HSN | Comfort Code by Cuddl Duds 1st Anniversary 04.15.2021 – 09 AM

3100 for details on our exclusive vip offers here at hsn we base our retail values on nationwide information retail value is an indication of the price you would expect to pay for the same or similar item elsewhere not the price at which you would be able to sell the item prices do vary around the country so ours might be different from prices in your area for more information call one of our customer service reps at 1-800-284-3900 [Music] debbie d said it was wear your pjs to work day so i got the memo did you get the memo good morning everyone welcome into hsn my name is valerie stop and i could not be happier to come in and shop with you for the next hour because i get to hang out in the most adorable two-piece set oh by the way this is pajama slash athleisure slash wherever you want to this is from comfort code by cuddle duds we are celebrating the first anniversary of having comfort code here at hsn so we thought why not kick it off with a today's special [Music] okay so i just got a memo you guys literally with my coffee in my pjs that over 18 000 of our adorable fun fresh uber soft comfort code soft and light knit top and ankle pant set we're not even calling it a pj's because really you can wear this anywhere more than fifty percent of our entire day's quantity has been spoken for so here's the deal it is nine a.m on the east coast if you want to pick this two-piece set up definitely jump in right away sizes small through 3x under 30 dollars for both you could wear this tee with jeans you could wear these cute adorable little pants anywhere if you would like to get yours we do have three flex pay so under 10 dollars gets it home remember small through 3x they're very roomy they have this beautiful kind of like brush knit they're in the soft and light category of comfort code which we love here very kind of dreamy knit i want to call it like a dreamy knit because it's just so light and stretchy it's got pockets the length on it is one length but look how cute the little side slits are on the side so i'm wearing it with some flip-flop sneaks you guys i could absolutely run to the grocery store in these i could go take the dog for a walk how adorable the inseam is 27 inches yeah 27 inches and i'm about five one and a half ish so they hit me like literally like my normal pants um but if you're taller they'll just be a little bit more cropped so they are good for absolutely everybody now here's the deal we started out with six colors six prints we already lost one of them we're down to five there's some more that's going to be selling out probably before you even get your mid-morning snacks so let's jump in and show them to you now don't forget you are getting both you're getting the top and you're getting the adorable pants this one is called summer dogs and if you'll notice all these great little furry friends all of our favorite little furry loved ones so you've got looks like a little shih tzu there little datsun maybe little pekingese maybe a little westie and they all these little summer attire look at the little poodles so cute wonderful stretch in fact seven percent spandex in these so this one's gonna have that teal background lots of little paw prints on that and it comes with a solid black top can i just point out right here i wore my hair up for a reason because in the back of this first off it's completely tagless it also has that complementary print which i love that little peekaboo style and the contrast stitching on this gorgeous scoop neck top so this is summer dogs drawstring waist and you've got pockets okay here we go we have the foliage flamingo you've got kind of like this bright pink on the top think of bubble gum pink i just was told this is the most limited so if you want the flamingo if you want to add that fun playful kind of tropical vibe with all the leaves the adorable little flamingos kind of dancing through the pants do not wait on this small through 3x are your size options flamingos are my mother-in-law's favorite and i'm like this would be a perfect mother's day gift so do not worry about sizing because it's real roomy and drapey and flowy and stretchy so if you're getting this as a gift i highly recommend just buy one for mom buy one for your sister and your daughter and your granddaughter okay i wore the lemon so this has a bright kind of like fun cheerful lemon top it's a pastel but it still has a punch to it all you need is the sugar that's all you have to bring for this party of for the lemons you got the pink lemons and the white lemons and the yellow lemons and you're just gonna love wearing this it's gonna bring sunshine and happiness to you the feel on this you guys is unbelie it's the softest thing you've ever felt in your life i promise you that so it'll help you when you're falling asleep just know that you don't have any itchies you don't have any scratches you're just gonna be like petting yourself if you snuggle up with anyone whether it's a fur baby or you know a spouse it's a good thing i'm just telling it's a good thing okay debbie was wearing this last hour for obsessed with style we call it the animal dot it's like i heard sarah mention it kind of as like a popcorn print so it's black in the background and you've got this kind of like fun salmony peachy print coralie with a little pop of that kind of brighter bubblegum pink and then you get that peachy coraly salmon top to go along with it look at that look at that like it's like a water like it just like floats it's amazing all right here's one of my other favorites it we are going into summer right so this one is called tropical toucan so you're going to get a teal kind of minty green top because everybody's getting a two-piece set and then check out the birds the parrots our our fun feathered friends that are flying and swooping through it's got a lighter pink background think of like blush and it's got teals and yellows and corals and pinks and black and it's just so good it's so so good all right already 18 500 have been picked up if you are new to hsn i'm going to invite you to start placing your order because number one we've already sold out of a color number two we have flex pay so that means you can use any major credit card and we'll send it to you for under 10 and you have 30 days to touch it to feel it to live in it until you decide if you want to keep it but if you are an hsn card holder today's the day you wait for today is vip thursdays what does that mean well that means that when you use your hsn credit card you get to save 15 on any order of 75 or more but you have to write down this code it's 1 8 0 0 3 5.

