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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Cody do you sleep when do you sleep man? You're on here more than me? Morning everybody So, thanks What's going on big crypto hey Rhino how you doing man? Good morning everyone good morning top of the morning to ya hello You hear that I'm not a feeling Markets never sleep Nice as a good price I Still have mine. I'm just waiting But yeah, if you were able to get out above 0.09 and it's a solid come up What was it when we were looking at it? It was like point? Oh wait Maybe it hadn't broke out yet like that, but it's not done It's not done one of my buddies was uh in uh China had a big black black chain thing and they were talking about c-catch over there So I think it's just getting started for that one the resurgence Let's put our timer up like five minutes if you guys want a chart or something like that super chat is available Let's see hi mom What's up everybody Hmm Holland's and the bills and Boys and blue got me blocked ofb So I have to just use my regular one so it's fine, I've traded my life to crypto already They're gonna come up Good good.

Yeah, if you got out and kept laughing. That's a good deal Yeah, it's Zeke ass is definitely a better Better trait, then what's a name plead to see at the moment? ATC is gonna have its day though probably just one day but It's coming Frank's been drinking again Good good, I ride I ride Morning everyone top of the mornin to ya. What is it Thursday morn? I don't even know the days anymore Half the time I don't even know to date, and I looking at the things on this on this little thumbnail Like I was like oh my god. It's almost October What happened to September So yeah we got et8 we're going to be doing today And then that should give us a pretty good jump on everything That's the other thing eat the edges salads out of play Two minutes everyone make sure you hit that thumbs up button We've been slacking on the likes I think I might have to cut y'all off we can't get how many people we got in here 47 people we only got 17 likes 48 people 17 lights I'll tell you what what we gonna do it now 70% engagement that's what we're going for 70% so if we got 40 people times 0.7.

We need to be at 30 likes inside of 90 seconds 23:28 Okay That's all I gotta do just let y'all give you all the number and we get through it in like six seconds. Thank you Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I'm out here. I'm out here in the morning Ain't even really had breakfast yet Thank you guys Thirty Seconds where to go There it goes all right round what you want, man. Let's see, let's see what big Ryan lo EMC About to burn 25% their client and update their core So they're destroying their own economy EMC. That's einsteinium oh I gotta share this video. How come nobody let me know who's Gabe is that that's supposed to be somebody's job You We will be back, I really need to I don't know why that Sound keeps turning off. I need to just take that setting off because that happens too much. Let me do that now Yeah, I know I know I know I got it Yeah, we're good now We're good, we're good Yeah, it's just like this a hot key that I said a long time ago that It's the escape key, but I never hit the escape key, so Apparently I did somehow Cool we will be back in two minutes See it Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boat and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It's called bit quick Co There's a link in the description and it's in the number one comment on this video you go to their website You're gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money You want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Once you have that amount ready you let them know how you want to pay for it You can either do a cash deposit or money transfer through a major bank right here in the USA You pick what bank you want? And it's quite convenient to my house a big thing to note here is you only have three hours to get that cash money into The bank account that they send you once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin Notice that.

There is a two percent fee this morning when I sent five hundred dollars. They charged me ten Dollars to send it, but that's not bad at all in crypto land so you click on next right there after it's confirmed And they'll send you an email And notice this is cash only you guys don't go online and try to transfer it into a person's account because it won't work you Need to go into a bank with cash money in the email that they send you they'll put their name They'll put a 12 digit account number. They'll put that holders state That's all you need and they will also confirm your Bitcoin address where the money will be sent Biggest thing to note here is that you will need to receive the upload link And send them the receipt of the transfer This is what that looks like all you do is you take a picture of? The deposit receipt after you send it you type in that little no refunds for a big quick on Bitcoin boom upload it into that email right there using that link and Congratulations, baby.

You are now a part of the money team. This is the boat with another breakthrough website for you guys I hope it helps, and I hope you will be profitable and prosperous in the market. Let's go boss Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK And if you like me you must not like money today is September 28th day number two video number one of the day, but it's the second day part two of Superman and aetherium, you know I feel like I need to Put my cape on you know get the fan blowing You know and just stand there real big. I think what we'll see in the next Three two to three weeks is a shift in the economy where a lot of these altcoins are gonna be getting a lot of industrial money up until now the attention has been on Bitcoin Bitcoin cash a little bit of – but Now we're gonna see a lot of those smaller alt coins that have essentially dried up since March April May Get some of that money back z cash ATX has a newer one, but it just had a big pipe pop golem.

