How To Stake VeChain (VET) & VeThor (VTHO) | Passive Income by Staking VeChain (VET) & VeThor (VTHO)

today we'll look at how to stake v chain and earn passive income with it so there's basically two ways in which you can stake v chain one is through your own node and the others through the network node that you contribute to now if you don't know staking is the process of putting up your own vet coins as a stake so that you can earn rewards on the amount of stake that you have put up this reward is a percentage of the daily generated energy of the v chain blockchain also known as vthor or vtho you can then sell this vtho on the open market or convert it to another crypto coin to increase your portfolio now you don't need to stake any v chain to begin earning vtho this can be done by just holding v chain coins in the v chain thor wallet so if this is the case why would you stake at all right well one major reason to stake your coins if you're not trading them on a daily or weekly basis is because you can earn almost twice as much vtho by staking them and this could go up in the future as the reward system changes so there's basically two main ways to stake v chain the first is by setting up your own node and the second is by staking on an existing node through a third-party platform these two methods differ in how much vtho each of these will generate another difference is that setting up your own node requires you to stake a minimum amount of v chain which can be quite large for some people and by sticking with a third party platform you can avoid this large minimum when setting up your own node you get the option to choose between seven different nodes each of these nodes has its own reward multiplier and minimum requirement to qualify and the easiest way to create your own node is by using the v chain thor wallet just transfer your v chain coins into the wallet and then go to the rewards tab here you can upgrade to a specific node or buy one of the x nodes on the open market the entry model node is the v thor x node which you can only get by purchasing it on the open market this node requires a minimum of six hundred thousand v chain coins and will currently generate around six point six percent more v thor per day than just holding v chain moving up to the strength and strength x node you will need a total of one million of v chain coins or 1.6 for the x version and your new node status will generate you around 7.7 of extra v thor or an extra 33.3 for the x version the second highest note available to most people will require a minimum of 5 million v chain coins with regular and 5.6 million for the x version these will then generate around 11.4 percent of extra v thor and an extra 50 percent for the x version the final and highest note that you can purchase or upgrade to will require a minimum of 15 million v chain coins or 15.6 for the x version and these nodes will generate around 15.2 percent of extra v thor and 66.5 for the x version now don't worry if you don't have these amounts of v chain but you still want to stake your coins because there's a way to avoid these minimums before we continue please like and subscribe to the channel for more finance and banking information in addition to creating your own node you can also stake v-chain on existing nodes with third-party online wallets or trading and exchange platforms this way you don't need a minimum amount of v-chain and you can start staking with a much smaller amount than with your own node examples of these platforms are for instance binance where you can simply go to binance urn and here you'll find all the coins that you can stake and their annual interest rates scroll down to v chain vet and click on transfer to transfer as much or as little v chain you would like other options are for instance cake defy and the exit is wallet where you can simply transfer the v chain and start staking now on average staking v chain will give you around 1.35 to 2.3 return on an annual basis and i know this is a tiny amount in the world of crypto but when you buy v-chain you buy it for the expected gains in the v-chain coin which was well over four thousand percent last year so look at earning vithor as receiving a nice bonus for holding your v chain over longer periods of time so stay tuned for more videos on staking because there are coins out there that will let you earn 40 to 80 on an annual basis and some of them are legit and safe so make sure that you subscribe to find out which ones these are this was how to stake vj please like and subscribe to the channel for more finance and banking information

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