Oh and by the way you get to use it as many times as you want so hit 75 check out get that 15 savings keep shopping through the day because of course you'll find lots of things you love and beauty and fashion and electronics and all the things and you get that 15 savings every single time now i know it's hard to pick which one get a couple you can mix and match the tops because the tops are all solid but i want to welcome you into our brand ambassador this woman is the uber wife mom extraordinaire business owner entrepreneur influencer and check her out living in real life wearing her comfort codes pant set the top and pant set i think we've all become experts in athleisure wear and in pajamas we know what we want we want comfort that's at the top we also want style we also want something that's delightfully fun and cute and shows our personality and you can see all the personalities of miss amy west good morning my friend it's so good to see you i'm so happy to be at work today i'm not gonna lie yes you know this is the joy of it being you know the uniform of comfort and i live in comfort so i don't think that you have to sacrifice style for comfort and we really showcase that with comfort code by cuddle duds it's been one year around the sun i'm so excited to celebrate our one year anniversary here on hsn bringing comfort code exclusively to you you know kavod has over 50 years of experience and we're really known for our premium fabrication very luxurious touch and feel we've learned a lot over the last 50 years and we're bringing that to you and then the quality construction with these delightful little details so we're very excited to bring this this is our second pair of soft and light pjs that we've brought as a today's special and i just think collect a couple i mean these are you're going to reach for them over and over oh my gosh you're so right you're going to live in these they're going to be what you dream about dreaming about dreaming about does that make sense like you're going to get up in the morning you're like i don't want to get out of my pajamas you don't have to technically a lot of these fun prints you can run around you can do your errands in but let's be honest most of us are doing the majority of our days at home so if the mailman comes to the door you get an hsn package or somebody comes to deliver you flowers i don't know i like to think that flowers are going to pop up in my door you know what you're not you're not afraid to open the door you're not afraid to have family or company over because this is a very modest collection like it has a nice scoop neck i love the length on the short sleeve because it has nice coverage it's not too short look at even the drop shoulders that is such a design detail to really just kind of slender you out up here and then the actual top is super long and stretchy i have got it tucked in but you guys you have you can add that drawstring you can put this wherever you want you want to cinch it up you want to drop it down you absolutely can i did a little front tuck but you've got lots of coverage in the back just for reference again i'm about five one and a half it's always an argument i need to get i need to get re-measured i need to go to a doctor and get measured because i feel like some days i'm five two some days i'm five one but either which way um you're getting coverage the length on it the inseam is 27 inches we're going to hit 19 000 in just a matter of moments we have hundreds of you trying to place your orders real quick if you want the lemon yellow most popular right now and i love that there is some mixing and matching so let's say you want to get the animal dot which has the black background okay follow me it comes with sort of like this peachy corally pink top i love the contrast stitching with the little pocket look at this with the lemon yellow pants just i'm going to stand on one leg just like the flamingo look how cute you could do you could mix and you could match you could wear this with jeans i'm just showing off my balance skills now but it's just fun and effortless and playful but let's really dive into comfort code and why our customer just loves this brand we're celebrating a year because your quality of your fabrics are creme de la creme the feel on this is something like i've never even felt before it is beyond soft amy yes yes and and and to that in it is called our soft and light fabric and it's a little bit lighter than our stretch jersey which is our most popular fabrication in our lounge wear for the spring and you'll see more of that coming up but that's often like a nice knit but cool to the touch so we want to have a nice cooler temp when we're going to sleep i think studies show that when you're cooler you'll actually rest better so this is really important when it comes to pjs with having a nice cool to the touch and cool to the seal fabrication it is 93 polyester 7 spandex which you don't see a ton great forgiveness great ease of movement easy care wash and dry and one of the reviews that i see a lot that pops up on our items is how color fast they are and that's something i haven't previously spoken to a ton but these colors are so vivid you want them to stay and these are easy care you're going to find those colors stick around now i do want to point out some of the delightful little details because we love to make you smile and in 50 years of experience and listening to women we know what you like and we know what makes you smile it's not all about just you know okay we want it to be amazing so checking out this back facing here you've spoken to it before it pairs right back to your pants a nice little complimentary thing but you know it's something that doesn't necessarily show it's just there for you and if you did decide to mix and match it doesn't pop out so it's not going to conflict with the other prints that you wear as your bottoms this is such a great classic t-shirt silhouette easy to wear with jeans or pop on with some shorts so it's one of those tops where you're like if you don't want to take your pjs off all day we don't have to you can wear your cute little pants or if you have to change you can keep wearing your t-shirt all day long i love that oh my gosh i'm like i'm i'm literally i'm going okay i want this one i want this one i want them all and honestly this is the today's special price that we're going to sell out early i mean over 19 200 we never expected this type of response so if you see your color get it immediately hit that 75 use your coupon code if you use your hsn card i want to encourage everybody to not stress about size i'm wearing the small go true to size on this because look at the stretch in the waistband and i love that you have this beautiful ribbon drawstring but amy i heard you mentioned this is not the drawstring that's going to get all caught up in the waistband and where you know it's bunching up or it's folding down you guys have knitted in correct that's right because that matters right what's the worst thing when you have a pant that you love and you lose the drawstring and then you're just pretty much you know out of luck we knit in the elastic so it doesn't twist and turn and the dryer and the wash and we also pack in that drawstring so it stays in place and you're never going to lose it we also have this really darling little detail here which is the tube colors on the thread at the end of the drawstring that's something that we do standard in all of our pj sets as well as our pockets we add pockets to just about everything we possibly can so that's something you can expect from comfort code we know you love pockets and we're bringing them to you so you've got that in there that great heat sealed tag so no itchiness and i just love the leg on these pants it's at a nice length here it's an ankle length pant i'm five nine so it's a little bit more cropped on me because i have really really long legs and then this great little kind of wider leg and that slit at the bottom so lots of ease of movement a little peekaboo of the leg it's just fun and flirty and whimsical and i really like to think of our prints as collectible because once they're gone you won't see that print again well you know the last time you'll see it i love that you pointed that out because this entire collection is exclusive to us here at hsn so you're not going to find this at any major department store you're not going to find this at the boutique and in fact if you were to just go buy a t-shirt at any store you'd probably spend 29.95 the fact that this is a nice long hi-low tee with the little pocket which has seven percent spandex they're not see-through they bounce like a dream knit i love that they're going to be color fast it's all machine washable but then don't forget you're also getting the coordinating