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number on it yeah yeah and so um here's the thing you guys you know i love that that's that san francisco core you know you and i know the story here most people that don't really know coins will say oh cool it's an american silver eagle coin and then you get to kind of stand on your soapbox and tell them how cool this coin really is no ordinary coin so make sure you stick around with us we still have so much more and so much brand-new to show you by the way a quick little reminder we only do one silver eagle today's special every year the fact that we are doing a second one and you're getting a grading certificate means this one is extra special what mike pulled off here today is really extraordinary not only is it in perfect condition mid state 70 rated by annex but it is the first day of issue coin it is a limited edition it is the last of the design this is the final year of this design on the american silver eagle but what is really cool about this one is that yes your 2021 coin but we can absolutely certify these have been struck in 2020 not only are you getting already that coin that is impossible i mean what a lucky streak to be able to find this but we are giving you over 60 dollars in bonuses you get that customer pick wood presentation box you get the grading certificate for two additional coins so any coins that you got laying around at home you can go ahead and that's on us or you've already purchased that certificate so you can go ahead and grade those you're getting a certificate of authenticity included and all you pay tonight as our best value of the day is the first 29.99 we have been incredibly busy of course these are the last two hours of mike's day with this fabulous today special and so we'll give you a full tour we'll tell you all about it again towards the end of this hour but we'll dive into this one because i know that so many of you are looking for more things new things exciting things this has got to be one of the coolest coins i've ever seen mike so you got to come in close right we also have specialty coins from all around the world here in its original government packaging you're going to get the neatest way to celebrate that top of the food chain apex predator celebrate the oceans with your great white shark two ounce silver five dollar coin this is brand new it's exciting look at have you ever seen anything like it it's so cool seven five seven one eight one is your item number tell me all about this one mike i've never seen it this is a coin that just came out a new series of coins you know kind of predators of the deep and you can see that that you've got right there extraordinarily limited edition and what they've really done uh uh uh here at tom suisse makes these okay it's a european uh metals company they really have gone out of their way to try to bring coins to life and i think i think they've done a great job i think they've done an absolutely amazing job i think they've done a ridiculously good job i mean that is a coin that's coming to life so what they have is they literally try to make this coin and that whole thing is the coin two ounces of pure silver because for them to kind of get the shark to come to life to kind of jump off the coin right they need a little more medium to work with a little more silver so they pump this up to a two ounce coin instead of a regular one ounce coin and it is a coin that you're going to have right there if we can look at that uh look at the packaging on that because they always do such an amazing job of the package this coin was sold out instantaneously and if you look right there that's the solomon islands that's not like a bunch of stuff that you don't know what it is on the coin that's a complete map of the solomon islands cool okay yeah it's not like scratches on the coin it's not like imperfections yeah it's really cool right so you can see this is the ocean predators and that'll slide open i mean like you know like i said they always do this spectacular spectacular presentation i love the koi very limited edition i think it's 2500 if i if i recall uh correctly on this 2500 on the limit ish we get about 10 percent of the entire edition is usually what we get like i said the 2021 great white shark two ounce five dollar coin from the solomon islands now like i said has the map of that and then there is that fantastic uh great white chart my mistake i i i said i think it was fifth twenty five hundred no fifteen hundred wow and by the way what we have is that's it which is on the screen there about 200 of these is all we have so if you're looking for something really special if you know anybody that loves the ocean that loves scuba that loves snorkeling that loves travel put this in your cart for them today 757-181 is your item number okay so we are diving in right that is pun intended to this next coin here and this is your mint state 70 perfect condition rated by ngc also from the emergency mint the philly mint type one silver eagle dollar so of course last of the design this is it that coin is changing in design at some point this year but once again mike we're getting into all of the reasons this becomes even more exciting than that transition year coin could ever be right there's many more reasons uh why collectors are into this one yeah well and so we've talked about this kind of at length you know about the mint state silver eagle and i know we're doing a lot of these mid-state silver eagles but i gotta understand there's no oxygen left in the room for any other coins uh at the end of the day not just here but i mean everywhere all anybody is talking about is the 2021 uh because of the shortages unlike anything as anybody's ever seen two weeks ago there was a run on just physical silver that included the 2021 eagles included all silver i have friends of mine that i've known that have been in the business 20 30 40 years multi-generational guys who have been in the business they told me two weeks ago they had the biggest day they've ever had a friend of mine sold through his shop through his retail shop sold two million dollars worth of silver in a single day two million dollars worth of silver in walk-up business he says i've never seen anything like it people weren't even asking the price they were just pointing and paying he said it was the most incredible thing well the silver eagle is a is a victim of that if you will now what happened is if you had some of these internet folks uh you know what i'm saying some of those reddit folk that went out there decided they were going to run on silver for a little bit like they did on some of the stock market stuff and all of a sudden all the physical silver in the united states disappeared and that affected the american silver eagle badly well actually pretty good if you're a collector because there's no available things so supply and demand so then the united states men reacting to all this gets the philadelphia men to make a handful of special emergency issue coins to try to meet demand for 2021.