You know a lot of those coins that Knossos that everybody was talking about three months ago coming back around This is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best. My name is BK My friends know me as a crypto traitor, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I'm able to grace this microphone with my voices another day somebody can prosper as a result and today is no exception With this video right here, we have a question of the day I'll be giving that question of the day out at the end of the video so make sure you watch it all the way through And on that you will comment your answer And then I will answer from that on tonight's video to give away some free money so you see we just Link it in you know and keep that money train rolling.

You know so with that being said we're gonna jump straight into the chopped if you remember on our last video we talked about all the macroeconomic forces you know that were really helping aetherium to You know kind of break away from from Bitcoin right? You know. I think the spotlight is on Bitcoin is it that gonna go? 4440 100 oh my god, it's at 3,600 right at the end of the day who really cares We have an entire economy Building off and aetherium has almost broken apart completely and has its own crypto first being built on top of it with the ERC 20 with metropolis You know with all the technological innovation waves you know the different things Building on top of etherium to where it's no longer Just Bitcoin, and you know all these up coins around the etherium is essentially its own Universe as well in its own right and because of that it's almost entering a new Cycle that we're about to check out right now, so if we go to trading view dot-com We're gonna see a chart that looks like this let's go ahead and Bring this up And now you see tradingview calm The Trend lines were using a seven twenty one and a seven 17th candle wick is a three hundred and forty three minute Candle again.

This is intellectual property patented process owned by Brendan Kelly, LLC if you're a profit-seeking entity do not Use it reuse it or rebroadcast it without my express written permission If you're a person by all means use it use it abundantly it works quite Marvelously and I give it to you completely free of charge With that being said this is what we look at would etherium We can see that on this long trend we had this huge breakout over here This is when everybody was you know everybody was saying oh my god aetherium is you know the next best thing but Alec walks on water and Trump loves Putin and you know and all this then reality happened right then we kind of came back down to earth and Settled down if you recall I think to nine somewhere in here It was like June 11 through 14 somewhere in there I made that don't believe the hype video sell aetherium at three hundred and sixty dollars and it BAM fell off the side of a cliff So no we have a situation to where again what I said it looks like we are coming to the completion of a cycle Because when you look inside this chart, you can see firsthand how? We almost have two parabolas right and that white line is really the main indicator the white line is a 261 day moving average and that thing is almost coming to a complete stop and when that happens You know right around that time? Is right when lightning strikes? And we're able To really make some money Same thing is happening with the 77 it's just happening on a Longer scale right this thing goes back.

You know when it broke out here and make Shout up the chops came back down and Now this thing is basically running our baseline Under aetherium right so essentially when that white and that orange connect you know if you remember in my first videos That's when I would say that's when when all those moving averages come together that is when lightning strikes And that's when all of that energy that has been stored up inside that chart is really just Dispelled into the universe and this thing is able to jump up out And really make a lot of money in a short amount of time so what we're looking at now is We want to analyze how all of that comes together right and In doing so first of all we're going to let's just throw this up here right now Get rid of this. Let's just Get all of these out of here real quick Tell you we go first thing we're gonna Do is we need to draw a trendline and so when we draw our trendline? We want to go back as far as possible with as much relevant information as possible That's still pertinent to the present right let's get this out of here, too And So in doing that I'm gonna take our starting point we're gonna go all the way back go take you back Lay back Right about there.

What is that right around February because when we zoom in some zoom in a little bit Yeah right up in here So this is when that little dip happened right there That's gonna be the first area of our trendline because essentially when that green broke out from that dip It was ready to make some money right and that orange started running as a result so we'll take our first point of the turn line right there Green Orange BAM That's our first one and now we're just gonna scroll up a bit So we can see where we need to put this second point All right cool, so now we're going to put this second point At the top top top Where that green? Broke down that so now inside of that one trendline, and then I cannot draw little circles for you guys, so We have it So that's the second intersection And this is the first one All right and Inside this one trend line right here.

We have all of that run rate, right That's a lot of money you guys and that is a lot of Energy right that aetherium stayed true to during that time, right? almost six months Almost a thousand percent trapped inside That little bitty line so that's important to know right, that's gonna That's going to be very important in the future next thing we want to do is We want to identify our breakdown Rate and this one sometimes can be a little bit more challenging But one of the things I've learned That we touched on earlier is When this white and this orange come together? It's usually a pretty big moment in time Right and you can see that it happened twice on this side of the chart right there and right there so that would be a pretty good indicator of the macro cooldown happening inside of aetherium during this point in time Right if we go from right there Right there I'm just trying to think if we need to put it at the bottom of that green or not actually hold on Let's come back to that I Don't like the way that looks right now.

