HSN | Comfort Code by Cuddl Duds 1st Anniversary 04.15.2021 – 06 AM

and get [Music] hey well if you love sleeping and being lazy as much as i do i'm a sleep expert just ask my husband i'm really good at sleeping and you know how you can get good too you can have a great set of pajamas aren't these cute aren't these adorable we're celebrating cuddle duds tonight super soft easy to wear essentials that are the ultimate in comfort for one year here at hsn they have become one of our number one top picks their pajamas are huge customer picks and if you know comfort code at qvc then you definitely know cuddle duds here at hsn because it's all about the comfort we spend a third of our life in bed and now you can do it in style or one day only price 29.95 for the soft and light knit top and ankle pant set you get them both they're on flex pay for less than 10 dollars a month really exciting really fun and fabulous new prints to choose from that's the animal dot by the way you see on a net you've got that beautiful lemon in the middle and then you've got i think it's oh it's the dogs on jamie so we'll walk you through all these great prints because you get them both for less than 30 dollars today that's right the top and the bottom you've got a beautiful combination and you've got a one day only price to take advantage of so let's walk you through some of these beautiful prints i'll start over here this one is called our animal dot and what you're getting is a beautiful gorgeous relaxed tea you're also getting a beautiful drawstring pant with pockets adorable little details we'll walk you through all of those shortly but that's called animal dot you get a solid top and then you get the printed bottom it's a crop length by the way with a cute little vented look right at the ankle nice relaxed fit so they're loose and flowy and really soft and really silky smooth they're going to love the stretch because they're 7 percent spandex okay that's our beautiful animal dot i'm wearing purple tie dye hello already i think super popular according to my producer and if you are loving all the tie-dye themes this year it's kind of cool it's kind of groovy it's kind of beachy it's kind of fun it's perfect for summer these are so cool and casual i think you can even leave the house in these so not just for the bedroom anymore that is our purple tie dye okay this is just so adorable this is called summer dogs and i know we've got a lot of dog fans i'm certainly one of them so this is the one i'm going to be picking up tonight look at how cute the dogs are if you have a westie if you have a dachshund if you have a poodle and there's a little long-haired little fellow in there too now that is a fabulous look and you get both of those that includes the black t-shirt with the summer dog combination and this is really fun and tropical this is our foliage flamingo a nice little beautiful fun tropical print with palm leaves and bright pink flamingos isn't that darling that comes with a hot pink shirt and then here's another one of my faves this is called tropical toucan there is a little fun toucan parrot in this pretty pink and peach and green and yellow foliage and that comes with that kind of i would say kind of a minty green color in the matching top so this is called tropical toucan go ahead and pick your favorite color combination and then you can go a little wild and crazy because you can mix and match this is our lemon a light lemon yellow on the top but look at how adorable this print is lemons are everywhere we're seeing those really trending from designers that has a pink and yellow lemons with a touch of black and the shirt has a nice length of 27 and a half inches in the center back length so it's nice and long and loose and gives you great coverage the inseam on the pant 27 and a half at you right at about the ankle now if you love these prints but you want another option to maybe wear a longer shirt i've got a great little that's not the match hang on wait for it here's mars my dogs my dogs are over here my dogs are barking over here this is the long summer sleep shirt which is also brand new also an hsn exclusive it's really limited but if you like the longer top you can also add this to your order and get that one home on flex pay for about ten dollars a month and we have this in all the darling prints as well that's about a thirty inch in the center back length just to give you another great way to kind of put your favorite summer sleepwear collection together there's another great way to save today and it's called vip thursdays on vip thursdays during april which is our customer appreciation month here at hsn if you spend seventy five dollars or more on your hsn credit card you'll save fifty dollars does that sound seventy five dollars or more you say fifteen dollars off so let's go shopping and let's get some sleeping done because we love being comfortable and we're not going to give up our comfort we're not going to give up our comfort code here at hsn let's bring in amy west our amazing brand ambassador for cuddle duds and comfort coat here to hsn super popular amy the pajamas are always a huge customer pick there's amy as she travels the world looking cute looking cozy looking comfy from one print to the next i think these are adorable everyone is going to want more than one i'm wearing the small just to give everyone a little bit of perspective and i usually wear a small but that's nice and again relaxed and stretchy amy what size are you wearing tonight i'm also wearing the small so you can see um i'm five nine so i've got a little height on me and you can see great ease of fit here i do typically wear a small but sometimes i like to size up to have a little bit more room i almost feel like these fit like the size and a half almost like right in between so great ease of fit i just think they're so flattering they're so cute and i'm so excited to bring them to you today in drum roll please this is my she shed you guys i don't know how many of you out there have ever thought about getting a she shed totally worth the investment i'm loving it i get to talk to you all right here no kids interrupting so great i love my little that's the only way she can get any alone time she has to build a shed in the backyard i love that you did that just for us amy we're really honored and by the way happy anniversary to you and everyone at comfort code it's our new favorite brand here at hsn we are super busy already some updates if you want purple tie dye wow half of our quantity has already sold in just the purple tie dye alone by the way this is also one of our most limited color choices on the day so if you love the purple tie dye i would jump right in we still have all sizes small through 3x and if you have any questions about sizing we've got a great sizing chart that you'll see pop up throughout our presentation you can also give us a shout out on facebook we're streaming live on hsn's facebook page if you want to give us a question or a comment we'll be happy to answer those but amy let's talk about this incredible material which is really what sets comfort code head and shoulders above the rest yes you know we've been around for over 50 years cuddle dogs has and comfort code is brought exclusively to you we are known for our premium fabrication and this is our soft and light fabrication and what it's made up of is 93 polyester 