I BUY BITCOIN AT THIS EXACT PRICE!!!!! (bitcoin price prediction live & trade setup)

hello stock crews and welcome to another episode 
today we're going to look at the price of bitcoin   if you followed my video yesterday with my 
big warnings we dropped from 45 000 when i   made the video down to um 40 000 bouncing off the 
support quite strongly the alts got pulled back   quite strongly as well and in my opinion some of 
the alts are looking like buyers if you've been   following my live trades the join button is down 
there on the phone i've been buying back into some   of the cryptos um and i will be buying some more 
of them after this video because there is some   on the support my buyers bnb alert it was four 
dollars off the alert which was unfortunate but   still it looks like bnb is turning around so i'm 
going to add position of bnb we're going to jump   into the technicals for bitcoin predict where 
it's going to go next to see if this sell-off   has finished or are we going to go down to 38 
000 like i was predicting in yesterday's video   um the stock market's also pretty bloody 
yesterday if you pulled out before the open   before the pre-market like i predicted um but 
i will also be buying defensively back into   some stocks but slowly dollar cost averaging 
very defensively here um we're going to jump   into the price of bitcoin predict where it's 
going to go next if it's finished its downward   movement and if it looks bullish the technicals 
are showing there is some bullishness everything   you're going to see here you learn in my stock the 
cryptocurrency master course you can join my three   thousand other students in the description and 
pin comment and use my buy bit link down below   if you want to open trades like me um you get 
now 600 dollars of bonuses for baby they will   be doing further promotions in the future also 
let's jump into the technicals for bitcoin now   so this is the chart of bitcoin now that you're 
looking at bitcoin usdt daily candles on binances   exchange this if you've been following my videos 
for a long time we were buying bitcoin down here   in last year and 9 000 went up to sixty four 
thousand i warned everyone of a sell-off here   fifty five thousand we sold then we rebought down 
here at twenty nine thousand and then i warned   everyone of a sell-off up here where we got out 
five hours before the big drop from fifty three   fifty three thousand and then i warned everyone 
yesterday of the sell-off here i'll show you a   clip of that warning but in my opinion it's not 
looking good so good we already broke the line   um we already broke the trendline and appeased it 
quite strongly panic selling is not the best but   in my opinion we are going to drop lower and 
if i'm wrong i will just rebuy on the support   and coming back if i'm right then i will rebuy a 
lot of the olds at the extreme fear and the fears   and then fast forward from my live a few about 
12 hours later it did break like i predicted   and we pinned down all the way to 40 000 so saving 
quite a big bit of a drop and alts got annihilated   um now we are looking it was quite a strong bounce 
here at the at the 40 000 that was a great time   to be buying actually because there was a lot 
of support down here with a big bounce back um   we had a lot of support here here it was a strong 
support line at this 40 000 and now it is looking   much better for bitcoin right now why because we 
held on this 40 this 40 000 support quite strongly   the stochastic and rsi are very oversold now 
and rsa is turning back up stochastic turning   back up and volume starting to come in is this 
drop finished is the question in my opinion   not really i think we can come back come further 
down my alert is set at 38 000 and if you see   why you can see that this is forming a giant 
asymmetrical wedge here i teach you trading in   the cryptocurrency master course you learn with my 
three thousand other students this was the sixty   four thousand this was twenty nine thousand this 
was the fifty three thousand in my opinion we're   going to come down to thirty eight thousand bounce 
and then break out going into november so i do   believe we could have more drop more point to drop 
down but again that's the cast there is volume   stochastic and outside coming in and oversold 
turning up squeeze mob is building pressure um   but i do not think this drop is 
finished but that was a good week   that was a powerful week from forty thousand 
two hundred to forty three thousand four hundred   um let's zoom into the hourly the four 
hourly is also looking quite good um   the alert was set at thirty eight thousand that 
would have been the best place to open a trade   but 40 000 is where it bounced off stochastic 
heading up rsi oversold heading up squeeze mob   trying to turn to the green side volume coming 
in that was a pretty good capitulation week   we could be holding here and heading back up 
iris on the four hour it does look good let's   go into the hourly on the hourly also looking 
good we have um capitulation week and a big push   up stochastic heading up rsi heading up volume 
coming in squeeze mob turning green we could do   a short-term trade here it would have been a 
great buy here at the 40 000 but i was asleep   it came down to 40 000 and then bounced back back 
to 43 000.

