Huge Dogecoin News: DOGE Next Reddit TARGET after AMC. MUST WATCH !!!

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me from ebay all right let's talk about dogecoin becoming the next amc yes could we get reddit
to do another pump on those coin and drive that price way past 75 cents remember they
did it before and dosh coin jumped from literally nothing to about five or six cents so next
time not that it's 20 cents if it goes up let's say 10 maybe 20 times can we get to
two or three dollars this is absolutely possible just take a look what happened with gamestop
what happened with amc and all the other ones that actually got pumped up so there's some
huge potential for those going to skyrocket in the next couple of weeks and i think they
it could be their next target so we'll talk about that all right let's also talk about
new crypto tax yes biden is trying to put out a new cryptocurrency tax that's gonna
raise about 30 billion dollars to help with the new infrastructure bill for united states
this could be huge just remember this if we get this worldwide and nationwide especially
american adoption of cryptocurrencies and they start taxing it that means it's accepted
and it's here to stay permanently that right there could send all cryptocurrencies to 10x
or even more so we'll talk about that a little bit later in the video also let's talk about
the crypto population more than doubling to over 200 million in just the last couple of
months yes more and more people in the world are getting into cryptocurrencies now keep
this in mind if we have a couple hundred million people getting into cryptocurrencies right
now imagine the entire eight billion people on planet even if you just got half of those
people you got three four billion people to get into cryptocurrencies the prices of crypto
could skyrocket to 100 x from right here so those prices of bitcoin getting to 200 000
maybe even a couple million are absolutely possible so we'll talk about some long-term
price predictions for all cryptocurrencies and a couple of our favorite stocks also we
have burger king that is on board now you can yes use dosh coin at burger king and what
do you think is going gonna happen next i'm not really too concerned about burger king
making an impact but what it's going to do is going to drive other businesses other places
like mcdonald's you name it wherever you go to shop for food to actually get on board
they have to stay competitive so this could be a huge catalyst for other fast food restaurants
to get on board and start accepting dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies so we'll talk about
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our stocks and cryptos now all right everybody let's take a look at our portfolio real quickly
before we get started COIN coinbase is at 230 503 we got in at 216.

We're up almost
9 tesla's at 671 we got in at 613 we're up again almost 10 fantastic amd's at 102 that
was actually as high as about 106 dollars today and we're up almost 15 but actually
our high for today was 17 return pretty fantastic apple is our free stock from HOOD robinhood
again if you want a free apple share or anything else click on my link in description for webull
and for robin hood NOK nokia's at six dollars almost it was actually above a six let's take
a look here yeah this has 621 and we are up almost 50 on our money this is how we took
that 10 000 to 83 000 in literally seven months again if you want to get those live buy and
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i'll get you to rebalance them back on track all right dogecoin's at 20 cents down about
two and a half percent we do have a sell signal from trading view over here one of the sell
signals start i'd say about around 2 33 p.m on the 27th of july and still in that cell
actual signal we are actually now in the neutral phase here for the fear and greed index very
interesting so people are not either holding on or buying we don't really see a whole lot
of selling off at all that's fantastic for anybody in the crypto news let's refresh this
30 let's take a look where break one's at 39 627 again we have a huge resistance at
about 40 000 for bitcoin and about 23 to 2 400 for ethereum what does that mean right
now it's probably not the time to be buying you kind of want to see is it going to break
through those resistances or just basically do a dead cat bounce and go all the way back
down so we'll see there's a lot of hype right now this is why it's up it could bounce back
down so if ethereum and bitcoin actually break through these resistances then i'll start
buying up into them so i'm waiting on right now we'll see what happens the next three
to four days i'll keep you guys posted and i'll send those live buy alerts to everybody
so for bitcoin we have a buy signal from i'd say about where were you at thirty one thousand
dollars which makes sense right and we still have a buy signal at about the 39 000 so very