70 percent spandex and what that means is great durability wonderful ease of movement with the spandex you've got great stretch movement you don't feel confined in any way it's also easy care so you can wash and dry this as well as it's extremely color fast so these bright vivid colors are not going anywhere they're going to stick around and resist fading which i absolutely love another thing that we're really known for are these premium little details these delightful little details that elevate your look beyond just a simple loungewear or pj into something that's very high quality and just delightful to look at and so i'd love to tell you all about them so again the soft and light fabric very drapey very loose cool to the touch which is really nice especially going into these warm months i'd like to draw attention to this back facing on the back of the top here which matches straight back to your pants which is just a fun little detail you know that's one of those delightful little details no one else will see but you will and that means something to us because it's all about you your comfort treating yourself and that's really what pajamas are all about it's the ultimate luxury to help you unwind from the day to de-stress and we all have plenty of stress on our plates these days so just those delightful little details it's also got this great contrast stitching lovely little pocket we've got that cuff on the sleeve which is a nice loose sleeve it kind of hangs down a little lower so you get a little more coverage not quite to the elbow but right there mid arm but nice and loose no restriction and a great high low uh hemline here with the venting on the side so plenty of room for movement and you know that i think one of the great things that's so cute that extra little design detail who does those extra little details on on a pair of pajamas especially one that's thirty dollars for the entire set i mean uh get out of town right how crazy and the contrast stitching on the pocket too amy yes and it creates this almost you know just a very fun casualty feel and one thing that i love to point out is so many of us pajamas are the last thing that we replace we tend to keep the ones that are really broken in because they're sentimental and really comfortable you don't have to break in our pajamas they come ready to go and this has that very broken in comfortable feel it's peached on the inside and the outside so it kind of has the feeling of a soft like puppy's ear so super soft up against your skin and i think don't you think that this top would be great with just a pair of jeans running around really can wear these all day long yeah i think i can totally pull off this outfit outside the house i could throw in like a little jean jacket and a pair of flip-flops i've got sandals on no one knows it's pajamas only you and i will keep that our little secret let me go through the prints again because i know this is like the hardest decision you're going to make all day is what print do you want now you also might want to consider getting two a lot of the prints and tops kind of mix and match or if you love the idea of just stocking up on summer teas it's like getting a tee for 15 and it's like getting a great pair of cropped pants that you'll wear around the beach around the pool around the yard you know take these for a stroll with the kids to the playground i think you're just going to be so thrilled okay this one is our beautiful animal dot and this is what annette is wearing so you can check this out on a net it's got pinks and whites and blacks and kind of a peachy pink color in the t and that are you wearing the large okay just to put that in perspective so annette is wearing the large in the animal dot i'm wearing purple tie dye so let me give you some updates on purple tie dye it's already going really really quickly we brought in actually it's what have gone now about a third of the way sold out in its entire quantity for the entire day if you're thinking about the purple tie dye but look how cute that is i just love tie dye i mean it kind of has that fun kind of nostalgic feeling and it makes you get ready for summer it feels kind of like you're at summer camp or a sleepover pajama party just really cool and easy breezy again look at the stretch look at the spandex it has incredible recovery so it has that nice loose and flowy fit which is exactly what you want to get a great night's sleep okay now i'm sure this is going to be one of our number one faves today it is summer dogs it's a great way to get in on the black t-shirt which i know you'll wear day in and day out and how cute is that print amy summer doggies i love the doggies in there in fact i'm joined he's sleeping right now but i've got my little schnauzer i don't see snails they're in there but they're pretty close there's all the other little carriers they're so cute in there and i always have to have the puppies because they're so cute and you know this is a great time to talk about our prints i like to think of them as collectible we always have a puppy print in there somewhere sometimes we'll have a kitty cat print too because we know how warm and comforting our fur babies are to us but i like to think of these as collectible because once these prints are gone you won't see them again there may be another dog print later or another cat print later maybe some flamingos will find their way in there but you won't get these again so grab them while you can because they won't be coming back so cute i mean there's a black and white dog almost looks like a little spaniel this looks like a little westy there there's there's a little poodle all decked out with their little doggy fashions here's like a little dachshund he's got like a nice little kind of a fabulous luxury gold tone collar on and a little uh fun adornment and then there's like oh this cute guy he's all he's all fur and he's got a little uh i don't know a little floaty around his neck he's going for a swim he's going he's going to the pool okay that's summer dogs that's that's i'm sure going to be one of our number one favorites today remember right now is your only show i can guarantee you all the colors and all the sizes so i encourage you to jump in place your order early the other favorite i have is the tropical toucan i love a pretty mint green and i love the variety of pastels it just reminds me of summer cotton candy and sherbet ice cream and look at the toucan here he's actually very subtle but he's right there in flight and then you've got green leaves you even have a fun little pineapple and some pinks and some ferns so it's kind of fun and summery and tropical and and really fun i just i love these whimsical prints they're so darling that is called tropical toucan and then if you want a slightly darker pink top you want to order the foliage flamingo so i love the flamingo amy how cute is that i know my daughter is obsessed with flamingos so she already has laid claims she says these are mine anything with flamingos she's got about 15 flamingos on her bed flamingos are just having a hot moment we had some in the fall where they're back for the spring they're just adorable and also i was thinking with the flamingos as well as with the toucan with the foliage in there if you have a plant lady like i'm a new plant lady just over the last year i've gotten into all my plants if you