How to Tether a Samsung Messager 2 r560 from MetroPCS Part 1

hey folks out there this is TV PB welcome to my tutorial video on how to tether your samsung messenger to phone from metropcs now as you can see i have a tethered right now pretty much what tethering means is that you use your phone to establish dial-up network connection on your computer pretty much that allows you to use the internet for whatever price you're paying for internet service on your cell phone now you probably already knew that if you were looking up this tutorial video but some folks you know typically don't know all this stuff means but without further ado I'll show you guys how to accomplish this alright i'll be going over a quick list all the things that you'll need in order to successfully tether your samsung messenger to from metropcs first you'll need the phone of course but you also need the cable to connect the phone to the computer or the USB cable now if you want a few unlucky people didn't have the cable in the case with the phone um you should be able to go to your local metro pcs store and request that cable it's the same cable that comes with the caliber so if they don't have the samsung messager to their um they should still have the samsung caliber and it's cable which is the same cable so hopefully you won't have any issues trying to find that cable you also need a computer that uses windows sorry Mac users I don't know how to get this to work for you although it was a few Mac users of on howardforums saying that all they need to see was the internet settings and it could possibly you know allow tethering on a Mac so y'all not have chance but knows um I've gotten is to work successfully on windows XP and windows seven this didn't work as well and as well as 2,000 but what's essential is that you have direct x 9 or higher install on your computer especially you're taking the UM samsung pc studio route which I'm I'll explain in a sec um pretty much you just want to make sure does she have like the latest everything installed on your computer or at least have um you know at least directx 9 on there um but with the samsung pc studio method um this is to get the drivers on the phone but the drivers of the phone excuse me onto your computer now the samsung pc studio c but doesn't come with the samsung messager to it does come with the reform and the caliber if I remember correctly regardless that program has the drivers that you'll need in order to successfully tell you your phone uh if you can find the drivers um I've actually seen some people say very some people say that you don't need the program all you need is two drivers so I try to post some links to those places where you can get the drivers without the program for the purpose of this tutorial I'll show you how to do it with the samsung pc studio CD um you also need a internet explorer a 6.0 or later at least i think so i haven't tried it with anything earlier um if your windows XP or herb of user you behind on this thousand users I don't know but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure it out hopefully your computer savvy enough if not you know just always posts comments on your issues and I'll try to help you out I also post a link to the howard forms a topic that started this is pretty much a topic that or a thread that has like all my instructions print it out so you'll be able to see it I rather than listen but the last thing you need is patience and perseverance I'm not gonna lie this took me about a hundred tries to do for the first time you know since I didn't know anything or there's no tutorials online on how to do this so yeah just keep on trying and trying it with my tutorial exercise hopefully you'll get this done so hope this helps alright so the first step you do is an able to dump on the phone now done stands for a dial-up networking so pretty much a enabling dysfunction on the phone allows you to use the phone as a dial-up modem with the computer in order to access the internet so in order to access the done on this phone or enable it rather you need to access the master menu up the phone and in order to do that you need to know the subsidy code or the master subsidy lock code or the master code of the bum now for all metro pcs phones or for most of Mellie's ichiki 587 846 now I show you how to type where to uh go to do that to type it in what you want to do is go to menu go to settings or press nine now once you're in the settings menu what you want to do is press a pound I kept on saying starring my pre recordings um either way go to uh you see this user lock prompt what you want to do is type in 587 846 and I'll do that off screen and be back in the city okay so once you're in the system info or a master menu of the phone what you want to do is scroll all the way down all the way down to the dine mode right here select that jeez try not to get my fingers in a way sorry folks and what you want to do is enable this function so select enable hopefully our casita and demoed sit simple as that okay so after you've been able to done Duncan on the phone the next step is to install the samsung USB drivers for the phone once in the computer now I'm going to show you guys how to do it using the samsung pc studio CD or a program or video ever gonna call it now I've heard that all you need is drivers need it that is all you need but there's some sources out there on the internet that just a the has drivers that you can use so you don't need to install the samsung pc studio program but for the purpose of this tutorial um that's how I'm going to do it I'll try to find some links for drivers or whatever and post them you'll pretty much have to uh figure out how to install them I'll try to you know I guess posts comments or something on how to do that if you have any issues installing drivers that can find by yourselves let me know and I'll try to help okay so I just started the Samsung new piece in studio CD and what you want to do is open the folder too because of course now Windows 7 users and without Vista users okay you guys should have any issues installing this program so you just need to double click install and as long as you have a direct x 9 on your computer or higher than your straight but Windows 7 users I think as you can see up don't set user you'll have to do some tweaking in order to get the capacity compatibility issues ironed out so what you want to do is go to the install application go to properties go to compatibility is windows vista service pack 2 you also you want to do this for three other applications if I installation process as well you want to go to the pc studio folder there for a new pc studio whatever is all you want to go to its properties and change as well as you can see your headset doesn't the service pack 2 what do the same thing for the setup selector and under the USB driver folder you want to do that for a samsung USB driver installer as well now once you switch all the compatibility modes to window vista service pack 2 just gone on double click on install program and you said now I'll speed through this and pause on an important part so leaders helps you you also want to make sure that the mass storage mode is enabled on the phone so what you want to do is go to your menu go to settings okay wrong folder settings right here got a phone settings go to pc connection and make sure that a mat USB mass storage is selected this allows the phone to um well I mean this allows the computer to use a phone as a USB mass storage device but it also allowed stuff on to be recognized by the computer as well so make sure that this is enabled all the time alright

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