interesting there let's take a look at ethereum at 2290 and let's take a look at where we're
here our very first article that's going to be valid points ethereum developers grapple
with the worst case scenarios is ethereum ready for the london hard fork this is a really
good question and we'll see where this goes in fact i was actually researched into it
and right now basically what they're creating is kind of the equivalent of burning ethereum
off so they may match the exact number of ethereum created to how many they're going
to basically get rid of which would essentially make ethereum either capped or decrease the
number of ethereum in circulation that could potentially double maybe even triple ethereum
this is huge news now again we have analysts saying that ethereum's gonna end somewhere
around forty six forty seven hundred dollars by the end of the year i'm actually even more
bullish i think we're going to get to about ten thousand dollars by the end of this year
and the analysts are saying ten thousand dollars by the end of next year either way can you
really lose buying a theorem right now if you're gonna four or five x your money in
the next six to twelve months probably a good time to start you know slowly adding more
and more on a weekly basis now what i do is every week on saturday now historically i
did the research on it saturday evening saturday 10 p.m chicago time right united states chicago
time is that's the historical low for all cryptocurrencies so if you're ever going to
buy a cryptocurrency monday through sunday saturday evenings is when it's the cheapest
so i usually average into all of my cryptocurrencies saturday evening so if i'm buying bitcoin
dollars going to three and whatever i'm buying i wait till about a saturday 9 10 p.m and
then i buy into it so that's how i do it just going back eight nine years of crypto history
that's that historical number if you want to get the best returns on your money it ends
up being quite a lot over the last eight years had you bought on saturday evenings versus
any other day you would have five percent more in your crypto portfolio five percent
is huge especially think about let's just say bitcoin goes to a million dollars having
five percent more bitcoin that is just a lot of money all right ripples at 71 cents steadily
going upwards very nice for xrp here moving along we have ADA cardano at 1.27 let's take
a look at polygon in a dollar we have chain link this is another good one now my portfolio
at the very end once i sell off all my cryptocurrencies it's probably going to be number one ethereum
i might have a little bit of bitcoin in there ADA cardano and some chain lick and i think
i might sell everything off and those you don't want to know why i'll let you know because
those returns are those could be just huge all right stellar xlm's at 26 cents safe moon
is the only one and as you can see every other cryptocurrency is going up slowly increasing
in value and safe moon keeps selling off and those of you that are part of my course and
do my learning and kind of understand what happens and when they create these tokens
and things like this you have to understand this is basically what they do you have to
understand how blockchains how crypto works how tokens work just keep in mind also this
is not safe one is not a cryptocurrency it's a defy token so what the creators of safemoon
basically did is they upon creating it they made thousands if not 10 15 20 000 different
wallets and they put a little bit into every one of these wallets so as the days and weeks
go on what they're doing is they're slowly selling off each of these wallets slowly bleeding
out safe when and collecting that money this is why you see if you take a look over here
there's a continuous bleed from these all-time highs of may 16 that have never stopped now
what happened to ethereum it went to 1700 shot right back up now we're up over 35 percent
what's going on with safe mode it's slowly bleeding out because these wallets that they
created they're not slowly selling off so it kind of makes it look like oh maybe investors
are pulling out of safe mode no they're really selling off what they had in those wallets
so again this is why i never bought into safe moon this is why i teach everybody in my patreon
which cryptocurrencies to get into which not into you have to realize what's the real world
application for these cryptocurrencies secondly if you're gonna put your money into anything
do you trust that person do you know who that person is is there a history behind it you
can say okay while ethereum has a billionaire that's invested his entire life right into
cryptocurrencies he's never sold off anybody keeps investing more money into building it
up it's existed since basically the beginning of cryptocurrencies and you have these brand
new cryptos they're listed for a few weeks for a few months you know if you go back when
