How to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance (Simple Tutorial)

hey guys welcome to another video episode of coin sutra I'm your host Hirsch Agrawal well in this video you are going to learn how you can transfer Bitcoin from coinbase to be Nan's wallet and you want to do that for multiple reason number one coin base charges immense amount of fees on trading fees and they have limited number of coin now if you have somebody who is from us well banan's does not allow people from us but you can always use VPN to use banan's without giving your ID and up to orbit drawl off to BTC a per day you don't need to show them any ID so your best way is use a VPN now let's go ahead and let's learn how you can transfer Bitcoin from coinbase to be mance and if you have any question after that feel free to ask me in the comment section below alright so the very first thing you need to do is you need to log into your Bonanza coinbase dashboard which would look something like this and then you need to go to banants if you don't have an account create an account you can find the link in the description or you once you're logged in then you need to click on wallet spot wallet the first thing that you need is your Bitcoin deposit address for your bonanza count and to do that just simply go to wall it spot wallet here you will see BTC Bitcoin make sure it's Bitcoin and snort Bitcoin cash or any other Bitcoin you want to make sure it's BTC Bitcoin click on deposit and here you will find your BTC deposit address simply click on copy address now go back to coinbase dashboard alright so once you're on coinbase dashboard click on send here in the pay with select Bitcoin alright and rather than dollar value click on this okay now into the amount that you want to transfer you will probably see your Bitcoin balance over here so in this case let me just transfer 0.01 BTC and these address that we have copied now just simply paste it over here so you see like the coin is shows option one is to add email and secondes or address and this part a lot of people find confusing so you know that's where the confusion comes from either way just piss that race time the message and click on send and that's it now now click on send now and you need to add you to a fake code let me just quickly add that this alright and it looks like it well the balance dropped already and your send is in progress now this may take about 10 minutes to 1 hour for your Bitcoin to be transferred from coinbase to banan's it could be faster it all depends on few factors but anyways this is how you you will transfer Bitcoin from coinbase to pin install it as a beginner you may find this very interesting but I also recommend you to check out my other videos on point super youtube channel you'll find a lot of value there a lot of stuff that will help you to graduate in this field of cryptocurrency I also recommend you to check out coin sutra comm to pay attention to the home page we have something very exciting coming up so with that guys I'll see you in the next video bye bye this is harsh [Music]

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