matching fun delightful whimsical playful pant so however you want to wear this with the top with jeans or a jean skirt or some other little outfit if you want to wear your pajama pant out your athleisure pant you can i mean i literally paired this with sneakers if i were to walk into the store or get my coffee nobody would think up think a thing especially here in florida we love bright foot you know colors and whimsical prints and i think we nee we need cheer in our life right we need things that make us happy that make us excited so let me run you through the colors because over 19500 have been picked up so we're going to have another sell out of a color soon i'll let you know which one it is let me first show you this is the flamingo we'll get some nice close-up shots because i know at home we go through these kind of quick pretty quickly now we've sold 19 500 of our today's specials in the flamingo i now have less than a thousand so it has this beautiful black background you have shades of forest green and emerald green and teals and pinks and blush and those beautiful little flamingos just standing there right i just love that kind of tropical vacation vibe it comes with the pink tee all right so you're getting that collection together now if you love dogs literally if you're like me and you're a dog mom or a dog lover or you rescue puppies you have to have this one because this one's called summer dogs so these are your little furry friends um you could name them all i would at least um and you've got all sorts of breeds represented it represented from like i don't know maybe there's a westie on there he looks like you've got a little lhasa and a little poodle little dotson so this has kind of like a tealish green background with a little paw print and a lighter color and then your fun little happy furry friends that are playing in the summertime and this one is the only one that comes with the black tee so maybe you're just like you know what i like i love black i love dogs this is a perfect set for you and you can wear the tee out it's got a little bit of a white contrast stitching don't forget of course as well this the sleeves super soft stretchy and a little bit longer than your typical short sleeve item okay so that's summer dogs i'll just show you the the light sunshiny lemon yellow very popular today and we'll kind of take a tour of mine so you've got that um i'm just going to call it like a dream knit it's just soft and flowy it's like a water it's just beautiful all right you've got the yellow drawstring you've got pockets on the pants the pants have lemon lemon colored yellow lemons there you go you've got peach and you've got kind of like pink and then they have more of a white or a soft pink background but notice it's not see-through notice how they just kind of drape and float away from my body it's also a very cool fabric so if you run hot when you sleep you definitely want this two-piece set now take take a look at the bottom because this is one how i know that comfort code was so smart and they said you know what we know that we're getting out in our athleisure wear and we want it to be stylish we don't want to look like we're in our pajamas so you've got this great little oversized slit this is 27 inches on the inseam so if you're petite like me maybe 5'4 and under they're gonna be around your normal pant length okay and you can judge them up or judge them down depending but if you're taller they'll be a little bit more like an ankle length so this is the lemon yellow i'm gonna pop one over here just to show you the other two prints okay if you love this color like this ocean teal you are gonna get the pants that have the birds on them so toucan is the um is the name of this one and it's got beautiful flowers very hawaiian very tropical and playful and pink and yellows and the teal so that's that color it's the toucan and then tropical toucan and then finally we have the one that debbie was wearing this comes with sort of a corally salmon tea everybody's getting the set and you're getting the animal dot it almost looks like a little popcorn print it's the only one that also has a black background so this has pinks and um kind of like soft blush and this one's called the animal dot now just for reference again i'm just going to throw this out there let's say you wanted to get the animal dot okay and you wanted to get the summer dogs watch me as i they're they're going to get mad at me but i'm going to do this just to show you for a second look how cute that looks you could mix and match so get a couple because it doesn't even matter which one's coming at it coming out of the laundry how cute is that and i didn't even notice i might be a fashionista over here there is pink inside the summer dog so you can mix and match the one that comes with the pink top all right over 20 000 of our today's specials have been picked up so let's go from the top because it is the one year anniversary of comfort code by cuddle duds here at hsn and cuddle duds is at our sister station it has been for years but the brand itself has been around for what nearly 50 years amy yeah 50 years it's a national company we started with long underwear that's a little fun fact for you and over the years we've built and expanded and one of the things that sets us apart is our technology in the fabrication we have this very luxurious premium fabrication which once you feel it it just speaks to you and so getting it at this value is incredible because we don't compromise on quality we don't compromise on construction these are not going to fall apart on you when you get them home and we all let's face it have that couple ratty pairs of pajamas in our drawer and you know the ones our husbands are like can you please get rid of those because they're tired of looking at them because they're not cute but they're comfy right right so this is that pair of cute and comfy pajamas because we're all about style and layering and you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style and so you see this here and let's just speak to that soft and light fabrication i wish all of you could feel how soft it is it feels like a very like a baby peep like a brand new peach that little fuzziness on there and that's the brushing that we do to the fabric and not only is it on the outside but it's also on the inside which really is where it counts because that's where it's up against your skin there's no itchiness you're not going to feel any threads or fabrics that are itching and pulling there's no tags you have to cut out these come broken in ready to go and not only are they extremely soft and comfy they're also ridiculously cute you know my dad's a farmer and he wakes up at like four in the morning and when i go and visit and i come down at you know eight o'clock in the morning in my pjs he comes out he's been up for four or five hours i already said the cow's done all the things he's like why are you still in your pajamas well now i can trick him oh wait a tricky in my pj lounge set and you won't even know i'm in my pjs you know this is that appropriate and that cute and stylish that no one's even gonna know their pjs you know i love that you say that it's appropriate because i do think that a lot of times we we we throw whatever on and we're like oh my gosh what if somebody came to the door or you have family or somebody staying and you're like do i look you know conservative enough or covered up enough or am i am i too you know dressy or relaxed like this is just so easy breezy to do all right you guys the lemon yellow very very very popular and i love that you guys are loving yellow as much as as i do my grandmother loved yellow she looked great in yellow i think a lot of us don't put yellow