How To Mine Ethereum & Siacoin. (Easy Nanopool Guide) AMD R9 380 4GB

what up guys Alain here from learn to Bitcoin CA and today we're going to be talking about mining specifically we're gonna be mining aetherium and SIA coin as you can see here ETH SC those are the two different coins currently being mined by my AMD GPU we can see the speeds there and everything so to get you guys started I want you to open up your web browser and go over to ETH nano Pulag forward slash help the link will be in the description so as you can see here this is the getting started page I just want to say guys that there are a few different pools that are mining so this is just the one that I'm choosing for this video I find it to be quite simple and easy to set up the way that they've laid out all the sign up things is quite nice so to get started the following is a quick start guide of mining aetherium on windows 7 or greater 64-bit – miner theorem you need a GPU which is a graphics card for gigabytes of RAM aetherium account which you can set up if you go check out one of my older videos how to set up an exodus wallets that can be your aetherium account so you got that a GPU minor which is what we're going to download over here the graphics card must have at least 4 gigabytes of memory so luckily my graphics card does and they recommend AMD GPU driver 15 dot 12 to the AMD drivers to find that and download that if you have the graphics card that is compatible with it so your account can be obtained in several ways yes you can go to an exchange and make an account or you can open up an exodus wallets which is quite simple and easy just make sure you back everything up guys and the miner can be downloaded from the link below so boom I click that and the Claymore duel aetherium my is downloaded so that can wait there for the time being so next thing you can do is generate your config files so this is basically the mining software and for it to run into your specific computer and your wallet details and everything you're just going to click here and set this up so I'm on Windows AMD is my graphics card the rigged one I can leave that just as default it's basically just a label for my computer if I have more than one computer mining but I don't I can leave the main server to the defaults of a sniff again reminding aetherium not aetherium classic so now here address for first algorithms so this is a dual minor where do you want your etherion to be mine too so you go to your Exodus wallet you get your receive code and you copy that you can just click there and you put your your etherium receive address here boom there we go I've done that so your second algorithm we're going to be mining cycloid not pascal coin or none go ahead and select that this is a local wallet it seems to be defaulting to local wallet which is fine I have a local wallet here if you can go check out one of my older videos it shows you how to set up a site according to one it super simple the thing that takes long is for to synchronize but basically you just get receive on side coin and you copy that control see okay go here put my side coin receive wallet here and I'm not going to click anything else so I go generate boom and it downloads my configurations with my wallets or my details is right there so now if I go there's my in my my config file that I just downloaded I've pasted it into my the folder with that I downloaded my mining software so once you downloaded your mining software that we did first you just extract that it's in my downloads folder so I extracted it there and then I've pasted the the config file just there just for storage sake so I extracted the config file there's the extraction I cut the contents out of the config file and just overwrite the files in here so now my config file which I downloaded has merged with B with the mining software and I double click start once you double click starts this will pop up it'll do a few initial checks so it's saying blahdy blahdy blah it just does a little bit of that and then it starts to starts to mine and you'll see it'll start giving ups and downs and ups and downs and faster and slower right now we can see hope to try and get it there add a dip right now but it'll go up and down so now your mining now now where your coins you know people seem to now understand the rest of the of how this works so your mining your wallet address excuse me it's basically your way to track your your mining progress so if you go to ETH nanopore org forward slash accounts and then you paste your your wallet to receive address so the one that we did for a theorem you paste that there it'll give us the details on our calculated hash rates averages and our current balance of how much we've mined so far so that's a way for you to track your aetherium and it says here minimum payout is zero point two ether so I'm not going to see a pay out until there's a number two right over there so I've got a bit of a way to go I'm still early days here with cycloid you can go to si a nano pool org forward slash account and then forward slash or psycho and receive address know that when you hit receive every time here it refreshes the address well gives you another address so just to remember or take notes of what your address is otherwise we could always go check in the config file if you if you have refresh that already in you're unsure so then you go and paste that there check out your your hash right there check out your hash right there and then once you've reached this threshold you'll be able to just start receiving funds into your theorem and your site coin wallet so guys hopefully this is the information that you need to get you started I know it can get confusing there are a lot of different videos saying different ways that require you to you know edit the notepad files and things like that this way I find it's just the easiest you know okay in a summary you download a claim or minor you generate your config file you extract that we extract that and paste the extraction into this folder and then you hit start and then you start mining easy as that one two three guys if this helps you go ahead and give us a thumbs up you really appreciate the supports hopefully this gets you guys mining if you do start mining after this video please leave a comment leave a like let us know what your hash rates are how many coins you've been mining have you been mining before you saw this video we would love to hear are there any ways to improve possibly our hash rates and our speeds and everything like that it's it'll be great to hear and improve and when I hear of anything anyways to optimize I'll definitely be uploading videos to to show you all I can better mine your coins so guys thank you very much for watching please like comment subscribe if this helped you anyway and yeah have a great day further Cheers

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