What you're looking at what you're looking at is the 2021 philadelphia minute ngc coin okay in my exclusive liberty core in the liberty court now people are going you know that the mint state 70 uh you know mint 870 silver eagle 279 it's a bargain folks it's an absolute bargain and let me explain to you why the premium for this coin in other words what they charged over the silver is the premium itself is well over the price of silver that never happens in mid-state american silver eagles there were so few of them they sold out in hours from the authorized purchasers so they have the largest premium of any basically any modern issue mid-state american silver eagle i've ever seen then because they were made at the philadelphia event understand the mintage is minuscule to start with because they were made at the philadelphia man and hand packed at the philadelphia men what happens mean state 70s are almost impossible mid-state 70s are almost impossible it's running less than 20 percent it's running less than 20 to get these so what you're looking at is there are just there's going to be no of these none of these philadelphia minted eagles in 70 that are going to be uh you know they're not going to be like the w mini coins they're not going to be like the san francisco minted coin they literally start at double or triple and go up from there they were just released they were just released these philadelphia minted coins these emergency issue coins so here's the bottom line in a year where the united states government is releasing the classic design this legacy design this type one design for six months and six months only the rarest mint state coin out of that group of three coins philadelphia san francisco and west point this is the rarest coin and it's not even close and it's not even close this is the rarest coin it's the rarest coin by mintage by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of coins it's even more rare than that based on grade what we call conditional rarity the conditional rarity on this coin is unlike anything i've seen out there because they grade well they made less of them than basically any modern american silver eagle other than maybe the 2020 2020p is what they're we're going to end up going against i remember that point at 599 699 899 999 for the 20p one of the great coins that the united states government has ever made this coin is even more important because it's the last year of issue it's the transition coin and of the mint state eagles from this year this will be the rarest coin in this in this absolutely incredible most important year by the united states men this this will be the rarest mint state coin and so very very limited what an opportunity and on top of that you know you're shopping from a legitimate source right mike you said it's like the wild west out there people are scrambling to get their hands on the american silver eagle in its legacy year it's year of transition that design is going away but to be able to have it from a reputable source right to be able to have the ability to break it down into monthly payments to still get 30 days to decide if you're going to keep this coin or not those are conveniences that you just don't get out there in the coin world right mike no it's like you talk look if you're buying coins off the internet i mean it's the wild west out there you know you want to be a coin cowboy that's your business i mean you know good luck to you that's the best i can tell you is a good luck to you i'm out there look i do this for a living i'm really really really really good at this because you are and they get me all the time and what i do is i'm doing it more for research i probably report off uh off social media in essence three four five six ads a day is fraudulent or scams so i probably report a thousand a thousand websites a year for fraudulent coin selling so your opportunity to go out there and get ripped off is way higher than getting a coin that's legitimate that's the benefit of hsn living here selling coins for 30 over 30 years we have we've sold a billion dollars worth of collector coin to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of collectors people that have been i've had people shopping with me for here for two decades because they know they can trust us you get what you're guaranteed to get you know what we you stay you get exactly what we say you're gonna get and that's so critically important in the coin world today and more importantly you get it there's some people they're not even trying to sell you scam coins they're just going to steal your money right right you won't even have when i got uh was my last one 243 i knew it was a scam but i have to check it out right 243 i'll never get a coin wow oh so unfortunate by the way rated perfectly mike as you said from the philadelphia mint they don't grade as well as we'd like so to get it in perfect condition from the emergency mint it really is such an opportunity and on flex pay remember you only pay the first 93 dollars and change that's anybody shopping with us tonight if you've never shopped with us before any major credit card or debit card you pay the first 93 dollars you have another couple of months to pay it off so come on in you know if you're going to collect something and there's a reason all around the world coin collecting is a beloved pastime come on in try us out and get this coin because it is the most important year for the silver eagle ever in the past what over 30 years 756-711 is your item number we take a quick little moment we are processing all your orders thank you for your patience it is a very popular coin these days but we are doing a lot of things for you we are actually celebrating you during our random acts of kindness week here at hsn and hsn is giving you something special an online only secret sale all you need to know is the special password it is spread kindness i like that treat yourself with some amazing 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notifications download the app today [Music] food has always been my passion but the truth is even in the world's best kitchens the tools can really make or break a chef that's why i've developed this incredible innovative line for our hsn it makes the prep easy and it also makes the cooking a whole lot of fun from my kitchens to your tables let's turn the everyday into gourmet [Music] you're watching hsn tonight my name is leslie i'm grateful that you're spending some time with me this tuesday evening uh we're shopping coins uh we have some of the finest coins and collectibles from all around the world and we've been paying special attention giving a little bit of love to one of the most beloved silver coins in the world not just here in our great country but in the world that is the american silver eagle dollar coin this is its transition year which