have a plant ladies these are great ones to get for them too because even though they also have the birds in there there's all this tropical plants in there that you know as a plant lady i gotta represent so and how about our lemons we have a beautiful light lemon yellow color if you order the lemon and that comes with a light lemon top and then you've got the lemons and some almost like some pink lemonade and some orange slices here a little touch of black so let me give you some options here for mixing and matching if you order the dogs and you order the lemon there is black in the lemon bottoms and there's a little bit of yellow in the doggy bottom so you can kind of mix and match which is really fun a lot of the pinks are interchangeable with some of the other bottoms so if you like our two pinks over here you could do both our animal dot and you could do really either one of these or the flamingo you can interchange the pinks because they do go with both the pinks in the printed pants so why not why not double up that way one set of pajamas is in the wash and one set of pajamas is on you a couple other things i want to mention briefly is that we do have this longer top available and it comes in all these gorgeous prints so if you like the option of wearing just kind of like a little sleep shirt and you can wear it with or without the matching pant here i'll hold up the purple tie-dye so you get the idea like you could be head to toe in the prince how cute is that that's kind of like very south beach isn't it it's very like palm beach that's fine that's only 30.25 you can add that to your order it's all on flexpay remember if you spend 75 dollars or more on your hsn credit card tonight we'll give you 15 dollars back so it's vip thursdays there's your coupon code oh and you can use that as many times as you want so spread the word on that one tell your friends and family one eight zero zero three five you can get two sets of the pajamas plus you can add on one of those great little sleep shirts and put together a great little combination because you're going to love how you feel amy i don't even know if we've talked about the pants because there's so much to talk about but the pants are great the pants are amazing and i love the tie-dye ones that you're wearing how cute would those be even as a beach cover-up or as a beach pant so there is so much versatility i love that these are great for traveling as well as travel slowly starting to open up as i was photographing mine i took them on a little vacation to savannah that i had recently they really do pack up very nicely they resist wrinkling and all of that part of that fabrication this soft and light fabrication so let's go over a few of the details you've got the great nice easy fit elastic waistband with a drawstring one of the things that i always talk about with the elastic as well as the drawstring is it's tacked in so you're not going to get any twisting in the dryer you're not going to lose your drawstring because it's all tacked in there which is really important to me because i've lost more than a few drawstrings and it really irritates me also this is a signature of all of our pajamas whether it's winter or spring you have this great two-tone detail on the thread i'll bring it forward just a little bit so you guys can see and it just kind of matches back to the fabric this one's got a pink and a white on the drawstring there you've got a nice ankle pant here so last season we did do a soft and light pj for today's special as well it was a little bit more of a tapered leg this one's a nice open ankle pant with the little side slit so i just love the little peek of your leg nice movement it just feels really easy and free and just glides on your body and then as is consistent with everything that we possibly can we put pockets if we can put pockets in there we will put pockets so all of our pj pants do have pockets because we know you want to carry your phone around or your glasses or your keys if you're about walking the dog you need that convenience there and that really matters to us oh the pockets are great they're real pockets it's not like oh we put a little token pocket in there and you can maybe put a quarter in there i mean these are real pockets if you have to put your cell phone in here uh to run out and you know run an errand or walk the dog or if you've got to you know answer the door the great thing about this set is that it gives you great coverage nothing is clinging nothing is restricting so if you toss and turn all night long if you're someone you're on your back you're on your belly you're on one side you're on the other side nothing to cling you've got a lot of stretch and you've got that beautiful silky soft soft and light comfort which cuddle does is famous for and this is what they do best the fabric is an outstanding quality this is not something that's going to pill or fade or shrink in fact it's almost impossible to wrinkle let me show you in the top which is a nice solid color that amy you've been traveling with this top and it travels really well right it really does and because it's that soft and light it really especially if you use packing cubes packs up really nice tidy and doesn't take up a lot of space and it really resists wrinkling you can shake it out you can really just move with it once it kind of meets your body heat any wrinkling that was in there kind of dissolves and goes away so i love them for traveling and i'm i'm actually like a packing nerd so for me anything that has versatility i'm in so you give me a pair of pjs i can wear as a regular shirt i can wear as a beach cover-up or beach pants i can wear for multiple uses that's what i'm going to be bringing with me so i think these are fantastic i love that the prints really aren't nighttime prints they're not saying oh this is sleepwear they speak to daytime and fun and summer and vacation so to me that gives it a lot more versatility and i just love look at these lemons they're so fun and so on trend i have anything that has fruit on it i automatically purchase they're so fun they are it's kind of fresh and you know what these are like collectibles when comfort code brings in prints this might be the only chance you get to see it they will have another today's special it won't be for several months this is their first one of the season so it's going to be months before you see another today special from comfort code and it will not be a pajama set i can tell you that so if you want a pajama set you want our best value of the day you want to get it at today's special price i'm going to say now is the time to make your decision and i encourage you and invite you to place your order early i've got updates already coming in if you want the purple tie dye that's what i'm wearing we only have 1500 for the entire day and we're only halfway through our first presentation so the good news is we still have all sizes small through 3x and again it runs generous in sizing so we have about a thousand of you ordering right now you can see the beautiful lemon tropical toucan our beautiful animal dot and we have our foliage flamingo and then we've got our summer dogs as well i think they're all great someone asked what should we do if we're a different size on the bottom than we are on your top and that's actually like a great question that's from dina now i will say dina