I think that's still forming out it hasn't settled yet So we have our runway run rate now Next thing we can do is get our Fibonacci levels and a lot of people ask me. How do I? Freestyle on a Fibonacci well let me tell you a secret. I'm like dialog I spit hot fire Hot fire and know hot fire and when I freestyle over Fibonacci you best believe it's going platinum son Platinum we make hits in this booth Sorry, I watch too much dave chappelle in my free time Sorry I'm sorry anybody even seen that episode like you got to admit that show was pretty funny We got a breakout to breakdown you know Bam Bam And it's just that easy like I don't I don't know what lesson I could give on that like you just look for two spot In the chart like it's no book.

It's no chapter It's no you know theology behind it all you're doing it would have Fibonacci is You're looking to separate the chart into sections, right? And you know just in looking at this thing. I guess we can start to do this. Let's do this We can turn the white off. We can just look at the orange and the green Right, and then we could even turn orange off and let's just look at the green We can see that this thing Kind of like it doesn't all go up in one level it has this little bitty run right here And then it comes down and breaks down well You know just just drop a line right there and say okay? that's gonna be one section if we looked at that you know for a You know and then you even take this moment in time where we started at so you copy and paste that white line Throw it back right we got that right there.

Now you say okay. Well that was one little Cycle of aetherium that's a healthy you know Breakout correction into another breakout that is what it looks like this essentially becomes our first Fractal of aetherium like if I really wanted to break this thing down I could look inside this you know two months and probably learn more about aetherium Than most people have been able to analyze all the way over here because this was like a complete Cycle young-sam and that in turn was able to build out this one, right? It's one leads into the next as above so below and this was like our first complete little run and as a part of the cycle, so Another thing you could do is just you know draw like and this is why I like the crosshairs you notice I have crosshairs on my mouse.

It's a reason for that. This is so that whenever I want to adjust Freestyle at triangle I'm able to like pinpoint it with this intersection over here So notice the crosshair is extending I'll just extend it straight up and wait to the intersection lines up and I make that The corner of my axes and I say okay Well that triangle you know gives me most of that energy right that's essentially Replicating the energy in that little cycle So I'm going to say all of that energy equals the energy in that triangle right And this is all Elliot waves does this is all. You know the Fibonacci does to an extent as it makes little equilateral triangles 30-60-90 triangles that you know in turn replicate everything else coming after it So now you can see that even in this vivid nachi So say we were just looking at this little part of the chart How would I draw a Fibonacci on that I would go break out? Probably right there to break down Right Hold on hold on how would I do that section if I was looking at this thing then we would need to read And this it yeah, so I would do breakout to break down right there So if we were just doing that triangle fibonacci Do breakout and actually I wouldn't even do it there because you see even inside that triangle we had another little Run and we actually didn't start till right there, so you see like and this is where they talk about like the monsters in Algebra, you know the classic Mathematical unknown proofs or whatever more, or less infinite division But more or less break out the break down bam bam right and not, but that's all I do I just look for where does this thing self divide it where can I find the closest intersection that gives me the largest? Return and weird at that intersection cross back down it so for a small small small triangle I'm using the green line and the red line for intersection But this is the exact same thing break out to break down.

You know it Consolidated right on top of the money zone, which is a very very very strong consolidation? And then it kept on going right into our next cycle right on top of the money zone is very very strong Inside the money zone right around that 50% line is pretty still pretty strong once it dips below that And consolidates on top of that two three six that is essentially a complete Reset that means instead of you know carrying out all this momentum It's gonna go back to the very beginning of a cycle, which looks something like this where it just barely You know does anything has a bigger one comes back? You know so it like goes back over right it starts the wave count at one for all you Elliott Wave fanatics, so Essentially that's your freestyle lesson for the day, right? So now back to a theory in back to this right here right now.

