How to replace chain fence with privacy fence EASY! Home Mender.

Hello this is Dustin with Home Mender
and today we are looking at a chain-link fence. Basically runs through a forest. It's got a lot of old mighty trees there. There's
no way that we're ever going to get a privacy fence there. We're going to put
one there anyway. I'm going to show you how. Let's get to it.

So basically we need a sleeve to go over the existing posts. These are super
sturdy and I think we can go right over top of them. First, we want to measure the
height of our post. It's got about 36. Next, measure the width of your fence. Two inches pinches the fence and the post. Alright, so I take my treated 4×4
post and I mark 3/4 off of each side and we'll put one
down here too so we can get a straight line and basically just creating a notch
for my existing post which is 3 foot tall and 2 inches wide. Strike a line…

the other side here. Measure 3 feet because that's how tall my post is. Now
we're going to flip it over, make the same marks on the other side. 3/4. Three
foot and draw a line. Cut with the skilsaw. Flip it over. Now we use a paddle bit. Sawzall. Alright
it's looking good. We've got 3/4 on both sides. We're gonna
throw this guy back in between just to keep it straight until we're ready to
set it. Take our pre-cut post. Right down next to the post. Next we're going to
take our cut out piece, notch out for the top rail and fill this gap. Slip this
inside. Check for level. Screw them together with deck screws. For extra stability, you can zip tie it to the existing post. Looking good.

Next we're going to run three 2×4 treated stringers from post to post. If you're doing it by yourself, you can
put you a screw, prop your board up on your screw. Level. Easy. Now we level our pickets and
nail them off. Now your next picket should be level.
Just check for level every 10 pickets or so. Make sure your height's right and nail
it off. …and done. So it's looking awesome .We just built the fence through the forest and I think I just heard the property value go up not having to look at that junkyard.

So for Home Mender Inc, this is Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if
you did, don't forget to click subscribe.
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