in our wardrobe because we think it's gonna um kind of like make us look i don't know not like bright like bring a solo down especially if you have fair skin like me i think it does the opposite i think it makes you look happy and fresh and fun and i love love love that the pants are they're just to me like i went to italy and i went to like positano and capri where like lemons were everywhere if i were to have bought this there with the way that this feels and how adorable and soft and stretchy i mean i could have been out on the balcony like having a mimosa in the morning or having you know a croissant or a little i don't know little treat and i would i would have spent a lot of money on this set so i i love that we get a chance to give you a full variety now granted we've already sold out of one of our colors so and we are going to sell out of more but we get to ship it to you and if you're new to hsn you can try this out right because maybe you're like okay they're cute but how do they feel right because we can just try to describe it and say it feels like a little peach or it feels soft like a rose petal but you have to be the judge of how it feels on your skin you have 30 days to try it out small through 3x don't overthink the size because it's 93 polyester 7 spandex it's uber soft and lightweight and dreamy you have to worry about it wrinkling it's machine washable and it always is going to stay this beautiful color so if you have the hsn credit card though i'm going to invite you in to use it today buy a couple because once you hit 75 dollars we're going to give you 15 back that is our way of saying thank you it's vip thursdays but you do i would suggest writing down the code because you might want to use it more than one time today one eight zero zero three five is the code it's just our way of saying thank you it's customer appreciation month here at hsn and we're so excited to celebrate a year of comfort code here and obviously you guys are excited about this first today's special of the year because over 20 500 of our today's specials have been picked up if you're just flipping through the channels yes you're getting the top and you're getting the pants they come coordinated back together the pants will have a print the top will have a solid and we've already picked you know the perfect coordinating colors you don't have to do any of the work we're your stylist that's the animal dot that kenya is wearing kenya what size are you wearing you're wearing a large is that your normal size it's so good on you and if kenya was like you know what i've got to go and you know i could throw in a jean jacket throw on some cute little um you know flip-flops or something in black and like she could run out the door and feel like oh my gosh you look so adorable so it's a really easy effortless way and of course we hope that you sleep in it you nap in it you relax in it you work from home in it you play with the grandkids play with the dogs you sit out on your lanai you take your phone calls this is how we're doing life and we need to do life differently so why not be comfortable doing it that way i'm so i'm so excited you guys are shopping let me run you through the colors we're really busy if you want to go to hsn.com you want to go to your laptop your computer jump to the front of line i would not be judging you you just need that item number which is 733-519 and i would get a couple let me just real quick before i run through the colors i want to show you how the waistband is so elasticized and by the way this is our hsn tag there are no tags this entire set so you will not have any tags on this it does come with pockets so you're gonna have pockets in those pants but it's really roomy and dreamy and soft and light and cool and comfortable okay flamingo pink top flamingo pants alright we showed you that one that's got those tropical leaves then oh goodness gracious we have less than 800 less than 800 on the foliage flamingo and you know what i'm going to mess you up because i want to highlight the the toucan the tropical toucan because there's a little switcheroo that can happen here as well if you buy two yeah look at this i hope i don't mess anybody up on this but if you buy both you could swap the pants and now your tropical toucan top can go with your flamingo bottoms check that out okay and then you've got your um flamingo top and pink and it goes with your tropical toucan pants on the bottom so you see what i'm doing here so buy several sets buy them for mom buy them for your sister me i love amy you mentioned like some family photo shoots i thought that would be adorable okay summer dogs like mom and sisters yes okay summer dogs if you're a dog lover you have to get these teal background all these fun little furry friends lemon yellow is the one that i'm wearing we showed you the toucan all right that comes with the teal top and then the animal dot that you saw kenya wearing which has kind of like a salmony coral top and then the pants have a black background and it's kind of like a just a fun animal print it's not like super specific but it's got the pinks and the whites and the corals and it's super cute small through 3x go true to size machine wash 27 inches on the inseam of the pants 27 inches on the length of the garment of the top and you can kind of tuck that in you can leave them out but grab your favorite prints and and get them now because look at this we're gonna hit we're gonna have 21 000 in this presentation it's only 9 30 on the east coast so we obviously are ready for fresh fun delightfully soft and um extremely soft uber soft super soft okay did you see a print that you liked but you're like well maybe i don't want a a third or fourth set i would still get it we have a sleep shirt for you that um are in the same prints i'm dying over this because this is so easy you get out of the shower you want to put on like a hot terry robe put this on right you you um just got to feed the dogs the first thing in the morning and you just don't want to maybe maybe you don't want to sleep with pants on every single day you have the sleep shirt so here it is it's got an elbow sleeve length we've got it in the animal dot we have it in that fun flamingo print which is called foliage flamingo less than 100 in this one i love that you guys love the flamingos as much as us floridians over here like i think flamingo it's not our state bird but it should be because we love flamingos it should be right okay um then we have that amazing tropical toucan i have less than 200 in this sleep shirt then we have it in that lemon yellow you guys just when you feel this you're going to be like i want all of my clothes to feel this soft it's just incredible and then our summer furry friends our summer dogs do i feel pockets in this as well amy oh yes there are pockets you know us we're putting pockets in just about everything we can so we absolutely included them in this in the sleep shirt so cute so cute all right another quick thing and i know christina's got it on if oh i guess i could just show you this way if you bought the set and you're like well what if i you know what if i spill coffee on the top right and i gotta go wash it you can put on your sleep shirt and then look you've got like a tunic top and pants which i think would be super cute especially if you're tall this dress would probably be long enough for me but i wanted to show it to you and in fact what's the length on it 36 and a half inches it's still that 93 polyester and 7 spandex machine washable it's got that perfect length and pockets make it extra easy it's ten dollars to get home if you want to add that to your order we'd love to send that off to you everything that you're seeing is is exclusive to us