How to stake Avalanche (AVAX) on AVADO – super easy.

In this video we will show you how you can 
start a validator on the Avalanche blockchain. Here we are again – logged in to the AVADO over 
our VPN connection, and we’re in the dappstore When you scroll down you’ll find 
the Avalanche package – click the   package and hit the install button down below . You’ll need a minimum of 2000 AVAX 
tokens to start a validator – if you   do have some AVAX tokens , but less 
than the required minimum of 2000,   you can always delegate these tokens to an 
existing validator with this same package. But we’ll go for a full validator here ! Ok – now that the AVALANCHE node 
is installed and running – we can   click on “configure package” 
to open the onboarding wizard. On this page your AVADO will show 
you some useful information on your   AVALANCHE node – like the Node ID – the 
amount of peers connected to your node   and you can also see that the node is still 
starting up – as it is not bootstrapped yet. Bootstrapped means that the node 
is synchronised and ready to use. We have provided a convenient Backup- and 
restore solution to back up the ID of your node.   Go ahead and hit the “download node keys backup” 
key to receive a ZIPfile with your keys in there.   Store this backup on an USB stick and don’t lose   them – you can restore your validator 
node with these backup keys if needed.

If you unzip the backup file 
you will find a staker key   and a staker certificate that you 
can upload to restore your node. I’m gonna grab a cup of tea while 
we wait for this node to sync.. Okay the wizard shows us that the node is   bootstrapped – so we can go 
ahead and open the wallet UI Okay this is the wallet UI that is provided 
by the AVALANCHE team – as you can see on top,   we are connected to the main net through 
our own AVADO box so that’s good. Now it’s time to open our wallet – I have 
a wallet file that I can open by clicking   Keystore file – click select file – select your 
keystore file and type your keystore password. In the main screen of the wallet you’ll 
see your transactions on the right.   So as you can see I already funded this 
wallet with AVAX tokens to start staking. That looks alright – so let’s 
head over to the Earn menu item.

We want to add a validator. That’s the box here on the left 
so we click ”Add Validator” Now we have to fill in the NodeID of the 
staking node – which is your AVADO node   of course. To get the NodeID go back to 
the wizard and copy your node ID – again   make sure you have backed up 
those node keys just in case ! Copy paste that Node ID and go back to the 
wallet and fill it out in the NodeID field.

Here I select the duration 
, I will select one month  And I will select as amount 2000 
AVAX which is the minimum stake.  The rest you can leave as-is and hit “confirm” Then you get an overview of 
all setting you’ve put in   and you can click submit to 
submit your staking transaction. Congratulations! You’re now staking on 
Ajax and that’s it for now – Bye bye !.

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