How to tether a Wifi Connection to a Trimble TSC2 from a Android Smartphone

in this video we'll be showing out together the Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone to your windows-based logger like the TSE – for this we need to go into our settings turn on our mobile data then go back to settings more settings go into the tethering and portable hotspot and turn that on for better compatibility I set my security options to open we can say this smartphone will enable the portable Wi-Fi hotspot' and you can check check on the top bottom on the top that it's active on our lager we need to turn the Wi-Fi on then we go into our menu Wi-Fi settings select and connect our hotspots Wi-Fi network you should be getting a connected information you can click done and now we can open our software this guide assumes you already have a VRS survey style configured on your on your logger now we just need to click survey VRS to start survey you'll get to use existing to Net connection warning just click yes and it will extol shacking ection and you can check the different symbol for the Wi-Fi on the top screen and that's it

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