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Welcome to Day 591 on Hex and Pulse Travel Hope you're doing well thanks to Levi's new subscribers Che Welcome to Hood Brother Now make sure you break it. Button, let's increase this video to 300 likes, click the subscribe button and flip in the mail notification to inform every new movie and start now The short section started today from the village Let me show you a short video of the day. How to work the sacrifice in the hall of sacrifice? The stage for the pulse chain The dedication stage started tonight, so we're online now Let's jump right in when you go to can see you congratulations pulse chain hat Opferphase Empezó antes y consiguió mayores sacrificios mas puntos los primeros cinco días reciben el mismo precio la tasa aumenta en cinco por ciento por día durante los 14 días restantes primero puedes sacrificarte por el organización, así que esto es realmente hermoso puedes donar a un gran organización y hasta ahora ya de milló Reciones de most ar video cómo monitorear todas las direcciones y ver cuanto dinero fluye en esta fase de sacrificio así que desplázate un poco hacia abajo, veremos también algo de información cuanto obtendrás lo que es realmente important el denó de basora us en sacrificios es estimado usando un tiempo de 30 minutos weighted average price where convenient so in this 30 minutes you will have an average u sd price this will set the price and this will also define how many points you will get so this will be really fair and it's quite an industry standard so all good with that if we scroll down a little bit more we can go into details in some next videos so this video is really just how to sacrifice but i need to give you some important details you can see the rate per 10 000 sacrifice points is going like this for the first five days you have a flat rate the same rate for everybody and then it has a slight increase until the last weary day of the 14th day totally we run now for 19 days this is because the starting phase was a little bit longer than expected first it was three days now it's five days this is quite dope and if you observe the blockchain monitors we have already around 50 million on the ethereum pool and we have a lot more tokens coming in i'm pretty damn sure as well if you scroll further down on you have the volume bonus multiplier this is a really great e xplanation if you would like to understand it further but now let's get started with the sacrifice to sacrifice you can see on you have here the option to open the dap if you click open the dap it opens a new website called You can also directly go to this website pulsate info and you will see the sacrifice face website so let me zoom in a little bit that you can see this better the pulse chain sacrifices creating a set of people that believes speech is a protected human right and Blockchains are speech sacrifice to prove your belief and that's why it was really important that you install your metamask in case you haven't done it yet a video is popping up on the screen right now how to install metamask in under two minutes and this is really easy so for you guys i created a new wallet a new demo wallet for the video so we will be able to stake to sacrifice and also to enjoy the free airdrop so first just click connect wallet metamask will pop up and you can ch oose your account you would like to connect click next and connect and this is already done now your metamask wallet is connected to the website you can check your address in here and now the next step which we're going to do we will sacrifice some hex so for example you have a lot of options actually you can sacrifice avalanche bitcoin bitcoin cash cordano dogecoin ethereum and some tokens we will see this in a second litecoin monero ripple and c cash but before we gonna sacrifice it is really important that you guys read it right so let's start with avalanche for example you can see only sent from an address where you own the private keys to no exchanges so there is a slight difference in the sacrifice process for some projects you can sacrifice directly from an exchange or from your metamask wallet and for this example you need to hold your own avalanche in your wallet where you control the private keys so don't send all the tokens from the exchange we will see this in a second so for example avalanche don't send it from the exchanges here is your address you can also verify this address on different social media sources so just consider please verify the addresses where you send some funds to because once these funds are sent they are sacrificed They're no longer yours so if we go up again for example bitcoin is a great example send only bitcoin to the generated address this means here you can also send from exchanges because you have a generated address for the bitcoin sacrifice which only belongs to your metamask this is maybe a little bit complicated but it's easy just read the text sometimes you can sacrifice from the exchanges as well and sometimes not so for example in bitcoin you can do this and you can also verify the address again down here on the social media links if you go further down in the list you can also sacrifice bitcoin cash the same goes here also from the exchanges you can see it even written here you can