How to MAX OUT Profits w/ $COMP & DeFi Yield Farming!

Egggg yolk, what is going on with my people,
the Chico Army and if you're new around these parts, a viewer of the tubee! My name is Tyler the host of the crypto channel,
that knows when you get famous, you can’t just become a total creep, unlike Chris D.Elia…you
know how we don’t snap DP’s, it time for Chico Crypto! The new way to make those “gains” in the
crypto markets. I’m sure you have heard about it, seen some
of the memes on the crypto subreddits or on crypto twitter. What am I talking about? Yield farming to maximize your crypto ROI. Now one of the most popular memes, is this
one, which does a good job of explaining yield farming crypto. You have the virgin trader vs.

The chad yield
farmer. Virgin trader, does single swaps, looks for
moon coins, uses centralized exchanges, and buys their exchange tokens, while watching
charts all day and trading BTC/USD. While the Chad Yield Farmer is looking for
healthy APRs, does multiple token swaps in a single transaction, uses DEXs, earns governance
tokens, plants tokens, and farms with wBTC..we aint using tether her on Chico. So, basically a yield farmer, is someone who
is knowledgeable about DeFi.

You have to be, to understand DEXs, token
swaps, collateral, dapps & more. And they use that knowledge, to turn DeFi
into a Return on investment maximizing machine. So, I’m not going to recommend any of you,
to try and dive into the world of Yield farming, if you are a newbie. You should learn about all the DeFi lego’s
first, which my channel has a ton of content on, stablecoins, DEX’s, tokensets & more. I have made a DeFi playlist going through
all my old videos for you guys, so check out that playlist first, read from other sources
and understand, before trying to become a CHAD. So, 1st thing’s first…Compound, we have
to talk about their new token & they were the spark which kicked off this
yield farming craze.

. Compound over the past 5 days, has been
moving up, down & all around. Peaking above 370 dollars per for some time,
and putting it’s market cap above 1 billion, but since has come back down, touching 230,
before bouncing back and pushing back up to 260…and now the market cap is around 630
million. Now, I know the Coinbase pro listing, and
all that has something to do with the pump, but compound’s token governance and issuance,
is something special & it kicked off a craze in the space, pushing compound as the #1 DeFi
protocol on DeFi pulse, dethroning Maker…so we gotta understand it. Out of the 10 million created COMP tokens,
nearly 4.3 million of them are reserved for something called liquidity mining. So kind of like how bitcoins are mined and
new coins are created, compound will be issuing new COMP tokens to those who contribute liquidity
to the protocol. Right now, about 3000 COMP tokens, are issued
everyday, at a rate of about .5 comp, per ethereum block. The emission and reward is split 50/50 to
each functional pool of compound, the supplier pool and the borrower pool.

This emission will go on for about the next
4 years. So, right now, there is a massive incentive
to use compound, to supply and borrow, of which you earn COMP governance tokens for,
which are still in price discovery mode. Why do you think, the total value locked in
compound went ballistic? Over 6xing in the span of a few days! Going to compounds website, we can see, out
of this value locked up it’s split between a supply and borrow pool, of which the supply
side is much larger than the borrow side, with many more individual suppliers than borrowers.

Over 7 times more suppliers than borrowers,
actually. So remember, compounds COMP tokens, the reward
is split, 50/50 between the two sides, thus borrowing on compound, you have the ability
to get a much higher percentage of the liquidity mining rewards. Split between over 26 thousand people, or
split between just over 3500…I would take the latter on the borrow side, but why don’t
we just do both? So, let’s just see what we could do, with
a Chico version of yield farming. Well, we wan’t to earn those sweet compound
tokens, and to do this you can’t just supply or borrow tokens, that aren’t being used
much in the protocol, if you wan’t receive a bulk of the rewards, you have to be in the
“hot” tokens So going to compound’s stat’s we can see
the highest percentage, on both supply and borrow APYs, are basic attention token, zrx,
and wrapped bitcoin. These are where higher percentages of comp
are being paid out.

So our first step in yield farming…will
we start at compound? Nope, we go to the DeFi lego container, and
pick out the best piece for ROI. As we can see, from DeFi rate, which puts
together all the protocols and their supply and borrow apys together in one place…Aave,
we can borrow, wBTC for just 7.18 percent. Then changing to supply APYs, we can see that
there is 16.99 percent APY, for lending it. Hmmmm? So let’s do it. Let’s borrow wBTC from Aeve…to borrow
on Aave, you need to put down some collateral. And the collateral we wan’t to put down,
is something that is getting a healthy APY on that platform, and stays stable. We will choose Dai, as it is getting a great
3.84 percent APY…we are just going to do a small amount for an example, just over 82
dai and once deposited into Aave, you need to make sure the use as a collateral slider
is slid over to green. The next step, is to go to the borrow section
and here is a pure example of how crazy, these yield farming protocols are.

