HUGE NEWS – BitBoy Crypto Cardano Staking Pool (Cardano is FUD Proof)

cardano is making more and more progress on its way to public smart contract mainnet frenzy all this development has caught the attention of the whales well i've been big on cardano for a while now and i'm here to keep you in the loop let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in today's video we're going to be taking a look at all of the big stuff going on with cardano and at the end of this video i've got a special announcement about our cardano staking pool the bit pool show you how you can make a ton of money staking your ada with us before we get into the news let's do a quick price update ada is having a rough time during this choppy market falling 16 percent over the past seven days a dollar thirteen is where ada is sitting at at the time of the recording of this video some of this is from the general market volatility but it's also due to the fud coming from cardano's enemy more on that in a moment for now let's zoom out cardona is still at 551 percent for the year eight is for sure a long-term hold for me and i stand by my prediction that ada will 5x in the next 24 months but the goons at the digital currency group are not happy with cardano and are starting to turn up the fud to take it down a few notches nothing can sum that up better than the absolutely outlandish article came out of coindesk last week coindesk as you remember is the mouthpiece for the digital currency group you can click this link above to get acquainted with crypto's first cartel in this article the writer attempts to paint charles hoskinson as some colonizing robber baron spent on cornering the african crypto markets all for himself it's one giant straw man argument guys up to look like journalism don't get sucked into the fud the dcg is trying to push cardano out of the smart contract game while other institutions see cardone is the future of smart contracts on a global scale so they'll be putting out flood to depress the price in the short term so they can accumulate but moving past the fud in the whales let's get to some good cardano news ada topped the list on motley fool's four eco-friendly cryptos you should know about while the environmental flood is largely overblown it's good to see major publications setting up the counter-argument the crypto is ruining greta thundberg's childhood cardano took the top spot followed up by xrp tezos and nano molly fool did a great job looking at the energy numbers for cardano showing that the entire network uses the same amount of energy 600 american houses use it's not a bad trade-off for a revolutionary technology that will lift billions out of poverty this article is not the first time motley fool has supported cardano they wrote about it back in may as well good on them come on to the ada gang motley fool an all new cardano developer portal is live and kicking and to celebrate they meant to ten of the world's first in ftas is nfta is a non-fungible token of appreciation thanks charles besides the nft pat on the back the cdp is full of neat cardano nft projects including games avatars a full list of cardano wallets and loads of tools for developers to use and modify this is of course incredibly bullish for cardano and you should take some time to get familiar with the new project popping in on it one really neat project is ada tools io a real-time global tracker for the cardano network and the staging pools check out the link in the description to take a look cardano's alonzo test net has matured last week moving from the alonzo blue to alonso white lonzo white is an upgrade to cardano's previous test net alonzo blue which offered smart contracts to a limited set of technical insiders with this upgrade the team let about 500 validators state pool operators and developers test out the feature lonzo white will run for two to four weeks before the test net moves to its next stage the final part of the alonzo upgrade will come to live in september of 2021.

Now take a quick minute smash those likes and the subscribe button for us helps our channel grow and so i can teach more people about crypto news insights tech and opinions it is also your access to the bit squad which is the best crypto community in all the interwebs of all time so the upgrades are happening for cardano though slower than anticipated but still faster than ethereum 2.0 now check out this article from they are openly telling people that ada is a long-term investment they go on to give a lot of bullish comments on cardano's fundamentals and very bullish predictions on the price of ada over the next few years i'm buying ada i own more than a million of it whales and investors are buying ada as fast as they can keep that in mind as you re-evaluate your portfolio during this bull market pause institutional investment in cardano surged over 24 million dollars this year alone grayscale is even getting in on the action staging volumes have increased tremendously as the hard fork draws near and so far there has been over 31 billion dollars worth of ada staked ahead of the hard fork cardano boasts the highest number of state coins head of ethereum with over 70 percent of the entirety of ada supply currently staked iohk had their mid-month development update zoom call just the other day you can watch the whole thing on youtube link in the description tim harrison the marketing and communications director at iohk talked with several engineers and gave a lot of good information regarding the rest of the gogan era updates after alonzo white the team will move on to alonzo purple which will be the start of many fun things like introducing more community members the official cardano wallet will get some finishing touches but the real game changer will be the start of the public network that's where we're going to see big growth and possible price action that could reboot this wacky market cardano will finally be able to spread its wings and start delivering some real products you know the ethereum team is watching this closely as is the rest of the cryptoverse texas like sunday swap will go live very soon so all the unicorns and pancakes may start feeling a little left out there's sure to be a lot of activity on the cardano flavors of defy so make sure to not get swept up in a memecoin frenzy like what happened on bsc be smart there are plenty of gains to be made on cardano but if you really want to maximize your ada bag do what the pros do and stake it but don't just take it anywhere stake it in the official bitboy crypto ada staking pool we call it the bit pool and we'd love to have you come put your tootsies right in you can stake to the bit pool through the daedalus and your roy wallets we put a link down below in the description we'll take you to a step-by-step guide for both wallets as well as our stinking address make sure you follow the steps it's a good idea to do a couple of test transactions for sending your whole bag over to any staking pool you can expect returns anywhere from four to six percent depending on network usage pool saturation and several other factors you get all the information for cardano yields on the handy staking calculator that we've linked to in the description that's all i got be blessed bit boy out [Music] you

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