HUGE MEGA GAINS AHEAD! Top Coins That’ll Explode SOON!

Hey yo Chico Army, how's it hanging on this 
wonderful September afternoon. With Bitcoin, there   is no hanging around. It’s on the move upwards. So 
like BTC are you ready to move and groove? While   watching the tube!? Well you don’t really have 
a choice! Because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! So let’s begin today with Bitcoin and the 
price, as it looks like the asset found   it’s bearish September bottom! Like I showed 
last week, September is notorious for being   RED where since 2013, 6 out the 8 years have been 
bearish resulting in price declines. Make that   7 out of 9 because September 2021 has been 
bearish! From $52,700 bucks on the 7th to   the low 2 days ago of about $44,000. A stiff 
loss of about 16.5 percent…over doubling the   average decline in September since 2013 
which was a 7.5 percent average loss! Now the loss down to the 44k low was an anomaly… 
due to the Litecoin debacle that happened on   Monday, and as of Tuesday, BTC shook that off, 
and surpassed where it was before that…making   its way up to the resistance of 47.5k.

Now there 
may be some turbulence here, or BTC will pass   through it….either of those scenarios scream to 
me…altcoins are going to turn really BULLISH! Which was already starting to happen yesterday 
with 25 percent gains, 20 percent gains,   many of 10 percent and..many of 
these DeFi based protocols! Out   of the top 100, 42 coins had bigger gains 
than Bitcoins 5.3 percent over 24 hours! Sooo who are my picks to make the BIG   moves!? Those ready to suck in 
liquidty and get that Pampity pump!? Well let's dive right in!! And this one is one I 
already covered in a live stream over the weekend,   which made it move..and as of yesterday…it 
was moving again! That is GMX!! So let’s just hear what I had 
to say over the live stream   about GMX when it was only around 6 dollars! This is BIG, this is undervalued, it is a 
decentralized perpetual options exchange   built on Arbitrum, a blossoming 2nd 
layer of Ethereum, which is truly   secured by the Ethereum mainnet and layer 1. 
An Arbitrum TVL is just going bonkers lately,   exploding to over 2.2 billion as of yesterday!! 
An over 2411 percent increase in just 7 days… Nyan has the bulk of that, but GMX is also helping 
a good portion of that.

They put out their update   #1 yesterday, and as we can see just since 
September 1st, over 150 million has been traded   through their DEX. Which means over 300 thousand 
in fees in just two weeks!! And if you didn’t   know a good portion of those fees are converted 
into Ethereum and distributed to GMX stakers! Now GMX can be related to the 
cryptocurrency Perpetual protocol!   Not only are they similar in what they offer, but 
I predict a similar thing happening to the price!   The first time I covered Perpetual was all the 
way back in October of 2020 with this video,   explaining why they chose xdai as their 2nd layer! How much was Perpetual back then!? Around just 
a dollar, about 1.16 cents…pulling out the   price chart, Perpetual has been on a freaking 
tear…without slowing down. Even the May crash   couldn’t stop it. It peaked at over 21 
dollars recently and it's 17.50 cents today. Now some of you will be like, but Tyler, 
GMX is already more expensive…it’s   around 20 dollars today! How is this going 
to pull a perpetual? STOP looking at just the   price…you have to look at circulating supply! 
GMX total supply is 13.25 million…Perpetual   has a total supply of 150 million.
GMX has a ton of room to grow still…like a ton!! And it will in my opinion, because it has 
backers besides just myself who are very   influential in the crypto space.

Wan, who has influence not only in the   West but also influence over in China and the 
east has been tweeting on repeat about GMX!   I showed this in the live stream, but over 
the weekend she tweeted she was lucky enough   to get to know the main DEV of GMX and also said 
“GMX/Gambit organic accumulative trading volume   has quietly surpassed 1.2 BILLION since 
April, without engaging in any MM or   crazy transaction fee mining program. 
True people’s deriv dex, just based! And then yesterday she tweeted “GMX + L2 = King's   Gambit” & the once again with those words 
but also “L2 SPEED..No VC, no marketing,   no farming $150m has been traded on
GMX & only a week launched on arbitrum! BASED AF Dovey! But remember, a rising tide lifts all ships! 
There is another similar project being built on   Arbitrum and it’s nearly 3x’d in the past week! 
That is CAP.Finance who even with the price rise,   has a smaller market cap than GMX.

