How to Straighten Synthetic Hair

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how you can straighten
your synthetic hair. Yes! I'm talking about synthetic hair and how you
can put some heat to it. First off, I'm going to separate my hair into
two large sections and detangle. This is the Kinky straight hair that I showed
you guys from the Femi Collection. I am going to go ahead and show you guys how
I straighten it without burning it. I'm taking pretty much medium sized sections. You don't want to take too small or too large
of a section because this is synthetic hair and it will burn easily.

I'm using a ceramic iron. This is the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools iron. For my particular brand of hair, the highest
temperature that you can use is 360 degrees. I strongly recommend that you use the exact
measurements or heat temperatures that are recommended by your specific brand of hair. If it says that the highest temperature that
you can use is 350 degrees or 360 degrees, you might want to start around 340 or 330
and build your up. That way you can see if it can really withhold
that high of heat or if you need to go a little bit lower. I test stranded it. It did pretty well with the 360. I just had to move quickly. So I went ahead and flat ironed on 360 degrees. One thing that you want to keep in mind when
you're straightening synthetic hair is to move quickly. Unlike our natural hair, you don't want to
leave the heat for too long. Like I said, this is synthetic hair.

This is not human hair. These are synthetic fibers, so they will burn
easily. When you're flat ironing, you want to make
sure that you're going through each section very quickly but holding it long enough to
where it can get straight. I'm already done with one side of my hair. As you can see, it still has the body and
movement and luster that it originally had when I first got the hair.

I do see a bit of shine to it which is the
other point that I would like to make. Don't use any products on synthetic hair when
you're straightening. It is already a synthetic fiber, a plastic-like
fiber. So when you put heat to it, it will create
a nice, natural luster or shine. You don't want extra shiny hair and you don't
want to aid in the burning of your hair. I will be recording a separate final review
for this hair. If you missed any of my previous videos, I
showed you guys how to do a braid out on this hair. I showed you guys exactly how I made this
wig and of course today I'm showing you guys how I straighten it. So be sure to checkout those videos. I'll have a review coming soon. This is the final result. I can see one major change with the hair. It's much more thinner. The length is still there, it actually feels
a little bit longer now that it's straightened and the luster is still there.

It still looks very natural and nice. You can see it still has a little bit of thickness
to it so it's not too thin or bone straight to look unnatural. I hope you guys are enjoying this protective
style series: the affordable winter protective style series. I got this hair for less than $25. Don't sleep on that Beauty Supply Store Synthetic
Hair especially if you switch your hair up a lot. You don't want to be investing a ton of money
on hair if you switch your hair up a lot. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Be sure to check out the description box below
for links to all of the products used and checkout the featured curlfriend of the day. Love you guys!.

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