How To Mine ERGO Coin ?= Earn Crypto From Your PC [NEW]

last year the price of one ergo 
token was around 0.25 dollars   today it is 7.19 we are in july 2 2021. 
in this video i will show you step by step   how easily you can mine ergo at home or 
maybe scale up with a mining rig stay tuned hi everyone i'm hassan from h-educate and today i'm 
so happy to publish this new cryptocurrency video   about mining ergo i don't want to waste time 
but just one important point here on youtube   we have a lot of spammers be careful in the 
comments section below of spammers who pretends   that they are me they use my image my name to 
reply to your comments always ensure to check the   validation check mark beside my name to ensure 
that it's me who is replying to your comments   so let's start together with step number one 
so in order to mine you need a wallet a wallet   is a place to receive your coins when you earn 
them simple so we need a wallet that can receive   ergo coins go to this website your eyes dash this is a small word that you can   install in your browser you can see here in the 
load section we have a chrome if you have edge use   edge firefox whatever you want your mobile phone i 
will use my chrome browser in my tutorial today so   click on the chrome to install this wallet if 
you already have an ergo wallet it's okay you   can skip this part you can see this
is chrome web store it will tell you to install   this plugin or extension i already did this after 
it's installed it will appear here in the browser   if you can't see it click on this puzzle icon here 
and ensure that you have pinned the application   if you open it it will disappear pin it it 
will appear in the chrome extensions section   click on this application and you can see here is 
my wallets i have my ergo wallet and my cardano   wallet so euro or i don't know how it's pronounced 
anyway so it can hold both cardano ada and ergo   coins when you just start sign up and go through 
the process it's somehow simple i don't want to   waste time with this anyone can do it then you can 
simply add a new wallet and here we can create a   wallet and select ergo create wallet name the 
wallet let's say ergo new enter any password you   want then repeat the password create personal 
wallet and now it will show you the recovery   phrase make sure to take a screenshot save it in a 
secret place because if you lose this you can get   your coins back so click on continue and you can 
see this is the phrase in my case i'm showing it   to you now because i will read this after this 
video but ensure no one knows about this phrase   if anyone knows about it he can simply he or she 
can simply recover the wallet and take your coins   so make sure to save in a secret place and keep 
it safe from anyone i will take a screenshot now   with a snipping tool like this i will save it 
on my desktop simple and now i will say i ever   i've been down and now it will tell you to write 
the phrase again to ensure that you have taken   it and save it in a secret place so i will 
open the screenshot it's simple and now what   you have to do is simply see the words here and 
write them in the same order little then clip   sun update and so on and that's it you continue 
filling up the phrase i understand confirm   and that's it now you have the ergo wall i 
think it's super simple you have the wallet   you can now transfer the ergo coins that you 
will mine into this wallet later on what you   are going to do now is simply go to the receive 
section and you will have your wallet address here   okay this is the what address we are going to 
use right now step number two is we want to start   mining so you want a miner and a mining pool go 
to this website here you can see we   can mine ethereum ethereum classic zcash conflux 
raven monero and ergo here down what's nice about   nanopool it has this quick start guide it will 
tell you to download the miner and set whatever   you want and then start it's super simple as you 
will see now now just for beginners who doesn't   know what is a mining pool just in 30 seconds 
we want to start mining mainly we have two types   solo mining or pool mining in solo mining you will 
mine alone competing with a lot of pools and miles   all over the planet and it's somehow impossible 
to get a reward and earn coins cryptocurrency   with solo mining except if you have a very large 
infrastructure of rigs and servers or whatever   but if you have a mining rig or your own pc 
and you want to start mining you have to join   a pool appoint is simply a group of miners working 
together so they have a bigger chance to get the   river and earn the crypto while mining and you 
can take a portion of the pool rivers okay i think   the idea is somehow simple so pool mining is a 
group of people mine together solo mining you are   mining alone so we need to go with pool mining and 
nanopore is one of the best place to start with so   the first step is download the miner click on nano 
miner here and here you can see nano miner 3.3.6   released four days ago it's the last update here 
we have the linux version and windows version in   our case we are going to use windows it's somehow 
easier and here we have two options to download   the cuda version and without cuda when you say 
cuda so it is specialized for nvidia cards without   cuda is specialized for amd cards the video cards 
i mean i mean so in my case i have nvidia rtx 2070   so i'll click on cuda 11 to download this miner 
super easy so we got the wallet we downloaded the   miner now we configure it and start mining let's 
see how i will going to show all downloads showing   folder i will copy this or maybe cut this zip 
file i will go to my desktop to my mining folder   you can see i have an ergo folder i will create 
a new one just to make things from scratch ergo   mining anything any folder you want and i 
will paste this here then simply extract   the files very nice open it and you will see 
a lot of stuff here don't worry about anything   just focus with me one minute it's super easy to 
configure we have this config file and we have   config ergo file we need to configure those two 
files i will right click on this file and click on   edit it will open a simple text file here so you 
can see here we have the wallet is equal to this   address you need to replace the wallet address 
with your wallet so delete this go here to your   wallet as we mentioned before the receive port in 
ergo and copy this then i will paste here so we   pasted our ergo wallet receive address so we told 
the miner now that this is our receive address   very nice now we will need to add three fields or 
three properties i will paste them and explain it   super easy control v so you see here we have the 
rig name so what do you want to call this rig it's   my own pc by the way i call it hassan ergo call it 
whatever you want then the coin is ergo makes you   set as ergo and enter the email enter your email 
address here this email will be used as your login   to the pool to see your earnings and configure 
your miner so make sure to use your email address   here and save this file super easy so the wallet 
address the rig name the coin and your email   super easy i will keep this in the description 
below by the way you can copy and paste them   but of course don't paste my address i will 
