I DUMPED ALL MY ETH (Here’s WHY I Got Out of Ethereum)

that's right guys this is not clickbait you guys know i would never do that i just sold all of my ethereum four digits worth of eth and if you know me you already know that i didn't switch it over to the us dollar i converted it all over to one cryptocurrency and for a lot of you following this channel for a long time this is gonna be a shocker find out why i sold all my eth and what i changed it over to today let's get it bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens calling all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben and every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button and also guys don't forget to get your crypto.com visa debit card you get 25 for free when you sign up for the card with the code bitboy we have a big crypto.com video coming out very soon that you've got to check out but the long and short of it is this having your own crypto.com card allows you to spend your profits that's a great option in a bull run to lock them in sign up at cro card dot bitboy.live now in this video i'm going to be telling you about a decision i made yesterday that's a bit of a risky play by me but one that ultimately i believe is going to pay off big time in the next few days and could even pay off by the time you watch this video and near the end of this video i'm going to break down my overall strategy in the short term and what i'm looking for when it comes to maximizing my holdings also i'll reveal my exact target for this mysterious coin where i will be looking to exit this video is going to have some good lessons and interesting strategies that you can do too in order to take your portfolio to the next level i like to keep it real with you guys and i hope you guys don't think i'm some kind of sellout i've been super bullish on ethereum i made a video explaining how the price could get to 50 000 per coin in the most bullish scenario later this week or maybe next i have a big video coming that's going to break down ethereum and symbol terms so even your mom can understand it but i can't help her with understanding why you're showing up to christmas without a girlfriend for the seventh straight year so if you want to break the seven year curse then you may want to pay attention so how can i go from being mega bullish on a coin to selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of it in the span of one week well first and foremost it's my life and i'll do what i want but secondly this is actually a move that i believe will help me in gaining ways see that it's like stacking stats for bitcoin a way is kind of like a satoshi it's a small fraction of an ethereum coin but anyways my goal is to gain as many greys as possible so what is my diabolical plan to get more aetherium what coin am i going to use as a catapult to help me gobble up heath it's a coin i previously said i own very little of drumroll please bitcoin okay so not totally surprising if this is your first time watching and also not totally surprising if you watch my video from last week when i told you that i was basically getting ready for the bitcoin run up past all-time highs but for a lot of people for things i've said about owning bitcoin it might be surprising when bitcoin passes all-time highs it is not looking back it's going to be moving hard and fast now i predicted six months ago that bitcoin would be hitting all-time highs on december 23rd of course give or take a week or so so here's the point and i cannot stress this enough regardless of whether i hit the exact date december 23rd or it happens a week before or it happens two weeks before the clock is ticking and when bitcoin moves you do not want to miss it unless you're a hardcore hodler who doesn't care about trading or trying to increase your holdings and this goes not only out to people who are in other coins but this especially goes out to those people who are not invested the sand is quickly falling down the hourglass once bitcoin goes above 20k for good your chance for the most insane gains is gone no longer can we say you're early now if you want to take advantage of bitcoin going up or down all the time then make sure to check out buy bit you can trade bitcoin on by bit the world's premier leveraged trading site they're also giving away 25 bitcoin over december for their buy bit christmas spectacular which is at least half a nut better than the nutcracker to sign up visit buybit.bitboy.live and register your account then visit the link in the description to get your chance to win now as always please trade responsibly if you're new to margin or leverage trading make sure you understand it before you start trading now often people ask me what a good buy for bitcoin is and i tell them anything under twenty thousand dollars period so a little more insight to why i made this move i said last week i'm looking into divi coins and super low capper moonshots i piled up for now what i want and i'm leaving those alone at this point those are my longer term accumulation coins now i'm going to consider accumulating more until those pop but it could be a while but one thing i have done like i told you is moved out of the larger cap coins and i've consolidated those holdings into bitcoin in the first step of this was moving out of eath into btc but you guys know me i'm no maxie if you didn't know that's someone who loves bitcoin and is forced by ancient law to be super rude about it looking at you pierre roshaw and tone forever alone vase but for right now i believe this is the most advantageous move to get more ethereum in the short term the potential for ethereum in the long term in my opinion is higher than the potential for bitcoin for this current bull run this is based on ethereum's performance against bitcoin in the last run we've looked at this before but at its peak in 2017 ethereum reached an astonishing 15 percent of bitcoin's value to put this into perspective if ethereum were at 15 of bitcoin's value right now would be a shade under 3 000 if it just returned to that level not even exceeded it the price would be astronomical to be fair when bitcoin went on its massive ascent to 20k in 2017 the ethereum price went to a modest 10 percent of bitcoins value which would still put it in almost 2 000 per coin right now but it's not there however those are about the numbers i believe we will be heading to in terms of bitcoin value the 10 of bitcoin's price i think it's fair to expect ethereum to have a massive move against bitcoin dominance at some point maybe in february or march so you need to be loaded up on eth when that occurs now as i mentioned the clock is ticking on all-time highs for bitcoin new all-time highs price discovery excitement fomo celebration validation it's all coming sooner rather than later so what am i looking for to know when to jump back into ethereum from bitcoin basically just for a bit going to cool off many technical analysis experts are saying that we are going to be seeing a breakup or a breakdown in the next three days charts am i right here we're looking at the four hour chart bitcoin is coming to a decision point extremely soon it has to break out of this channel and when it does believe it or not it has to move up or down and the first signal of a candle moving outside of this range will signal either pump or dump the sideways action will be drawing to a close this week but either way that it moves converting e to btc i believe was the best move if bitcoin breaks up the ethereum will probably get hurt in the short term probably have a drastic fall from grace before bouncing back up to consolidate for another epic push upwards and if bitcoin breaks down from here then we all know what happens to alts they get hit twice as hard usually as bitcoin falls now if the price goes down i don't expect bitcoin to drop below 17 000 it's looking like the dump we had on the 26th of november was the historical dump we were looking for it dropped about 17 instead of 24 which was the size of the drop we saw in 2016 right before setting new all-time highs we need to pray that the 17 blood offering was enough to appease the chart gods so we break up how high are we going well the prize discovery will be an interesting phase this is where we have new territory that bitcoin has never explored before it's an exciting time and i'm going to tell you my exact target for bitcoin where i will be looking to move back into ethereum many people and the charts are pointing towards bitcoin hitting 24 to 25k in short order ethereum usually starts to break out as bitcoin begins cooling off for this reason my exact target to move all of my btc back to eath will be somewhere in the 23 000 level really about 23.5 is what i'm looking at just as you do not want to miss the epic bitcoin move you do not want to miss the epic ethereum move if you can balance the runs between the top two coins you will most likely double or even triple your crypto portfolio over this bull run and that can be the difference between comfort and retirement what do you guys think was this a dumb move or do you think i'm going to get a bunch more eath just for pressing a couple buttons on the interwebs let me know down below in the comments that's all i got be blessed the boy out [Music] foreign

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