I'm right yeah We need to see where we're breaking down that and what that looks like Turnout 77 back line Alright so first thing I'm gonna do is Take this point and we could color this line blue. Just so we know what it looks like Take this point One Two There you go, that's our breakdown line and the reason I Didn't pick this line Right because technically this was like green below orange over there Because it's too sharp right this orange line is still like very very very down except for when we broke down right there That orange line now is basically the last one and now it looks like it's gonna flatten out and it wants to go up So essentially this intersection right here was the closest to the end of the cycle that I was able to get right so we can just copy and paste a little circle You know and it's not always gonna be perfect some charts are more clear than others You know, but as close as you can get and now look at that That's our bigger 30 close to 30 60 90.

Let me see if we could get a better one Oh Break down oh my bad. You know what I did wrong because this was a breakdown line This one should be a break out line because they have to complement each other They have to offset each other so that's my bad, so it should actually beat this line and now that looks a lot better Because these lines should almost form like perfect. You know angles 30 degree angles right and now check this out. This is our big 30-60-90 triangle Inside aetherium Given us all of that energy Right and so now you start to see that This triangle is essentially equal to that triangle is just offset a little bit spun around and stretched out But to an extent these energies are similar to each other right Again even if I want it to Maybe that's it, but we'll keep we'll keep it where we have it right now I don't want to confuse you guys too much But just know that you can play with it when you know when something like this is what a theory um Probably be that one to be honest I'm just look now.

I'm just comparing like those interior angles and to see which one you Know looks the best because now it's like a You know you just have to like go with the most natural line Right, which is hard. I can't really describe how I do it It's just kind of like how my eyes see the patterns for me. I Guess that's not bad. We'll just stick with that one. That's fine, and then we drop a horizontal init line in right there That's not that and this is what I look for whenever I have trend lines whenever I draw trend lines is at the end of them I want to be able to draw a nice and beautiful 3d axis Just like we did in high school math class, right Because if I'm able to do that then that means I'm playing my energy lines are going out in all directions you know of Consciousness all right, I know that's deep for you know candle formations and patterns But that's what we have so that's what I aim to replicate With my trend lines, so there you go So what do I see here? I? see Aetherium coming to a situation where when we copy and paste that throw it up top We're coming into a situation where The ceiling became the floor You see that with this White line up top I can change the color to like purple or something Or come into a situation to where that was the ceiling over there, and now it's crossed over and it's the floor over there and That's an indicator of a complete reversal Another indicator we have is the fact that we have Consolidated and bounced all the way along this money line The bottom floor out of money line remember what I told you about on floor.

That's almost like That's primetime real estate. That's where you want to buy it if you can buy an asset like accumulating For two months along this line that means that all that energy that we talked about all the energy Inside this three piece triangle right there Isn't broken it's not disappeared You just got lucky enough to be able to capture it all inside that little bitty rectangle right and so this is primetime buying opportunity for ETH The last thing we can look at is From a macro level when This Fibonacci this last little breakout right here. This is more advanced. I don't when I do charts I do this myself, but I don't often do them with you guys if you through Orb right there and drew one last trendline will make this one purple.

Just because Right there Start the pinpoint different energy intersections in the chart so for example where those two intersected at was actually a Local maximum for that orange line So just by playing with the different lines that you can draw inside these charts you can you know begin to decipher? What those intersections actually mean you know as it compares to the Fibonacci and the overall energy held inside this huge? triangle right there alright the last thing we can look at is well if Aetherium is entering a new cycle. What will it be doing well copy and paste this bam bam Drop it over here boom boom Alright, and now you start to get something like that Now you can start to see exactly What's gonna happen The minute we're able to catch our second wind And do something like that Get rid of this thing it didn't really help us Last thing we could do is we could start measuring This time Which was about two months plus or minus? Just this you know almost double check our time frame because everything is Symmetrical To something that preceded it not always gonna be exactly perfect But if we are able to get a rough estimate of the time frames when to expect these kind of jumps and it does a great deal and Helping us accommodate when to expect the next one and I would say That it's a safe bet Now we start to play with this one Yeah with the time and in between all of these different events It would be a pretty good estimate That we should expect a major Either break out or break down you really never know but based off this chart.

I would say break out by October 19th And because I you know kind of rush through this chart I wasn't able to like project the energy off to different intersections on the Fibonacci So that's why it wasn't lining up at the end, but normally a lot of times. I'm able to just bounce it up I don't sit down catch it back in pinpoint different times But just based off the timeframe the resonance you know in a general Trend that we've already confirmed we can expect a major breakout.

