How To Mine Crypto On Android [Full Guide 2021]

look at this i will press run here enter and now we are mining crypto on an android 
mobile phone real mining a couple of months   ago i published a video about mining dutch coin on 
windows pc from that moment i got really a lot of   requests from people all over the world asking if 
we can mine crypto on android phones real mining   i mean not scammy applications or something real 
mining so two days ago i decided to go into this   research and test if we can really mine on android 
phones and yes a short answer we can run a miner   on android mobile phones how i did this how much 
you can earn what is the cryptocurrency i'm using   how much is the hash rate and much much more in 
this interesting video stay tuned and follow up hi friends i'm hassan from h-educate and today 
i'm so happy to publish this new video   before we start you have to know something really 
very important in this video we have time stamps   so anytime you can switch between topics by 
selecting whatever you want on the player bar   or simply in the description below but really 
i will be so happy if you watch the full video   simply because it's based on a real research and 
test i did a research for more than five to six   hours testing different applications different 
cryptocurrencies different things until finally   after six hours i run the miner successfully on my 
mobile phone and by the way this is my main mobile   i got this i bought this two days ago just to 
do this research just to do mining on android   so a small appreciation i really love if you watch 
the full video and get everything every detail to   learn more about the cryptocurrency about mining 
and everything else so the first step in mining is   simply creating a wallet for your coins the wallet 
is simply a place where you will put the crypto   coins in when you get them when you win at a word 
when you get these coins you need to put them   somewhere this is the crypto wallet so step one 
is to create the crypto wallet but the question   before we go and create it the question is what is 
the coin that we are going to mine we need a coin   that can be mined with the cpu i will open now my 
browser and take you to this website   if you look here we have multiple coins ethereum 
if you classic zcash conflux raven ergo and monero   if you remember like last week i showed you 
how to mine ergo on your pc if you didn't   watch it you can go and check out the value if 
you look here we can see that ethereum uses this   algorithm dagger hashimoto again that's the same 
here here we use equihash octopus algorithm ergo   uses autolicus version 2 raven uses kaopao and 
monero xmr uses random x if you open another tab   and navigate to this link 
section algorithms i will keep the link in the   description below if you want to read and check 
nanopool algorithms you will notice that random x   algorithm can mine xmr monero cpu only so 
random x this algorithm that mines monero xmr   can work on cpu a perfect choice perfect choice 
so if we go here and open and say monero price   you will notice let's open 
you will see that monero xmr coin price is 206   dollars very nice so if you can mine 
a coin using the cpu we can earn this what do you say can we do this with android phones 
or pcs with cpus with random acts algorithms we   will see now so for this video for this tutorial 
i picked up monero xmr with the random x algorithm   so we can run the miner and start mining 
monero xmr since we picked up this coin   we need a wallet for this coin simply 
again i will search for here monero xmr   wallet on google we will have this first website go to download section here and   you will see the gui wallet just download the 
installer click here on windows download it   and install it it's super simple i don't want 
to waste now time by installing and opening   the wallet i explained this a lot before it's 
somehow simple for anyone working in crypto so   i will cancel download now after you install and 
download you will have this crypto wallet i will   enter my password now and you can see now in 
the receive section of the wallet i have the   primary address and the pc address why i did this 
because simply in this case study in this research   i tried mining the same coin on both my pc and my 
android phone to see a difference and how much we   can earn on both and i compared the results and 
i will show it to you right now in this video   so this address the primary address is for my 
android phone and this address is for my pc okay   so we got the wallet now we can start 
mining and receiving coins very nice   how to mine xmr simply i used a miner called xm 
rig if you go to you will see that we   have in the products section here xm rig unified 
cpu gpu miner i want only the cpu miner so you can   here click on download to download the miner for 
windows linux mac os whatever you want what's nice   we have two versions one for ubuntu linux and one 
for windows so on windows i will use this version   on android i will use the ubuntu version because 
i'm running linux on android to mine crypto it's   easy don't worry so here on windows just click 
on download this zipped file and then i will open   my browser downloads get this folder or the zip 
file extracted get it paste it here on my desktop   open it and you will see this is the xm rig miner 
it's super easy as you will see now again go back   to the xm xm rig website go ahead to the wizard 
and simply click on a new configuration add pool   and then go here to nanopool you can use other 
pools if you are familiar with if you don't know   anything just follow up with me 
select your region whatever you want europe   one us asia japan whatever you want anything now 
and you need to enter the receiving wallet address   so here on monero address i will get the pc 
address since this for pc now paste it here   add pool very nice then go to back ends 
select only cpu we don't need to use any   graphic cards just cpu here select one 
percent for donation anything and the result   is this config file just download this config 
file or just copy these copy them i will copy   then go here to the miner again folder you'll 
