How Will Tezos Outcompete Ethereum?

Ethereum is suffering from their own
popularity in terms of prohibitively high gas costs, and lots of developers
are looking for alternatives. What do you think Tezos can do to capture
some of that mindshare and avoid some of the scalability issues of Ethereum? Well, you know, Tezos isn't a sentient being. I think it requires a general
community around the Tezos ecosystem, which means doing things
like addressing your own gas costs. A lot of the Tezos platform
is still very much oriented towards being conservative in its
performance and things like this. So, there is a proposal period that would benefit from addressing some of these issues
that Tezos has in its own right. And then also more broadly
the community could also pick up the mantle of making
Tezos more accessible to people. And I think a lot of great
strides have been made, so I don't mean to discount
the work that's been done. I think getting things like Truffle to
support Tezos has been a huge coup, for example, and also things like SmartPy, and all the
great work that you guys are doing over at TQ has been fantastic.

So I think we're very much on the way
of becoming very appealing to people who've seen Ethereum as
a great way to prototype. I don't look at anything
in the Ethereum suite of projects that are out
there and think like, "Oh man, I wish they could be on
Tezos." Everything's pretty
immature at this point, and I think like it's still very much
early days for the entire space and I kind of hope that as the
space matures and we get more insight into how
this De-Fi stuff works out — because there's still follies and weird
things that have happened in that space. Well, there's a huge second mover advantage there, right? There's a huge benefit to
being the second mover.

But anyway…. The early bird gets the worm but
the second mouse gets the cheese, and I've said this many, many
times in the history of Tezos. I very much feel like we're making
a lot of strides as an ecosystem in attracting people who cut their
teeth on Ethereum and maybe see the virtues of Tezos because of that. But also, there has been a lot of knowledge that
has come from seeing consensus operate for the last few years and seeing the
projects that have come out that have actually gotten really great adoption
and trying to replicate that.

We've seen that with the version
of Metamask for Tezos, right? Or a type of Metamask for Tezos. We have a few things that thrived in
the Ethereum ecosystem that have been replicated to go on Tezos, and then we've taken some things one
step further and come up with their own riffs and versions of things. So, I think it's been really healthy so far
in being an attractive option. But yeah, Ethereum has a first mover advantage and
it's going to be a little while before that either fails or is eclipsed..

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