means it's type one its design is changing at some point this year and so collectors are in a frenzy and understandably so you will want to act quickly on any of these coins that speak to you because what we've done tonight and with all the variety is really something very special what we have now for you is your 2021 proof 70 rated by ngc first day of issue type 1 silver eagle dollar 399.95 is your price tonight 3 flex pay of 133 332 will get it home and then we do have vip financing on this one so if you want to put it on your hsn credit card well we we basically give you 12 months of that vip financing you'd only pay the first 33 dollars and 33 cents tonight and and for most avid collectors mike the proof coin is where it's at right there's no doubt it's the coin that the united states makes for collectors i mean it's a collector edition coin it bears a mint mark on anytime the us government puts a mint mark on a coin it's in essence they're like signing the coin like an artist would sign it and so the united states government that they're releasing the proof american silver eagle this year they were supposed to release it uh january the 7th because of the shenanigans involved with the entire with the entire uh 2021 uh mint state coins they delayed the release of the proof coin they delayed the release of the proof coin for five weeks and when they did sell it which was last week the february 11th sold out in six minutes yeah on the public release day it sold out in six minutes well again we were part of this this was a there's 18 people that were part of a new program with the united states mid once again remember we had that with the annex coin the pre-release the the pre-first day of issue if you will that we that we had there was 18 people the annex coins was one person that did it and then this particular batch right here is another one of those 18 people so we represent two of the 18 of these special are these special rollouts that the united states man has been able to do with some of their mint partners which were one so what we decided to do is we we labeled this first day of issue in our liberty core that you've seen you see this at 2021 eagle i don't know anybody else that has a live 2021 eagle to show you i've got one i've got one right here we've got these ready to go we don't have to wait to see if the mint ship all the coins that sold out they're cancelling orders right and left and reallocating orders our we got our coins okay it's our first day of issue and i had what was the number i had on these i had about right about 800 of these right 800 of all the coins we got only about 800 of these came through that's 70 and then of course for that first day of issue really kind of almost pre-first day of issue because these were our allocation uh uh that we came our pre-allocation to release pre-release if you will we call it anything you want uh that you want to do with this but it's certified 70 in my exclusive liberty corps and the only time i have done a first day of issue in the liberty court is this coin it's that special member so the pre-points sold out we then have a small section of that that's in essence a pre-sell out if you want and that's what we have labeled that's why i have the coin right here right now and we have this as first day of issue we have this as first day of issue now i aired this one time i aired this one time prior to this airing we sold 300 361 of the coins we sold 361 of the coins when i started talking about this i had 475 coins left now because this is this pre-release kind of like you should call it everything you want a pre-release pretty rival whatever it is uh that we're going to have with that you call that like i said any any anything you want to call it because of that it is an absolute finite quantity so in other words there's no possible way for me to get an additional coin to be able to sell in this type one proof silver eagle for first day of issue when you're able to get other proof coins so as the fruit points sold out from the united states government in six minutes the regular crude coin sold out so this is the rarest coin the rarest annual issue proof still regal so the united states government made only three hundred thousand sold them out in six minutes created the rarest proof annual uh issue american silver eagle in the history of the united states man then started a brand new program that has never been done before that is in essence like i said a pre-release or pre-arrival whatever you want to call it on this with which this coin is one of those coins all right and so give you the opportunity to own an incredibly incredibly special coin 399 and i can tell you other ones of the of the 18 you know special distributors the collector distributors i'll call them the cds we're going to call them the cds the collector distributors okay all of those other ones i've seen wholesale prices above 399.95 wholesale i've seen wholesale prices above 3.99 i priced this right out of the chute probably should have waited because when with it because we had the pre-release coins we had those and there were not even 10 percent of the mintage not even 10 of the coins available were pre-released so it's a small subset to start with and then you divide that by 18.

So each one of these is represents one percent or so of the mintage little actually a half of a percent is is the closer percentage then the regular proof coin sold out in six minutes and doubled in price overnight i mean literally overnight doubled in price overnight so now they're double they're selling like crazy at double they can head to triple because the united states government is going to make any more of these i know they say officially that they're unavailable or whatever on the mint website but they're not gonna they're not gonna sell anymore they can't make any more these they gotta start making the type twos and that's where everything that we're selling tonight everything that's available tonight that's the dominant theme yes yes while this coin is the most popular silver eagle i have ever seen i believe it will pale in comparison pale in comparison to the type 2 when it's released and the united states mint knows that as well and they're not idiots they don't explain what they're doing they make money they know they are putting every single solitary ounce of their effort into producing type 2 american silver eagles because i can tell you right now whatever they can make they will sell okay it's not even a mintage thing whatever they can make they can sell they've proven that with the type ones the type two is exponentially going to be more popular because it's the change look the last is really really really important to collect the last coin in the series is is is crazily important to collect but the change the first coin well look what's happening to the 1986.

