How to Mine Litecoin – Beginner’s Guide

Hey, guys, I'm Lusin, and in this video, I'm gonna be teaching you the quickest, easiest way to mine Litecoins. I'll have a link for you to download it in the description. Wait for it to load, it always loads very fast. and afterwards you will arrive on the main page of the Litecoin Grinder. It's a very small app, around 23MB, so it won't strain your internet bandwidth.

What you have to do now is step 2, which is putting your Litecoin wallet address into the slot right here that is labeled "Litecoin Address." Your wallet is where you collect the litecoins that you mine; so open up your wallet. I'm using the portable version of Electrum. I prefer the portable version of Electrum because it's around the same file size as the Litecoin Grinder. You may use something else, but I use Electrum. I'll have a link to a list of Litecoin wallets you can choose from in the description. So as you can see, at the time of filming this video, I have 666.42 Litecoins. Mwahahaha, that it right! Admire my wealth! Alright, all joking aside, to find your address in Electrum, click the Recieve tab and it will be in the Receiving Address tab. Copy and paste it in the Litecoin Grinder.

Never mind the Request Expires, that doesn't do anything. All of my hardware is connected and listed in the Devices tab, I have my AMD 5970 graphics card which is listed as Cypress and my USB ASIC miners so I'm good. And that's all there is to it guys. Really easy, right? I'm mining litecoins at… …it's still going up. Alright, it seems to have stopped here.

I'm mining litecoins at 6660 kilahashes per second and collecting all of that sweet Litecoin profit, and you now know how to do it too! You can thank me by subscribing to Lusin and liking the video, and please share it around to help other people mine Litecoins as well. If you like the Litecoin wallpaper used in this video, there will be a link to download it in the description, I modelled and rendered it myself. I'll catch you guys in the next video, bye bye..

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