Well how is everyone here, I'm back for the crucial TV A tutorial video is not something I usually do But today we are talking about how to mine Dogecoin the easiest way The way to do it i'll go through all the steps and the whole process for it It was difficult for me to set up and I didn't know if I was actually doing it Correct, so I'm just going to go through the steps I took so that you guys can It could actually start mining dogecoin, so hopefully dogecoin prices can In fact it increases and can become more than The actual value of the cryptocurrency is also approx Thousands of subscriptions, so if this video helped you out please Please click this subscribe button would be greatly appreciated Also, I usually do content for games on this channel however I just thought you knew what was going on with the whole dogecoin thing in most videos That you saw on youtube they didn't really help me I just wanted to help you guys in the easiest way You know how what you really want to do is you want to head to the links in Description I will actually get all the download links you need To see how to mine dogecoin in the description Yes, the first thing will be in the description you want To download first, you'll want to download Actual as a Dogecoin miner who will connect you to this A page called This is actually the assembly where What is actually being converted into dogecoin is one of the only complexes They convert and convert fairly often.

You can see here that they are paying It is automatically taken out every four hours for all balances over 200 200 DHCoin Or 40 on Sunday so what you want to do is Want to scroll down, yeah a little bit then you'll see it here It contains the first step and that kind of thing for that of you You want to make sure that your nvidia drivers are Updated but once updated you can proceed to download and install Awesome miner you'll really want to go to and he'll connect you to this one Page that just click on download windows Bring it to this page and then the great Miner installer now You have already installed it, so it will install in your browser You open it up and as soon as you install it you will start running it It will take you to this screen where it will just be an empty list what else Want to do Do you want to go ahead and do this Main uh make sure your tabs are near the menu uh you go to main You go to a new miner and then press Next The following profit miner management and description I'll just name it Like Doge Doge or dogecoins no matter what I do The Doge Profile and Profit to make if you have an AMD graphics card will do it I want to do amd i have nvidia rtx 2070 super but yeah So you'll want to use any Intel CPU Or nvidia gpu then tap Next Then you finish as soon as you get that you want to go and make sure you still On the Main tab, go to the options you want to go to Online services now since we are using the xeric pool will do so You want to specify which top the lem should be in Algorithm section and you'll want to pass all The way to the last cluster is zero and it is yes power r16 uh and You can just turn left click to select all Those and then you'll want to get into the bulk Edit press update c equal to dwg make sure you have a doji All are in uppercase, otherwise you won't convert them to Dogecoin So just hit OK, you'll want to continue At the bottom in kind uh you will have like the blue bar down here Then switch the profile you want to do to edit the profile Profit profile and you'll want to be sure of all of these algorithms All of the items here are marked out so, yeah, just make sure to ergo All the way down to z hash all specified Uh just to make sure everything is working properly and this kind of Things you don't face any problems uh press Well, from there you'll really want to go back to the options Now that we have all this profit Personal files and this is the kind of thing you'll want to turn to for earnings transfer Which is where you will actually go and switch uh from Whatever you mind in this case, we'll be mining Ethereum And then he'll convert it into Djecoin.

I'll go to convert profit You want to click on a square to sum the xeric and Then in order to get the wall address, you'll actually need to have either Dogecoin the essential wallet ah that you will absolutely love You will be taken to the second link in the description that you click on windows if you have windows this can also work on ios but windows is for dogecoin mining, please have windows It's amazing, all you have to do is press windows and then Most of the time you will have 64 bits but if you end up 32-bit system You know you want to use the 32-bit but 64-bit version Just click on it it will install oh dogecoin exe and I've already canceled it there because I already own it You don't want it again and after that you will turn it on and set it It will take some time to sync to the Dogecoin Which I really didn't like because it took so long In order to sync, I ended up using a program called exodus and it's just another wallet that has a dogecoin on it Perfect for what we really want for it It'll only go to the third link in the description if You want to exit then press download and you will install it through it It's an easy setup just like the core of the Dogecoin wallet And then you'll be fine from there once you get either of them exodus or dogecoin if you have the core of the wallet you want to go into Receive a lot and then you'll want to request payment now that will give you This address this little icon here you want Copy that and then you can paste it inside your cool miner Since I have been using exodus, I want to go for my chosen Dogecoin And it's just a wallet and then you'll add a new one and then You will do Dogecoin so once you have the Dogecoin you want Click on "Receive" and then it will give you this Dogecoin The address you copied it into and then go back Here are the profile switching options make sure you are Select this zero pool and paste it into it This is the wallet address and after that you will want to make a USA region Or if you live in Europe and want to do Europe or Asia, you want to do it Asia of course so I live in the United States and I have the region that we chose Then from there just press "OK" and then you can Go ahead and start this and I'll pass by that I was actually obligated for about half an hour And she actually got that much Dogecoin about two years ago dogecoin so it takes a long time to mine unless you want to Multiple computers, so from there, you'll just click You will select it, press start, and it will take Very little to download the actual program it will likely take Like five seconds, maybe here I can actually give a demonstration Here you go, start this, and here you can actually see your nVidia Driver copy on the thing so uh now it actually is I started and you can see that I am mining a lot Now that I'm recording this a little lower than usual I'm going to get it About two dollars a day, uh, any About 55 ish 15 55 to 60 per day or month comes from this use Now if you are betting on a better graphics card, you will They are obviously higher or if you have more graphics cards if you have two of 30 Like 30 90 graphics card will become so Mining this stuff like crazy, you'll probably earn about four or five dollars Ah a day of Dogecoin and it's actually very little Anyway, I really hope this was helpful And remember, they're actually sending that they make payments every four hours So the course will take four hours to complete In fact, uh, a process and then it will appear in displacement Or the Dogecoin wallet that you have anyway, I really hope anyway I really do Hope this helped you guys and if you have more questions Remember to leave that in the comments below I'll be looking into it All I can only if I receive a bunch of comments on the video in it Situation I may not be able to answer every One of them but oh maybe you guys can help each other In the comments as well as with everything you find Very helpful and I know a lot of people have had issues with it and it kind of is Perplexing and was definitely very baffling to Hope you guys didn't enjoy the video, I hope it's helpful You're out and if this happens please like and subscribe, you know I already am He said it at the beginning of the video but I can't thank you very much for that The support you gave lately, guys Really appreciate it, thank you guys so much for watching, I'll see you In the next video, goodbye

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