here at hsn which i love but our today's special once these prints are gone these are gone i've got variety for you this hour though so rumor has it that a lot of you have been asking for a shorts sleep set so we are going to answer um and oblige by your request we have an alternate sleepwear shorty set so you're gonna kind of like that bermuda length short and a t totally different prints we're gonna dive into these so of course you can pick this up as well you're getting both pieces under forty dollars thirteen dollars and twenty five cents gets it home from palm trees um what was the other one i feel like there was another one i missed oh there's four colors you get solid on the top we've got paint drops we also have oh the multi zebra and banana mix and match mix and match mix and match that's all i'm going to say so we've got something for everyone stay with me we've got more comfort codes it's their first anniversary here at hsn so we're going to continue shopping on our pjs together this mother's day treat all the wonderful moms in your life with precious jewelry during mother's day jewelry gifts all day april 20th with new collections and stunning pieces show your love with jewelry she won't forget during mother's day jewelry gifts all day tuesday customer appreciation month is all about you all of april we're showing the love to our hsn card vips with exclusive perks like vip thursdays a special offer every thursday in april plus extraplex or 12 month vip financing on so many items not a card member apply now and instantly get 10 off when you're approved visit hsn.com hsn card or call 1-800-284-3100 for details on our exclusive vip offers hi this is wendy from st petersburg florida i've been shopping with hsn for seven years and i absolutely love all the wonderful brands that you carry and the fact that you can make it so easy to shop on the app i love getting to know each and every one of you guys that are shopping with us good morning welcome to hsn it is customer appreciation month and i love that today on our vip thursdays event for fashion we've got a pj set we've got a whole hour of fun things from comfort code by cuddle duds so this is our today special this two-piece set but i've got a little bit of everything you can literally get rid of all those old t-shirts get rid of those things that are itchy and scratchy and upgrade all of your athleisure comfort relaxing sleepwear so we're gonna dive in to a nope this is well i guess it could be a maxi dress but we call it a sleeveless maxi gown so if you like something that is just like one piece dressing that you can sleep in you can relax in you could even entertain and have tea at your house and this is brand new under 30 dollars to get it home christina looks adorable in that pink dot there's kenya in the yellow daisy the length on this you guys is 47 and a half inches it's that same amazing soft and light knit that we've been just going gaga over in our today's special just in a longer feminine flirty a little ruffly silhouette it's completely machine washable it still has that seven percent spandex beautiful princess seams on something that you perhaps could nap in or sleep in or maybe you throw a little cardigan like christina had on or a little jean jacket throw some little stakes on you could even put a little espadrille and wear this out nobody would know the difference because it just looks like an adorable summer dress i love all the whimsical details and all the finishings even to that great little tie that little keyhole right there at the neckline this one is the one that's called navy dot so it has a beautiful true navy background and this bright fun happy pink dot okay so that's your first choice then we saw christina in the pink dot so you've got that i feel like this is a very signature comfort code color this beautiful almost like bubble gum pink so you've got that one with the black dots and the black bow and trim this is the yellow daisy so it has the yellow background those little white daisy flowers and that black trim on that one and then we also have it in the black daisy there we go black daisy um is going to have the black background under ten dollars gets it home they all four are super super sweet and i love the versatility i love how far amy that sleepwear and athleisure wear and comfort wear has come because no longer do we feel like we have to hide we actually could easily wear this out to get lunch or brunch or tea or a little evening out yep and even though we're calling it a sleep gown it is still very appropriate again lending itself to that great myth fabrication that's completely opaque no grin through you're not going to see your bra through it it's it's super cute i love the lines on this you see the seaming that runs down the side what that does is it draws your eyes inward it's extremely flattering and it just drapes on the body so beautifully i love our prints in these i think it's really kind of retro with polka dots and with the daisies there and our daisies have been very popular we've had them on a couple different fabrics this season and they're going so fast so just love this gown like you said great to throw on with a wrap the link is lovely because it does have that kind of maxi feel to it depending on your height i'm five nine so it comes up a little bit more midi length on me uh but if you're petited it'll be a little more maxi and one thing that we do standard with any of our gowns and shirts is we do a little slit at the bottom so when you move you're not getting caught up in your hemline it's going to move with you and it's a little flirty showing a little bit of leg as well and that little ruffle at the bottom is just really darling so this is just a really updated kind of napping dress you could garden in this you could go for a little walk in this there's really nothing you can't do it's here for it it's going to move with you and you're going to look cute whatever you're doing do you guys see the princess seamings like that i've never seen that on like a sleep attire like it just the fact that comfort code understands the way we want it to drape over our bodies the way we want it to move across our bust line and i wanted to point out amy mentioned this beautiful soft little flirty ruffle on the side but she highlighted too that there's a little slit there and i love that because it's true if you want to curl up on the couch you want to get to bed you don't want to kind of get all caught up and your little peekaboo of you know your calf or you know a little bit of your ankle will show and so it makes it more than just sleepwear it makes it something you feel good about when you put on and speaking of feeling good the way it feels i mean amy i i don't even know if i if i can find the right words in the dictionary to talk about how soft this is and i want to highlight right here there's no tag you have to take out so you have to worry about cutting anything or taking it out and as soft as it is outside it's just as uber soft supreme soft on the inside which i think is really important because sometimes we talk about garments like oh it's brushed and it feels beautiful and then you get home you've tried on the inside you're like whoa that doesn't feel the same this one does i also want to mention that it's bra friendly you know many of us sleep in our comfort bras you have to worry about your bra strap showing as well or if you were to put a little jean jacket and wear this out you could even put a belt on it you guys i mean look how cute this is so let me run you through the colors real quick already 1200 have been picked up this is a nice long length so maybe you don't like to show off your legs but your two-piece pant set is in the wash you got this