The 1986 american silver oil 70 you know we used to sell for 500 now it'd be a thousand i would assume 1200 1400 who knows ask what you want for the 86. it's like another one of those things there's not a price people ask me you know what about these pre-release coins this first day of issue is how we're designating it right here it's like there's no price nobody's going to sell these everything's going out at retail 3.99 4.99 5.99 it's going to be crazy out there with this special tranche of these early coins that are available out there in the marketplace so this is and once once this sells out that's it yep they are 100 percent irreplaceable they are 100 irreplaceable this incredible first name issue and i don't know if we like to say can we get in close we're showing you that's a 2021 proof silver eagle yes sir you want to know you got these early did you yeah it's right there okay yeah mike even in our last show in front of you you want to you want to know if we got them really yeah you're looking at one yeah remember in our last show remember in our last show there was a keen uh guest watching and they were like wait a minute but i'm buying the 2021 but that's a 2020 coin we hadn't had them yet we find we have them they're here and the race is on everybody and so what an opportunity to buy today and the fact that i can break it down into monthly payments i only have to pay the first 133 dollars and change you know so if you're really interested in doing this we're going to make it convenient for you and then remember too you've got those 12 months on your hsn card so if you rather put it on the hsn card well then you get 12 months interest free you'd only be paying the first 33 dollars and 33 cents it's a dollar a day for the next 12 months on that vip financing to have something that is you know is so incredibly valuable and mike for those people that are new to collecting you taught me you know proof is not a condition right because you're seeing these and they're so beautiful and the detail is there and that mirror finish right um this is what the collectors collect right the proof coins right well that's why it's sold out in six minutes so the the average mintage for united states annual issue proof silver eagle w man and the first couple years they were they were payments and estimates but they've been west appointment for 25 years the average mintage is probably pretty close to a million coins this is a third of the mintage for a coin that's five times more popular so instead of making 1 million they should have made 5 million instead of making 5 million they made 300 000 is it any wonder it sold out instantaneously in in six minutes and then so you have that sell out of the proof american silver eagle you have that sell out but then you have this coin that represents that special first day of issue that special pre-release coin that you're going to have from this as well that that is absolutely truly incredibly amazing is what that is and so to get this proof coin at all i think is going to be a trial here pretty quickly it's going to be a trial since the ungraded uncertified price has absolutely doubled within 24 to 48 hours i bet i'm anticipating seeing this as a tripling of that price pretty soon this is my original issue price it's a special part of a coin that is already the rarest regular issue silver eagle ever done by the united states myth it's already the rarest silver eagle proof silver eagle annual issue silver eagle ever made by the united states man and it's a coin where it should not be the rarest it should be the most common it should be the one it should be the one that they made the most of and so what that creates is an absolutely complete and undeniable collectible this is a collectibility on a level unlike anything unlike anything that's out there in the marketplace and you watch this going down so i had 800 and change i'm well over half sold out this is only my second airing you can see as they go down by ones and twos and threes and fours what the what the opportunity is for this as they go down by like i said threes and fours and fives what you have is a sold out coin that the mint is not going to restart right i think many people are going to hold out hope that the mint is going to restock this but i don't think they are and here's why and this comes from experience in 2009 they didn't make a proof silver eagle and you know why that is because by law they must fulfill the mint state demand so in other words that mint state coin they have to by law fulfill that demand before they go to the other coins they have not fulfilled the mint state demand folks i don't think even if they wanted to they can go back and i hope they do so so i mean they just go make another 200 000 of these and still be the rarest coin but i don't think they're going to i don't think they're going to make a single solitary additional coin of the american proof silver eagle right in 2021 type one they're gonna make a type two sure you're gonna have to have both of them yeah i would get this one right here right now while we have it while it's available and affordable while that price is still there that's the thing too if we have any of these left over we just can't hold that price so it really is an opportunity right here right now if you want it a couple of ways you can order with us you can call the phone number on the bottom of the screen you can go fastest way to order hsn.com or you can download our free app that's for apple or android it's 756-705 if you want it this is your 2021 proof 70 from ngc first day of issue type one silver eagle and that's the truth mike i mean they're going to have to focus on they're already in shortage right they're already you know they've got their hands tied right and they've got their hands tied in terms of production right with everything we're living right now they're going to have to focus their energies on the new design and type two 100 so what you're going to what they're going to create and i think this is this is kind of a foreshadowing of what's going to happen with the mint state coin is what's happening with this proof coin i mean they sold out the entire edition in six minutes all right i don't think they're going to make any additional coins that will make and if that's the case which i 100 believe that it is this coin is an absolute bargain at 399.95 you will look back at this and go advan i wish i bought multiples of that coin so the proof coin sold out it's first day of issue it's in my annex exclusive liberty holder we've already sold 500 in two airings in two airings i've sold 500 coins the entire universe is like 8.50 and once we do that there can never ever be so the entire population of liberty core first day of issue the entire population is going to be right whether the 870 or 900 coins whatever that number okay so run run run if you can pick up your phone place that order you still have 30 days to decide if you want it but we cannot keep that price we cannot keep these in stock and it is obviously a very important year for the silver eagle especially if you are picking up that proof set or that proof 756705 is your item number and with that final presentation of our best value of the day from mike we only do one silver eagle today special of the year there's a reason we did tonight take a [Music] look new and exclusive you will only find this and this opportunity here at hsn you are getting one of the world's most beloved uh silver coins and in its year of transition so that's it this design is going away as they focus in the type 2 and the new design that will be coming out at some point 2021.

