How to Track High Volume Crypto Coins using Free Tools (Excel and WhatsApp)

Welcome to AutomatedXS This is an Excel Bot to track high volume crypto coins live from Binance's order book. Here we got the available pairs. We can manually refresh the pair prices. Now let's run the Bot. A Chrome window is loading where we have to log in by scanning the QR code from the phone that we will be sending the notifications Ideally the Bot needs to run for at least two hours in order to track the average volatility! We can adjust how often we want to receive notifications and also the percentages that they trigger them . These indicators help us check high volumes and bulish trends. It is not a suggestion to enter a trade. Let's check LTCUSDT pair. It is +1.51% the last 5 minutes. You see the candle the last 15 minutes is bulish. Let's check another one MANAUSDT The Bot checks the average changes from the order book and whenever there is big volatility we get a notification of the pair. As you see also this pair the last minutes it is bulish. It is a really usefull tool for daily trading. Let's check FILUSDT. It is +1.85% the last 7 minutes. Also bulish the last 5 minutes.

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