one clean you can put that on people come over so this one's the navy dot so it's got a true navy blue background and then the perfect little pink dots that complement it if you like the dot but maybe you want a different color combination we have it in the one that is the pink and black dots so you've got navy and pink or pink and black and then i love that so many of you especially right now as we're kind of in gardening season things are blooming and coming alive that you guys are liking the daisy prints so we have the yellow daisy print which has that yellow background and then the trim in the black and then we also have it i'm just going to pop this out here in the black daisy print so that beautiful black background maybe for somebody that likes to just to make sure you know it's a little extra slimming effect as well to wear black from head to toe this is an easy peasy way that you can kind of get a lot of bang for your buck the same way as you can wear the tee from the today special with a pair of jeans and go on your way this can also be an afternoon after the beach maybe you go and you're on vacation and you want something soft against maybe that little touch of skin you know touch of sun on your skin you know what i'm talking about amy when you get a little bit too much sun you're like everything you heard everything cool i just did that recently i got super sunburned and yes everything was uncomfortable this is not going to be scratchy against your skin it's going to be so soft and i just love that you have something that's designed for sleepwear designed to keep you comfortable but it's still so stylish it almost has this very tailored fitted feel to it with that princess steaming and remember we put pockets and everything we possibly can and there are pockets in here so you have that convenience you're not going to lose your phone or your glasses or your keys depending on what you're doing they're going to be right there convenient for you and i like the versatility of this little keyhole at the top if you want to leave it undone you can depending on you know how you're feeling that day you can dress it up a little bit ty have a little bow or you can go loose and that contrast threading that we had on our pjs on the drawstring is also right here on the little tie at the keyhole so it's just those little wonderful details that are just there for you just to make you smile because we care it just adds value into what you're getting you know i think this is another great gift if you want to send this to mom with a little care package you know you're putting together maybe some chorus shower gel and you've got some perlier or beekman in there and you know i i just think there's just a nice way to spend under thirty dollars send something you know is gonna fit her you know is gonna make her happy you know is gonna feel good against her sensitive skin so i did what amy suggested i went ahead and just took that little um tie and i untied it so you could get a different look out of this or you could tie it and get that little keyhole right there so i just wanted to show you the versatility of this this is in that pink and black dot we also have the navy and pink dot but you guys are loving the daisy so i wanted to put the black daisy up front if you want this one small through 3x this one will be the first to sell out we have hundreds of you trying to place your order nearly 1500 have been picked up and again this has seven percent uh spandex 93 polyester but notice as i pull it it's not like it doesn't become see-through it's color fast you don't have to worry about you know washing this you're going to throw this in the machine you're going to put it on your dryer you don't have to hit an iron to it it's always going to look great and it's under 10 to get it home so put this one into your order don't forget it's a vip thursdays so maybe you got our today special maybe you like the cardigan that christine is wearing that's coming up on clearance in just a few minutes hit 75 use your hsn card and we're gonna give you 15 off your purchase it's a fifteen dollar coupon right there as you check out the code is one eight zero one eight zero zero three five let me say that again the code is one eight zero zero three five and the cool thing about vip thursdays is that you can use that as many times as you want so maybe you're shopping for mom maybe you're shopping for yourself getting a few things for the home and you throw a few things in your cart you hit that 75 use your hsn credit card we'll give you that 15 back and then you can use it again throughout the day if something else pops up all right buy customer requests by customer demand one year anniversary of comfort code by cuddle duds you guys wanted a shorts set so we brought to you a sleeper set that's going to get first off look at this top okay you've got this shirttail hem you've got the little flutter of a little bit of a ruffle on the sleeve this one is in the ultra knit so it almost has like this very fine ribbing but it is uber uber soft once again it feels silky to the touch and i love again how everything is machine washable it's not see-through it's drapey you don't have to worry about anything itching and scratching no tags so but what you asked for is you said you know what i like to sleep in shorts so we said let's give it to you so we brought some fun drawstring shorts that are going to have an inseam of 8 inches so it's that perfect modest length this one is your multi zebra so you're getting a solid teal top and then the shorts have teal and navy and yellow i mean look how cute it looks with my lemon yellow from my today's special like again mixing and matching is the key here because you're never gonna you're always gonna have something to sleep in and also run out of the house in so this one's super cute that one is your multi zebra then in that i'm calling this like your signature pink for comfort code i just love it it's just such a good perfect pink this one is going to be your banana all right i'm bananas about the banana that's adorable look how cute i had to take a second look because i love that you guys did it in greens and pinks and oranges it's just fresh and fun so getting both pieces the top and the shorts all of them come in sizes small through 3x this has five percent spandex in it it's 95 polyester so it's silky it's soft it's stretchy i love this one this one is going to be your palm trees again a navy background very tropical very nautical inspiration you could totally wear this out on the boat put on some white sneaks look how cute that would be how adorable with a little floppy brimmed hat how cute is this so you're getting that kind of cornflower blue top with the navy blue and cornflower blue and white palm print on the shorts and then finally we've got it in the paint drops so you get a black tea and then you get this like splatter print with the pink and the white and the black on the shorts the top is 26 inches in that center back length so again nice and long a nice high low but let's talk about this set because you told me amy that our customers have been super excited about comfort code and they're like we want a short set so here we go yes and they're doing we have done a short set on qvc and everyone loved it we're really excited to bring this to you if you love it we're going to bring more short sets to you in the future hopefully this is that alternate fabrication as you mentioned 95 poly 5 spandex so tons of give easy care wash and dry don't you feel like these colors have a bit of an 80s kind of vibe to them yeah i'm feeling like almost lisa frank in the early 90s i just love the color palette here which is still kind of compliments some of the pants as you