these are very accommodating i mean they've got tons of stretch and they run a very relaxed loose fit which is just what you want for pajamas you could also order up a size and use that drawstring to your advantage the other idea this is so affordable order two sets you can match the top with the bottom that you want and and maybe they'll all fit all four pieces will fit or you can wear the top a little bit more fitted with your jeans or with your summer shorts or with a cute little denim capri there's so many great ways you can rock these and the fact that you get each one for 15 tonight is a fabulous opportunity by i just don't want you to miss out on so there's jamie jamie's in our flamingo now jamie what size are you wearing jamie is in our one x and would you say that's a good size for you jamie nice fit and jamie is a true 1x and she likes how it fits on her we've got colette in our medium and we have a net in a large so colette is wearing the lemon yellow and she's in our medium size and then we've got annette is wearing i believe it's the large right and that and that's in the large and i'm in the small so we've got really all the sizes represented we're all different heights and amy i think that's nice because with an ankle length you don't have to worry about exactly where it hits your ankle it can be it can show a little more skin or if you're on the petite side uh it can be nice and relaxed and kind of puddle around your feet because it's just pjs yeah exactly if you're a little taller they can look a little bit more cropped so tons of versatility in an ankle pant and you know i was just sitting here thinking for people who are new to comfort code and cuddle duds this is such a great place to start grabbing yourself a cozy pair of pjs and get introduced to our brand once you feel cuddle bugs all the pieces come together i mean they look great on camera but unfortunately we don't have feel-a-vision right but the best way that i can explain it is as you mentioned just a soft silky luxurious touch and feel it just feels like a kitten or a puppy's ear it's so soft that peaching really goes a long way and and these are what you reach for over and over again when you just when i feel that ah you just want to feel like you let all the stress of the day go so comfortable oh i just can't wait for you to get this home if i could only tell you how much you're going to love it this is not like a flannel it's not itchy it's not scratchy it's not stiff it's never going to wrinkle it's not going to feel like it's tight or constricting it's super soft it's our one day only price and i hope you love it as much as i do i think you're going to want one in a couple different colors tonight you got to do it tonight if you want your choice of color and size because i can tell you that this one is going to be limited by morning especially in that purple tie dye we only have a thousand of you that can get it on purple tie day that's one of our best sellers followed by black summer dogs is another big hit tonight but really you're loving all the variety which i think is great because they will find a print that speaks to you and i love that you get them both home for less than 30 dollars it's just it's just a fabulous time to really think about investing in your sleep sleep is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle i am i'm happy to help you get the most sleep you possibly can i'm a big fan of sleep i'm good at it i took a really long nap today i need one i'm going to be up with you all night okay so we got our today's special in the same prince we also have a matching sleep shirt i'm just going to grab this card over here and give you the details on the matching sleep shirt so if you want an option for a longer length that you can match with our today's special or that you can wear on its own it's 36 and a half inches in that center back length it's got a nice little contrast color in the cuff it's got a nice little contrast trim around the scoop neck and it also has a beautiful again machine washable true ninety three percent poly seven percent spandex blend just like our today's special if you want purple tie dye it's gonna be the first to sell out it might only be available for this presentation so i'll give you that little quick heads up and there's also pockets how much do we love that okay this is our beautiful tropical toucan so another great print you saw in our today's special isn't it darlene isn't it fun pineapples and two cans and fun little tropical vibe there in all summer pastels here is our adorable lemon i mean where are you going to find pajamas with lemons on them you're only going to find them here with comfort code so a lot of you already ordering this one congratulations this is the foliage flamingo and that's our nice kind of hot pink and green tropical print with all the ferns and of course the fabulous flamingo if you love to travel if you love flamingos hey you might as well wear them to bed this is adorable this is our sort of subtle animal print it's called animal dot it doesn't really look like too wild and crazy like an animal print kind of might remind you of sort of their polka dot prints that they've offered but it's black so it's kind of grounded in black which is kind of fun and then we've got our summer dogs and maybe you're getting the sleep shirt today in summer dogs and you can wear that of course with the bottoms if you picked up on the matching today's special pjs you can wear them both together uh maybe sometimes you're just wearing this cute little dress and sometimes you're wearing the set but now you have options amy which is what we really love about comfort code by cuddle dutch yes yes and you know if you're grabbing this as a gift for mom maybe you get the pjs for mom and the sleep shirt for yourself or vice versa maybe you get the matching pair there's so many options but that tie-dye how great for a beach cover-up how cute to throw just a denim jacket on top i mean it's a dress and it's ready to go i know we don't have much time on this but i did just want to draw to attention great length on this you have that nice contrasting color finished out a nice elbow sleeve here for a little bit more coverage and i did want to speak again to the fabrication in terms of it's completely opaque so there's no grin through you're not going to see through this it's completely appropriate to be around families answer the door in you don't have to feel self-conscious in these our uniform is comfort and that's what we're all about here keeping you comfortable oh it's so cute how fun is that yeah nice little fun modest cover-up for the pool or the beach you can also just wear that with shorts if you want or a legging oh if you love leggings we've got leggings coming up we've got tanks coming up we've got cardigans coming up we've got it all from comfort code it is their first anniversary so again thanks so much for hanging out with us tonight my name is sarah nice to take you shopping so great to be with all of you and let's get moving right along to our maxi gown this is also done in the soft and light fabrication which has a little extra spandex just like our today's special extra stretch it's a little bit lighter it's a little bit cooler but still that great nice stretch french terry which is super soft okay fun fun fun prints in this one it's got a nice little solid trim