did let's just go back with safemoon safeboard it's the sixth it's the 6th uh march 11th
right so it started somewhere around that very first week of march do you really want
to put your life savings any amount of money i don't care if it's just 50 into something
that's existed for a couple of months absolutely not on this channel we're about making money
investing and then taking the money we put in doubling tripling maybe even 10xing it
but with something we can trust so you have to stay away from something that's just got
created and you have no real way of analyzing where it's gonna go all right amp is at seven
cents here down about half a percent moving on to bitcoin cash wow up at 534 remember
i sent out that buy signal for bitcoin cash at 450 and now you're up about 80 dollars
from there so good good returns now dogecoin community looks to get on emc's radar this
is huge so doge dogecoin in the seventh biggest cryptocurrency which actually was the fourth
largest cryptocurrency in the world which is pretty amazing and amc entertainment have
something in common they both have attained a meme status in their respective spheres
now some doge dogecoin fans would like to see those two worlds collide now what are
we talking about here could amc potentially accept doge dogecoin and as a form of payment
absolutely and this could be the future and this could be another catalyst for DOGE dogecoin
another thing that really really interests me here remember we had a reddit pump for
dogecoin that sent it basically from worthless to about five cents and then that started
that entire rally that never ended went all up to 75 cents and still to this day doge
dogecoin is worth 20 cents so it's up thousands and thousands of percents yes it's pulled
back but we can't have another rally very very soon now also keep this in mind if reddit
reddit goes back and they continue pumping up amc gme and other stocks that they like
if they go back to pumping up dogecoin doge dogecoin can hit one to two dollars absolutely
so this is something you know just to be aware of if you have doge dogecoin and you're losing
money maybe wait for the reddit run up it's probably gonna come in the next four to six
weeks all you have to do is have some patience and if you want to get out of dogecoin well
then once you're up to that half a dollar dollar dollar and a half maybe two dollars
get out of it then but don't panic sell right now while we're down at 20 cents all right
new infrastructure bill looks to raise 30 billion dollars through crypto taxes again
if this happens and we get that just full adoption of cryptocurrencies then we're gonna
see some serious gains in our cryptos now this crypto tax bill will partially fund the
biden's administration new infrastructure bill president biden has unveiled a new infrastructure
bill aimed at boosting the economy saying that some of the costs will be paid by tax
enforcement on cryptos this is huge what does this mean they're not gonna ban it they're
gonna make money off of it and this is what you wanna see this might be the biggest news
i've seen in crypto in probably the last three four maybe even five years when a government
says you know what we're gonna make money off of it they're going to make sure cryptocurrency
succeeds because if you're going to make money off of something you want to make sure that
that stays there so you can keep making money on it year over year this is bigger than anybody
can ever imagine this is way bigger than that amazon news and then potentially accepting
bitcoin now crypto population doubled to over 200 million users since january the report
says it only took four months for the crypto population to double from 106 million in february
to 203 million may according to a new report now i just want to let everybody know
99 of my friends are not invested into cryptocurrencies let's just take into account that some of
them actually start investing and we get five percent of them to invest and that spreads
in the five percent of the world population invest into crypto that has not invested you're
talking about trillions upon trillions of dollars is going to flood into crypto and
this is absolutely going to happen this is why i don't mind the dips that crashes into
it i'm holding on to my cryptos and i'm going to keep adding more to ethereum especially
now let's go over skills a couple of you mentioned in my patreon the skills is down like 20 is
there a problem absolutely not why is skills down because cathie wood arkk ark invest keep
selling it off but i'm gonna hold on to it i think it has the potential to get to at
least 25 to 35 dollars so i'm not worried i'm a long-term holder i think it's a fantastic
company now let's take a look today what's the consensus rating by 30 days ago buy 90
days ago buy 180 days ago six months ago bye and the consensus rating here is that the
price target was about 29 almost six months ago where is that price target now about 24.

