How to mine Dogecoin for Free || Claim Giveaways Everyday || 100% Legit

[Music] hello everyone today i'm going to show you a website where you can mine dot coin for free and get bonus every day this is one of the best and legit cloud-based dodgecoin miner i have come across on the internet the mining process is very easy you just have to register to the website login and the mining process starts i have mentioned the link in the description once you log into the website you will see the dashboard on the screen you will see your daily earnings chart and the recent activities on the website you already have the free plan once you register but if you want to earn more you can choose all these paid options there are a few plans you can get the 50 plan which will give you 1.538 dot coin daily for a period of 39 days at the price of 50 coins by the end of the period you will get 60 coins approximately in the 100 plan you will get 3.289 coins daily for a period of 38 days at the price of 100 coins which makes a total of 125 coins by the end of the period in the same way there are plans still 100 000 which gives 4833 coins daily for a period of 30 days these are all very good investments the profit is high and the return is very very high you can invest in this but it should be at your own risk because i'm not a financial advisor but for today we are not concentrating on this the minimum withdrawal is 20 coins for a fee of three coins once you have achieved the minimum amount you will need a wallet to withdraw your coins so i have mentioned a link to coinbase wallet in the description i've also included a link in the description for a guide on how to generate or receive crypto coins in coinbase wallet this is my other video please check it out it might be useful to you this website is very legit it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on trustpilot the comments down below look very genuine i will also upload a video on withdrawal on another day the best part about this website is they always do giveaways on the telegram instagram facebook and twitter but you have to be very fast as there is a limited number of activations if you click on the task section on the website you will see the place where you can type in the code you can see the proof of my claim in the video apart from this you also get the 10 commission for referring your friends this is a very genuine website from all the giveaways daily rewards and the free mining you get unbelievable amount of free dots coin compared to other cloud-based mining websites the link is mentioned in the description check it out for yourself please do not forget to update your dot coin wallet address in the account section before you withdraw please like subscribe and share this video so that i can upload more videos like this in the future please take a look at my other videos as well thank you for your time

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