How VeChain (VET) reaches $10 Easily | VeChain (VET) the Future of Cryptocurrencies | Coin To Buy

today we talk about the upcoming rise of v chain and how we'll easily reach 10 now full disclosure i just loaded up on a ton of v chain well actually 10 metric tons of v chain to be exact now at 18 cents per coin it hardly breaks the bank which makes it one of the best coins to buy right now considering its real world application now let me know in the comment section which cryptocurrency you think will be the next superstar now let's dive right in the power of v chain so what makes v chain so special compared to the other gazillion crypto coins out there by the way shout out in the comment section if you played gazillionaire classic well for starters v-chain solves a massive problem which is the hundreds of billions of dollars in counterfeit products worldwide that is on track to hit well over two and a half trillion dollars in the coming years now the biggest industries affected by all of this are clothing footwear and leather goods and this market is shifting more and more online now in addition to this the market for genuine secondhand products is exploding we even see companies like the real real specializing in rare and very high-end luxury products going public and having 2 billion dollars of market cap so there is a major need for buying and selling these high value items but currently there's no foolproof way of verifying that any of these items are real this problem doesn't just end with fashion think of buying and selling art or wine every time you need some snobbish expert to tell you that something is real or not and then after paying them a massive fee you find out days later that this guy rudy kearney won has been selling 28 million dollars of fake wine so this just shows how much we need a robust international system and a huge market for the v chain token by allowing us to authenticate every single item in the supply chain starting with the grapes of a specific region all the way to the complex semiconductors needed to power your interplanetary spacecraft with apple carplay but no android auto sorry guys now you might say well that's nice and all that it stops counterfeiting but what does v chain actually do for me how does v chain go to 10 and starts benefiting me other than making my totally sweet gucci drip more expensive well this is where v chain thor energy comes in or vtho before we continue please like and subscribe to the channel for more finance and banking information you see in order to register all the data for every product in the supply chain you need to write this data to the v chain thor blockchain this data which consists of sending vt tokens or data to smart contracts is basically a transaction and like any transaction you need to pay a fee which is paid in vtho the amount of etho you pay for a giving transaction depends on how much data you want to write to the blockchain for a simple vt token transaction you could pay as little as 30 vtho and for a more extensive smart contract data set you might need to pay a thousand vtho so naturally as more and more industries worldwide are adopting the v chain technology the demand for vtho will skyrocket since all these companies will want to register their own product and they also want to verify products they receive from their suppliers now the relation between the v chain coin and the vtho or energy as it's called is such that holding the v chain coin generates vtho energy and if you're thinking that's like goku with a spirit bomb you are correct now the more vt you hold the more vth o you produce so now you start seeing why v chain will explode and can easily get to 10 and beyond because all these fortune 500 companies are backing v chain or are actively implementing v chain in their business model which will pave the way for future cryptocurrencies this relationship between vtho and the fee chain coin makes fee change such a practical coin for long term real world usage since it allows for the price of a transaction to be somewhat stable or at least very low even when the coin itself is skyrocketing if you compare v-chain to ethereum for instance you see that the average transaction fees can easily double in just one or two weeks and it can even go up to five or six times in a couple of months this is not ideal for major corporations that want to do thousands of transactions every day within their supply chain with the v chain tor blockchain you get a much lower and more stable transaction fee that is usable in real world applications now currently v-chain is not even available on massive platforms like coinbase which makes it the perfect time to start loading up because when it becomes easier for more and more people to purchase the coin and more and more companies start implementing it in supply chain the price per coin will snowball even harder so this adopting of v chain as a practical real-world coin on such a large skill is a huge step forward for cryptocurrencies the vechain foundation understands like no other that the future of crypto is mass adaptation and this is why they are setting up a million dollar grant program for individual developers to set up their own nodes and contribute to the vechain thor blockchain and the worldwide nft ecosystem vtho is also tradable on the open market so manufacturers are not obligated to hold v chain coins to pay for transactions this makes the whole technology even more practical and easier to adopt the uses for vchain thor blockchain are truly endless and will benefit any company or individual who needs to be sure that a delivered item is genuine and safe this global need will power the price for vechain for years to come this was the v chain to ten dollars please like and subscribe to the channel for more finance and banking information

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