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Welcome back to Crypto Lion today, we'll be taking a look at
a big decision made by our old pal and some other Bitcoin analysis. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and
click on that notification bill. So you'll be updated whenever we upload a new video. Raoul Pal, the founder and CEO of Global Macro Investor and
Real Vision and one of the leading voices in modern macroeconomic discussions, described himself as a macro's
bass player who can afford to take risks. He's not a fan of crypto currencies, but he's ready to use
the opportunities that they open to people. Pal warned users not to follow his example and recommended
that they independently research which assets to invest in. However, Paul believes that the cryptocurrency market is on
the upward trend. The head of global macro investor expects that even
conservative institutional investors, who usually prefer precious metals, will start investing in Bitcoin next year.

Therefore, Paul made a bold assumption that in a year the
rate of the first cryptocurrency could reach two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Earlier, Pal said that due to the pandemic and the economic
crisis, Bitcoin could become the world's reserve currency, which could lead to its explosive growth. PAL is also the CEO of Real Vision Channel. Recently, in an interview, he said he considers crypto
assets to be the best way to store value. He zeroes in on what he thinks is going to be the best
performing trade in the world over the next 18 months, according to his release on Real Vision Macro Insider in
Focus. Let's have a look at what he said. Quote, There are times when all opportunity is so big and
as such a good risk reward that it has to be put at the forefront of my portfolio last year and into March, that
trade was bonds.

It was a home run as everything stacked up perfectly and the
anticipated scenario played out. Those kinds of trades don't come around often, but when
they do, you need to be meaningfully involved. This is why I'm irresponsibly longing Bitcoin without going
through the core thesis for Bitcoin. Overall, I'm going to give you a high level understanding
of why I'm so bullish right now. A priceless reserve and collateral asset. In my opinion, Bitcoin is the best reserve asset and best
collateral asset ever seen. It's the hardest asset ever produced with an impossible to
change formula for supply that gives it predictability like no other asset ever. Its distributed nature also makes it one of the most
antifragile systems ever created. Nothing can change the supply of Bitcoin that is mind
nothing debunked time and no power outages aren't a risk because the entire block chain is stored on over ten
thousand nodes, all unconnected spread across the world. The risk of destroying or changing the ledger is only that
of total thermonuclear global war or a complete destruction of the planet, i.e.

The risk is super low and we'd have bigger problems on our
hands. Your gold ain't worth anything in that world either. Others talk about the risk of quantum computing breaking
cryptography. Well, that is at least a decade away and maybe many
decades. It's also a known risk and many are working on a. quantum protection. The cryptographic arms race is in play
and there is too much money at stake to assume this risk is super high.

The incentives are as high to solve this as
they are to break it. There's a higher risk of mining asteroids for gold. The other key push back on Bitcoin is that governments will
ban it globally. This is impossible due to the distributed nature of the
block chain and because regulatory arbitrage will not allow others to go against any ban for their gain. And let's face it, no one is going to ban a two hundred and
forty billion dollar asset. Talk to me when it's a ten trillion dollar asset class and
maybe we have to do some jurisdictional planning.

What I'm focused on is in the next 12 to 18 months, not one
of these risks even feature in that period. The only risk that I face is not anything existential, but
one where the price goes down due to some unforeseen reason. That is a risk I'm prepared to take because let's say it
falls 70 percent. The upside potential in the cycle is probably 20 times, I
simply don't know, another unleveraged risk reward like it. And the timing is right. Firstly, this year we had the having one bitcoin supplies
halved by the algorithm. With increasing demand and less supply, prices tend to rise
dramatically post having. What happens is that the stock to flow of bitcoin keeps
rising, meaning new supply is more marginal each time it happens, and thus the asset is rarer over time. Plan B has done the heavy maths using the stock to flow
around having and he projects a price of two hundred and eighty thousand dollars in this cycle into twenty twenty
two, he said.

I got a similar projection. If we use the previous having period and overlay it when I
use a regression on the log chart and project the twenty twenty two to one standard deviation over. But I also get to near two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars. The deduction from that is that Bitcoin is currently
correcting and that is a good thing. It will be a pause that refreshes. So what is going to lead to this kind of bullrun demand
from institutions? And the beauty is that we can front run it. The US has just approved more regulation towards Bitcoin
and it's now accepted as an asset across the world by regulators. It's no longer the payment method for drug
dealers. The FBI prove that it's traceable so that in that game in
the US, banks are now allowed to custardy Bitcoin.