receive your coins make sure to enter your address   your email and your rig name okay so close this 
let's go back here to our folder and then let's   configure the ergo config file you can see config 
underscore ergo right click edit and you can see   here we have again the wallet we have the coin and 
the rig name now in the config ergo file simply   copy the following without the email and paste 
here that's it copy the first three without the   email and paste here so we have the wallet 
the rig name and the coin super easy close   everything and now we are ready to start mining 
this is the configuration you see it's super easy   how to start simply run the nano miner you 
can see the executable file here nano miner   enter and let's see now what will happen the 
miner will start connecting to pools your gpu   temperature a fan power whatever just wait a 
little bit and your pc will start mining ergo   while you sleep if you want please don't leave we 
still have some important points to mention while   you are mining like monitoring temperature 
and other stuff please stick with me just a   couple of minutes not to harm your pc or damage 
your hardware okay so now the miner is running   everything is perfect you have to do something now 
very important which is monitoring your video card   temperature the gpu temperature what you can do is 
to install this application msi afterburner it's   a free application go here search for msi after 
burner and click on the first link here in google   and you can see this is the application here you 
can simply download afterburner it's totally free   and then you can run it to monitor everything 
you can see the gpu memory voltage temperature   of the gpu you can see the video card rtx 
2070 the fan speeds the voltage everything   so make sure always to keep your video card 
temperature under 75 to be on the safe side   under 75 now some research or some web pages shows 
that you can reach 80 or 85 or whatever in my case   i keep things safe by keeping it also under 70 
degrees celsius to be on the safe side so install   this application or any other gpu monitoring 
like gpus that point to the gpu temperature now   you may be asking how i can monitor and track my 
earning how my rig or my pc is performing simply   let's go back here to nano pool where is nanopool 
nanopool let's go back and then click on overview   and you will log in to nanopool what you will 
do here is to enter your address so again i will   copy my address paste here and say search you 
can see now that this address is not found why   simply you have to wait like maybe one hour maybe 
30 minutes so nanopool can track your miner and   see how you are performing just wait a couple of 
minutes maybe 30 minutes keep it for one hour if   you want and then you can paste here and refresh 
now i will show you my other address which i   started mining for maybe 48 hours i will get it 
from my pool here back to wallets ergo receive   i will get this one and you can see i have in 
my balance around 0.735 air good i got this by   mining around 48 hours or less so in general with 
an rtx 2070 you can make one air go maybe every   two or three days and the price is today seven 
dollars i know it's not a big deal but again   i want to remind you when you start mining you 
have to keep in mind you can think as an investor   you start mining here it was three dollars now it 
is it takes to ten then to seven and so on so you   can keep your coins and wait for ergo to raise 
up or you can simply sell it it's up to you so   with one video card you can see i made around 
0.7 and 48 hours this is the average here we can   monitor everything let's see if my address now 
is online let's copy this one here copy paste   still not available let's wait a little bit 
now while we are waiting for the address   to get into nanopu databases and show our results 
let's announce the giveaway winners for the last   month we have 20 winners two thousand dollars 
cash giveaway i will open my website here   i will go here to more section giveaways 
the two thousand dollars giveaway 20 winners   you will see now the giveaway has ended so 
we can announce the results i will go to my   dashboard to my website back and and then go 
here to raffle press the giveaway plugin i have   i'm using to manage my giveaways you can see two 
thousand dollars giveaway i will pick the winners   choose 20 winners choose winners now let's wait 
a little bit congratulations for this list you   can see here the list of emails and names 
who won the give away if you see your name   and email here please send me an email to 
hasan to claim your hundred dollars   gift and don't forget to follow up with us on my 
channel because every month we have a big giveaway   let's go back now to our work to nanopool 
to see if nanopur has recorded our address   so i will copy my new wallet address paste 
here search and great you can see now our   address is recorded in nanopool we have zero 
imbalance we just started but you can see here   the workers the miners you can see hassan ergo 
the name that we set inside our config file   hasan ergo now the rating is zero it will increase 
automatically while you are mining the hash rate   just with a little bit more to record your 
hash rate and the last share and so on it's now   showing offline it will be online in a little bit 
let's have some patience and wait for a couple of   minutes to see how things will go now while we are 
waiting let's talk about scaling up your mining   hardware what we did is we build a small mining 
rig with my friends to test out mining on   different coins and different platforms to see 
what works better and share the results with   you so we built this mining rig you can see 
in the video it has around five video cards   mixed with between rtx 2080 rtx 2060 and 10 60 
video cards or are all our nvidia we tested mining   ethereum dutch coin and now ergo all on hivo as 
a linux operating system specialized for mining   i will talk about it soon in my videos and by 
the way if you like to watch more videos about   cryptocurrency about staking crypto earning 
crypto this world this new world please let me   know in the comments section below so i can create 
more videos about cryptocurrency mining staking   trading and much much more 
let's now refresh the page   and very nice you can see now our worker is 
online and you can see the hash rate for me   now is 34.3 mega hash per second which is perfect 
and you can see the chart here it will tell you   how it's working the hash rate through time very 
nice one last thing you can see here the minimum   payout is five ergo so you have to reach five 
ergos so to get you rivered and to be transferred   into your wallet but you can change this go to 
settings section and enter your email address that   we used in the config file this is why it's very 
important to set your correct email set it here   and then you can set the minimum payout for one 
if you want and then apply changes if it's giving   you an error please read the following check the 
workers of the same email have more than 10 rating   there are no workers with heart with high rating 
and old email so ensure everything is correct here   and then apply changes you can reduce this 
to one ergo if you want so that's it please   if you enjoyed the video smash the like button 
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