How to Wifi Tether on Rooted Verizon Galaxy Note 2!

hi folks its max from galaxy note 2 root comm so uh over last couple days I've been in South Lake Tahoe and on the way there I brought my Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and I totally forgot I haven't even figured out Wi-Fi tether so I started I try using the Android Wi-Fi tether at four rwby users which usually works for most phones and also even tried Fox V both of those didn't work but I figure out a way what you need is the moderate version this is the same as the Wi-Fi tether at but it's by Treve and it works just fine let me show you how to install it you'll first need a rooted verizon galaxy note 2 if you don't have it root it to go to my site there's routing instructions go ahead and route your Verizon Galaxy Note 2 after you route it you'll need to download a file from download android rom-coms so go to download android rom-com alright and also i'll have a link to the file straight if you don't want to go browse but i'll show you and then go to APK from the homepage of download android rom-com and you'll find your Wi-Fi tether right there and i've actually put the version i used so i'm because the future versions i don't know they'll work but this one works just fine go to trev e trev trev Wi-Fi tether Trev and you'll find this Wi-Fi tether be three underscore 3 – pre – apk go ahead and download that um wait like five seconds here and you'll be able to get the download link and this is a moderate version has more options than the regular version and allows you to tether on your price and Galaxy Note 2 now remember this will you know only let you not pay for the you know the monthly tethering charges but you still it still gets counted under your data plan but if you have unlimited unlimited grandfather plan like I do you can get unlimited grandfathered tethering free so uh once you download it if you can't open it go ahead and download ES File Explorer or any file explorer and go browse to your SD card and then download folder where you'll actually find the actual file that you download it and go ahead and I have actually two copies here because i download twice but go ahead and click on it and you'll be able to install it if you get some kind of unknown sources error just go to settings and you know you can click unknown sources on it and then try going back to yes file explorer and install it so once you've installed it you should have Wi-Fi tether Treve mod the Trevi mod is allows you to you know get it working so here we're gonna go to change device profile set it to generic ICS JB wlan0 this one alright and next you're gonna go change setup method to net n DC master alright and also make sure uh send that the max max a client CMD is on and also sets Wi-Fi encryption out to whatever you want I'll just put um let me just put ten A's one two three four five six oh six seven eight nine ten I just put a nice all right for my encryption SSID you can call it whatever I'm gonna call Android tether note that whoops let me just call it note too viii note 2 for Verizon notes all right vino 2 and channel mom you can put it whatever and also make sure Wi-Fi driver reload is checked on all right and keep going down and make sure routing fixes on and that's all it's required and you should be all good to go and go back and start tethering and make sure you hit grant when that comes up and let me go ahead and connect it from my other AT&T Galaxy Note 2 and show you that it's working so it's tethering and also you can go to menu buttons show log make sure there's no errors no errors all right you should be all good to go so let me go ahead and connect it to the new Wi-Fi there you go I got V note 2 and once this shows up it's pretty much guaranteed you're gonna get a free tethering so I'm gonna press Tenace 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 connect and boom Shakalaka we've got free tethering this is running off my verizon Galaxy Notes 4G LTE oh let's go to Google oops Google calm now let me just type whatever there you go so Google works let me go ahead and download speed tests real quick to show you that it's working fine well let's just do it together yes there we go let's be test and this should download really fast because I get pretty good speeds here in my basement office so that's it pretty much and you should have a free tethering and again this does count under your data plan so you know but you don't have to pay separate for monthly tethering charges so it lets you bypass it and if you have grandfathered unlimited plan like I do then you get free tethering but just don't abuse it you know they might kick you off for ice and if you abuse it like you know just use it lightly don't go overboard and you know run your whole internet off it or download a bunch of like HD movies I use abouts you know somewhere in between anywhere between 2 to like 10 gigabytes per per month on my unlimited plan which is you know average but I think if you go over that like go like 15 or 20 gigabytes they'll probably cut you off because you know you're using up you're abusing the service there you go so I've got 7 megabits per second download with the tether on and mine's tethering you can turn it off at any time and you can see clearly see I've already used seventeen point four five megabytes during that test anyway thanks you guys for watching this video if you liked this video as always don't forget to hit that like button here subscribe on up there and if you want to know more information about the note2 stuff don't forget sign up for my email list at galaxy note 2 root comm we update you once a week with one with week tips axe or more and also enjoy your free tether and you know now you can get free tethering on your verizon galaxy note 2 and i think if you have if you're having trouble with some other the regular Wi-Fi tether for other phones you can try this method too although I haven't tried it it might work on those occasions where you're having trouble not just Verizon this might method my work for many other phones so anyway thanks you guys see y'all later have a great day

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