How to tether your Sony camera to your computer | John Sison

hey everyone I'm drunk too son and today I'm going to teach you how to tether your Sony camera to your computer first off tethering is the ability to control your camera through your computer that allows you to change different settings such as aperture shutter speed white balance ISO and a whole lot more it also allows you to transfer your images as you take and straight from the camera to the computer now at the moment there are about seven Sony cameras that can do this and that includes the a 99 the a 58 the a 7 and the a 7 are the a 8 50 and 100 and the a 700 now for this demo I'm going to be using my Mac computer but it's pretty much exactly the same if not similar if you're using a PC the first thing you will need to do is install the software you can do this on the CD package with your camera or you can download the software straight from the Sony website you can download the program in the link in the description below once that's done follow the prompts to install the program once the installation is done switch on your camera and go into the menu navigate to the USB option and select PC once that's done connect the camera to your computer open up camera and remote control and you're connected okay so this is pretty much the layout of the remote camera control program on the top here you have the mode that you're in on your camera shutter speed aperture exposure compensation flash compensation and your ISO down here you have a battery icon which shows you how much charge you have left and your autofocus mode and your media mode this is your autofocus lock and your exposure lock and flash exposure lock these two minus and plus buttons allow you to change the aperture for example that we're in so if I put plus it goes up to 3.5 3 4 and so on and over here is your record button if your camera shoots video you can start recording your shutter button AF AE and this pretty cool thing here is a capture start or capture settings little menu that you can choose to start capturing immediately or you can delay your it's pretty much like a interval intervalometer on your camera on your computer so you can set your your intervals and the number of photos that you can capture you can only capture 1000 but I'm not complaining okay further down we have your drive mode so you've got your bracketing self timers auto white balance and a few other white balance settings color temperature you call the filters picture effects so you pretty much have all of Sony's picture effects on here it's on dynamic range the quality so you can choose JPEG raw find extra fine you can choose the size of that image and your aspect ratio you can also choose the folder that you save your photos in so I'm choosing to save my photos to desktop so if I press that shutter button my photo will appear right there there it is now I hope you found that tutorial helpful if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and remember to like and subscribe to my channel for more Sony camera reviews and tutorials you can also like my facebook page for more photo up dates until then happy shooting and thanks for watching if you liked this video you might want to check out some of my other reviews don't forget to hit the subscribe button

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