see the config.json edit this file save   and that's it we saved it now we can run the miner 
how to mine and run this and now the mining will   start that's simple create a wallet download xm 
rig run the wizard run the miner super simple   now how to monitor and track your mining 
earnings and so on again go here to nanopool   dot org in monero section click on overview and 
simply you need to paste your address we talked   about this in the ergo section you can review if 
you want in details so i will go into the wallet   copy this and paste it here search and you will 
see now that i run the miner yesterday to test   this in the research i run for like nine hours 
and you can see i earned around 0.03 usd 0.001 xmr   so this is for pc this is how we can run the 
miner and mine with cpu on pc we can see here the   maximum hash rate i got is around 2100 hash per 
second hashes per second okay this is on pc now   how to do this on android and by the way the 
miner is already running running now before i   tell you how let's see the results maybe you 
change your mind and you don't want to do it   i don't know but really if you like to test things 
if you like to research if you like to do things   like i do i love to do research and testing you 
can go and check how in the last part of the video   so again i will get my primary address i will copy 
it paste here and search i tried mining yesterday   for around two hours i think like this and i earn 
0.00005 xmr on android in just two or three hours   you can see what we are what we need what we need 
to understand is the hash rate you can see here i   got around 210 hashes per second on mobile 140 
hash per second you can see as a maximum is 200   so if we go here and open monero mining calculator 
okay open this website to   calculate how much we can make if you remember on 
pc we got around 2000 hash per second let's say no   power consumption nothing we can earn a maximum of 
3.88 dollars per month this is on pc mining on cpu   this is how much you can earn this is the this is 
how much money we can make per month this how much   you can make per year i know the numbers are too 
low but this is real you have to understand this   before you do anything if you are planning to mine 
on android on pc or whatever these are the results   while on android we got how much around 200 hashes 
you can see we make 0.38 dollars per month 0.38   dollars per month 0.001 xmr per month if you wanna 
mine on android i know the results maybe made you   sad because maybe you were looking for something 
awesome to mine on android and make thousands   of dollars maybe this is not true you have to 
understand this so the cpu power of an android   mobile phone and by the way the this mobile has 
eight cores and it gave me 200 hash per second   whatever if you get a mobile like a pc with 2 000 
and by the way i have here core i9 10th generation   with 20 processors this on my pc and you can see 
here i got only around four dollars per month   so you have to think again when you want to 
start mining it is not that simple to mine   and earn money you need at least a gpu card 
to install on your pc to start seeing numbers   like this but per day like five dollars 
per day three dollars per day and so on   as i showed you in my dutch coin video in 
my ergo video mining on an nvidia graphics   card i think the idea is now clear on how to mine 
crypto on pc using cpu and here are the results   and here the results of the mobile phone android 
mobile phone i bought this for two hundred three   dollars i think and if i want to get the coast 
back so if i'm making five dollars per year   i need like 50 years to get the price of 
the phone back if i want to mine like this   on my mobile phone so in my opinion it's not 
something that you should do mining on android   you can check by the way my other video on how to 
mine bitcoin on android using some applications   like crypto tab browser i showed you a full case 
study that can make you more than that per month   if you use the application you can check the 
video if you want but running a miner a real miner   will allow you to make these numbers these profits 
five dollars per year i don't think it's worth it   yes it's worth it if you want to study this if 
you like testing if you like research i love   this if you love this go and test it and do it 
and i will show you now how to do it in just two   or three minutes how to run the miner i will sum 
up five hours of working five hours of research   in less than two minutes to run the mile on 
android to see if you wanna test it and check   your earnings with your mobile so let's 
see how we can run the miner on mobiles okay friends so let's start open your mobile 
android phone go to play store and search   for turmoix install this application it simply 
allows you to run linux commands on your mobile   running a linux os on mobile without rooting 
without anything just wait a little bit to install   the application now to make things simple for you 
i prepared this list of comments that you can just   copy or write on your mobile run one by one so at 
the end we can run the miner on your android phone   i will do this now somehow fast i don't want 
to make you feel bored or something but just   get the idea if you like to test this on your own 
open termax and you can see now we are in a linux   command line very nice so the first comment is 
pkg i will do this slow for the first time install   package install update then and and upgrade simple 
i think run and now i will run the commands one by one wow great it finished building xmrig by the way 
nice book ikigai anyway so now we are ready to run   the miner we finished all the comments let's clear 
the screen and we are ready to run the mine i will   paste the miner code and you can see now and we 
started mining on our android you can see here we   are super super simple you can try it at home and 
see the results let me know in the comment section   if you are going to test this if you enjoyed 
the video if you have any questions anything   you want to do let me know about your thoughts 
your opinions in the comments section below i   hope you enjoyed this video please if you liked 
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