Now what's really cool about this we've got a perfect rated coin mint state 70 right that's the highest in grading you got that perfect coin it's your 2021 this is the last of the design it is a first day of issue it's a limited edition that always makes it more desirable but what's really cool about this one is that it's a 2021 coin that was struck in 2020 and we've got verifiable evidence we've got photographic evidence not from mike and mike in his office this was the way they were delivered from the mint to annex and it is very very cool story we didn't stop there not only are you getting that you know even more covetable or more coveted reason to pick up that coin today we have over sixty dollars in bonuses we typically only offer the customer a grading certificate on new year's eve right and today we're including that in your today's special so you will have the ability to go ahead and grade two more coins that's included for you today that is a 38 value right there any coins you got laying around at home send them in get them graded it's such a cool opportunity we only do that when we're doing it today special and you're also going to be getting the customer pick presentation box the limited edition coin of course and then of course your certificate of authenticity for one day only and this is the last presentation 119.95 if you want to break it down into monthly payments you want to get it home pay it off over time you only have to pay that first 29.99 today 753 615 is your item number but what a way to kind of send off this type 1 coin this original design right since what for over 30 years that's going away so it's new it's exciting it's collectible if you've got any anniversaries that happen to land in 2021 i say pick this up it is such an important thing to own and collect it's a little slice of american history if you will and mike mizek our coin expert is here to tell us all about it so mike this is it final presentation last opportunity how exciting and i knew it had to be special because we don't do coin today specials we do one every year to have another one i said this was this literally was changed to today because you didn't even know about this right i had no idea we had no idea this coin was it was possible we had no idea this coin was even available we didn't even know that this queen existed until two three four weeks ago okay when we found this palette in essence when this palette was delivered and we saw exactly what we had first things first as you said and a bit of housekeeping here uh ultimately is what it comes down to remember at the end of this day the price should go to 149.95 and the grading certificate disappears so you lose a 38 bonus value and the price goes up 30 dollars so if you want to save the you want to save 70 bucks you better get on the phone right now so the 2021 eagle i've been talking about it for two hours there's not enough coins the meat can't make enough coins there's no possible way for them to make enough coins you've got the very last coin in the entire american silver eagle series that has looked exactly like this since the first year was made in 1986.

I have got this coin in stock ready to ship at 119.95 but it's not just any 2021 american silver because remember this is a transition coin this is a legacy coin when the united states mint announced in 2019 that they were changing the design in 2021 we assumed that that design change would come at the beginning of 2021 but in between 2019 and 2021 is 2020 2020 changes everything changes coins changes everything reduced production at the philadelphia man shut down to the west point in the san francisco mint the mint has been scrambling to keep up for a year now and they just absolutely so now add in now add in incredible demand unlike anything the mint has seen in a decade for american silver eagles and they don't have a prayer of making enough of these coins they don't have a prayer of making enough of these coins that's just the fact of the matter so i've got these coins and i've got them in stock already the authorized purchasers of this coin are the you know that sell this coin are the distributors of this coin because the mint doesn't sell them to the public they're already two or three weeks out of delivery they're already two or three weeks out of delivery in essence is what you're looking at on these particular coins so they can't at any way provide any of these coins the united states bid is going to start making the type twos pretty soon there is going to be an absolute complete and incredible shortage of these type 1 classic design coins but i've got them right here right now and i've got them with a 62 bonus but it's even more special now can we look at the picture oh yeah and this is what i'm talking about this is like the extra this is like something that i've not been able to do in almost 15 years we order our coins when i say we buy a lot of coins when i say we buy a ton of silver eagles i mean we literally buy tons of silver eagles i mean exactly literally tons of silver eagles we buy our silver eagles by the pallet 50 boxes 25 000 ounces at a time they're just easier to move and we sell literally thousands tens of thousands i mean you know we go through hundreds of thousands of american silver eagles in the course of a year between the peas and the asses and the w's and everything that we do so this palette which was shrink-wrapped all the way around from oh yeah states mint facility through the aps distributor facility all the way right on through to annex untouched when the people in annex the grading company open up the exterior shrink wrap they stopped in their tracks they stopped in their tracks and at least they had enough sense because they're experienced queen people even you know the warehouse people know what they're doing and they said whoa look at this this is dated this is different anytime they see something different they stop in their tracks and that's what we did here they stopped in their tracks they sent out these pictures and we went wow i've not seen this in 15 years the united states men used to date their boxes they used to be able to do things you know they did the pallets there was there was buck slips in the uh in the boxes that dated them and did all that they stopped that 10 15 years ago 2007 i think was their last year to do that we hadn't seen this in well over a decade almost 20 years we saw that and said okay that is something so now we know that this coin that was supposed to end in 2020 but now will end in the first six months of 2021 so it's a true transition coin but this coin is really the transition coin the only coin in the market that can say it it's dated 2021 right and it was struck in 2020 because that palette is dated it could have been dated in 2020 right we found out that that's exactly the case it was sitting there since 12 23 20.