Offering a 75 upside on your money from the
current price what is this telling me that if i want to sell maybe i'll sell around 20
25 dollars but i'm definitely gonna panic sell my skills just because it's down right
now i might actually go and buy more of it all right every next article here burger king
starts accepting doge dogecoin and brazil but only for the dog treats once they start
accepting it for the food and other big chains follow along with burger king what do you
think is going to happen to dogecoin easily doubling to 40 maybe even 53 cents that next
resistance level now where does smart money and crypto investing is going next and you
know reading through this article doing some research i have found out that a lot of smart
money is now not just going into bitcoin but most of it is now actually shifting and going
into ethereum yes the really rich big wheels are buying into it and then guess what this
has been confirmed by elon musk yes he now actually told on that b event when he went
live and talked with cathie wood that now he owns bitcoin and ethereum and their spacex
also bought into bitcoin now i didn't mention ethereum but i think tesla and spacex will
add ethereum as well as their second cryptocurrencies again we do actually see analysts saying that
you will make more money over the course of the next one to five years with ethereum over
bitcoin that's why i'm gonna slowly start selling off bitcoin adding that money into
ethereum now china lays down challenge to the west on crypto it's a very interesting
article here but overall the policy debate is in western economies over crypto remains
too narrow relative to the importance of the issues in play and excessive polarized with
the participants speaking different languages this is intense intensified the underlying
tug of war between accelerating private sector adoption and government of central bank discomfort
so this is that issue central banks do not want crypto to succeed now what's really important
is to know that biden is actually going to start taxing it which means he's not really
concerned about what central banks what he's really concerned about getting more money
into the united states economy so right now it almost seems that crypto has won against
those central banks which is fantastic so i think they're gonna shift into accepting
it offering it to their clients just like jpmorgan chase bank did last week instead
of fighting it again we're still in the early adoption of cryptocurrencies this is why right
now is that time to buy and hold now there's no inherent value says kevin o'leary on dogecoin
pure speculation and you have to be aware i love dogecoin but you cannot create ethereum
in a single day it could take you half a decade to reach where ethereum is it's an application
store with thousands of applications on it they're called daps decentralized apps with
five and a half thousand different cryptocurrencies built off of it so ethereum has staying power
can you create another dogecoin in five ten minutes and call it baby dashboard sure you
can can you create another doge dogecoin and call it shiba inu kina inu whatever you want
absolutely so if you really want to be safe at some point you have to decide when to sell
out of dogecoin and put that money into ethereum or bitcoin because anything that can be created
in a couple of minutes doesn't really have that long-term staying power so just to be
safe i would suggest to everybody slowly put more of your money into ethereum out of doge
dogecoin you can have that price target half a dollar dollar wherever you want but you
have to sit yourself at some point i'm going to get out of those going again to a crypto
that's going to 10x or 20x from there and in my mind that's going to be ethereum all
right so moving on to it surpassed this quarter two earnings and revenue estimates
and for some reason it keeps selling off this is an absolute buy right now ostk is the ticker
you should be adding overstock to your portfolio good good pick over there wba which is WBA
walgreens another one pays a fantastic dividend really good price over here i have a price
tag over easily 55 60 dollars in the next 12 months while collecting that dividend good
pickup over there moving on to disco which is discovery communications another one i
think this is going to beat out netflix i think it's going to beat out even disney itself
now i absolutely do not advise you buy NFLX netflix if you have it sell it and then put
some of that money either into disney or into discovery but i think discovery is probably
gonna be the overall winner over here all right moving on we have shop which is SHOP
shopify this is another fantastic pickup it's done about one percent and i think this is
a good buying opportunity all right tdoc teladoc it is a very very good stock here if you look
at the last five days we're up about three percent the last month we're down six percent
now i think this is easily getting past that 310 over here 52 week high which will give
you a doubling of your money all right our very last stock pick of the day is gonna be
spotify if we take a look at the last five days it's up about one percent uh the last
five days down seven percent month down about 18 and about 33 down in the last six months
so a huge sell-off from these highs of about let's take a look here um where it is february
18th which gives you a fantastic buying option because i think SPOT spotify is here to stay
and guess what cathie wood in our canvas have bought it for the last three straight days
this is not a buying opportunity i don't know is and this is in my portfolio as well now
again if you want to join me on patreon make sure you click that link in my description
and get those live buys alerts you get access to my entire portfolio a community of over
a thousand people on my discord and then again if you need that portfolio reviewed if you're
in the negative losing money or you're just not making as much money as you want join
me on patreon download that discord application send me your portfolio i will review it rebalance
it give you some suggestions on how to get better returns year over year all right thank
you for watching i'll talk to you on patreon discord the next video take care dogecoin,buy dogecoin,dogecoin price,dogecoin
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