How to Tether for Blackberry and Android for FREE! for both PC and MAC!

hey yo what's up guys this epic tech tips here with you today today i'ma show you guys how to tether your blackberry to your computer doesn't matter if you guys have a Mac or PC because it works with either this is the simplest way to do it actually because um I've tried other methods and this probably the easiest first things first what you guys want to do is go to your tether go to the internet browser safari or if you guys have pc you guys can use internet explorer go to this website right here it's called tether com and afterwards this is what its gonna come out to this is the home screen click on the download section if you guys have a PC you guys will it'll tell you directions on how to download it you guys can go to the Windows version if you guys have a PC click right here oh this is a setup file so basically you want to download that and install it onto your computer if you guys have a mac right underneath that there's the link for the mac bridge mac setup file just go ahead and click on that and download it i'm not going to actually do it because i already have it installed on my computer but yeah and then afterwards what you guys want to do is go to this link right here telecom / t / tether jad and then go from your blackberry click the link and download it and then while it's installing simple just leave it for a couple of seconds it's not going to take that long to install which what i'm gonna do here is turn off my Wi-Fi connection so i can show you guys the tethering actually works i can visit any website oh there it goes uh it's actually done installing already then it's probably in your download section of the folder so just go to downloads there it is tether click on tether it's going to ask you how you guys want to connect just go to a USB or bluetooth i'm gonna actually use a USB because although however i do have bluetooth on my computer it's uh it's actually a battery draining application so if you leave it on for Bluetooth it's going to drain all your battery so it's best to use it with USB you want to do is plug the USB port into your computer grab it plug the USB port into your phone and then load up the application and then once it's connected with the USB cable just hit us be it's going to say tether is running go to your PC click on the tether app it's going to ask you how you like to connect the same way USB all this password right here it's actually asking you the password for your blackberry if you guys have a password set up so if you guys do just enter your password and then it's going to tell you the tether connections active and that's it that's all you guys have to do once you see the numbers jumping up and down that means it's receiving and sending data so let's demonstrate real quick open up a new tab and then let's go to the apples website by the way my airport is turned off so I'm not connected via Wi-Fi this is all through my cell phone right here there it's loading pretty fast actually it's not slow at all let's see what's new two new I pen click on that link show you guys how fast loads what hmm yeah like it says if you guys want actually the best thing I should do is show you guys my speed like I said this is all connected via 3G from this is actually the bold 9700 so I'm on the tmobile 3g network it's actually pretty fast and i'm going to show you that i'm gonna do a speed test right now to show you exactly how fast it is let's see begin test that's the recommended server I don't know why but I'm actually located in Los Angeles California I'm nowhere near this area but I'm just going with what recommended server they said it's a fastest way to do it test only takes about like a minute or so let's see how fast I can get up to while it's pretty slow says half a megabyte per second that's actually really slow for the t-mobile 3g network let's see my upload speed it shouldn't be faster than my download speed anyways point 32 megabytes per second wow so there you guys have it right here that's my one of my first results that's the first time I ever did it on the tmobile 3g network so um as you can see the results aren't that great however I have tethered via AT&T 3g network which is a lot faster than t-mobile's I've gotten download speeds on my blackberry tour from sprint for like 1.5 megabytes per second which is like three times to speed and on HTS um tethering network the three is your network I got same speeds so I don't know if it's the t-mobile's network that's slow or if it's my blackberry because I'm not getting that great reception at home but yeah that's basically what kind of speeds you guys can look forward with the 3g network and i am actually gonna have a giveaway contest on a tether and it's still active so let me exit this right here I have three licenses to give away basically how tether works is if you download this right here it gives you a free 7-day trial and then after the 7-day trial is up you have to purchase tether and the license to purchase tether is actually like somewhere like fifty dollars 49 99 or 4995 or something like that and after you purchase tether you they give you a serial number so after your one-week trial is over you can enter it into your blackberry and use it full time it's a one-time fee you don't have to pay monthly it's very simple that's it um but yeah I'm actually holding up a giveaway con giving out 3 serial keys absolutely free I actually got there because i entered other cons other website contest and i got three of them so i have three to give away simple all you guys have to do is step number one to enter the contest you guys have to be my subscriber so go to my youtube page right here um click this right here Click the SUBSCRIBE button you guys have to be a subscriber in order to be part of this giveaway step number two is you guys have to comment on the video that I'm making on this right now just comment saying why you guys want it and what's today's date today is Friday let's see may 21st so I'm going to hold this contest up for about two weeks up until this date make june fourth and then on that date i will announce the winners of a cool ones basically what i'm going to do is if you guys leave a comment and you guys are subscribed to me i'm gonna go to a random website that generates random numbers i'ma go to that page whatever number generates go to that page pick the number of whatever comment and then i'm gonna decide the winners like that so june fourth guys that's the date i'm going to tell you guys winners thank you for watching if you guys like this video you guys can subscribe rate and comment but in order to be part of the entering part of the giveaway because I actually do have to subscribe me that's it thank you guys for watching

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