And that means that prime brokers can offer prime broking
and custody for Bitcoin, leaving the door wide open for every hedge fund fidelity of build out a custody business
to four family offices and Andelman. And are actively talking to pension funds A.S.A.P., the
giant inter dealer broker has set up a digital asset group to broker to hedge funds, banks and asset managers. Bitwise is very close to getting approval on an ETF, which
will bring in every area into the space. Silverglate the US bank offers a twenty four hour cash
crypto exchange for brokers, market makers and asset managers where other banks wouldn't touch it and now have
billions of dollars flowing through each day.

All the brokerage platforms for retail brokers are adding
Bitcoin as quickly as possible. Crypto hedge funds are in general up over one hundred
percent year to date and are attracting new assets at a rapid pace. And finally, MicroStrategy, a US tech firm just
which two hundred and fifty million dollars of its Treasury cash into Bitcoin, paving the way for others to diversify
their Treasury cash into an inflation proof high performance asset. But right now, it's only a two hundred and forty
billion asset. But the more it goes up, the larger its market cap grows,
the more institutions can't ignore it. It's a market that is essentially short calls or is convex
in nature, and it will form a reflexive loop between asset managers, endowments and pension funds, all driving up
participation of hedge funds, Arias and retail investors, which drives up the market cap and thus sucks in more
institutions, he says. I've been bullish about Bitcoin for a while and have made
some decent money, but why am I becoming frothing at the mouth bullish? Well, I decided to look at Bitcoin versus
all other assets and see how well it might stack up over the next 18 months.

Risk is a function of reward. So is this the one true trade? First, let's look at Bitcoin versus its main competitor in
reserve as it terms gold. Since inception, gold is collapsed. In Bitcoin terms, Bitcoin massively outperformed. The CD is beginning to underperform bitcoin too, and should
break lower soon. Bitcoin looks primed to massively outperform gold and gold
equities again. OK, how about versus the Nasdaq, the best performing equity
market head and shoulders top on the daily chart. He said to note that what I mean by that is not levered
where you can suffer a 40 percent draw down and not cry or have to sell your grandmother in order to make 10 times or
more potential return over 12 to 18 months.

For me, it's my biggest position and I keep adding into
pullbacks. Same for a theory, but I'm sixty six percent bitcoin and
thirty three percent Ethereum. Currently, he then concluded that sometimes everything
comes down to the super trade. I think that trade is bitcoin. The longer term opportunity is one of the biggest I've ever
seen. There are no guarantees in this world, but the planets are
very aligned.

According to Coingate Dotcom, it was reported the Bitcoin
has been playing a catch up rally with etherial and surge of around four percent to move past thirty seven thousand five
hundred levels. With Bitcoin consolidating for a while and the old coin
mania recently picking up the social interest for Bitcoin has dropped in recent times. As noted by sentiment, Bitcoin social discussion rates
compared to other crypto has dropped to a two month low as sentiment notes based on historical market trends, bitcoin
and gold coins usually shift the rally periods alternatively. So once the old coin market cools down, we
can possibly see money coming back to Bitcoin. Apart from old coins, the market is also heated up
significantly as per data on Masari. The market has surged three hundred twenty five percent
since the beginning of twenty twenty one. The total crypto market cap stands a thirty four point
sixty eight billion. Also, there's every reason for the money to come back to
Bitcoin because of its improving fundamentals and on chain metrics. Earlier this week, it's going to be reported there
were massive Bitcoin exchange outflows leading to Bitcoin liquidity crunch.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin will
accumulation continues. The materials holding between one thousand and ten thousand
Bitcoin have recently outgrown even smaller players. Online data provider Glass Node mentions that since the
beginning of twenty twenty one, over two hundred such email addresses have appeared in the Bitcoin network. Last node notes. The number of Bitcoin whales has seen an outstanding
increase since the beginning of the year. More than two hundred new whale entities have appeared on
the network data supporting the case that institutions are arriving, on the other hand, and other data from glass node
notes the bitcoin balance on exchanges has now had a two year low as of Thursday, February 4th. Over the last twenty days, the institutional buying in
Bitcoin has picked up once again as the greyscale Bitcoin trust has acquired over forty thousand bitcoins in a short
time. Their total Bitcoin holdings now stands at approximately
six hundred fifty thousand, with net assets under management at twenty four point three billion dollars to rounded up. According to Raul, he might sell all his bitcoin owing to
some reasons among which the press action structural changes or anything that might affect the supply change of the
market, among others.

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