mentioned before but kind of stands alone on its own as well so this alternate is very cool to the touch again we have that standard heat sealed tag in the back one thing that i haven't mentioned because we were really highlighting that facing on the other pj set is we always do this finishing piece right here on the seaming in the back because that little thread in the back of shirt gets very itchy and so that's just a finishing touch there that just makes sure that you feel comfortable and everything's soft on the inside i love this elbow sleeve just a little more coverage and then we're finishing off with that little ruffle for just a delightful little detail that adds some feminine touch to it to a classic t-shirt shape and again this is going to drape to the body it's going to lay on you so nice it's not going to feel boxy or heavy because it's not meant to be structured it's a knit so it collapses to the body and really hugs you and flatters your curves really lovely and then as you mentioned that great shirt tail him it's high low so fuller coverage in the back easy to french tuck if you want in the front or wear out and loose gonna look put together and that great venting detail in the side where it comes up and gives you a little bit more ease of movement it is a looser knit than our stretch jersey and our soft and light but it's still completely opaque so still appropriate still feels great and just a little airier and roomier okay we're gonna have to take the word sleepwear off of the off of the name of this because this is not this is too good and too cute to stay at home in you guys you have to get out you're gonna wear this to the lake you're gonna maybe you're taking an rv trip maybe you know you're going to the beach or taking a little vacation a little staycation you have to take this little set because these are the pieces that they just feel so good on your body and there's too many details honestly i mean definitely sleep in them take your naps in them but you could easily just wear this out i love that so um that little soft ruffle i love the length and i even want to show you because a lot of times we see a seam and we think it's going to be a fixed seam it stretches so don't worry about it maybe you know you've got that nice coverage in your arms you want anything binding or kind of restricting your arm area your upper leg bicep area or your tricep area so that's really nice got tons and tons of stretch in it everywhere and then i want to point out again just the super versatility of it you're getting a solid adorable perfectly like wearable and usable solid top and then a fun print on the short so you don't even have to wear these together imagine this we don't even have like a white tee but imagine this with a fresh white tee and some cute little uh you know sneakers and then you put a jean jacket on it right like how fun and fresh also a little sand break exactly i want to also highlight too if you're mixing and matching hello i mean you want to go all pink get that that pink splatter print that paint print and you're gonna get a black top with that one okay so you're gonna get the black top with that one which typically goes like this but look what you do if you got the bananas as well i mean you've got you've got literally endless opportunities to wear the shorts separately wear them with their coordinating tops or mix and match right so really honestly the price point today is incredible under forty dollars to get it home i wanna make sure that i'm putting this back oh wait this one go see there's so many great mixing and matchings i don't even know which one is supposed to go together but i would definitely start placing your order these are very very popular brand new just showing them for the very first time already nearly 300 have been picked up if you're using flexpay that means you can use your mastercard your visa your american express any credit card you already know and love 13.25 cents gets at home i'm not sure everybody knows but we deliver them directly to your dorm we give you 30 days to try it out so wear it sleep in it test it out see how it feels see how soft and stretchy and movable the inseam on the shorts is perfect because it's eight inches so again very conservative think of like a bermuda short christina how tall are you she's five eight and look how they hit just a few inches above her knee so if you're petite it's probably going to be a little bit more knee length but i love that it goes for everybody and when you get these home and you feel the fabrication know how that they're easy to wash that they're color fast they're not going to shrink on you they're not going to fade you can easily kind of live in these and i say that because yeah i would say like so last night i'm going to i'm going to admit to you guys that i may or may not it was vegan i had vegan meatballs but it came with pasta and i was like salt and cheese and all this stuff and then i may or may not have a little extra snack and then i had two cookies and i woke up this morning and i was like my rings didn't fit but guess what did fit on the comfort cone right so when you fluctuate in highs and lows you want something that is always going to be generous in the waistline in the waistband generous in the in kind of the hips and the thighs so banana this is your first choice and i did figure out the hint the drawstring matches the top all right so if you do get lost in the laundry you can always go back to the that's your telltale sign that the drawstring on the shorts matches the top so here's banana solid pink top with the banana shorts this one has got this great kind of cornflower blue maybe periwinkle blue it comes with the palm print shorts navy in the background and just super fun and nautical and fresh for summer time and then we also have it this is that paint print that like splatter uh splatter paint print and it's pink and you get the solid black and then finally this is that multi zebra which comes with sort of like this sea foam aqua green most popular most limited do not wait on this one i love the colors in there and the pink goes back to that one really well part of building your comfort code wardrobe once you collect a piece and you get introduced you're going to be hooked and that's the great thing is that season to season a lot of these colors pull back to each other they complement each other so you'll have a couple drawers maybe more than a couple drawers full of your comfort code pieces that you reach for over and over again and again pockets food pockets and everything we possibly can so you see the pockets in there and as you mentioned the drawstring and you've got that little color-coded thread there and that is a little hint on how to pair back which one goes with which is it the drawstring will match with your shirt there so yes we're really excited about these shorts as you mentioned more of a bermuda type length it's a little more conservative it's going to cover everything that you want covered and you're still going to stay light and feel cool and feel ready to go but yes so much this is more like lifestyle wear it is sea days we could wear anywhere we're gonna have to take the word sleepwear somebody tell somebody at the top it's not sleepwear it's like uber chic fun fresh yes it's loungewear yes it's leisure wear but let's be honest raise your hand at home if 2020 taught you there's something to be said for loving the clothes that you're living in and now we're living it a little differently but these are still things you're going to take out to the boat you're going to take to the beach you're going to love mixing and matching the solid tops with the fun little prints i mean this palm print you're going to easily throw