I JUST DROPPED BELOW $1 Million Dollars in Dogecoin!!!

what's going on guys welcome back to another episode of scared money don't make no money i'm kidding but that's basically what my channel should be called because you guys are being a little paper-handed pansies in my dms talking about should i hold talking about oh it just hit 25 cents i don't know should i hold i'm down a little bit you hold you hold you hold nothing's changed so let's get right into it so yeah proto-doge here let's talk about it so today i woke up and stuff went bananas right everything went crazy right so i think it hit down to maybe even a little bit lower than 25 cents i think but what i saw it out was 25 cents being about the lowest that it hit and people are asking are you still a millionaire he's still a millionaire yes i'm still a millionaire i have four million dogecoins so when the price is at 25 cents i'm a millionaire when the price is at 50 cents i have 2 million when the price is at a dollar i have four million you do the math so anything under 25 cents i'm no longer a millionaire anything 25 cents and above i'm a millionaire all right so what i want to talk about today is exactly that scared money don't make no money so let's figure it out there's a saying by warren buffett that is something along the lines of [ __ ] it's like you get scared or something hold on i'll i'm about to pull it up i posted about this too which is crazy there's a quote by warren buffett that says be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful do you guys remember just a couple weeks ago when does coin was like 70 cents 75 cents everybody was greedy everybody was like oh oh it's going to go to a dollar oh let's buy dogecoin by dogecoin that's when you should be scared when everybody's hopping on the dogecoin wave right that's when you should be fearful that's why i didn't buy anymore when it was around 70 75 cents because i figured this is going too high too quickly people are getting too greedy i'm a little fearful right now all right but guess what this morning dogecoin hit 25 cents now it's about 30 cents right everybody's fearful oh no what's gonna happen it might fall a little bit lower be greedy buy the dip buy the dip buy the dip there's also another quote by one of the rothschilds or something like that that says buy when there's blood in the streets even if the blood is your own so we have some members of the doge family shout out to the doge family i love you guys with all my heart all right it went from the doge community on reddit to now what we're doing this little you know group of people that are my homies riding with me you guys are the doge family so shout outs to you guys there are some of you that bought in at 40 cents or at 50 cents or even at 60 cents so right now you're down you're about half maybe or a little bit more so you're scared you're scared and i understand that feeling because i was scared at one point too when i bought in at four cents and it you know what i mean i was getting margin called it was dropping a little lower than what i got it at so i understand that feeling you get a little you know you get a little paper handy-ish in your gut i get it so i'm here to encourage you support you we're all in this together we're sticking together i just ran into one of the members of the doge family on the streets and he was holding he was diamond handed you know what i mean so that's why we're all here to do we're all here to support and encourage everybody to the point where you know what i'm about to buy some dip right now i'ma let you guys watch me buy some dip because i'm in support of you guys i'm encouraging you guys i know you guys are like oh he's saying butter dip he's saying by the dip yeah it's easy for him to stay by the dip right but he's not buying any well guess what i am buying some and i'm about to buy some right now just watch me i'm about to buy some right now all right guys so let's buy some dip mmm taste it so i use crypto app currently this is my favorite one to buy dogecoin on crypto.com just search it in the app store and download it so this is what i do right so obviously my total balance is 26 cents so you click the low lying thing right down there and click buy now what do i want to buy oh i'll tell you guys what i want to buy in case you're wondering i want to buy me some delish coins so then you click on the dodge coin um so how much dodge coin do i want to buy i'm thinking about a thousand bucks worth i got a paycheck from work a few days ago i could afford a thousand bucks of those you know i just you know i just buy food pay bills you know gas nothing else you know i got a little bit of money so let's say i want to buy 3 000 coins right all right that's about 900 let's say i want to buy 3 500 dogecoin it's about a thousand bucks all right let's let's go with that buy 3 500 dogecoins it tells me here there's a card fee of 2.99 which is about 3 and that's required for me to make this purchase i click ok i understand that i can read english continue so yeah a little bit over a thousand bucks worth one thousand one hundred dollars worth of dogecoin i'm about to purchase right now let me confirm that and there you have it folks i just bought the dip 3 500 doji doshas and um yeah you should also buy the dip really quick another thing you want to take into consideration right if you're buying on cracking buying on binance buying on the crypto app what ends up happening is that's an exchange that's a platform so when you buy the dogecoin it remains on that platform so let's say god forbid something happens and the platform gets hacked you lose all your dogecoin so what you want to do is take everything out as soon as possible and put it in a wallet right i already got a wallet set up with coinbase coinbase wallet which is separate from the actual coinbase exchange which you can't buy those just yet but you can store doge in the coinbase wallet which is another application so this is what you do you click transfer right i'm transferring out about a thousand bucks worth of dogecoin right so i hit withdraw and then i hit external wallet all right so here are both of my wallets right proto goat 2 is actually my trust wallet where you have to buy bmb in order to get other altcoins such as safe moon and elongate those are just poopudookie coins that i no longer buy and i no longer purchase okay but if you're interested in that i could even do a whole another video about that but i don't advise you guys to buy puduki coins okay stick to doge anyways my very first wallet is proto goat down here see it says doge that's my doji wallet so then i want to withdraw the doge how much dojo i want to withdraw oh let me see here let me max it out you