Would i open a trade here on bitcoin possibly because that support was a good hold 
if i do open a trade it would be very tight one   with just a small take profits volume came in that week was a pretty strong 
one but in my opinion we could come down more   to the 38 000 but i think there will be a little 
bit of a rally so if i wanted to just open a small   trade a small leverage trade which i teach you 
how to do in the buy bit link down below i'll   show you where i'll put my trade and i'll show you 
how to get that buy bit link and get the bonuses   um this is the game my team is creating we're 
creating a magic craft game and these are some of   the characters this is the logo the game is being 
developed it's going to i'll introduce it more as   it progresses and this is in the description and 
the ping comment you can see my links down below   you can use buy bit exchange for trading 
where you get now the bonus is only 600   um 600 worth of bonuses when you deposit 
make sure you take the cryptocurrency and   the stock group mastercard so you learn how 
to day trade if you've been losing money in   the crypto markets if you've been not being 
able to set stop losses or take profits or you   you've been watching me and seeing the trades and 
not making gains or not knowing how to predict   the markets you join my 3 000 other students 
and you can learn how using the cryptocurrency   master course go to www.stockroot.os and you can 
vip directly chat with me in our discord server   which is the link is here so if you want to trade 
with me the trade that i'm going to show you now   on the bitcoin trade make sure you use this by 
bit link down below so this is how i would open   a short long i would put my buy here but it 
would be a very tight stop-loss and this is   just going to be a short-term trade everyone i 
would be heavily entering back into bitcoin once   it hits my alert that i already set at 38 000 i 
teach you how to set alerts in the crypto course   um the cryptocurrency master course and how 
to set up your charts as you're seeing here   so if i was to open trade i would put a 
very tight stop i would set my stop loss   just below this week here so i would risk for 
i'll put the stop loss at 42 000 i would risk   only 1 400 worth of um i would risk 1 400 and 
i would put my take profit here below this   resistance so i would have a ratio of 1.19 which 
is not the best but it's an okay short-term trade um just before pulling i believe bitcoin 
would pull back if you wanted to do a very   tight stop-loss with very high leverage i would 
make a very it's a bit more risky but i'll put   my stop-loss at 42 900 and i'll put my take profit 
here just below this resistance line which is 1.27   so i put the trade it's just a very short-term 
trade target 43 997 trade opening at 43 400 and   my stop-loss at 42 900 so i'm risking around three 
uh 470 dollars with a profit potential of five   hundred five hundred dollars so it's it's almost 
a one one point two seven to one ratio 1.27 ratio   trade this is just a short-term trade that i would 
open if you were going to do a leverage trade my   large trade on bitcoin i would not open until we 
get a confirmation of a break back above this s1   res um this support here and then a bounce 
and then moving up then i would go bullish   but in my opinion we could get rejected 
here and then come back down to my 38 000   alert down here and then i would go heavily into 
bitcoin at this point because this would finish   off this symmetrical wedge but if you wanted to 
do a short term trade this is how to open the   leverage edge i'm going to lock it so the risk 
is the um forty two thousand nine hundred and   twenty four so i risk around three hundred uh four 
hundred dollars four hundred and eighty dollars   a bit less than four hundred eighty dollars so 
sorry four 470 would be my risk my reward is 600   it's a 1.27 trade that's how i would open a small 
bitcoin trade on buy bit um if i wanted to do a   small leverage trade if but here was an amazing 
time this was a strong week down to the 40 000   area but again it looks like it is gonna push up 
and it will probably hit my target on this little   leverage trade so i'm opening the trade here 
you can follow my live trades in the discord   take profit forty three thousand nine hundred 
forty two thousand is my stop on buy bit but i   do believe once we get there we will then 
hit this resistance and then fall back to 38   000 where i would go very long into bitcoin and 
buy back all my positions i'm also liking at   the moment bnb if you wanted to see yesterday 
was crazy look how close it came to my alert   i set my alert here at 3 000 sorry 339 for bnb 
it wicked down it was four dollars off my my   alert unfortunately four dollars the alert i had 
set at 40 359.

