos coming soon alright peace

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