I'll say breakout by 1019 So there you go a theorem is definite by right here down here. What is it point? Oh seven? Seven – that's a pie. That's a buy buy buy right and we can expect once we clear out of that money zone To go above. This is when we bring back a two eight nine two three one So as soon as we clear out of that there. It goes there. We go. We're starting to get some resonance we can expect once we can break out of Above point 105 above that blue line then it's pretty safe that we're going right up to 0.18 Right inside the peak of that triangle Which will be? Somewhere Around Thanksgiving a lot of charts are pointing to Thanksgiving as a real big time in the charts So that's when we'll actually have the most energy if this formation holds Right so there.

You go. That's our money zone, man That's that's primetime right there right and that's what we got to look forward to on this pattern I Think ET e th is a you know I think it's got it's got the potential to make a lot of people a lot of money Especially if Bitcoin pulls back especially with this Bitcoin Gold debacle all that garbage. You know This thing might be the real deal that everybody's been looking for So there you go I Hope you enjoyed you a little less that is how you chart like a boss oh So there you go eat, eh baby, I might just add et Cie in there a few times pardon the confusion, but this is the theorem aetherium is a bi at point O 7 And it should pretty easily double inside the next month or so That's it if you're in attack right now Do me a favor shout to country out let the people know where you're coming from we go jump into our community again You are now witnessing history, baby.

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Everybody is broke and therefore everybody is pretty pissed off You know and I'm pissed off that I gotta walk around around so many sick and broke people so what did I do I sat? Inside the booth for about two months, you know I'm saying just sitting here like this I'm literally thinking like you know what I'd do it on the statue like this. That's how I was like two months You know came up with this. I've been I've been working on this algorithm. No joke I thought about earlier today. I started thinking about Mathematical algorithm back in 2015 when I was at Notre Dame me and a guy. We're talking about it in the hallway He was talking about doing something for basketball stats. I was thinking about football stats and This came around so my mind has been building itself.

No joke for almost four years now And you get it for free seven over seventy seven it's a fractal harmonic Measuring new numeric system. It's pretty amazing pretty groundbreaking stuff Quantum mechanics Fibonacci Sacred geometry it has all that stuff wrapped up inside of it a nice little pretty bow on it that you can use for free Liberate yourself by your freedom pay your that. You know and own your own money and become your own bank That's what this crypto stuff allows us to do And I'm just here to facilitate the journey for all of us with that being said we are jumping over into the chat Let's see who we got rocking out with the Bose today.

Let's leave our dream team. Oh, yeah, I like that Oh, that's so clean. That's so nice $25 Boston Bitcoin calm right now Eight hundred percent. You know since August you can't beat it if you got a better better system. Let me know please you know Here we go Let's see who we got right now Shout out the Tula crypto freelancers in Toulouse rocks, I appreciate it he's taking a nap right now We bout to leave out here.

We go here. We go Portugal in J. UK Australia sacked I'll shout out to the west coast is in the building early on a Thursday morning Australia late at night or early. I don't even know 1:30 a.m. I think that's early baby – Marcus don't sleep three times, but uh Aussies back to back to back on the board GA is in the building Colorado's in the building Fresno right now rocking out SEC town two times Australia right la San Diego Minnesota Jersey one time Colorado Springs, Missouri Brooklyn is in the building Joisey the consulting guy from Jersey. I like your little mean – that's pretty cool. Let's do one more one more one more la Tampa big Alex in Tampa was going on big Ybor City. What's up? I put some time in and um streets running around eboard Raymond James Stadium You know I'm Sam number 56 on the field like a boss Young guy who Dave Lawrence Taylor and the building see out of Washington, what's up? One more one more one more and a two one six Put the city on my back And see you'll eat a lot dot Oh shout-out to the Cavs, you know I'm saying shut up shout-out to the land, baby We got an end on that one two one six two uh six in the building, what's up? What's up C.

Le baguette? Ha that being said it's that time of the day. I gotta go my girl getting mad She been pacing around that hallway about ten minutes. I could hear a breathing through the door No matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California all the way hey all the way back out through jerk Monday Good night. Good morning and good day. I appreciate your time make sure you like this video guys It really helps me out a lot if you appreciate this content the best way to do it this video question of the day What coins should I sell tonight on our 100 day challenge? Comment that right now in the comments make sure you like this video subscribe Share copy and paste the URL to somebody you love who you want to see get paid the more people that got money the less People got to be sick depressed and miserable for rested a lives Thank you again for your time Hit a couple of them buttons down there if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay cryptic y'all booze

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