UI is about 
as simple as it gets with a Uniswap type of feel,   but it’s also about as decentralized as it gets. 
Built on Arbitrum’s layer 2… Hosted on IPFS,   using chainlink oracles for price 
feeds…not a bad perpetual product! Now, over the weekend, I also covered a very 
interesting project…not on Arbitrum, but the   Ethereum mainnet as Mark Cuban has been dipping 
his toes into it repeatedly…that is Olympus DAO…  Now, this is some Alpha methinks…two 
days ago, Alchemist Coin’s twitter tweeted.   Have a great week @OlympusDAO @KlimaDAO.. 
with alchemist crucibles shaking hands with   Olympus DAO’s 3,3 and then Olympus Shaking 
hands with Trees which represent KlimaDAO! Sooo, 2 of my favorite projects 
Olympus and Alchemist have been   rumored to be partnering and creating some 
amazing stuff soon! But who is KlimaDAO? Well they are a carbon backed algorithmic 
currency, leveraging #DeFi to incentive carbon   sequestering…what type of DeFi? Well Klima put 
out a blog August 8th titled “Klima DAO Ecosystem,   Climbing Olympus” and in it they said “The Klima 
DAO ecosystem is modeled on Olympus DAO.

Iterating   on their work presents the best framework for 
us to achieve our objectives. We are grateful   for their vision and execution, the example 
they have set, and advice they have offered us” Bowchicka wowwow, and the Klima fair 
launch auction is currently going on   through Alchemist’s fair launch platform 
called Copper! I’m interested to say the least… But it’s not just token launch auctions, that 
Copper can help perform in a fair way! It’s also   NFTs and that is coming very soon too! Cybertooth, 
NFT artist tweeted “At this very moment, apes are   paying 2 ETH in gas to mint at .08 NFT. And the 
rest of us also get to pay insane gas today! yay  At the upcoming #BookofAlchemy NFT drop, we will 
show you a better way. 3 days @copperlaunch… Yes its an NFT fair launch, and here are 
the details and benefits. 40 animated NFTs,   each with music attached to gas spikes, 
no exploits, and the community sets the price for   them! And another bonus, at least 50 percent 
of the proceeds is going to the alchemist   allude program, distributed to 
alchemist stakers! Chico Likes! Now, I know the NFT hype has calmed down a 
bit, but there will be another resurgence   of the hype in this BULL RUN, so spotting the 
next BIG nfts projects now will be critical!! Besides Cybertooth, today…I think I’ve found 
one..Early as it’s not launched yet…which   would make ole ELON Musk super happy.

is MARS4 which is a NFT metaverse project,   based on a replica of Mars..using data from 
NASA, so it is exactly how Mars is way up there!   It’s going to create a world on 
MARs, with terraforming, gamifying   and transforming it into a habitable Metaverse! Going to the live application, we can see the 
virtual world created…based on Mars, but there   are sections? It’s gridded with sections…what 
does that mean? Well each grid represents a   land plot on Mars, and there are just under 100 
thousand of them, and each plot is represented   by an NFT…kind of like an NFT land deed! And 
the NFT sale opens once again today, the 15th… And what I like is this is one of the 
first inherent revenue generating NFTs!!   By owning an NFT plot of land, you 
are entitled to the transaction fees   As we can see from their litepaper 
they explain how this will work.   Tokens are redistributed to NFT owners from 
Gamers who staked NFT / MARS$ in the protocol.   .Share of distribution is dependant on your 
NFTland plots owned and part of the ingame   currency Mars token will be burned in relation 
with NFT minting! And then 4 percent of MARS   Metaverse game transactions are redistributed…2 
percent to yield farming aka NFT holders, and 2   percent to liquidity! Yield generating NFTs…we 
like that tooo.

Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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