Huge Shiba Inu and Binance Update
As you know, Coin Market Cap is owned by Binance and just yesterday, on Twitter, a big announcement
appeared that is definitely what Shiba Inu needs right now. It’s going to give the Shiba Inu ecosystem
exposure and open the door to a ton of serious investors. If you want to find out what the big announcement
is about, you’re going to have to stick around to the end of this video. I will also be talking a bit about Shiba Inu’s
price and some sure strategies to really grow this token. All this and more in today’s video so make
sure you don’t change the channel.

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button and turn on notifications so you’re the first to know once I drop a new video. Alright, let’s get into today’s video. So, there’s this update for Shiba Inu coming
from Coin Market Cap. But as you probably know, Coin Market cap
is owned by Binance, or more correctly, Coin Market Cap was acquired by Binance.

Anyway, this announcement is really huge and
needs all hands to be on deck. Rest assured I’ll be exploring all that
in today’s video including how we can all participate to make this work in our favor. But just before then, a couple of updates. First, we’ll do a little bit of price analysis
and possible strategies we can use as a community to grow Shiba Inu. I’ll begin with this post I found in the
Shiba Inu subreddit and then I’ll share my thoughts after which you can leave me your
thoughts and comments in the comment section. When we talk about Shiba Inu going to the
moon, working with pricing options and more utilities we need to understand the following:
the price is not the product. We need to start having more civilized discussions
on how to increase value.l we need to talk about the utility of this token. Here’s a big question:
Why would I buy Shiba Inu other than to own a whole lot of them? Where can I spend them? What can I spend them on? Who uses these on a daily basis? These are questions I see failed to be asked
time and time again.

If you haven’t invested time, please read
the white paper on their website as they update it almost monthly at ShibaSwap. We need to be able to use our tokens for other
things online that have value to us. Media has been my idea from the start and
I will continue to HODL my 50 million for decades to come. Let’s start discussing what we want to spend
our Shiba Inu on in an online non-retail environment. This is where real trading takes place. Now, here are my thoughts. It is true that we need to create utility
around this token if it’s going to grow the way it should.

But another thing to consider is that Shiba
Inu is still relatively new. Plus, even right now, Shiba Inu is being used
in small scale transactions around the world. For starters. allows you buy stuff on amazon
and pay with Shiba Inu. We also have that new partnership with Now
Payments that allows you make SHIB payments in physical and online stores, enable SHIB
payroll, donate to charities, and also accept donations as a streamer. Plus, like I mentioned in a recent video,
Coinbase has now added a direct deposit feature which allows people get their salary in crypto
directly. This means that Shiba Inu holders can get
a part of their salary or the whole sum in SHIB.

Besides, the Shiba Inu developers also plan
to add an NFT section to ShibaSwap soon. This means that SHIB holders will soon be
able to trade, buy, and sell SHIB NFTs. So, there are non-retail transactions going
on already and as we give things a little more time, we can expect to see even more
use cases being created. In fact, as we speak, some SHIB holders are
doing their bit to encourage the use of SHIB in day-to-day transactions. StellaDog1969 mentions in a post in the Shiba
Inu subreddit that she spoke with the owners of a local coffee shop in her area about accepting
Shiba Inu and a couple of days later, the coffee shop already had SHIB advertising on
their website. You can check them out at
and show them some love. Also, very importantly, we must not forget
that the holder number plays a big role in how successful a token becomes.

Some might even argue that it’s a more powerful
influence on a token’s success than use cases because, almost always, volume translates
to profit eventually. Plus, the low price of Shiba Inu right now
is an advantage, especially for new entrants into crypto. I doubt the average newbie would be willing
to jump into the market with a $10,000 investment in Ethereum. This is where Shiba Inu comes in as a low-risk
yet credible option. So, in my opinion, let’s be a little patient
with the token.

Let’s keep working with the devs and talking
about the token in our own spheres. As time goes on and as gas fees get lower
too, use cases are going to emerge in addition to the few that already exist. That said, just a brief reminder to be careful
about scammers and hackers before we get to the Binance announcement. This is a reminder to everyone to watch where
you’re connecting your device. Look at the link carefully and don’t just
careless click on it. Don’t connect your wallet to some random
website that you don’t know about. There could be a fake link to a fake ShibaSwap. If you must connect to ShibaSwap, try using
Google to look it up. The real website is almost always at the top
of the search engine. Also look at how secure your phone is.

When you’re not using your wallet, then
close it. Log off exchanges if you’re not using. Please, try to be safe out there so you don’t
get scammed. Also be very careful of clone websites offering
Shiboshis NFT collections as well. The Shiboshi NFTs have not been released yet. So, please, wait for official word from the
Shiba Inu devs team before giving away your hard-earned money to scam artists looking
to earn a quick buck. Again, please, be safe out there, and remember
that if an offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

But just before we get to the big announcement,
a fun post I thought you all should see. Shib Fest anyone??? If Shib hits 20 cents, I will rent a Yacht
and all SHIB soldiers are invited! Food, drinks, music, all invited on me. Disclaimer: Not to exceed $500,000. Well, of course, $500,000 is not enough for
a yacht party. But all the same, what do you think? Is a party in order after 20 cents? How hard are you going to party when Shiba
Inu hits 20 cents? A yacht party? Or maybe a cruise ship? I’d like to hear your party ideas in the
comment section. Come on, keep’em coming! Alright, now let’s talk about the big Binance
announcement. So, Hassan Shafiq, a crypto writer made this
post on Twitter. Enough follows and retweets and a $LEASH article
may appear on CoinMarketCap soon. Now, let me explain why an article about $LEASH
on CoinMarketCap is a big deal CoinMarketCap is the world’s most-referenced
price-tracking website for crypto assets.

The site has a mission to make crypto discoverable
and efficient all over the world. And they do this by empowering retail users
with unbiased, high quality, and accurate information for drawing their own informed
conclusions. CoinMarketCap is trusted by literally the
entire world, including all the major voices in the finance and crypto world and is cited
by the most authoritative news outlets including Bloomberg, and CNBC. In fact, according to their website, the U.S.
government uses CoinMarketCap’s data for research and reports. So, guys, this is massive for Shiba. What we need right now is to leverage that
power of community that we’ve always had. Right now, we have close to a million followers. Now, imagine that each one of these nearly
1 million followers follow and retweet this tweet from Hassan Shafiq. $LEASH will get its very own article on CoinMarketCap,
effectively exposing Shiba Inu and its ecosystem to serious investors. I probably don’t need to explain to you
how that would be insane for our price. Plus, it will also help to reduce circulation
as well. So, guys, this is very important.

We need this. If all hands are on deck and we take advantage
of the strength of our community, we can make this happen, and we will all profit in the
end. By the way, speaking of $LEASH. Don’t forget that you need to get some $LEASH
right now if you want to be among the first to get your hands on the Shiboshis NFTs the
minute they are released. Remember that Shiboshis will be available
to LEASH holders only for the first 24 hours after the collection is released. So, make sure you get yourself some LEASH
tokens right now.

And while you’re at that, don’t forget
to retweet and like Shafiq’s tweet so we can get LEASH its own article on CoinMarketCap. Alright, with that, we come to the end of
today’s video. If you enjoyed this video, then please like
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