click on max it'll literally move every single one of your dogecoins from that platform from crypto app this one is specific over to your wallet so what i want to do is hit withdraw okay there we go we hit confirm put your passcode in and boom we just withdrew all of our dogecoin from the crypto app see now i'm at 26 cents again back to the video all right there we go just buy some dip you guys happy i bought some dip in solidarity you know what i mean i bought some dip to show you guys i'm in there with you i'm in the front lines i'm buying the dip too so let's go in any case let me bring up a very important point that a lot of people are overlooking right now if you look at the crypto market in general everything is down everything is down right now right and just to be fair let's go back in time to january how many months ago was that five months ago let's go back in time five months ago all right we're back in time january 23rd let's see what the highest point that bitcoin hit on january 23rd five months ago bitcoin hit 33 and six dollars on january 23rd right now bitcoin is at 33 600 just about right so what does that mean that means that if you put in a thousand dollars in january in bitcoin you're up like 50 bucks or something or 100 or something crazy right what was ethereum january 23rd 2021 five months ago where was ethereum's highest point in january 23rd 1331 dollars what is etherium right now about two thousand dollars right so you you if you put a thousand dollars in back then you almost doubled your money okay so it sounds like so it sounds like ethereum was a better bet in january 23rd to put money in it than it was for bitcoin right okay so let's look at dogecoin let's look at dogecoin we're all looking at the exact same graphs here you know what i mean dogecoin five months ago january 23rd guess what the highest point was guess what the highest point was less than a penny five months ago less than a penny that means if you put in a thousand bucks january 23rd 2021 right now you're sitting at 30 000 need i say more exactly so all you guys getting upset getting a little aggie i i get it i understand i understand let me put up this meme once again guys some of you are experiencing a dip for the first time this happens but guess what in in in comparison to bitcoin and ethereum dogecoin is still 30x since 30x what it was five months ago in january which means we're in a great position this is an incredible place to be the fact that we found a floor from 25 to 30 cents is incredible that's crazy that's unprecedented you guys like my big words unprecedented so yeah just chill out relax buy some dip if you can if you can't just hold on diamond hand it and um yeah that's pretty much it i just wanted to show you guys that and hopefully that you know puts your nerves to ease a little bit get you calmed down just a little bit and um yeah we're good man we're good you know what i'm saying i'm gonna still update you guys with some more videos i got my merch videos still coming i got some other i got my uh tour of my apartment video still coming uh whatever else you guys want to see just leave it in the comments down below and yeah if you guys are wondering yes i shower daily sometimes i shower twice a day i wash my hoodie three times a week so what's up what's up yeah so it's probably not even good for my hair to wash it twice a day sometimes but you know i'm trying to be a luxurious i'm trying to go and do one of these things you know like those surfer boys when i was growing up i think that was cool but um skater boys but yeah anyways also if you guys haven't followed me follow me on instagram it's crazy every single day i'm posting all over my ig stories what's happening what's going on my portfolio everything guys can keep up to date with me on there i'm also replying to every single one of my dms every single one of my dms i am replying so if you see a dm that's me actually dm'ing you back i haven't been able to get to everybody but i am getting to everybody so please hold until i get there yeah i like that yeah um all right so let me show you guys my portfolio and let's wrap this video up real quick and um see you guys on the next one finger guns all right guys so here's my portfolio right now right this second i am at one million one hundred and sixty thousand dollars i'm up forty four thousand dollars in the past hour today all right all right i'm down i'm down today it is what it is a hundred and fifty two thousand dollars i am down today um this week i'm down almost a million eight hundred and twenty thousand dollars i'm down almost a million this past week but it's all good we're looking at long term not short term what happens tomorrow next week the week after does not matter we are waiting for a year guys a year two years three years it's a long term hold last month i'm up 187 thousand dollars last three months i'm up almost a million last year i'm up over a million all the time i'm up over a million dollars so check out my dojo dojos what's going on doges so right now we are at 29 cents this was the dip this morning 25 cents i was still a millionaire in case you guys were wondering i know there's so many people praying on my downfall oh you can't you're gonna have to change your you're gonna have to change your channel name to dogecoin thousand there i'm so funny so right now we're at 29 cents my position right here 3.9 million doge coins i also have another 100 000 coins in a wallet and my equity is 1.1 million average cost basis is 4.7 cents and i don't know why it says my portfolio diversity is 85 because it's 100 like you guys saw my portfolio i just scroll down i don't know why it says that total return is 974 thousand dollars and yeah that's pretty much it guys as you can see i have nothing else in my portfolio there's no other stocks so i don't know why it says 85 i'll even scroll all the way down here so you guys can see like you know what i'm saying i got nothing to hide also really quickly i want to shout out every single one of you guys that watched the story of the diamond hands that video just hit a hundred thousand views that's amazing that's crazy to me thank you guys from the bottom of my heart i appreciate every single one of you please leave down in the comments below what other videos you guys want me to do and i'll make sure to do them but yeah so uh that's it guys i will see you guys on the next video oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh i am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice do not put in more money than you can afford to lose oh yeah invest at your own risk and one more thing always remember do only good every day i'm out

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