it's got a little keyhole neckline it's got the adorable contrast stitching here on that little tie in the front but this one is long 47.5 inches in length and it's again that poly spandex blend that you can machine wash tumble dry we have small through 3x this is our navy dot it's got a little accent of the pink how beautiful we have our pink dot which has a little accent of the black and again i love that trim it really gives it a nice little touch and then we've got our yellow daisy accented with black and then we also have our black daisy accented with the yellow there's also a fun little extra i would say kind of a slight little ruffled gathered hem that gives you just a little flounce around the bottom and with comfort code you also get pockets pockets amy i love that pockets and everything and this is such a great little sleep dress this is the first time that we've offered a gown in this maxi length again as you mentioned our soft and light fabrication so cool to the touch nice and airy but again completely opaque it's not see-through cute again to throw a little jean jacket on or a little wrap and run out and do your errands and you still feel completely appropriate just to draw some attention to the construction you've got these beautiful seams running down the front elongating the body it's also very slimming in nature it's extremely flattering you've got that great ruffle detail and on the side you have that open split so it gives you a little bit more ease of movement you don't have to worry about getting trapped in the hemline so so much so love here a little bit of play and versatility with your little tie here you can leave it open or down and again that that delightful little detail of the contrast thread at the end of the little tie there and one thing that i haven't pointed out yet that's consistent in all of our garments is the heat sealed tag so no cutting itchy tags out of the back you do a heat sealed tag so completely soft on the inside all right i love the heat sealed tanks you don't have that itchy scratchy feeling in the back nothing to cut or adjust when you get that home so the length on this one 36 and a half inches in length so you can see on me at 5'6 it would hit me probably like mid-calf okay pick your favorite color navy pink yellow daisy or the dots and we'll get that out to you right away 733-520 is your item number are you having fun yet already 6 000 if you have picked up on our today's special what's not to love about these pajamas i could live in these pajamas i could lounge around the house i could even leave the house and i think i could get away with it it is a two-piece set for less than thirty dollars you get the knit top you also get the pant i love the contrast stitching i love the cuff on the sleeve i love the length on the top 27 and a half inches and you also get the drawstring and the pockets on the pant if you want the tie dye it's your only chance to get it now we have 700 left large through 3x in the tie-dye and the other prints are also going very very quickly so jump on in you can see all the beautiful fun colors and prints on hsn.com small through 3x it's nice and lightweight it's cooler it's stretchy it's got great comfort it feels like silk against your body and you're going to love wearing it i think you might even sleep better too we'll be right back with more comfort code this mother's day treat all the wonderful moms in your life with precious jewelry during mother's day jewelry gifts all day april 20th with new collections and stunning pieces show your love with jewelry she won't forget during mother's day jewelry gifts all day tuesday [Music] g by juliana is for the confident fashionable amazing woman she can expect to feel comfortable she can also expect a lot of compliments [Music] they'll be asking who are you wearing the list is your go-to guide for our favorite fashion and accessory finds of the week we have the best styles hand-picked just for you join us tonight to see what made the list feel inspired now that spring is here join us for our spring home and outdoor event from gardening tools plants and patio furniture to spring kitchen essentials home decor and more create a tranquil home to enjoy this spring and beyond plus don't miss the premieres of bellport garden with outdoor essentials and chef jamie gwen with cookware open the windows let the fresh air in and love your space during our spring home and outdoor event tonight at midnight on hsn and at hsn.com my singular goal is to improve the quality of people's lives everything we do is intended to be unlike any other company of our kind we just make exceptional vitamins so you could have exceptional health it's not important that you get the products i'm offering but it's very important that you get the information i'm sharing because information is the key to being a healthy person [Music] it's so much more than just coming to work it almost feels like every day you're spending time with friends with family and in each of the presentations it's more a case of helping somebody at home find a great solution to make life a little bit easier hey feeling groovy feeling comfy in my tie-dye and our today's specials from comfort code by cuddle dutch check out our pj set my name's sarah we've got more shopping to do and you know what we're going to make sure that we can really stretch your budget and get you a lot of great items at really affordable prices because i've got two items on sale at their lowest prices we've ever offered this tea is going to be less than twenty dollars and the leggings coming up those are also going to be less than twenty dollars how does that sound now let's let's give you a quick tour so you can find out why this is so great first of all it's cute it's comfy gives you great coverage because it also has a nice longer length 27.5 inches the center back length it's a 95.5 poly spandex blend it's their classic stretch jersey you can machine wash tumble dry we have small through 3x this tee features a little flutter sleeve so it gives you a little extra room so it feels nice and open and airy and really comfortable on your upper arm it's also super flattering this is our blue depth mosaic we have sizes small through 3x these just went on sale we just took ten dollars off they're going to go really fast all right then we've got our natural mixed animal i love this because it's a little bit of a zebra print a little bit of a leopard and we've got 300 of you that can get in on that tea and then why not stock up on some great solid colors this one is cloud blue very limited we've got like 150 of those this one is our violet tulip we have about 125 of those and then we've got our black who doesn't need a black tea that's your best bet there we just took this new low sale price so these will not be seen again later today i would jump on in early and they could be a pajama top or they could be your everyday tea because they really have such a great classic and feminine style let's find out what amy west has to say amy welcome back our our she shed brand ambassador she is skyping live from her backyard from her very own comfort code studio to tell us all about this amazing brand happy anniversary to comfort code everything that comfort code does we love here at hsn and boy do they get a lot of customer picks yeah thank you sarah we sure do and i love reading all of the