Sorry the low was the low was 344. the low was 344 and my alert was set at three 
three nine so we it was four dollars off my alert   and my limit orders which was a bit sucky four 
three four four it pinned down and my alert was   set at three three nine um and bnb is looking 
very bullish on the hourly we've got a lot of   volume coming stochastic heading up strong rsi 
heading up um squeeze mob turning to the green   side on the hourly and on the four hourly it looks 
amazing and on the daily bnb looks amazing so i am   going to actually buy bnb here also on the daily 
it came down and exactly touched these supports   here and these are very strong supports for bnb so 
i think bnb has finished itself i will add to my   position i like exchanges in a bear market because 
they actually have revenues that can be bought   and everyone in the disc in the links down 
below you can join my free discord server   we have now in the discord server 2 357 members 
200 of them online and this discord server is only   a bit more than two weeks old and this is just 
the chats that are happening in the last hour   this is just the last hour of chatting so make 
sure you join us a free discord server the links   again the links are in the description and the 
ping comment this is the buy bit link now the   bonus is only 600 but make sure you join 
the buy bit link down below to get the 600   worth of bonuses when you deposit bitcoin and you 
can join the discord server down here and join the   rest of our community thank you all for watching 
you're all amazing congratulations if you followed   my warning video because um after that warning 
we did drop down quite strongly and the alts got   decimated and that's what i like now jumping 
not i don't like that that happened but it's   good that we had the warning before and that's all 
i'm doing i'm just a messenger for these kind of   warnings or what i think is going to happen in 
the markets technical's always changing that's   the point of technical analysis is why i make 
daily videos um but we did predict that drop   saving ourselves five thousand dollars worth 
of bitcoin it did bounce back quite strongly so   hopefully you guys bought at that 40 000 bottom 
if you took the cryptocurrency mastercard you   would have known to buy the people in the chat 
room were buying in the discord which is nice   um but the old scott dropped around 20 so buying 
back into them now is saving 20 of our portfolio   which is beautiful thank you all for watching 
i hope you have an amazing day make sure you   hit the subscribe button the bell the thumbs 
up and don't forget youtube is penalizing my   videos anytime i make a video not about bitcoin 
or ethereum so i really want you guys to hit the   thumbs up button comment anything in the comment 
section thank you thank you for warning me   hello hello stock gurus whatever you want comment 
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friends and tell them to subscribe to my channel   and that way youtube's algorithm will know that 
you're watching and watch through to the whole   video that way youtube's algorithm will know what 
what is happening that the videos are um they want   more of my videos and i can make videos about the 
alts and the stocks that are going to make you   the most money also thank you all for watching 
um thank you all for your thanks i got so many   things yesterday i'm going to show you some of 
these things oh awesome everyone i just noticed   that we hit 10 000 followers on twitter which 
is beautiful thank you for joining me on twitter   make sure my twitter name matches because there 
are a lot of copycats this is the cryptocurrency   mastercard trailer that you can check out um 
it's on the twitter check it out there's um and   this is the thanks that i was getting from people 
and these are the things um you were right once   again please let us know when to buy back again 
thank you nothing but respect for you brother   you speak the truth about what you've seen the 
charts and indicators save a lot of people a   lot of money i missed your last prediction but 
was lucky enough to catch this one god bless   and then just more james wow you saved me again 
for the third time super thank you exit all my   portfolio four or five hours ago save me more 
money and good opportunity for buying the dip   so thank you all again for your thanks hit 
the subscribe button the build a thumbs up and   i'm going to keep making daily videos and just 
telling you what i see in the markets and what   i'm doing in the markets you're all an amazing 
community joining us in the discord is just such   a powerful group of people thank you all for 
watching and i'll see you all again tomorrow

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