So I was preparing this video and script,
and was able to get my Stable APR with Aave, by borrowing wBTC at 11.98 percent stable
APR, I submitted the transaction. Literally right after this, the APR’s jumped,
both variable and stable…as we can see, stable jumped from that 11.98 percent up to
38.14 percent, and variable jumped from the 7.18 percent to 28.94 percent. Now when I submitted my transaction, I had
a choice variable or stable. And I knew this crazy stuff was going to happen,
so I went with the stable one, even though the rate was higher, nearly 4 percent. But if I chose a variable, my low rate of
11.98 percent would not have been locked, and I would have jumped with variable rate
jumping….wheeeww timing! So now we have borrowed wBTC on Aave, put
down 82 dollars in Dai, and was able to get as we can see, .00634 WBTC, with a locked
in borrow rate of 11.98 percent.

Now, it’s time to go lend it, where we can
get the best returns. DeFi Rate told us compound, so let’s go
there. As we can see our borrowed wbtc is there,
the rate has dipped a bit, to 16.33 percent but that is still above our borrow of 11.98
percent on Aave. So let’s click on it, and first we need
to enable. I’ll do that…once confirmed, we need to
supply, clicking on Max put’s our whole balance up for supply, which i want to do. Clicking supply, I need to wait for the transaction
to confirm, and once confirmed it will just take you back to the home screen. We can just go back to the dashboard, to see
our supply balance, with our wrapped bitcoin, the .00063, earning 16.33 percent apy.

And we are also earning. Compound tokens! And there is a great tool out there, to see
how much you earn for supplying and borrowing to compound from predictions exchange, which
I left the link for in the description below, but if we put in our .006, we must round down
with this, and then enter calculate…we can see how much we could earn just from that
.0063 of a wBTC. Over a year, you would earn .07 COMP, and
9.43 cents in interest at the current rates. Which is a net APY of 52.12 percent! Of course that is just for, a small amount
of wBTC. But, what if I had supplied them an entire
one, a whole wBTC.

That comp, jumped up to 12.3 per year, worth
3629 dollars at current prices..and interest earned? Just over 1571 dollars, for a combined APY
of 54.06 percent. But remember, we also used DAI, supplied that
to borrow WBTC on Aave, and we are earning interest from that supply. Since doing the video, it has dropped to 3.72
percent, but that is OK< we can see the balance grow in real time, on the platform. But remember, we are also borrowing the wBTC
at a rate of 11.98 percent, so you could actually take what we are earning from dai, 3.72 percent
and minus that from your borrow…and we are actually borrowing at 8.26 percent. And then lending on compound, at 16.33 percent
APY. But if that rate dips, and goes below the
8.26 percent level on compound, I need to get out, because this farming technique…would’t
make sense. Which you can do at any time, on all of the
platforms. You are in control of your loans, your collateral..there
is not wait, you can do it in an instance. You get why they call this Yield Farming Now? Things rapidly change, and you have to be
on the ball…I’m sure today, the rates are much different all around.

And that is just a high level look at things,
and I want to provide the Chico Army the best content possible. So, you have to know about InstaDapp, a very
powerful and since compounds launch, surging DeFi tool. They have their own compound finance section,
which includes maximizing your compound position by folding 4x. Which I could explain, but another great youtuber,
DeFi dad, has already covered thoroughly on what to do. That video is in the description, if you want
to check it out. So, the compliexities of yield farming, go
beyond, just what we have talked about. Chainlink god on twitter, put out this tweet. Wew, DeFi yield farming is addictive. Deposit link to aave, use collateral to borrow
wBTC, depost wbtc to curve finance, receive Curve Ren WSBTC Liqudity Pool token, which
is 36 percent ren btc, 25 percent wbtc, and 39 percent sBTC.

Stake pool token on synthetic io, and thus
he is farming synthetic, REN, BValance, and Curve finance’s token. Wowahweeewaaaa.Is all Chico has to say… Now, this isn’t just a free lunch, you have
to be knowledgeable, you have to research, and you have to take risks. Each and every single one of these dapps,
and protocols, have risks, since most are run with Solidity language, and thus are turning
complete and have attack vectors. That is why, like everything in crypto, you
never risk, more than you can afford to lose, and that goes with Yield Farming but the question
this all comes down to…is are you a Chad or are you a Chode? Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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