reviews what everyone has to say about how soft how easy the care is how color fast they are and that's something that i think you know we take for granted is because i'm so used to the great quality i forget you know there's a lot of fabrics out there that lose their color so these great vivid colors you see they're gonna stay they're gonna last this is such a great interpretation of a classic tee it's easy to fit it drapes beautifully as you mentioned this is our stretch jersey fabrication 95 poly 5 spandex wonderful ease of movement and then that really romantic sweet ruffle sleeve detail that just gives you that little extra coverage while also being flirty and romantic and so we all kind of need a t-shirt refresher along with pjs sometimes those are the last things that we replace and this is the perfect time to do it when it's on sale and how versatile is a great t-shirt you can wear it under a blazer you can wear it under a jean jacket so you can really do so many things with a great classic tee and do you have one that has a little ruffle sleeve to it i don't think a lot of us do and so we've just reinvented that classic tea and giving you more reasons to love this incredible comfortable fabric and you know i hear from people all the time cuddle does it's the first thing i reach for you know we we all kind of go through our retail therapy and we purchase things all the time but at the end of the day you're reaching for the thing that's comfortable that feels good against your body and that's what the stretch jersey feels it's got the peaching on the inside and the outside incredibly soft and not only will you enjoy wearing them but everyone will want to cuddle up to you too because you're so soft and cozy that's right and we're going to be hugging everyone in sight here uh pretty soon okay so we got to be ready for our cuddles okay so let me go through the colors this is our blue depth mosaic size is small through 3x this is a great buy i would do it right now there's not another presentation scheduled we just took 10 off the price so if you really want a great value stock up on teas that you'll wear day in and day out you can wear this with jeans i love that color combination do you have any khakis do you have a black pair of jeans black shorts do you have some camel colored bermuda shorts or just a great pair of white jeans i love that animal with that that's our natural mixed animal print and then we've got our solid colors like our cloud blue our violet tulip and our great black black is very popular and last call on the blue and the violet what i love about this top amy just like our pajamas that we offered as our today's special it is wrinkle resistant it's fade resistant it's shrink resistant also they're not see-through like a lot of other t-shirts yep easy care completely opaque it's kind of like hitting the easy button on a t-shirt or any of our garments it's like i don't have to think about it i know i can grab it and go it's going to cover all my bases and look how beautiful it looks on i feel like you know looking at it on the hanger only does so much when you see it on and you see how you know jewelry friendly it is how cute with some great statement pieces you can really do a lot it's cute it's comfortable you can wear it out you can wear gardening walking your dog you can throw some jewelry on and a blazer and you're ready to go to a business i just love the versatility okay there's jamie in the 1x and we've got our fabulous collet in the medium sizes by the way the leggings they're wearing are coming up next you're going to want to add the matching leggings because guess what they're also on sale and they're going to be at the lowest price ever they're also a big customer pick so that means you get to follow the crowd on this one they already gave this legging great rave reviews and you're going to love it let me tell you there's no sagging in this incredible legging it's a 95 5 poly spandex blend so lots of spandex lots of stretch no compression so you just get to feel really comfortable and that's what the reviews said they just said they're so soft they're so comfortable they only wish they got more so now is your chance to come back and order another pair they're now on sale i call them the perfect summer legging this one is our natural mixed animal so you can see that beautiful kind of fun khaki and black and brown color combination if you want the daisy we've got just a final call on that one only a few dozen remaining in 2x and 3x that's our daisy now we've got some solid colors so we love these this is our blue depths very limited that is going quickly we have fewer than 100 if you want the gray this is our heather gray and this one again you'll see the nice little kind of cute little keyhole at the ankle you'll see this on the models but it's just a really sweet kind of fun fashion forward update you're seeing a lot of cutouts in leggings and jeggings these days so the gray we're good to go in the gray and we also have a nice quantity in the black the inseam on this one is 23 inches so it is a true crop length and these are also machine washable small through 3x definitely a great buy tonight amy oh yes and this again is in our stretch jersey fabrication this is our most popular spring fabrication and this is in our lan our loungewear category we're still layering right we're in a transitional season we still need great layering pieces so an essential legging is something you always need so i love these for the great wide bands that we have there again that heat sealed tag i mentioned before so you're not having the itchiness right at your back i'm extremely sensitive to text so that one's super important to me and then that great little cropped link there and that keyhole detail it feels like a second skin it feels like butter up against you they feel so good to pull on you know sometimes you pull out a leg and you're like i'm gonna have to kind of cinch my way into these no these go on so easy and pull right up feel like second skin you just want to wear them all day i love i love the wide waistband this is always so kind of smoothing and comforting nothing to dig in nothing to roll down it just kind of gives everything sort of a flatter more lifted look there's nothing wild and crazy on these leggings so you don't have to worry about lines or stripes or stars or sparkle or glitter or shine they're just like your very good go-to everyday legging in fact one of the reviews says they fit perfectly great stretch i love them so much i'm ordering more your best bet is going to be the animal think about wearing this we just had the black t-shirt a moment ago so you could wear the oh that's our cardigan that's coming up too but if you want to go ahead and match these with the tees that we just mentioned you could go top to bottom like our model called is or you can mix it up a little bit and maybe you got the black tea in our today's special the pajamas you could wear the black tea with these leggings because that was in the summer dog collection that came with the black tea you can grab this little black tea that was less than 20 bucks or wear it with one of the tanks that we have coming up next hour and with vip thursdays that means if you're spending 75 dollars or more on your hsn credit card you get 15 dollars off so think about that because that means two of our today's specials