How to Retire on Cryptocurrency by 2030 or Sooner | How Much Ethereum Do You Need?

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily 
where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency   every day my name's austin in today's video i want 
to talk about how to retire off of cryptocurrency   focusing more on blue chip altcoins that are 
more longer term huddles now keep in mind nobody   can see the future i am not a registered financial 
advisor these are just my opinions but having said   that check the timestamps down below in the video 
description and let's jump in while we are going   to start with bitcoin also talk about binance 
and chain link any savvy investor whether they're   involved in cryptocurrency or not will tell you 
that the key to building wealth is earning passive   interest making money while you sleep and earning 
interest that compounds off of itself that's   the key ethereum and staking it in the eth 2.0 
contract address is going to be a big part of this   and although expected roi is subject to change 
we can calculate expected return from staking   ether in the ethereum 2.0 deposit contract we 
will get to eth like i said check the timestamps   but let's start with a coin that is quickly being 
added to almost every portfolio bitcoin in this   recent salt talk that just premiered three hours 
ago notable investor kathy wood of arkhanvest   shares why bitcoin is her number one long-term 
huddle and listen to the analogy she makes with   the bitcoin protocol comparing it to the internet 
protocol watch this let me know what you think   so bitcoin do you think or what's your sort of 
vision for bitcoin is it going to become a reserve   currency is it scarcity value like real estate um 
it started the purview of every college student   including my own um knew about bitcoin before 
their parents did so what's your kind of vision   going on five years and 10 years for bitcoin as 
an asset class and a value we don't have to go out   five or ten years it's here um and we believe uh 
we we wrote a white paper in 2016 called bitcoin   ringing the bell for a new asset class and so yes 
we believe it's here we believe that bitcoin is   the reserve currency of the crypto asset ecosystem 
we also believe that uh there will be very few   huge winners in the crypto space we think the 
crypto currencies are going to be the huge winners   so this is really flipping the internet on its 
head in terms of how it evolved and the internet   evolved without a payments infrastructure and the 
reason for that is nobody thought commerce would   evolve on it this was for intelligence and 
academia and consumers in the united states   weren't even allowed to use the internet legally 
until 1991 a telecommunications act um so uh we   believe that uh the uh bitcoin is and crypto world 
the value accrual where we will see most of the   value accrue is to the cryptocurrencies themselves 
this is not what happened in the internet in the   internet the protocols so bitcoin's blockchain 
is one protocol ethereum another the protocols   uh basically just became standards right 
technology standards upon which these very   valuable applications were built facebook amazon 
and so forth the value accrued to the applications   this time we think the value will accrue to 
the protocols themselves and the currencies   as measured by their currencies we believe that 
bitcoin is already the reserve currency of the   crypto asset ecosystem uh and and we can see that 
uh in that many crypto assets most i would say are   are priced in terms of bitcoin so that's the unit 
of account the currencies uh are very important we   think there will be maybe four or five that 
are that are going to accrue the most value   okay great perspective give me your thoughts down 
below in the comment section while there is a time   to focus on hot cheap alts for quicker gains 
when you're thinking about retirement it's all   about those longer term huddles and notice that 
kathy said that she believes bitcoin will make it   in the end along with maybe four to five other 
top protocols and while bitcoin is going after   the store value slash money market ethereum 
is going after a separate market altogether   it's aiming to be a global supercomputer 
disrupt the amazons the amazon web services   and with the full implementation of eth 2.0 
still multiple years away let's calculate   how much passive interest you could earn per year 
based on how much eath you stake now the minimum   is 32 eth to stake and to be able to run a 
full validator we made a video back in 2019   when one ethereum equaled just a few hundred 
dollars back in november third 2019 how much   ethereum should you own and we talked about 
this that 32 ethereum is the key now you can   do it with less than 32 ethereum you will be 
able to add a smaller stake to a staking pool   some companies can do it all on your behalf so 
you won't even have to worry about staying online   companies are doing this but also crypto exchanges 
are doing this as well they all want you to keep   your eat on their exchange binance is offering 
this allowing its users to deposit even the   smallest amount of ethereum promising a return of 
between five to twenty percent per year how obi   offering something similar while the minimum 
for ho obi is 0.1 ethereum it promises a   slightly higher return of the binance starting 
at six percent per year up to 20 percent okay x   something similar kraken something similar and 
even number one united states exchange coinbase   offering something similar showing that 
ethereum blue chip altcoin has major support   from juggernauts of the space now how much roi 
you should expect is still unknown it totally   depends on how many people choose to stake let's 
just say that you do have 30 to ethereum that you   did see our video back in 2019 and you load it up 
just in case assuming that the annual interest on   your stake will be around 7.69 which to me seems 
very reasonable and staking 32 ethereum today   in five years that would earn you a total of 
44 ethereum and in 10 years earn you a total   of around 56 ethereum for staking for doing 
nothing that's pretty cool and you also got   to think about how valuable will one ethereum 
be in 10 years when you have 56 now i will   link this calculator down below you could 
do this all day you can put in different   settings for you to get the most accurate results 
for you staking 100 ethereum would get you 138   in five years 176 ethereum in 10 years definitely 
an easy way to support the network and make some   money now i do want to talk about some of the 
other top blue chip altcoins but first let's talk   about the ultimate tax-free retirement vehicle 
cryptocurrency iras basically if you want to   buy sell or trade cryptocurrency tax free i want 
to take 60 seconds and give you a recommendation   i like i trust capital they are a partner of 
the channel but i also personally use them   so you can trade 24 7.

There's no hidden fees 
everything is very transparent and the thing i   like is they have institutional custody they are 
insured they are backed so your digital assets are   secured i will link my full video breakdown on how 
to realize gains and trade tax-free linked down   below and be sure to use the promo code altcoin in 
all caps or click the link down below to get your   first month free like i said i use them and they 
just added polka dot as well as chain link with   cardano soon to come along with a vast array of 
the top kryptos check it out link down below okay   let's keep moving next blue chip altcoin 
making news finance and the binance exchange   starting today you can trade tesla the 
stock as a tradable stock token on binance   binance announces the official launch of its zero 
commission tradable stock tokens allowing the   users to trade fractional stocks now i don't think 
it's a coincidence that the weak coinbase stock   is going public on nasdaq here in the u.s 
finance is launching their own tokenized   stocks on their exchange users will be able 
to purchase as little as 100 of a tesla share   with the prices settled in binance stablecoin busd 
this finance product is backed by a depository   portfolio of underlying securities managed by an 
investment firm in germany interesting because   finance isn't even headquartered in germany give 
me your thoughts down below next up big news   for altcoin saffron and altcoin chain link 
saffron integrates chain link to settle and manage   tranches and just as a reminder saffron finance 
is a defy altcoin that actually lets liquidity   providers customize how much risk they want to 
give themselves our web3 app saffron finance is   a decentralized application that allows liquidity 
providers to get various degrees of exposure   depending on the risk reward appetite so it's very 
similar to the compounds to the aves only you can   manage your risk reward a little better well 
they have partnered with chain link to access   secure and reliable on-chain reference prices 
used to settle and manage liquidity for their   various tranches on saffron we selected chain 
link because of its position as a time-tested   and battle-hardened oracle solution backed 
by high quality data and wide market coverage   give me your thoughts down below that is 
the video like always see you tomorrow you

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