send directly from an exc hange to this address on this chain because you are issuing a unique address to send to so this is wonderful if we scroll down a little bit more in the list let's check ethereum ethereum is also special a little bit so do not send from exchanges directly first send your ethereum or your ethereum based tokens to your metamask wallet this is really easy just open the metamask wallet and click away to pop up if it's there and you can copy here already your address to the clipboard so then you can send all your tokens to this metamask wallet and then you can sacrifice from your metamask wallet to this address we will do this in a second so it's not only theorem if you scroll down a little bit here you can see all the ethereum based tokens you can sacrifice so ave link dye ethereum hex of course maker renbtc usdc usdt uni wrapped bitcoin and wrapped ethereum so all these erc20 tokens you are able to send to this address if you're holding the tokens in your own wallet so we will do this in t his example we're gonna sacrifice a little stack of this demo wallet in here so first we're gonna copy the whole address in here we're gonna open metamask click away again the pop-up and we're gonna say send some tokens We're gonna paste the address in here boom voila we're gonna choose hex because i wanna sacrifice some hex i have around thirty thousand hacks in this wallet just for demonstration and in the first day let's just go for ten thousand hacks which we will in this case this is ten thousand hex let's go with an average or fast transaction fee if you want to get in fast you go for a fast transaction transaction also check the gas fee but for demonstration we go for a fast click next and then you confirm The transaction of sacrificing 10 000 hex to this address confirm and voila the transaction is on his way in a couple seconds i hope the transaction will get confirmed and i tested it already you will see no calculation or total amount you just have to do your sacrifice own math once you send the coins there you can also observe this on the blockchain explorer of course if you look at this on the etherscan wallet we can see this transaction is still pending right away now it's successful we sacrificed ten thousand hex that's around one thousand three hundred dollars to the sacrifice pool of ethereum and for this i hope i will get some nice bonus points i hope as well i will get some nice pls once the sacrifice phase is over so let me go back to the sacrifice page you can see now has nothing Change the site looks the same you cannot really see how much you sacrificed you have to know this i have this wallet i will go with this wallet through all the videos in the future for you guys so we will see also how it is working straight i even done a little heck steak just for demonstration purposes if we have a quick look you can see i just made a steak before of 586 hex and this will be staked for 69 days i hope in this time the main net will be out and we will enj oy the free airdrop i will be able to show you everything you need to know and if you would like to sacrifice from your mobile phone this is also really easy i'm going to show you this in a second just download the metamask wallet on your smartphone once you have installed the metamask world which is working the same way if you install it on the computer you see your account you can on the upper left part click the hamburger menu you can click browse and then you just open a new page on the little plus sign and if you enter pulse info in the address bar the site will load you will be able to connect to your metamask wallet which is installed on your smartphone so click connect wallet so once your wallet is connected you have the same possibilities you can choose in the drop down which coin you would like to sacrifice if you click on ethereum you can copy again this ethereum address in here you go back to your wallet and if you hold some hex or other ethereum based tokens which are on t he list you just click send you're gonna paste in the address in here and click next and then you can choose the amount of tokens you would like to sacrifice for example i would like to sacrifice 10 hacks and then you click next of course on this wallet i don't hold any hacks but this would be the way to sacrifice from your mobile phone as well so in the next couple videos i will keep you covered with update about the monitoring of all the sacrifice addresses we gonna see how much money will flow in the next couple days so keep in mind the next five days are the same rate who gets in early and puts in more will get more the system is quite fair and we will have a ranking by volume so i will keep you covered with all the necessary information pretty sure we will see soon some websites out there with some pull statistics and with this we are already by the end of this video for today if you like this kind of content please leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you have any questions drop a comment down below join us in the telegram chat if you have any questions the hex chat and the pulse chat is just lit at the moment stay long and fat sacrifice big stay safe out there and see you in the next one peace [Music ] you

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