They say on the right hand side it's 20 21 billion coins right so they know it's 20 so they had to differentiate it as it sat in the warehouse so they didn't accidentally send them out as 20 20 coins the middle numbers there are the box numbers that are on that palette we then confirmed that those coins were the first some of the first coins that were made by the united states man so we doubled triple quadruple checked and determined that indeed for the very first time we can categorically verify that the united states mint made this coin in 2020 even though it has a 2021 date on it i said occasionally in the past we were able to do that there's like some 22 000 coins that were struck in in 1999 we know about those right those coins can bring thousands of dollars in the 20 you know 2 000 struck in 1999 1999 struck in 1998 all of those coins they could bring spectacular they can bring spectacular premiums in the marketplace well this is true this struck in 2020 is true for what it's true for those 25 000 coins that's it i know of no other place with any other grading company and any other grade that you can get the 2021 silver eagle that was guaranteed guaranteed provenance to have been struck in 2020 okay i know no other place and we got more than one pallet that was the only pallet that had these markings on okay somehow it was sitting off by itself apparently and they had to mark it and they had to crack it i guess i don't know i'm speculating when it comes to that but we got to been through about 15 pallets this is the only one that was like that so i've got the coin and i've got it at the same exact price i sell the regular coin so you have a coin that is going to be an incredibly short supply they're only going to make 15 million i know that sounds like a lot but they normally make about 30 or 40 million of an american silver in 2012 they made 45 million they had 15 million if they made 50 million it wouldn't be enough coins because the demand is unlike anything i've seen out there but this is not one of the 15 million this coin starts out as one of 25 000 verifiable true transition legacy coins okay this starts out there that's the baseline for this coin and then out of that 25 000 only 10 987 only 10 987 of those coins are certified absolutely positively perfect wow that's it and as you look at this right now we've had a couple of presentations we have hundreds of people on the phone right now in our final absolutely final presentation i suspect i shouldn't be selling this so hard because tomorrow i get sold at 149 a night the price is only good until midnight and that and that's just it and mike for those people that don't know about the silver eagle dollar this is not just a popular coin in the united states it is one of the most beloved around the world would you tell the story because i know the design hasn't changed uh right since it launched in 1986 right yeah and you have to understand the design change is a big deal so they're actually going to change the design the new design will come out and basic i think july of this year so this year is going to have two silver eagles two different distinct american silver eagles are going to be produced this year when two different designs with the same date by the time we get to the type twos in the united states government the united states man has spent three or four months using every single ounce of their energy and production capacity to get ready for that launch okay to get ready for that launch of the new coin in july right these will fall by the wayside there's already not enough points and there's no way they can catch up they can't right now if i was to order coins from from one of the distributors i would take delivery perhaps in three weeks we have heard from reliable sources that the united states man is going to start making the type 2s in april that's six weeks away so at the end of the day if they're sold out three weeks in advance from the distributors we have at most at most three more weeks of production of this coin that is going to produce the rarest so it's just like the proof coin so you've got a coin that has the highest demand in terms of from collectors because it's such an important such an important numismatic transition piece or keystone or key date is what we call them this is a key date coin and then it's so critically important but instead of making three times as many they made us third as many as they should because they only released it for six months and if they made it for 16 months they wouldn't be able to make enough coins so they only made it for six months they're going to release it and they're going to probably stop releasing this coin once the type 2's come out they'll be absolutely no more releases of the type 1.