in a crisp colored shirt maybe a little gray cardigan put on some silver like flats throw on a handbag i mean you there's just so much versatility so i hope you guys are loving these items in fact you are 450 of just this brand new two-piece set by demand by you with the shorts and the top okay we're going over here okay we have just a couple minutes to show with you some on deep deep sale prices that we've done because comfort code is celebrating one year here at hsn and we've been showing you a lot of athleisure and sleepwear i don't know if you guys know that they have a full you know assortment on hsn.com and wanted to bring back some of your faves in fact customer picks with a 4.8 star rating maybe you like to sleep in something long sleeve or maybe you know you just like a little bit more of that coverage under 20 dollars for this long sleeve stretch jersey scoop knit top couple colors to show you this is going to be that seaport blue there is a nice vertical seaming in the front we have it in solid black so you can see this is great just to have as your arsenal wardrobe builders to have a wear jeans and a solid black top put a blazer over it or again you could sleep in these they're that comfortable this one is going to be your bright plum so i wanted to bring that one up to the front and we have one print this sort of blends all of those colors and it is called the camo floral so notice it has a little bit of that camo kind of like olive green that seaport blue that beautiful bright plum and then a little bit of a soft like khaki so small through 3x on this one amy with our flex pay this makes it six dollars in change to get home these again i know our pieces are customers you can't i know you got to get it at least in the black i love it and even though it is a little deeper shade i mean look how this still goes back to the pants because there's so many shades and colors in there this is my go-to long sleeve shirt i'm not a big long sleeve shirt girl i like to layer up with my wraps this is my go-to and for those of you who love yoga or you like to wear something to the gym you know warm your muscles up this is a great piece just to throw on but it layers so well whether you're pairing it with some rising pants some jeans some pajama bottoms it's just easy to throw on and it fits your curves just in the right way it just lays so nicely no bunching and easy care wash and dry absolutely so the length on it is 26.5 inches again small through 3x kenya's got it on with the cardigan we're also going to talk about so maybe you just need those wardrobe builders those staple pieces that solid long sleeve shirt and then pair it back with the open front cardigan in that same jersey knit that same poly span blend it's the length on this one is going to be nice and long so you've got great coverage 32 and a half inches you're looking at kenya paired the bright plum top with the camo floral cardigan so i love that you can mix and you can match it has long raglan sleeves on it do i notice you've got a little a little thumb hole as well very cute that's again a nod to that athleisure wear super fresh it's on sale today eight dollars and 33 cents let me show you the additional color choices you've got it in small through 3x really these are the again wardrobe builders you want a little knit set wear it with jeans or a skirt you've got it so seaport blue notice again you got this beautiful seaming down at the bottom you've got nice slits on the side and it is bouncy it is stretchy and it is cool so real quick this is that camo floral that we just saw it's just a nice way to wear kind of a subdued kind of neutral way of camo and floral and then that bright plum i love this color i think this just looks good on everybody you can see the shawl collar and then run do not walk because how many of you always are chilly willy-willies and you just need that perfect little something over your shoulders you walk into a cold restaurant um maybe you're in the airport or something and you just need that throw on piece that goes with absolutely everything you can't go wrong with the solid black yes and you know it's a great one for keeping you warm it makes you feel put together it's a wonderful third piece but like you said if you run cold it feels like you're wearing a blanket like a really light bouncy airy blanket because it's brushed and that stretch jersey is so soft and the peaching on the inside and the outside you get the coziness of feeling like you're wrapped up in your favorite blanket but it's still tailored and structured and put together and the lines on this are so elegant and you just have this great open shawl front you've got pockets again which are packed in so you're not going to be bouncing around on the inside and then the great thumb hole detail in there there's just so much to love this is one of my favorite wraps it's got a great link to it and it just feels like you're being hugged it feels like a warm comforting hug i'm definitely going to grab this in the solid black because anytime i leave like a workout class or anything or you know you're just kind of walking around and the wind starts to blow i'm like i just want something to put on i want to highlight if you got the flower camo in the long sleeve it literally goes with every single cardigan so there it is in the seaport here it is back to the bright plum of course it's going to go with your solid black with which looks really sharp or we've got that cardigan also in that same bright floral camo floral so so much fun shopping with you amy i you know what i'd be happy to go ahead and take bobby's hours too i'm in my pajamas so i mean like come on why not let's just hang out my friend you're ready to go you get to take a little brunch slash nap little siesta before we see you back a little later with our today's special but i wanted to thank you so much and happy first anniversary thanks val it's been a blast and uh it's a great kicking off my first day filming in my t-shirt for all of you out there noticing a new background this is my she shed my private little oasis where i get to talk to you and shop with you in my pjs i love it my friend yes you definitely have to follow amy on instagram and on tick tock her tick tocks with her husband and her kids are freaking hilarious so you'll have to do that amy i'll see you on instagram okay see you later um and and also too you guys can come meet me on instagram valerie stub hsn or on facebook i'm i'm just too comfortable i think i'm just gonna grab like a bagel and another cup of coffee and hang out and shop because bobby ray carter is coming up next with signature club a happy thursday everyone i'll see you guys tomorrow feel inspired now that spring is here join us for our spring home and outdoor event from gardening tools plants and patio furniture to spring kitchen essentials home decor and more create a tranquil home to enjoy this spring and beyond plus don't miss the premieres of belleport garden with outdoor essentials and chef jamie gwen with cookware open the windows let the fresh air in and love your space during our spring home and outdoor event tonight at midnight on hsn and at hsn.com finally it's time to show off your inner fashionista during our obsessed with style weekend it's a weekend jam packed with some of our biggest names in apparel shoes jewelry and more it kicks off with the premiere of ask amy about style and continues with the premiere of badgedly mishka loungewear and a special weekend edition of what a girl wants with sarah we're making it easy to outfit yourself for brighter days ahead saturday at midnight on hsn and at hsn.com as customer appreciation month continues [Music] you

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