How to Use Two Factor Authentication(2FA) on Binance

welcome to what is two-factor authentication and how to set up for Barnett's pc and mobile there are a huge number of methods for hacking and circumventing password authentication so two-factor authentication is essential to your account security what is two-factor authentication two-factor authentication is when you're a collector an account with two factors or locks a factor is split into three categories the first thing the users knowledge like a password second being some the user owns like a phone with an opponent can authenticate the user and the third being the users biometric traits like a fingerprint to truly be protected by two factor authentication your account must require two locks of different factors before granting access the two main factors used by pioneers of the password as well as either an SMSF Navigator or Google Authenticator through your phone let's talk about the difference between a to SMS Authenticator what is it when creating an account you provide your mobile phone number whenever you want to log in the server sends you an SMS message with a verification code that expires you have to import that number to complete the logging in process the pros it's extremely convenient readily available in quick and easy to use although since mobile phone numbers aren't actually tied to devices hackers can actually circumvent SMS based authentication without ever touching your phone though it is not easy and alva downfall is that you need phone reception whenever you plan to use it now Google Authenticator what is it when you create an account you're assigned a secret key then generates one-time passwords every 20 seconds using the secret key as a seed and you need these one-time passwords to log in the pros has good encryption the kurds are generated based on a mixture of the secret key and the current time which means you can get valid codes on your device even when you have no reception and no mobile service and since the secret key is thought on the device itself it can't get insulted by hackers the cons you can't lose the secret key the secret key is what you need to deactivate Google with indicator on your account in case you lose your phone of the opponent okay now let's look at how to set up these two authenticators for your account on bindings so softer SMS we can together you want to set over to your account page and then go to SMS authentication start enabling process now you'll need to enter your phone or phone number with the country with the country code you're from so once you've entered that number you want to send the SMS this SMS will then come through to your phone almost instantly and then look something like this this block and submit and now SMS authentication is set up your by enhance account so whenever you log in you will then be sent an SMS authentication code and you have to input that number we have to enable Google authentication you want to click enable on your account homepage now you want to download and install the Google authentication now once you've done that your phone should then look something like this now you want to hit begin and scan the QR code given to you by buying ads now you can go to the next step this is your backup key you need to keep this backup key on paper as this will allow you to recover your Google authentication in case of phone loss to make sure you write this down and make copies of it so you don't lose it now I'm gonna be able to go next step again and now ask your login password it's just your normal pass into your account and your Google Authenticator code no space in between your two Google Authenticator numbers enable Google authentication now Google authentication is enabled in your account you'll be able to use a Google authentication code to log into your account now for Barnett's mobile so said of you sir i can't we go to your account page from here you want to go to security and here is your options for your authenticators now you have a standard google can together an SMS alternative and the bottom these are the exact same setup as you did on Pacey so I'd highly recommend doing one of them or even both they both have the optional touch ID which is your fingerprint and also pattern with just a simple pattern you can set off its secure age although it's technically it's never the password so you not truly be protected by two factor authentication like you want to be yeah you know exactly I set up two expected for your account and exactly where it is so I highly recommend you go do that for your account it's a really secure your account and keep it safe happy trading and thanks for watching

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