HUGE Bitcoin Buy Signals Reversal (Walmart & Litecoin FIASCO)

welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you the top three crypto news stories of the day in a market watch all in under three minutes all right guys starting looking at the price of bitcoin right now it's coming at 45 175 we had a massive pump this morning immediately followed by a dump went below the 44 000 level uh bitcoin is skittish to say the best right now uh ethereum coming in at 3 300 and then other coins in the top 10 uh a lot of them are at critical support levels we have xrp coming in around a dollar a dollar a seven actually uh we've got solana you know well under its you know recent all-time highs now we got cardano struggling to move forward so right now market not looking super favorable but this is often the best time to buy uh guys the top four coins pumping today are quant mina icx all with over 10 pumps and also synthetics snx if you didn't know is a coin based ventures backed program linking them strongly inside of the financial cartel number one story of the day micro strategy michael saylor's company bought an additional 5050 bitcoin bringing their total up to over five billion dollars worth of bitcoin uh their average buy is around 27 000 for this latest round where they spent 225 million dollars maybe it was 250 million dollars i can't remember exactly uh but that round the average price was 48 000 slightly above where we're at now number two story of the day we have the sec we got big news coming tomorrow as gary ginsler is heading to the united states senate and he said to get grilled the senate is ready including pat toomey are ready to decimate gary ginsler they want to know why this regulation is taking so long meanwhile the sec is telling crypto firms they need to come to them to prove that they're not selling securities sounds like communism to me number three story of the day and this was a wild one we had walmart this morning supposedly saying they were going to be accepting litecoin which took a lot of bitcoiners by surprise they said don't you mean lightning network but no the article and press release said litecoin well it turns out according to both litecoin and walmart that was a totally fictitious report walmart is trying to get to the bottom of how this press release came out and where this information came from there are going to be quite a few heads rolling from this one there's no doubt about it hopefully tomorrow will be a better day in crypto that's all i got be blessed bye out

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