HUMOR One and a Half Man, czyli Gra o tron w Krzywym Zwierciadle

meet braun do you need a woman looking like a woman after a strike he's a sword for hire who will only fight if the money is right meet period he's a wealthy dwarf with a big mouth I once brought a jackass and the honey code into a broker who just got himself into a heap of trouble they don't like each other much what do you want from gold women goes in women but they couldn't need each other more they'll have to get along I'm not your toady I'm not your friend mainly interested in your facility with murder even if it kills me how would you like to die with a belly full of wine and a girl's mouth around my people in a world of dire wolves and lions sometimes the rarest creature is a friend us down for the dwarf you killed your first man before you were 12 it was a woman she swung an ax at me from the people who brought you the best little whorehouse in King's Landing comes one and a half man in the game of thrones they're playing as a team stay low stay low coming soon just like winter

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