plus let's see plus a legging i think you're there right because that's 60 that's 75 i think you're just about there so if you don't already have our hsn credit card we can help you out we can get you instantly approved over the phone or online and maybe this is your first purchase and by the way you can use that coupon as many times as you want today so if there's other items and you're spending let's say 150 today spend 75 check out get your 15 then spend another 75 and check out and get another 15 so really the more you shop the more you save so lots of great reasons to pick this up okay so updates on our leggings looks like daisy and our blue are considered sold out thank you very much we have the black we have the gray and we have our fabulous little animal print less than 20 dollars i challenge you i dare you to compare to find a similar legging with this beautiful lightweight and comfortable and soft perfect stretchy material for summer in a legging try to find this quality for less than 20 dollars you can easily spend five times this price on a legging in a catalog or in one of those yoga boutiques amy and you would still wear this one more often this might still be your favorite legging in your entire collection i agree because you're going to want to wear it all day you can wear it working you can wear running errands this is just such a great essential piece and i love what you mentioned about it it's very simple you don't have to worry about too many bells and whistles which is what you want in a legging sometimes less is more the simplicity is there but then you have that delightful little detail of that keyhole that you're showing off right there and it is just a second skin not going to wear out or stretch out or get baggy at the knees and i love that every single person that has helped these to become a customer pick we see so many reviews that say i just wish i got more or i'm going back for more so definitely suck up while you can especially if you just have to like be living in leggings and you're working from home you're teaching from home hanging out with the kids at home grab a couple pairs because i don't know if or when they're ever going to be back at this price so we're going to say final call just took a sale price on both the t and the leggings so now you can get them both home on flex pay for like thirteen dollars so if you have thirteen dollars you can put on a credit card tonight we can get you the top we can get you the leggings another ten dollars on your credit card get you our today's special which we'll have another presentation of in about 10 minutes and that's an entire set of cute and confusing pjs for less than 30 dollars so figure out what you're going to do because i can tell you this is probably not going to have another presentation today black gray or our beautiful animal print which is cool and fun and then we had the matching t-shirts a moment ago if you want to put the whole look together that's an outfit for less than forty dollars so really incredible buy and amy what i do read a lot in the comments is that these wash really well they wear really well not like some other fabrics that might pill or fade or shrink or unravel after one wash these really hold up despite what you might be thinking when you see that price these are completely my uniform and not once have i seen any pilling with this stretch jersey fabrication and to that in most other leggings that i have especially like workout leggings i have to hang dry you don't have to hang dry with these you can dry them the quality is going to last that polyester and spandex blend is really meant for great recovery so you can see how it stretches and moves to your body and that ease of fit and i do find that it's just the perfect weight to it it feels lightweight and has a nice you know generally this fabric has a nice drape this fits true straight to the skin but it's very smoothing and it just kind of hides any flaws and smooths everything out because it's just that perfect weight it doesn't feel hot but it just gives you nice coverage it really does and and then you'll just feel more comfortable right maybe this is a short alternative maybe you're not into shorts throughout the summer maybe you don't like showing your skin or maybe you haven't shaved in a year it's possible maybe you haven't let the sun even shine on those legs in a long time maybe you just don't feel like getting off that fake tanner just throw these on instead of shorts because you really kind of get that beautiful lightweight summery feeling but you also get coverage or you can wear these underneath a maxi dress or maybe even one of the little night shirts that we offered earlier because you can honestly sleep in these they're that comfortable if you're doing little workouts at home amy i don't know about you but i started my workouts at home this last year and now i'm so used to working out at home i don't know that i'm going to go back to the gym or a studio anytime soon so i just i just want something that i'm not spending a fortune on to work out at home why would you spend more than twenty dollars on a pair of leggings yeah exactly and you want to be comfortable you know when i'm in my home environment i want to know that i can go from working out i'm loving the dishwasher to doing whatever i need to do and so it just gives you that ease of comfort you just have that feels like you're getting a hug you know it's just second skin yeah i love it okay it feels like summer here at hsn and what comfort code items are you gonna get we have been very very busy so thank you for all of your patience thanks for saying hello on facebook we're streaming live on hsn's facebook page coming up next hour our today's special we've got new tanks we've got incredible cardigans we've got socks for twelve dollars a set of three pairs of socks coming up for 12 dollars next hour a new sleeveless tank that you have at scene and another look at our today's special also quickly before i forget i want to invite you to join me for what a girl wants we have a special edition on saturday 5 to 7 p.m what a girl wants saturday i have an amazing lineup i can't wait to see you there and on sunday i'll be back with michael valitudi for his incredible gemstone collection he has an amazing show planned for you on sunday night so just a little shout out some fun things to come in the meantime we've got another great cardigan to get to and this is all new this is done in the comfort code jersey knit it's a nice button front cardigan so you've got three buttons down the front nice v-neck kind of a really classic style so whether you wear it around the house or out and about you've got sort of a nice polished look it's long sleeve but it's lightweight they're 95.5 poly spandex blend and i really do think every girl needs a great cardigan and how cute is that blue tie dye so that's the blue tie dye on jamie we've got a fabulous pink we're calling that lipstick pink on a net and then we also have a solid blue called blue depth so this is our solid blue and we also have it in that really fun animal print we're calling this one natural animal and it really has all the neutrals creams and blacks and browns this is our pink again our bright pink called lipstick pink and then there's that pretty blue tie-dye it is a 28 inch in the center back length so a really kind of true boyfriend