Yeah because their focus will 100 percent be focused will 100 percent be focused on the type 2s now is the time to get this coin first of all it's 30 off secondly i have 62 dollars worth of bonuses so in essence that makes this coin 59.95 first day of issue struck in 2020. that is a spectacular opportunity by itself if any of these go over until tomorrow okay any of these go over until tomorrow in essence what you do is you have the price you know you have to increase the hsn price and of course then you also lose the grading certificate we traditionally only do the grading certificate one time per year with the american silver eagle uh in our new year's eve edition that we do but this coin was so important it was so critical to uh to numismatic history we figured we'd do it again i mean this is a special year in a lot of ways so we're going to make it a special year in a lot of ways like i said this i i don't even remember when the last time if i've ever had two today's specials in a year we usually have one and one only i know i've done that for 10 years at least to have a second today's special the coin has to be phenomenal the coin has to be spectacular it really has to check all the boxes of collectibility of value and all that and this point 100 percent does that 100 percent does that i think we're probably just about over 8 000 of these we're pretty if not we're close to 8 000 with everybody on the phone i'm sure we're 8 000 or so coins uh that we're going to have so we're down to the last little bit and as literally hundreds and hundreds of people are going to roll in and try to order this coin do not get caught short and by the way go to hsn.com that's the fastest way to get yours i know that there's always a frenzy when it is the last presentation mic and so you're getting that beautiful pure silver bouillon coin one of the world's most popular silver collectible coins and you're getting it in its final year of this design so there's a little bit of that sentimental aspect if you're kind of you know hopeless romantic like me that design is going away and you know for a lot of us it makes us a little sad but it's kind of exciting because it's a a slice of history as we transition into a brand new design that as mike taught me you know by law cannot change for the next 25 years so once this coin is gone good luck i mean it's only going to get crazier and more expensive to go ahead and get it and to be able to get it a 2021 coin in that perfect condition struck in 2020 and that's certifiable that's verified we can assure you you even get that certificate of authenticity it's kind of like a picture yeah and we have proof and it's kind of like a little fluke that makes it even more you know desirable and coveted and at the end of the day we didn't stop there we're sending you the grading certificate so for two coins it's 19 apiece it's a 38 dollar value you're getting the customer pick oak presentation box your certificate of authenticity all you have to do today is say yup i do i do want this little piece of history i want to own it i want to gift it think about you know is it the grandchildren you know i started coin collecting because i started doing coins with mike overnight hours remember mike we would i would stand there and just i'd be silent because i knew nothing about coins and i started collecting from my three boys and they're fascinated and to pull them out and look at them and talk about the story a coin design that is going away forever and you know eventually they're just they're going to focus on the new design you just won't be able to get it and if you do find it not at this price and with these bonuses this is it final presentation exclusive you won't find this anywhere else 753 615 is your item number and so exclusive that not even mike knew we were doing this you found out about this four weeks ago my friend right isn't it four weeks ago well we presented it four weeks ago wow when we when we you know it took us you know we found the coins we saw what we saw we had to do our background work we had to do the detective work annex had to do that they had to be comfortable with the fact that we knew for the first because understand this hasn't happened in almost two decades that we've been able to certify and guarantee a coin struck in the prior year well we assume that the united states government we know that the united states government has made coins in prior years they did in 2019 18 17 16 we knew that but there was no way to prove that okay there's no way to prove that well this time we proved that okay and that's why we were able to put it on the coin so from it from from its macro standpoint let's go back to the big picture here the united states been announces that they're changing the design of the american silver eagle in 2021 they announced that in 2017.

I'm sorry 2019. they we assume as did the mint i think at the time of their announcement that they were going to change the design at the beginning of 2021. but in between november of 2019 and 2021 january 1 2020 happened 2020 changed everything for not calling i mean changed everything and so the united states bid because of reduced capacity of philadelphia the shutdown to the west point man the shutdowns at the san francisco mint which were extensive extensive shutdowns at the san francisco mint because of covet protocols and all of that because of that the united states mint decided that they absolutely positively couldn't release the new design at the beginning of 2021. so as a stopgap measure they decided to release the old design for six months and six months only as a placeholder almost well this placeholder has turned into probably one of the most significant numismatic coins ever made by the united states government certainly from a standpoint of of collectibility certainly from a standpoint of collector interest certainly by a standpoint of sales and i've sold more 2021 uh type 1 silver yields than i have of any other silver eagle in any other year and it's not even close and we are doing this in the face in the face of mintages of production that isn't at record levels and therein lies the problem we knew this was going to happen i didn't know how bad it was going to be in all honesty so when you know the first silver eagles came out you saw that big the picture of that palette of silver eagles we bought a bunch of pallets of silver eagles we brought every uh you know every economic uh opportunity that we had to bear we brought every credit facility that we could bring to the table and all we did was buy american silver eagle we just bought american silver eagles that's what we bought that's what we did okay and this is the end result out of all of those pallets out of all of those opportunities that you saw that you had right there all of those pallets all of those opportunities this one pallet stood out this one pallet stood out as a coin and it was dated and it was numbered and it was and it was delineated and we found out that we could establish the provenance that we could absolutely verify for the first time in a decade and a half that the united states mint absolutely had struck a 20 it has a 2021 date on it but it wasn't there it is dated and there it is right there so this is truly the transition coin so when the united states men envision doing this uh you know i don't know that they envisioned a coin that actually embodied this entire transition and that's 100 percent what we have right here we have the coin that 100 embodies this transition it was made in the year it was supposed to be the last year right it bears the date of the year that is actually the last year there's not 15 million of these there's 25 000 coins that fit this uh you know that fit into this tiny desirable uh subclass that you have right here we have only these but of those 25 000 coins which is a sliver a fraction of the coins that are available and even smaller slice or sliver or fraction or tranche of those coins meet the demands of absolute positive perfection and a limited edition of ten thousand nine hundred eighty seven so out of those twenty five thousand coins 10 987 of those coins and only 10 987 meet the moniker of 2021 struck in 2020 certified perfect mint state 70.

Um and that lady liberty there 70. and the only place to get them is right here and right now i didn't have to discount this thirty dollars i didn't have to put in a two coin grading certificate we didn't have to put in the red oak presentation box this coin is that collectible this point is that significant at every single solitary level of collectibility we didn't have to do that but then i don't know that i could i could in good conscience call it a today's right right because it has to meet a special designation at least to me for it to to for it to be a today's special and this coin meets every single solitary one of those criteria every one of them that makes this a special collectible that makes us a generational collectible makes it a sold out collectible makes it an exclusive collectible all of those things that you want to bring to the table that really brings that special today's special value to this is what this coin does as much as probably any coin i've ever done and as you look back this is one of those points that will look even better in the rear view mirror but only if you purchase it in my opinion for you to be able to get this and this we are in the midst there's not going to be a as you know at 11 p.m presentation they're talking about that yeah this is the last presentation of the day there's not nothing in the 10 o'clock hour nothing in the 11 o'clock hour this is it we're done gone and over for presentations with this i don't have any more juice left in me i've been doing this since midnight last night and this is all that there is and the quantities on these were down to i don't know i guess about 2 000 coins roughly give or take hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people on the phone and mike what you don't want to do is go out there and try to find this coin in that wild west of coin shopping because they're in a year of transition in a year where that historic design is going away she is walking liberty walking away right that will never be again there are a lot of counterfeits there's a lot of shady coin collecting going on please shop in confidence with us we've been selling and presenting beautiful collectibles and coins for over 30 years now we are your one stop shop for these fine collectibles and in such a historic year you want to know where you are shopping what your source is for one day and one day only it is a super value 119.95 remember you're getting 62 dollars in bonuses alone just for picking it up today if there are any left over those bonuses go away and then the price goes up to 149.95 so pick it up today if you've got a couple of grandchildren go ahead and get them into the coin collecting i know it's the reason i started my boys on coin collecting if you know any expecting mom child being born for the first time 2021 i mean it just is an out of the box little slice of history that is so valuable such a special gift mike final two minutes here 753-615 is your item number it is a little sentimental to know that that design will never be again it's a brand new design but if you are a fan of walking liberty right that original design since 1986 um this is your opportunity right because it's going to be completely different mike well the reverse of the coin will be different the eagle instead of being the morality eagle will be an eagle in flight the others of the coin will stay the same actually the lady liberty the walking liberty that is the most iconic design ever put on an american coin so here's really what it comes down to the united states government this is a cataclysmic a titanic absolutely phenomenal change by the united states government they're changing the design of the silver american silvigo for the first time in 35 years they by law cannot change it again for another 25 years it quite literally makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity and that's what you need to treat it as now add in that once in a lifetime opportunity that's for the entire big tent part of the american 2021 silver eagle the 15 million coins which is about 35 million coins short of what the united states government needs now within that 10 there's like a vip section if you will and that's where this coin is this one pallet of coins this little tiny section of 25 000 coins that were struck in 2020 that's what we have here and of those 25 000 coins only 10 988 of them are certified absolutely positively perfect and every one of them is available exclusively exclusively from right here at hsn i want to remind you not only will you get that 2021 last year of this design in perfect condition first day of issue limited edition coin but you are getting the grading certificate for two other coins that's a 38 value you're getting the solid oak presentation box it's a customer pick on its own at 24 and change you're getting sixty two dollars worth of bonuses and that kind of anomaly right that 2021 coin struck in twenty twenty twenty right so twenty twenty one coins struck in nineteen twenty twenty which is really just so exciting if you want it today 753 615 is your item number mike thank you so much for bringing us such exciting collectibles have a beautiful evening friend you've earned it thank you very much you as well bye mike take care i leave you with the beautiful cali and some great electronics next everybody thank you for shopping with me have a beautiful night adios [Music] g by juliana is for the confident fashionable amazing woman she can expect to feel comfortable she can also expect a lot of compliments [Music] they'll be asking who are you wearing we love our gemstones to be beautiful colorful and durable that's why we give some of them a little more love enhancements may require special care and may not be permanent while others may last a lifetime [Music] for more information visit hsn.com and search gemstone care to see our gemstone enhancement chart

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