style not quite a tunic length but still covering the waist and hips you can machine wash tumble dry small through 3x and amy is their pockets there are pockets we definitely included the pockets and i love these pockets they're super deep we're calling it a patch pocket they're on the side it is stitched in so it's not super loose and flopping around but one of the things i just love about this i love that you called it a boyfriend style it has great clean lines to it so it just lays on the body so nicely and i mean look i put it with pajamas and all of a sudden it dressed up my pajamas like i'm ready for a nice work meeting or zoom call or something it's so cute but so comfy at the same time still feels like pjs it's our stretch jersey fabrication so again our most popular fabric and how fun are these prints yeah and it's these are unusual i mean this is not something you find in cardigans it's not it's not a sweater material i know if you see the word cardigan you think oh my gosh it's going to be fuzzy it's going to be a knit it's going to get snagged it's going to get pilled easily or it might be something that's too heavy for summer this is really lightweight it almost feels cool to the touch amy and it has a silky smooth finish to it yes it's and that's that peaching and it's happening on the outside and the inside as well so you can feel it a great piece for layering as a cardigan should be but i just wanted to show it on top of this pj set it does have a wider shirt that i'm wearing underneath and it lays on there so nice and loose and just lays very flat and very flattering you have this great kind of v-neck front here that goes in the three buttons in place here it just adds that little pop of style we haven't had anything with a button front before this is the first time that we're introducing a button front and this is a true wrap style i like what you were mentioning about we think of a cardigan in terms of a thicker knit this jersey knit is more tightly knit it feels like you're ready for summer this is the kind of thing you want to have in your office or keep in your car but when you're going in someplace and you know it's going to be cold you just want something to kind of wrap on and throw on but you don't want to feel smokey you don't want to have a lot of texture you just want it to feel seamless and elegant and easy to throw on that's right you want the coverage but you don't want an extra layer of warmth and amy i forgot we have the black i got so excited and carried away i forgot that there was a black hanging here so if you don't have that go-to black cardigan that you can throw over you know a lot of our summer wardrobe happens to be tanks or maybe it's a sleeveless dress we don't always want to be showing our arms whether it's chilly inside with air conditioning or gets a little chilly in the evening outdoors and you need that one go-to item to travel with let me tell you this is going to be nearly impossible to wrinkle amy i can just tell from the way it drapes the way it hangs you don't need to iron or press this one or give it any special care do you no you really don't it's really ready to go and i'll tell you i'm one of those moms i literally have four baskets of laundry to be folded at some point i've been trying to fold it all week and so andre gets stone in the basket and of course then you're like great to have to iron it these guys they hang out in the laundry basket all week and you pull them out you give it one of those little shake put it away it's ready to go so they do they really do resist wrinkling and that really comes from that spandex and then this great fabrication which again that's what we're known for at cuddle duds we're known for the premium fabrication the quality construction and those delightful little details and all of those are showcased in this great little cardigan now again if it's your first time being introduced to comfort code another great staple piece to purchase we all need those cozy wraps i can never get enough and we offer them at different hem lines and always just a different twist on the styling each season so i love this kind of boyfriend style with the buttons it really has a lot to offer it really does i mean that this never goes out of style this is a classic timeless piece it's one of those great little workhorses in your wardrobe kind of like a jean jacket where once you get it you're like i wonder how i lived without it and you wear it all the time i also love that you can really roll it up and put it in even a small handbag if you're not sure if it's going to be chilly where you're going or if you're going to need it after sundown so think about what you can do tonight we've got teas for less than twenty dollars we've got leggings for less than twenty dollars we've got the cardigan which is brand new that's on flex pay that's thirty seven dollars if you put this little trio on your hsn credit card you'll also get 15 dollars off which is a big big savings here today and of course we've got our today's special coming up and that's another incredible set you get them both for less than 30 dollars so really kind of give yourself a little quick inventory what do you have at home what is it that needs replacing is it your pjs or is it your leggings or maybe you just love the idea of getting some great tees and cardigans to kind of mix and match with what you already have at home today is your chance so if you do want the cardigan we have it in black we have that beautiful pop of pink we're calling that lipstick pink isn't it darling and then how about our blue tie dye if it's as popular as our purple tie dye in our today's special this might be the first to go that's our blue tie dye you see all the shades of blue there so very very pretty and then we've got the fun animal which would look great with a pair of white pants a pair of black pants you've got khakis you've got denim i just think that would look fantastic and then we have a great navy which is called blue depth so we do have the navy for you and a great easy layering piece that i think you're just going to wear day in and day out i think you're going to be so glad you were watching and shopping our comfort code one year anniversary tonight and don't forget about the great black because that will just go with everything so put together your new summer outfit and i think you're not only going to love the style but you're also going to love how good you feel when you wear comfort cokes it's all about that feeling amy that you get when you're wearing something that feels so good against your skin yeah it has that broken in feel it's ready to go we're here for it and the great versatility to build your uniform of comfortable layering pieces that's what we live in here at comfort cove we love to live we love to lounge and we've got some great items coming up so stick around add that to your order 733-530 coming up check out all the comfort code items on our website at hsn.com we'll give you another look at our today's special and i've got new tanks i've got socks i've got a wide leg pant i also have a special sale price i want to share with you so it's going to be a great night we're going to get you ready for bed so don't go anywhere you're going to get even more relaxing and you're going to get even more comfort and stress

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